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  1. Any other smaller bits you need? I have one in the backyard I'm stripping. I'll be watching keenly.
  2. Welcome! I haven't seen those bumpers before. Nice tidy car.
  3. Welcome mate. We need more pics.
  4. Wow thats a lot of work. Looks great now though, I love the colour.
  5. I remember the first one I ever did I was told to tape a garbage bag over the back of the trans. You can guess how long that held the weight of the fluid...
  6. I agree with this and chestnut too, show the model code and engine code. Doesn't have to show the body number.
  7. I'd get the shits too if I knew my car was a Fairmont Ghia but somebody kept telling me it wasn't. Just go have a look at it.
  8. I lift them out with the manifold all the time. Its the same bolts that hold the lift bracket anyway.
  9. Even if you don't want to, do it anyway. I love XEs.
  10. That's exactly how I do it, I leave them full for a day or two though to make sure. Our local scrap yard won't take them unless they are cut.
  11. Yeah it's on the radiator tank. And no metric wheels, normal ones.
  12. I heard something stupid today. So I drove the Fairlane to the post office just now. I jumped out and some old dude with a Camry asked me "where was your Ford made, Thailand or Vietnam?"
  13. Good buy.
  14. Jesus, what did you use on the seats? Worked great. Those are just the speaker grills on the doors. They have standard 4" speakers mounted to the door frame behind the trim. You can replace them with anything that fits and keep the original look.
  15. You can jet it to suit anything really, they are a universal carb. You can change the power valve, jets and squirter and also the idle mixture. It'll work fine once its set up.