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  1. SLO247

    EL Tickford into XG Outback

    I'm pretty rusty on E series stuff but they had the flat one until late ED from memory. Earlyish XG should have them too.
  2. SLO247

    Bears  XB Fairmont - The Nugget.

    Now you just need to find 15 more.
  3. SLO247

    twelvepointfour's XE Wagon Build

    They say it will do timing with a HEI dizzy, isnt that what the standard one is? Apparently does thermo fan control too.
  4. SLO247

    twelvepointfour's XE Wagon Build

    Ive been looking at using the same kit. If I understand correctly it will control timing with the Bosch dizzy too.
  5. SLO247

    Clevo block coolant drain plugs

    Is indeed 1/4 NPT, turns out they are measured differently so very close in size.
  6. SLO247

    Clevo block coolant drain plugs

    1/4 NPT, makes more sense!
  7. SLO247

    Clevo block coolant drain plugs

    Seems to be 1/2" unf, seems a bit odd to me though that there is little available in that size other than sump plugs.
  8. SLO247

    Clevo block coolant drain plugs

    I got one out no worries, the machinist did the other as it was locked solid. I wanted to get the most out of the hot tanking. Need to know the size to get replacements. He drilled and used a snap on ezy out type of tool.
  9. SLO247

    Hendrixhc's Long Term XCGS Project!

    They look ridiculously good.
  10. Anyone know what thread the coolant drain plugs are either side of the cleveland block? They are different to the oil gallery plugs, tried that already.
  11. Ive seen worse, at least its all steel. I rarely get the sizing right either.
  12. SLO247

    Project Misty

    Whats the colour code on the XF? Lots of potential.
  13. SLO247

    302 Cleveland Build

    Either Dove Grey or Medium grey, check your trim code on the build plate. Nice car!
  14. SLO247

    MENTAL XD - The build.

    I always enjoy watching your progress.
  15. SLO247

    Windsor into XF base plates.

    Thats the wrong way, that lip goes on the inside.