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  1. Nice, looks pretty solid from here.
  2. Yeah I've found the orbital sanders go through heaps of paper and its not cheap either!
  3. A tip I picked up and should of used is put some masking tape on all the sharp edges and corners so you don't sand through the clear. I'd also go through all the grades of paper, so if you start at 800 do 1200 1500 2000 then 2500. Might need to go to a paint shop to get 2500. I'd even get 3000 if they have it. My biggest problem has always been getting all the scratches out. Looks fantastic already.
  4. Factory floor shift ones did. Your welcome.
  5. Left one looks like an XE manual/late XE auto with the plastic shifter, hump to me.
  6. Leave it for a few months if you're concerned? I'm sure you're itching to get it done though.
  7. 2redrovers thats exactly how it was with my ute. Looked incredible when it was done, now its all shrunk back it looks crap. I did use high fill and allowed weeks for shrink back too. I know a lot of people say to wait longer, but that was my experience with it. Definitely going 2K next time.
  8. Thanks Gerg, I'll work my way through those videos.
  9. I don't know what a big wrecker would charge but I'd want $50 for a nice one.
  10. So you used Concept acrylic? That's cheap. Looks like a great result considering the guns. I have heard a few people say the cheap guns often work well. I hate the super cheap auto one I used last time, perhaps a lack of skill or wrong techniques on my part.
  11. Fucks sake, I just bought a new dayco for mine because it was meant to be right. See how it goes.
  12. Looks awesome already. What gun and what paint again?
  13. I love the ZH. Does it have a fan shroud? And the fan works?
  14. I actually run a small wrecking operation and mostly do XD-H. Factory radios are a sought after thing for XD-E. Some parts are getting quite valuable, I do have to send them all over the country to get the right money though.
  15. I think I sold mine in similar condition for $70 or so.