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  1. I like Dave's idea. Next harvesting of the money tree should bring guages.
  2. Engine looks good inside too, should be sweet.
  3. Chain guide, Always broken. Don't stress. The fan nut is a LH thread, hit the corner off the nut with a chisel or screwdriver and a hammer. Give it a sharp tap in the direction you want it to go, usually works for me.
  4. Use a puller. Put the bolt back in a bit first (without the washer) so you push on the bolt head instead of destroying the thread in the crank.
  5. Then he loses the chrome arch trims though.
  6. Bloody hell, just go to another parts supplier. I bought a kit for an AU Engine locally for around $100 a few weeks ago.
  7. The build date should tell you what series, otherwise just look at the interior. Black buttons, guages and belts, ED/XG Steering wheel is XH1. Grey stuff with the EF/L steering wheel XH2. They still use XF window regs so electrics are a bolt in job.
  8. Could be a quiet one this year for our clan by the looks.
  9. Not what you say when it starts barking at nothing every time someone walks through
  10. I was wondering if it's a later box and there's a slight difference in the position of the coupling or something like that. I'm sure you didn't knock the column shaft up, they are pretty firm.
  11. Thats a $500 car without the Simmons. Looks like tyre shine in the bay.
  12. I remember that car in the magazines as a kid, its probably part of the reason I'm on this site. The wheels on those are actually Cragar S/S from the states though. I get the feeling the Speedy ones were a copy of those.
  13. Speedy California or Californian. Should fit your XD as long as they have the large centre hole for the hub.
  14. Thats about 1/3 of its scrap value if he drove it into a scrap yard lol.
  15. A $10 ELM327 OBD2 dongle and a copy of Forscan (which is free) will do the same job. We use one for mucking around with AU-BF all the time. You still need two unique keys though.