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  1. XES

    XE Girlock banjo bolt specs?

    They are 3/8 x 24. Not too sure on lenght but even a longer one can be shortened.
  2. XES

    BA XR8 Air box Question

    Yeah except that hose looks crap as man. Can't wait to sort that out better.
  3. XES

    BA XR8 Air box Question

    Made up the bracket today being that I was bored. Seems to fit well although I need to redo the pipework. I'll sort that when I go back to work next week. \
  4. XES

    BA XR8 Air box Question

    Sweet thanks Thom. Sorry for the late reply man. That'll help me out heaps.
  5. XES

    BA XR8 Air box Question

    Cheers Thom!!
  6. XES

    BA XR8 Air box Question

    Hey guys I bought this off good old ebay on the weekend and was wondering if anyone has a BA XR8 that they could take a photo of how it mounts in the bay. It didn't come with any special braket but I assume that there is one to go with is somehow. If I can find anything I can make something up but I'd like to see the factory set up if I can. Cheers
  7. XES

    Hendrixhc's 393 Cleveland Stroker Side Project!

    This goes without saying where your concerned James...
  8. XES

    Clevo 351 in XF Falcon/ZL Fairlane/FE LTD?

    Does it use the the AC? If not run your heater hoses through the ac condenser.
  9. XES

    Bent fuel pump fitting

    I work at an Enzed and we have them there.
  10. XES

    XD Headlight Globe Change

    Your problem will be the reflectors not the globes.
  11. XES

    BTR Question

    Yeah im still working through doing it. I've been pretty slack working on it with so much else going on lately. I'll be into in the new year tho.
  12. XES

    High pressure power steering hose

    Thats probably your best option. The problem with power steering hoses is that if you get a second hand one it'll probably end up doing the same thing. I work at enzed and they really don't take that long to make. Just be sure of where it's leaking from. Usually ford hoses leak not on the actual hoses but on the swivel end that goes into the pump. We have the bits to replace those stupid swivel ends so if it needs that bit done it can be sorted pretty easy. Even if the hose part isn't leaking it would pay to get it done too. It'll probably cost a bit over 100 bucks I'm tipping.
  13. As long as the thread is 11/16 x 18 it will be all good as long as you have the seat on it to seal on the cone. I wouldn't use synflex hose because of the heat. The hose we use is a gates hose made for power steering. PS-188 us the part number and you need to use the right ferrules on it. The part no for them is SNXB-6. Only thing is wuth this stuff you need to crimp it on. I wouldn't use a hose with a wire braid in it either as for some reason they can be noisy. I've seen it in a few cars. It'll do the job but for me its not ideal. I don't mind sharing what I know with people to help them out. Gotta give something back seeing as how I learn so much from everyone else. Its what I do for work so sharing your own knowledge on something you do for a living can benefit all.
  14. These are the adapters we have at work. The silver one is the 16mm x 1.5 bump tube adapter. The other is 11/16 x 18. Its a bump tube adapter too but I turn the bump tube bit off and put a 45 degree seat on where that was. It works a treat. But like ando said you can make an adapter out of the existing tube one. One thing to remember with power steering hoses is that the steel pipe work acts as a cooler for the system. When you run all hose you loose that bit a cooling you get.
  15. Correct Ando. That's where I work.