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    Cast or 4340 408 stroker crank

    With 408 & 240 @.050'' cam, peak HP would be around the 6000-6200ish rpm mark so fine for cast crank, I would upgrade to 4340 if regularly reving over 6800rpm, Tho wounding if CHI dual plane, airgap type manifold would be more suited for RPM range of engine, would make more low & mid range torque with dual plane over single plane. I could feel the difference when I changed from hi rise single plane to dual plane, picked up heap more low to mid torque (but was a 302lol)

    1985 xf falcon street/strip

    Yep XD S-pak seats, looks alright

    300 USA 6CYL

    But 3.9 & 4.0Lt is smaller bore 3.62"?? I've alway's liked the big bore idea that did the rounds years ago, re sleeve, grout, 350Z piston, 200 rod. I was told a local speedway bloke did build one. I have considered it for my cortina build,

    300 USA 6CYL

    There was a very rare xflow alloy head available for the 240/300 6cyl made in the early 90's for the EFi 300's https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1351968-holy-grail-found-on-ebay-4-9l-ford-crossflow-head.html I can remember enginepower TV show did a built in 2014 made 209hp 310ft/lb with Comp Cams 219@0.050" .456" cam, roller rockers, 390 holley on Offenhouser intake Part 1 https://www.powernationtv.com/build/73/old-skool-six?episode=EP2014-03 Part 2 with dyno test. https://www.powernationtv.com/build/73/old-skool-six?episode=EP2014-04 EF/XH crank goes straight into 86 DA block, needs 3mm off rear of crank to fit 84DA block(92mm rear seal instead of 95mm) ,80DA-83DA block unsure on machining. Mains are bigger on AU-FGX engines 2.65" from 2.39", don't know about barra fitting AU SOHC, Barra oil pump is driven direcly from the crank as SOHC is from the timing chain, Stroking a such a under square engine only makes harmonics worse particularly at hi rpm, there's been a few crossflows stroked to 272 I think they were. but also evident is destroking such to 3.7lt in SOHC & Barra's. Dynomite XR6 BA turbo(8.25/171) & ex prostock car 10,000rpm(6.8/216). tunnel vison have done a few as well,

    Slydog's XF ute.

    I saw the fullboost video, track seemed rather slippery.

    '90 XF UTE restomod

    Got to do a burnout thats half the fun of drag racing, Well i finally got the videos & pics off my mates camera, every time I went to there place we'd end up forgetting about them. Still haven got around to fitting the rebuilt XG 3.45 LSD, planning to clean up the shed & start swap next weekend, But will see how I go, only 5 weeks till Aeroflow Nitro Funny cars at Swan Hill Dragway (March 2nd), so might end up out the track getting ready. A quick vid of how slow the ute was.


    i Think XB's where last to be rated SAE on XB changed to DIN/NET on XC (plus some emissions things) XB 2 barrel 302C 240hp/179kw, XC 4 barrel 302C 202hp/151kw XB 2 barrel 351C 260hp/194kw, XC 4 Barrel 351C 217hp/162kw


    Cam Research were the ones who made the solid roller lifters from my earlier post, don't need oil restrictor or lifter bore sleeving max 4.060" sounds funny, Pavtek's website says 4.185" max, 0.250" wall at 4.155", They did have some issues with 1st batch, I'm sure I read on ford forums all blocks now come with sonic & hardness test reports aswell. They are iron block not alloy. Still heaps cheaper then T Meyer USA,Track Boss cleveland Iron at $4590(AU) which only 2 have been cast, CGI iron $6885(AU) or Alloy at $11,475(AU) Dart alloy block is $9895, SHP iron $3200, Iron Eagle $5000 (all prices from Precision Intl) Ben Gatt runs a supercharged 408 Fontana in his XA hardtop, & Mark Hunt, Huntsman Customline "wild bunch" car sometimes has a supercharged Clevo, I remember hearing him saying when he raced at Swan Hill Dragway it had a Cleveland in it.
  9. As for metering plate quickfuel make a conversion, billet metering plate that takes holley jets & comes with a notched nitrophyl float, Reminds me, I need to get a float for my 465, standard brass float hits the jets. I got the 34-3QFT which doesn't come with the float :~ https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/QUICKFUEL-CONVERSION-PLATE-FOR-JETS-Q34-2/361672946658?epid=26020021654&hash=item54356333e2:g:R20AAOSw1CBbrddj:rk:15:pf:0
  10. FORD_MAN

    Bendigo cars auction 24th Feb

    A mate & I are going to it, I think he used to own (could be wrong) Central Victorian Dismantlers in Eaglehawk, I can remember a few cars he had listed on ebay over the years like the green XD sedan.
  11. FORD_MAN

    Street fire ignition

    I did at AFF Drag Nationals 2017 when I last raced my 302C XE ute had limiter set at 6000 & was hitting the limiter at 4800-5500 during the burnout So uped it to 6200 didn't hit the limiter after that, but hadn't had a issue with the limiter before that time. & haven't raced it since.
  12. FORD_MAN

    Cortina precrossflow to crossflow conversion

    This port with the arrow is 3/8" Gas thread, same as Tridon (Thermo Fan Switch)TFS 110.(in top of pic) Tridon Hi Flow thermostat TT2000 is available in 170F(77c) 180F(82c) 190F(88c)
  13. FORD_MAN

    Cortina precrossflow to crossflow conversion

    Next to the waterpump on a clevo is for the temp sensor that goes to the dash, The threaded hole on top of the thermostat housing is 3/8" Gas, Tridon thermo fan switch will fit straight into there, A TFS110 will turn fans on at 85°C & off at 80°C & TFS111 is on at 95°C & off at 90°C. simply run the ground wire from the relay to the TFS. I run this on the Clevo my Black ute
  14. FORD_MAN

    Here we go again .

    I was the starter at Swan Hill Dragway for both days of Drag Challange, was nice to watch all of the ozfalcon/ford forums cars through the week, saw you where working out staging the car to get more boost off the line then when I saw it last at test n tune in swan hill. Was definetly busy days would be a steady stream of cars till around 2pm then would start to ease off to the 3pm cut off. Transbrake on the shopping list?
  15. FORD_MAN

    Boingk's 1/4 Mile Crossflow Build

    Don't be overly worried about how driveable with that size of cam(235-241), i was & found was worried about nothing. my XF utes untuned QFT 600V/S with Camtech 237@0.050" 550" 108LSA hyd cam, stock auto 2.92 diff, and still drives around as nice as when it had the old engine in it,