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    I did have a list think was from Car Craft Magazine HP loss from auto (Approx) , C4 28hp, C6 55-60hp, FMX 25hp


    using UEM(KB) pistons calc 58cc, 20cc, 0.060", 4.1x0.041", 4.030x4" 9.41:1 or 9.68:1 with 4.1x0.027" MLS Cometic C5871-027 standard rockers can handle upto .550", manifolds reversed (LH to RH/RH to LH) for turbo header, https://uempistons.com/p-27-compression-ratio-calculator.html https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Cometic-Gasket-C5871-027-027-Mls-Head-Gasket-Ford-351-Cleveland-4-100-Bore/233431488377?hash=item365999d779:g:Io8AAOSwGshd8cmA

    Blow through carb

    Yeah as they say in the Video 5.0 is known for splitting in half over 500hp, probably because its always broken its lasted, They recently finally upgraded the diff after braking it for the 4/5th time.

    250 Crossflow build

    stock valve springs, retainers/locks & push rods are best to upgrade, don't handle higher rpm well or any decent cam, Member n00bus m@x1mus has a XF ute or ZL xflow running off E series log & EL ECU from memory. I think there's a build thread in SM Carnage with the AU turbo, they where saying if 6cyl engine can run a 36-1 crank angle sensor & wheel, can adapt a Barra ECU to run it, could then workout some coil packs for ignition, No MSD needed & ECU will run both. check out there video for more info also check out SLYDOG SLY250 build, runs a megasquirt MS3 ecu with coil packs, If for lower power a GT3576 from a FG turbo or GT3582 from BA/BF should be a about right, (used may need reco) all these turbo cars, keeps me think about playing with boost, Hmmm

    Blow through carb

    Roadkills Rotsun makes 550hp 617ft/lb with stock 87 5.0lt windsor 15psi blow thru turbo https://www.hotrod.com/articles/rotsuns-turbo-5-0-beats-everyones-epectations-engine-masters-617-lb-ft/

    EST or Electronic distributor

    Left to right connector, Black A/C?, Yellow 7 volt for weber choke, brown ?, red w/green line would be weber fuel cut solenoid. 2 pin plug if red w/green line, & pink w/blue line is EST coil wiring, connector near dissy is canister purge valve,

    Replacement head for iron crossy

    With what specs I could find on yours 10.9?:1, 230@50 .553" guessed 2200-5500, 5300 peak on the Kustom Bitz dyno program, (street head) 245hp@5300rpm 286ft/lb@3200 (Race Head) 270hp@5300 305ft/lb@3500.

    Replacement head for iron crossy

    I thought the D head was similar to the C2/C2A head around the 43cc mark, A stock C1A I measured around 47cc My CNC C2 with sharp part of the chamber rounded off & EVL valves (have a dished face) was measured at 49cc, Ported & shaved XD head I brought off Sean/Clevo120Y is 50cc, Off memory Standard XD/XE/E1 55-57cc, E2 50-52, C1/C1A 48-50cc C2/C2A&D 42-44cc, there's a old thread on here that has chamber CC's listed. Kustom Bitz has a free dyno program I've been playing around with for ages, Runs in Excel. http://kustombitz.com/g/9081/fun-free-stuff.html There was a thread on here(or XFal) years ago about it. Put in Engine Ci & comp, Cam @50, lift & rpm range.


    The T Meyer pistons are Keith Black/KB "Claimer" pistons. 1.710" pin height, 0.975" pin, 13.3cc. TMEYER catalog lists them as TMI/KB2347 searching KB site found silv-o-lite 3327H is a Ford (AUS) 250/4.1 flat top 1.530"pin height, 3328H is dished 8CC google search also came up with another KB piston that apparently suits is KB2334 flat top, 1.720" pin height, also found flat top forged 4032 pistons, 1.700" $578US, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-400-400M-MODIFIED-FORGED-FLAT-TOP-HIGH-COMPRESSION-PISTONS-/253088573838
  10. FORD_MAN


    I looked up the 400M last night after reading this, deck clearance 0.067", later smog engines got 15cc dished piston & Cam retarded 6°, some of the heads up to 79cc chamber, Watching the latest Engine Masters, mopar did similar things with the motorhome 440's they're pistons like are 0.100" down the bore. Found a few articles from Richard Holdener of motortread group, around 2009/2010 did a few 400M build ups, stock reco & with 4 barrel, Ford 400M Engine Rebuild - Hot Rod Network with Procomp heads Pro Comp Head Test - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords also seen a stoker build with offset ground crank, 6.3 chev rod & 340 mopar piston,
  11. FORD_MAN


    There is a local factory Boss 302 is a street/circuit car has drag raced it a few times, Have thought a few times of getting my bros spare 5.0lt, basic reco with 230°ish cam, some Aeroflow alloy heads or AFD alloys, air gap or victor jr & maybe some nitrous... another idea was Aussie Speed Boss 302 hi rise to suit 2V Cleveland heads, & SRP BOSS 302 piston to suit Aussie 2v heads (302C closed chamber) 3.5cc dome, As for porting I brought a Makita 240V 1/4" die grinder (GD0600) & a long shank burr, heaps nicer then waiting on the compressor to try & keep up with my bluepoint die grinder.
  12. FORD_MAN

    crossflow roller rockers

    Just a rocker cover spacer or cut & raise the low section of the EFi rocker cover from what I know, Yella terra "street terra" bolt on/pedestal mount are a easy fit, ST2034 from memory, O & your EFi won't like a cam that size, heck they run ruff if you pull the dip stick out, around 206-208° is about biggest XF computer will happily run from what I've read.
  13. FORD_MAN

    crossflow balancer

    knowing soft xflow pushrods, you'll want at least hardened ones, timing gears & chain is common upgrade, single row chain isn't the best & stretch, my XF ute's was worn out & had only done 182,000km @CHESTNUTXE Yes Romac 0222(XF) 0217(XE),
  14. FORD_MAN

    crossflow balancer

    xflows are internally balanced so not really an issue, just a good stock one will do, Or the HB1021N is a XF stock replacement (suits 4 bolt P/S pulley) or PB1021ST for a street series, if a 3 bolt P/S pulley then HB1007N or PB1007ST(street), I have the PB1021ST in my XF but it does make power to 6000ish
  15. FORD_MAN

    what is this wire for? Ford xd

    its for the optional driving/fog lights