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    Boingk's F250 4x4

    I see No pics on computer from January, last can see is disassembled clevo block & parts (14 DEC 20).

    Holley 600

    I've changed intakes a few times on mine, spread bore to AFD hi-rise, to factory square bore, To AFD hi-rise to factory square bore (yes twice) & finally performer, I've only ever removed dissy cap & leads, then just the intake.

    Head Gasket selection for 4L SOHC.

    an alternative to wet&dry to smooth the deck is a combonation stone, I recently brought my bro a new one for work (mechanic), I get them cheaper through my work, Norton/Bear large (230mmx80mm) silicon carbide stone.

    Decoding your F-truck VIN/Chassis no.

    Yep J 1969 C September

    Mystery rear main seal size

    84DA block is one piece rear main, (92mm x108mm x9.5mm), 86DA 95mm x110mm x 10mm, Yeah nearly like someone put a 84DA crank in a 86DA block one way of comparing cranks is flywheel/flexplate bolts, 84DA crank will be 7/16" UNF, 86DA being M10x1.25. Found a Volvo rear main 92mm x110mm x10mm https://www.precisionintl.com/part/c/100000-standard/109000-gaskets---sealing/109128-rear-main-seals/b/elring/seal-ring/044.598.html

    Holley 600

    I'd look towards the Quickfuel range for better range of tuning options, I've got a QFT Slayer 600 Vac sec VSF on my xflow, over the Holley has changeable air bleeds, rear jets & billet rear mettering plate, Vac sec progression is adjustable buy a screw, compared to likes of the 1850 of holley I think Holley also shared Quickfuels features the Brawler range of carbs.

    Deciphering engine number

    Between the CA & O is a blade screw head that holds the plate into the casting mound, don't really mean anything most australian clevelands had have it, the 8K3 is the casting date, 1978 Oct 3 https://www.fordification.com/tech/datecodes.htm


    Got my bros EF 5.0lt & BTR off him, I'll have a think on plans for it & what to put it in, probably have my built C4 auto behind it,
  9. From memory on Roadkill, Finnegans (wifes) El Camino had the same issue with the Wilwood calipers flexing under heavy braking on the autocross.
  10. FORD_MAN

    250 crossflow AC bracket

    I Think I rotated the pump after unbolting it from memory when I've done on my XE's I know I didn't remove the bracket. might have also pryed the arm on the bracket it foward just a tad as well.
  11. FORD_MAN

    Aeroflow heads??

    Got a link on the Cleveland Aeroflow heads haven't seen them yet, Saw Proflow have a few listings for 2V & 3V Cleveland heads, but no stock, Pavtek ported iron 2V are $2675 complete, change over or your heads. AFD alloys $2800 assembled(C1) ($1500 bare), CHI 2V around $3200 assembled(C1) ($2200bare), SCM 4V CNC ported (has 5 levels of porting) from $3520 bare.
  12. FORD_MAN

    88 XF heater tap

    When I finally replaced my XF utes heater tap as it had a leak & didn't work found it was blocked solid, changed to new one & heater finally worked, till it split the heater core about 18mths later (which I still need to replace ), block off for thermostat housing is 3/8" (GAS), likes of supercheap have them in a blister pack on the stand with the trim clips & bolts packs. or if want to fit thermo fans later a Tridon TFS110 thermo fan switch will fit,
  13. FORD_MAN

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Yeah also cab has hole for fuel filler in the LHR for behind seat fuel tank that was 73/74, 75 went to external fuel tank, think most High boys I've seen where 300 6cyl from factory whats the ID plate codes? my bro has a 302c we pulled down & found it that had open chamber heads, as did my mates XD fairmont wagon, previous owner said it was bit slow yeah with 7.8:1 comp we could see why.
  14. FORD_MAN

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Yeah I did it for explaining different heads for someone on facebook, so could tell what it has when on the engine.
  15. FORD_MAN

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    R 1975 Y June, which is unusual as it has the steel dash not the later plastic dash which is in most 75's, 73/74 had the steel dash, Sido number on the ID plate should be 73613 F250A 4WD C.Cab 3379 mm W/B 3493 kg GVM Cab chassis or 73614 F250A 4WD style side box 3379 mm W/B 3493 kg GVM #did read a f truck forum post that said the F250 4x4's came from canada which is why the dash is different for a 75, open chamber heads have 2 low bits with once being longer then the other, Closed chamber has 3 low bits about same size,