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  1. @gerg all the above lol. When it was running good PB'ed 15.0077/94 with heap of wheelspin (street wheels), then runs crap & runs low 16's, & slicks bog the engine down, currently has timing out, running hot & possibly bad headgasket. bigger stall would help, but still runs out of rpm, Need to build a more serious engine. @MatthewXD302c Engine was around $2800 inc. new performer intake & Holley carby,
  2. Thought the same thing nice its flat, last 2 years my XE dosen't like driving up the hill on the road as I leave, fuels up & stalls, float vs road angle issue I think, but for the other 600km of the day its fine. I'll probably be coming down for it.
  3. Yeah runs very rich, but no stall & gearing made it worse, I was shifting into 3rd as I started braking. best run was 17.4. Yep if it won't go fast, go for fun.
  4. As a crusier my 302C has been alright, apart from 4.11's killing economy. as a drag car has been a fail. I started the build as I wanted to make around similar power to AU 2or3 XR8, Did a basic reco, hot tanked, honed, all new bearing, moly rings, recoed heads with upgraded valve springs, retainers, locks, hardened pushrods, Crow cam & lifters, cam is a 21603 214/214 @0.050'' .510"/.510" 110lsa makes power till 5500 rpm, edelbrock performer, 650 holley, extractors 2.5" twin exhaust. made 240rwhp last time it was tuned see my build thread link XE V8 drag ute for info & videos of it running
  5. Well had an interesting day at the Ford Powered Nationals, ute was untuned, stock col auto, 2.92 single pegger Friday evening noticed a nail in the RHF of my street tyres, so fitted up my slicks. In the staging lanes lining up for Qualifying Rd1 I was chatting to Mark Jackman (XE sedan nitrours webered xflow ran 11.2) when someone said I was leaking coolant & I found the heater core was leaking, headed out to the pits to bypass & drain the heater box, Missed Q1 Q2 ran a 17.4/ Q3 ran 17.7 & fan belt came off, Elim 1 dailed in 17.2 (planded to work on my take off) ran 17.5 & belt came off again To do the burnout would have to let it slowly move forward & stab the throttle, if foot braked just sat there. When taking off would rev to around 2500 & not really go anywhere for a second then would clear its throat & take off, changed into 3rd at the finish line @Ando81 mate took some vids just need to get them off there camera,
  6. I was racing the very slow XF ute there. Can't wait to swap diff's, stalled auto & get it tuned, to see what it will run when its not a over fueled pig. Good to see the XD's still coming along,
  7. Well finally finished off the xflow on my holidays back in june & fitted to the XF ute, Ended up finishing it off as it was with cnc head has a nice choppy idle & even tho still running standard BW51 2.92 diff is nice to drive around the street & has plenty of low torque, I've got a XG 3.23 LSD being rebuilt at the moment with 3.45 gears, & I'm racing it at Ford Powered Nationals at Heathcote raceway next Saturday. later on will fit the new 345 LSD, C4 & stall or T5 (still undecided) lower it & get it dyno tuned.
  8. Yep Ando76 AED (Advanced Engine Dynamics) Bendigo Vic, CNC ported my head, Finally finished off the engine its fitted to, racing it next weekend. Yes, Sean Clevo120Y sold his flow bench was brought by Scott Cook manifolds/SCM in Ballarat, I've got one of Seans last heads in the shed it's going on my XF utes engine. CHI also have a CNC program, just uploaded there figures in Crossflow porting results
  9. Seeing the high port head thread made me & CNC xflow head porters made me remember this, Copied from CHI's facebook page a few years ago
  10. Also saw on Roadkill Garage with the Clevo Commando build, (408C 650hp solid roller) about new lifters (solid roller tho) so you don't have to bush lifter bores, I'll look up who made them later. I'd love to build a 440 Clevo, Arrow block 4.125" bore, Scat 4.100" crank, Scott Cook SCM alloy heads, SCM air supremacy intake, BIG high lift solid roller cam, But for now I'll plan a 351 hyd roller or 393/408 AFD. after I rebuild my mates mystery 351c
  11. Used to be a C1 C2 or D head, thats had the chamber machined to a open chamber. Seen a few on the forums/facebook, was done to fit later heads to earlier xflows so it wouldn't raise compression too high, XD/XE engine with a C2/D head would be close to 11:1 otherwise.
  12. check for engine parts like the timing chain it's $44.44 Part No. TC364B I've used them a bunch of times for engine parts,
  13. I run one of these on my daily XF, this listing says 60amp, mine was listed as 85amp. Run 85amp on my clevo from same seller has thremo's, msd, start stop in staging lanes at the drags no worries.
  14. Not ready for 2moro, But will see yous there, driving down to Bendigo tonight fueling up & washing cars, then heading down with mates cars from there in the morning. Catch yous 2moro at AFD
  15. AFD for me is leave home at 5:00am, drive to Deakin Uni get there 8:30-9am, leave at 3pm ish fuel up head home, get home 7pm ish around 700km for the day, get up at 4:30am Monday to head to work. & after getting to the drag strip at 7am till 6pm on Saturday, means no rest for Garth, That Said... you've twisted my arm enough, Entered brought ticket.