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    Crane hi 6 to Ford motorcraft distributor

    its a Hall Effect TFi distributor, I know with MSD its common to remove the module & then 12V+ve(ignition), signal wire to MSD, Earth/12V-ve, & MSD Hall effect uses points pickup wire (White)

    small starter motor question

    I have 1 7/8'' to 3 1/2'' 4into1 Proflow headers & have decent clearance to starter motor, but did add a heat fabric type heat shield just incase. I have B&M pan & aeroflow braided flexable dipstick on my C4 (pan fill/C10), I added a male to male fitting into the pan, then a female to female 90° fitting, then B&M dipstick adapter, then aeroflow dipstick. Standard pan & dipstick 'just' cleared my extractors, but also know @clevocortina copied my setup for his XD as he had clearance issues,

    Crossflow alloy head casting numbers

    from memory E1 was same as XD/XE 56-58cc

    Holley Spreadbore 650 double pumper

    It was the Accel pump diaphram, just leaked fuel everywhere, Filter stud had came lose a few times was a bad fit, I was like where did it go... must of fallen on the ground. bit later, knock knock knock. was alright with a new stud, Piston had part of the stud stuck in it after I removed the head, (RHS of broken section), block looked good & is standard bore so should clean up alright.

    Holley Spreadbore 650 double pumper

    I used to have a 6210 650DP, was on a XE V8 parts ute, worked alright but acc pump died, it also killed the parts utes 302c when the air filter stud came lose & went into Cyl 8 breaking the piston. later put a kit in it & fitted to my black ute but started leaking from the plug above the rear needle on the bowl that had been patched before, so brought a new HP street 650DP.

    HF-1 82 Alloy head valvetrain questions

    I remember reading something on here about Thunderbird V6 roller rockers once same as cleveland(& big block ford) but 12 in the kit instead of 16, might of been Scorpion 5/16" bolt on... Crane kit is CR52745-12, I tried this kit on my xflow but had a few guide plates that didn't line up well. Ended up going Yella Terra/Street Terra kit bolted up easy as.

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    BA XR6T & V8 had T5Z from memory, but have fine spline input shaft (maybe 26 spline) from memory

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    EFi fuel pressure is more like 40-60 psi N/A, Eg XE EFi 36psi, AU is 275kpa/40psi AU XR is 300kpa/43psi, will need EFi rated hoses & clamps, 5/16" fuel line is a bit on the small size, 3/8" would be better, 5/16" could be used as returnline, not sure on fitting EFi pump to carby tank 2. double check if GT40 or GT40P heads as GT40P had the different plug angle, GT40s might work with normal XDEF windsor extractors, did see a XE wagon with factory 5.0 headers 5. I'd use E series tailshaft stronger tailshaft to diff flange mount, 7. I'd say Terminator X, But to pass engineering may need factory ECU for emissions standards, or may have to pass a IM240 emissions test (heard is like $1200 pass or fail) best talk with engineer on that. 9. EF/EL AU/BA BF/FG Falcon Thermo fans fit XDEF radiator with a bit of trimming on mounts & for top hose, or there are ebay alloy radiators with thermo fans, I have AU fans on my V8 3 core.

    crossflow street/strip build

    Cometic MLS head gasket they are 3.78" bore 0.040"' thick, https://www.spoolimports.com/cometic-ford-250-xflow-inline-6-cylinder-multi-layer-steel-headgasket 3.72" flat top, cometic gasket, zero deck & 52cc head, 12.7:1
  10. FORD_MAN

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Watching The Skid Factory (youtube) I've seen them use heat gun to winkle up the winkle paint, *after a bit of looking back through your thread, as a temp exhaust, cut through the expanded part on the collector & rotate to the left (guessing 4-7mm) then reweld, should work Those extractors also look to tapper down to fit in that small "collector" that looks to just be a flared bit of pipe from when they were made, if so, I'd cut them back where they are still round (maybe extend the secondary's a bit & put a pair of mandrel bends from where you cut) then put a twin 1 ?/?" in to 2" out collector, also with the extractors does the 4th cyl pipe go into the side of the 1st cyl, or is the collector just hidden by 2&3 (hard to tell from photos). As to pipe size Vs engine as a EG. VE SV6 3.6lt has 2 1/4" twin from factory, 1800cc per bank, so 2" will be fine for a 1660cc. also to 2" single on 4.1, from memory BF E-gas utes have 2 3/4" exhaust, & EA onwards were always 2 1/4".
  11. FORD_MAN


    Bros ZH 302c, 350 Holley, 3.0 9", got 15.3lt/100km with slipping almost dead C4 auto (with no 2nd gear), Dissy gear depends on what core is used Comp -8 cams are cast core which can use composite & maybe steel (I need to research them a bit) as where -9 is steel billet that needs bronze which wear over time, or Comp & Crow sell melonized/melonite gears which can be used on different cores cast flat tappet, hyd roller & 1050 soild roller & don't wear out. Crow MG6 (.531") MG11 (.491") $99ea
  12. FORD_MAN


    @gerg mine is next up 21603, 214/214 510/510 110, Umm fuel economy is hard to say as ute runs 4.11 diff. but did once have 17.8lt/100km, normally like 23lt/100km, also with 4.11's & 2800 stall bottom end torque isn't an issue. . but did notice big pick up in low end when changed from AFD hi rise back to dual plane. As to larger cam & bottom end my XF ute has 237@50 cam & bottom end is just like a stock crossflow till revs raise into cams power range & off it goes, still stock convertor & did drive with 2.92 diff for a while. I'll be looking at hyd roller for my XE S-pak utes 302c, tho it might just stretch to 393.
  13. FORD_MAN


    I'll PM you a bunch of links, I've got links to older catalog listings.
  14. FORD_MAN


    Yeah have read up to .550" & .560" from various forums over the years, GTHO/BOSS 351 style can go .580", Ford USA actually made a drag cam around 245/256 560/570 back in the day .490"-.500" lift is for stock springs,
  15. FORD_MAN


    new crate 430hp 475ft/lb 7.3 Godzilla is $7000 USD, then plus taxes & freight, there is at least 2 companies importing them to Aus, My Bro uses a knife sharping stone at work for cleaning up block & head surfaces. BEAR/Norton KS100 large Silicon carbide combo stone, has coarse & fine side, I use same for knifes. Rod shop mounts look good, I have their trans mount in my black ute, Cam range is based on 351 so 1500/4500 would be more like 1000-4000ish on 400M, like my 302C cam is rated as up to 5000 but pulls to 5500, Crow cams have a few of lower lift (under .550") hyd rollers up to 226/230@50. also one at 552/553 which should work with std rockers