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  1. my shortened diff was a ebay fluke. I can remember SIC351 (orange XD sedan) had 5.75" on 10" rims (4.75" on 8"). I have 255/60r15's on it now, has heaps of room. I did also fit the 295's to my XE sedan & was only 3-5mm from the lower control arm. Pics of clearance in these threads on xfalcon also some before shortened diff with 275's I've been thinking of doing the same with some Spak rims except maybe 9" wide, for 275's
  2. Thats a Cain 4 barrel manifold that I polished
  3. Raced at the AFF Drag Nationals again this year with the black ute, Bolted the slicks on hoping to beat my 15.0017/94 PB I did nearly 2yrs ago with bunch of wheelspin on street tyres and drop into the 14's. But the ute didn't play ball and was down on power, would only just pulled 4000rpm in top during the burnout & was like it was hitting the limiter at like 5100-5200rpm at times, only managed to get a best of 16.25/85.52 out of it & a bunch of 16.42-16.45's, but managed to outrun the falcon I was against in the last round with a 0.429 R/T which was nice, have tried playing with timing but keeps wanting to overheat & ping, still need to rezero the balancer as when it was built they (powerbond) didn't zero it properly and its saying I'm running like 34-48 deg of timing at idel, wondering if also headgasket, I am so over this turd of late.
  4. Well the utes still going along has been my daily for last few months, Engines still sitting on the stand & is nearly finished but from my figures only has 10.1:1 comp, was aiming for 10.5-11:1, just needs rear cam plug, rear main seal, finish off some dissy bits, retorque rockers, rocker cover, fit intake change collector to 3", then take next door to the engine dyno. I have also brought a ported XD head from Sean(clevo120Y) & am considering changing everything over to another block with 15cc pistons with Seans head for which should get me in the comp range I'm after & head suits this build more then my CNC head, also thinking about pulling the CNC head off & re CCing it as was measured by Heath at 49cc which is a bit big for a C2. Too many Ideas/plans, not enough decisions. I've also polished up a cain manifold, wanted to have a crack at polishing so figured it will do the job, & I have already clear coated my aussie speed one.
  5. My dragway indys on my black ute are 4.25" backspace & where to close to outer rear gaurd before i fitted the XY width BW diff with a 275, My 14x8's where 4.5" backspace and fitted a 295 under my ute. (If pics don't work look in photobucket bug thread for a fix for your browser) Dragway's 4.25" 14x8 4.5"
  6. Thanks works great
  7. Straight from Vicroads website Transferring club permit vehicles between approved vehicle clubs If you wish to transfer your club permit vehicle to another approved car club you must provide to us: a signed letter from you (the club permit holder), advising of the change and list any club permit vehicles that you want to link to the new club. a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for each vehicle from the new nominated club a letter from the Club President, Treasurer, Secretary or Permit Scheme Officer at the new club confirming that the applicant is a current member.
  8. Here's the flow figures from my CNC ported C2 head with 1.84" intake valve,
  9. This is what I did on my Black XE ute,
  10. By no means am I having a go at anyone, or against others work, & happy for you to keep any detailed pictures to your self if wanted. I made sure when posting pictures of my CNC ported xflow head to not give away any detailed pics of the ports, just a pic of chamber (which I did myself) showing CNC grooved bowls. as specially since they have there own R&D in that port design & its not my own work to show. & wouldn't even have a clue at its CSA... I don't see posting numerical figures of a port as anything major, as specailly when you freely post flow numbers. but there's no worries here.. I like reading & compering on engines to others, against the build figures & to what they end up producing at the end of the day, to further my knowledge. I'm even very interested to see what power my xflow makes in its current form giving the my cylinder head flows up to 250.8cfm @ .650" & flows 236cfm at peak cam lift as where normally a head flow for a similar engine Ive seen to be around 200-215cfm. Have a good week, catch ya's another day.
  11. I don't see the problem of posting about the CSA size, its only one factor of many in the port design, sure you could post its a say 1.9", If I go out to the shed & could port my head to a 1.9" CSA, but doesn't mean I'm going to get anywhere near the same radius on my short turn, bowl & valve guide shape, & the list goes on... At the port entry you could have not taken as much of the base of the port & worked more on raising the port roof, by no means am I going to make the same port as what you have made,
  12. Yeah Ben Gatt was at the opening race at Swan Hill Dragway last November with The Wild Bunch. Heads looking nice, might have a go at one of my sets. also reminds me I need to finish off porting the xflow head I started,
  13. How did the guide plates line up for you? I had a few in the middle of the head that didn't line up properly with my Crane set
  14. I use this one mostly, I usually see slight variances bewteen calculators
  15. Saw the pics on facebook, took me a minute to realize what it was, defiantly a sleeper, looks like 60% of XD XE XF falcon utes I saw around K Flat/Bendigo when I was a kid. Looking good.