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  1. check for engine parts like the timing chain it's $44.44 Part No. TC364B I've used them a bunch of times for engine parts,
  2. I run one of these on my daily XF, this listing says 60amp, mine was listed as 85amp. Run 85amp on my clevo from same seller has thremo's, msd, start stop in staging lanes at the drags no worries.
  3. Not ready for 2moro, But will see yous there, driving down to Bendigo tonight fueling up & washing cars, then heading down with mates cars from there in the morning. Catch yous 2moro at AFD
  4. AFD for me is leave home at 5:00am, drive to Deakin Uni get there 8:30-9am, leave at 3pm ish fuel up head home, get home 7pm ish around 700km for the day, get up at 4:30am Monday to head to work. & after getting to the drag strip at 7am till 6pm on Saturday, means no rest for Garth, That Said... you've twisted my arm enough, Entered brought ticket.
  5. My 302C has no worries with spinning the tyres now, back when I first brought the ute was a slug on LPG, my mates ED left it for dead leaving work, can now topgear powerskid with ET drag slicks on, but I need more power . still plan to build a soild cammed screamer, one day... Wagons looking good, will look nice once Cleared & buffed, Grafix Unlimited now has wagon S-pak decals listed on web site.
  6. Yeah, pre bearded Scotty
  7. I can remember Scotty's Garage 12's for $1200 project bluebird, he got a EF XR6 ECU for his EL & found ECU to harness plugs & ECU pin out where different.
  8. also depends on what anti knock rating it is the Rocket fuel uses, in AUS we use RON(Research Octane Number) as where US uses AKi(Anti Knock Index) which is why our AUS premium is 98 & US is 93, 95vs91 & regular Aus91 US87, Other octane ratings are MON (Motor Octane Number), (R+M)/2, PON, RdON, along with others. United race E85 is with 15% 98 for 107(ron), so Rocket may use a 102-104 race petrol with E85 to get the 112. Just looked up Rocket Brand they use AKi so its 116RON. Slowly planing to get another CNC head done with 1.9"/1.6" valves & build a solid roller xflow for when I get around to my cortina, I need something quick to run at swan hill dragway since we are running again. or a 408 Clevo & black utes running gear in some car.
  9. you can also buy direct from Haltech, or hop on there website for a list of dealers, have thought of elite 2500T in my plans for a turbo barra in falcon/cortina, since I plan to run a Trans braked TH400, or elite 750 for a EFi ITB xflow
  10. Nice, I really should to hurry up & finish my xflow in the shed, has similar sized Camtech 237@0.050" 550" & start on my next engine build. Also plan to take it next door & put on neighbors engine dyno.
  11. Not sure yet Panko, we're running Test n tune at Swan Hill Dragway the day before (17th)
  12. X falcons I line up the front axle with the 1st crossbar on the rope rail on my trailer (about 3" forward from where the BA is on the trailer), I've found the rocker springs like front pre load on the trailer other wise you get the rocking in the tow vehicle, I usually drive forward till rear suspension on tow vehicle is compressed between 1"-2" from unloaded (depending on tow vehicle). on the wheel bearing bit, planing to move my spare tie from the draw bar to the LHS & mount it on a stub axle so I have a pre greased spare ready to go for if I have one fail, Bros mate as done this on his race trailer. & build a tool box for the draw bar for my straps & winch battery(s)
  13. I used 4mm twin core wire,
  14. most likely its the standard XE head, XD/XE heads don't have any ID between port 1&2, like the later heads, So open chamber 57ish CC this is what the C2 mark is like
  15. I like the rear chromies suits it well