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    block only needs a bit of notching, I could clearance it with a burr, or just get it milled it while machining the rest of the engine, 347W also saw this while I looked up stroker clearance


    I'm most likely getting my bros efi 5.0 V8 & 4 spd auto, few ideas have been 347, alloy heads, hirise, 750dp, street solid roller, other similar but add terminator X ECU, GT45 turbo, see how long till it splits,


    Phil's white XB hardtop, has done drag challage a few times now runs low 8's, 383 clevor twin Percision turbos, fueltech, powerglide, it started as a 383 cleveland with reversed stock manifolds & extra flange as spacer on passenger side, steam pipe crossover & a borgwaner S475. Ran a 9.90. Scotty on here is currently turboing a clevo xd ute, with holley stealth efi, Auto all depends on power level, C4 can built for 1000hp but with hi torque of turbo & weight of falcon would be closer to 750hp, Or just go a powerglide or maybe turbo 400, (4L80E) Blow through for up to 15psi (maybe 20psi at a push), large Intercooler, fab some manifolds up or stock reversed with flange spacer(LHS), steam pipe crossover, Yeah mount turbo passanger side, I'd think something like a single GT42-GT45's/S476 (ebays do very a bit), (& even suit more boost with EFi.) I have thought a few times of turboing my 302C with 15psi should be around 570hp, a mild 350hp 351C with 15psi around 670-700hp. Plenty of turbo E series & commo's with Borgwaners, but I'd go 31 spline axels, 3.23/3.45 spool or trutrack. I'm interested in Holley Terminator X, $1000USD for ECU, terminated wiring harness, & touchscreen, or there's also Terminator X MAX has drive by wire & trans control. Harry & Corty are fitting A LS & terminator X to Birdawg (search Haulass garage on Youtube), they go over the install, I'd nearly have a go. I think Cleetus has one on Ruby as well Terminator X Ford 550-937 is plug & play suits 5.0, 351w efi or 460efi (& i can get my bros 5.0 ), or Universal 550-936, OR Megasquirt MS3, For a hi boost EFi I'd go 351 long rod or 393 Clevo, powerglide, 9" 3.5 (which I have ) around a 88-92mm single S488/GTX50, EFi of some sort, E85, AFD's, modded single plane, 25-30psi


    I'd go turbo & make more power then either supercharger kit

    Cleveland lifters

    a quick search on Cleveland fireball 302A, came up with is a Crane cam 300/303adv 224/232@50 .505"/516". alright sized cam for a 302C would of made power to 6000rpm around 300hp at a guess, I'd get the springs tested (spring pressures & lift they suit) as they possibly already may suit a decent cam, I like Camtech Cams, & have a Crow cam in my cleveland, got a Camtech for a mates 302C,

    Cleveland lifters

    if it had new lifters, I'd say someone replaced them but didn't run them in, (same as when you run in a cam) which leeds to wearing lifters & cam, My Bro did it to his XF ute, new lifters on old cam didn't run them in, all lobes where worn down but also wore off 4 cam lobes worst had was cyl 6 that I measured at .140"/.118" valve lift best cyl 1 ex with .360", standard is around .420". But is a good excuse for a nice new cam

    Cleveland HEADERS - anyone used these?

    I've got oversized Proflow 1 7/8'' 3.5" stainless headers, PFE-EH4085S on my black XE ute, I've was looking to get a set of either them or the TriY version for my S-pak ute, they also have stainless xflow headers, Saw a mate got a set of their E series headers, I'll check them out next time I head over to his place.

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    Yep same on my XF ute, blocked top water outlet from head, bottom outlet to heater tap, tap to heater box, heater box to water pump, has a 5/8" barb to 5/8" barb fitting to extend the water pump hose. tho not hooked up at the moment as I need to replace the heater core as it was leaking,

    425 Impco on a crossflow

    Without a east west plate would help a lot (12mm) & new aussiespeed manifold is setup for east west or north south no adaptor needed. Yeah didn't think of a drop base, But you do have the Gas vapor hose. Just measured from bottom to top of Holley base plate & impco is 158mm, so if 9x3 with flipped base & dome top overall 167mm (plus filter stud & nut, or bolt), & as per pic of my XF from rear of manifold flange to top of air cleaner is 174mm
  10. FORD_MAN

    425 Impco on a crossflow

    "should" fit under the bonnet if you cut out a bit of bonnet brace or skinny 6" filter, (but will choke it) my XF has aussie speed, east west plate (12mm), QFT 600 & 9x2" plus filter top filter (is about 3" in total height), & proflow nut did rub bonnet (can see in pic), now just a 5/16"nut. I hammered the bonnet brace to start with but rubbed when changed to filter top so I cut out a section, will copy & weld in some plate when I get a good bonnet for it the main problem is the top section of the impco 425 mixer, & needs close to 3" filter to clear it 9"x3"filter with base upside down & dome top has 8.65mm clearance above impco top 9x3" filter, base normal & flat top 8.17mm, 6x2 filter with base, from top if filter to impco was 5.5mm (see pic), I couldn't find my 6" lid or 6x3" filter.
  11. FORD_MAN

    Stock EFi camshaft

    Tighe Cams std cam (guessing carby) is adv 256°/258° 188°/190°@50 .406"/.411". as per ford manual carby 258°/258° EFi 272°/272°. Camtech also have a 259° 197°@50 435" Daves numbers sound a bit big for @50, I'd say crow specs would be close enough, or just finish off the new engine & get one tune done , Likes of Clive cams & Crow cams have a cam profilers & can computer measure a cam, if you have a spare EFi cam or if needed.
  12. FORD_MAN

    Distributor replacement question

    OHC is known for chewing gears from the distributor or aux shaft after changing distributors, bosch made a revised slight bronzed gear to help this. Best is to fit original gear to new dissy, I modified a EL dissy to fit xflow, removed the std gear & fitted a Crow DG2 xflow dissy gear & drilled the shaft to suit for the roll pin, It ended up with it not fitting at time of assembly, was sitting about 5mm above block & went with EST, then when changing from EST to XF mag dissy, I realized I had forgot about aligning the oil pump drive when i was fitting the EL dissy. Can also delete the TFi module & change to EST plugs for easier wiring with MSD. I might put the EL dissy in my xflow on the stand to make sure 2moro. EL vs XF dimensions ED VS new modded EL VS XF
  13. FORD_MAN

    crossflow balancer

    Looking up power bond balancer PB1021ST (XF) & PB1432ST (EF) crank bore both 31.71mm Nose diamiter (seal ID) 44.45mm(XF) 44.43mm(EF) OD 174.5/172.5mm width 64.8mm/74mm as far as I know size is same for prexflow 250 as xflow,
  14. FORD_MAN

    3:45 VS 4:11

    A shop thats good with diffs will be able to change to 4.11 gears easily enough, I have a XG/XH LSD that was built as XY drum brake with 4.11 gears was told was built by Geelong diff services. That said a hi stall convertor would possibly be a good idea, when you take off will flash up to xxxxrpm & help with take off, stock would be like 1800-2000rpm
  15. FORD_MAN

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    @DeanKDX SLY250 runs a modified XH crank, for new I'd look up Quickfuel 450 slayer vac sec, similar to holley but has more tuneable features like changeable air bleeds & rear jets, I have a Slayer 600 (VSF) on mine, 250 xflow has air flow requirement of 460ish cfm at 5500rpm, crank gear at 0° if not dialing in, surprised at the mains bolt breaking, Engine looks alright, good luck with the build.