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    Looking for 250 crossflow extractors

    My Silver XE S-pak I drove on my P's I had standard manifold, exhaust fitters used a 3" long 2" pipe from standard flange to a full 2.5" exhaust, lost a little torque from 1000-1600 but after that it picked up. & When I fitted Pacemaker extractors & 100 cell cat to my XF ute (already had 2.5" cat back & 214°.495" Cam), only really made a bit more power after 3000 rpm (till valve float ) other wise only made a little difference. Same exhaust on my built xflow sounds another thing altogether tho, I like the Hooker aerochamber muffler sounds nice on anything,

    What are this?

    What no Webers now . I've a got a set of tripe Webers awaiting for me to build a engine worthy of them, 650dp might be alright, whats the planed engine specs
  3. I thought for making a mould, if you had bumper & lip on bolted up to a car, & fill the rear of the lip with filler it would be firmer, & could then could start making a mould of the front of the lip easy enough, but the rear mounting surface would take abit of working out.
  4. there was someone who planned to make the S-pak/Ghia/ESP front bumper lip but never eventuated, I had Alfa fiberglass reply to a comment I made about making a fiberglass lip along the lines of, It would be hard to make a mold for a S-Pak lip with the shape of them & how they flex

    CERAMIC spark plug boots exist

    Just watched lastest roadkill (at 21:25)Draguar, Friebuger was saying he came up with the idea for them, "Quote of Friebuger" "circa 1986 I was working at a aftermarket ignition company, Jacobs electronics they did systems for RV's/motorhomes , RV's/motorhomes were having issues of burning plug leads going up long grades since they get so hot. They where having a meeting about it asking if anyone had an idea to fix it, so I said "'I do you know what dosen't burn... spark plugs, why don't we make them out of the same porcelain as spark plugs".


    All Cleveland stroker kits are rated at 4.030" bore 4"x4.040=410ci 4"x4.030"=408 4"x4.020"=406 as for 393 3.85"x4.040=395ci 3.85"x4.030"=393 3.85"x4.020"=391 383 is 3.75"x4.030" or 3.75"x4.040=385 3.75"x4.020"=380 377 is a 351c crank with a offset grind to SBC 2.1" journal at 3.7" on 4.030", but not sure who makes pistons for this anymore, used to be ACL. (351 windsors can be made 427ci with 400M crank offset ground) once thought of being unique with a 302 crank offset ground to 325ci. as i've got plenty of 302 cranks & local shop can offset grind cranks. Most stroker clevelands tend to be 393, Given you've got a freshly resleved block, you can get std/4.000" size pistons for a 3.85"/393 kit from precisionintl which would be 387ci my black utes 302 block will need sleeves next rebuild already worn 4.040", for S-pak ute I'm going a 4.020" on a used std bore block, but as for 3.85/4" not sure.


    https://www.competitionengines.com.au/content/speed_shop.php?c=49 $ $985 or as a stroker kit https://www.competitionengines.com.au/content/speed_shop.php?c=618 I like the internal balance 4340 crank, H beam, $3150 as for sleeving not sure, for a 4.125" bore sleeve (0.250-0.280" thick) block would have to be bored to around 4.38"-4.4". I've thought of similar for a xflow, sleeving for a 3.75" bore,


    bottom right corner on player is sound level/mute


    I've been thinking of whether to go 393 or 408 for my XE S-pak ute, saw on a cleveland facebook page a while ago that Competition Engines designed a "better" piston for the 408 stroker, JE pistons part No. 247063 -5cc F/T, 247056 -13cc dish Has shorter lower skirt for the poke out the bottom of the bore, top ring moved down as some have broken the top of piston where the valve relief is,
  10. FORD_MAN

    2V Head Refresh

    just noticed the precision sticker on yours, I got his kit from Ebay (Engine parts 24/7), blueracer springs, crane retainers (haven't looked up part no yet), SBI locks. Heads are fully rebuilt, k-line guides, new valves, crack repaired, viton seals, ect. would of ordered std lenght, he did say heads can very s bit, so yeah won't be porting now, Yes even said on invoice to check rocker clearance, he checked it with a standard rocker he had, but will keeping an eye out for cheap/2nd hand set of good roller rockers I call the build Snowball after how it has snowballed, F100 body isn't as straight as it looked previous scrape down on LHS & a quick re ring/bearing & cam, ended up being a bit more,
  11. FORD_MAN

    2V Head Refresh

    I'm rebuilding a 302C for a mates '75 F100 at the moment, have been tempted to strip down the heads & give them a port, but knowing my luck I'd end up hitting a valve seat & have to get cut again lol, How'd you go with that spring kit? I got what looks to be the same kit, I had issues with spring heights & pressures, with retainer in the kit was 1.72" & 150lb seat pressure, with standard retainer was 1.78" & 128lb, ended up with Crow +0.100" retainers for 1.88" 105lb seat/275lb open
  12. FORD_MAN

    250 Crossflow build

    Yeah still a few around or could always get crank to offset ground to de-stroke it to the 3.7/3.8 like they do with SOHC/Barra's, Tho there are few that run XH/EF crank for Hi rpms.
  13. FORD_MAN

    Which aftermarket block?

    Precision have prices on there site (All prices AUD) Track Boss Iron $4590.45, Which there has only been about 2 cast, Track Boss CGI iron $6885.95 (none yet cast) Track Boss Alloy $11,476.14 (About 15 cast) (& 2 Solid alloy race 9.5" blocks) Dart iron SHP 9.2 $3190 & Iron Eagle $5281.80 Arrow is around $3500 one I'd love is $5734, Ford Racing big bore 460 big block, 4.5" bore, add 4.5" crank, 572ci
  14. FORD_MAN

    250 Crossflow build

    & then at the smaller Ci end of the scale there was the Joe Gauci/Profab's TC/TD Cortina with a turboed 200 xflow running 8.58/158.56mph, I have a old magazine artice of it somewhere.
  15. FORD_MAN

    Cast or 4340 408 stroker crank

    With 408 & 240 @.050'' cam, peak HP would be around the 6000-6200ish rpm mark so fine for cast crank, I would upgrade to 4340 if regularly reving over 6800rpm, Tho wounding if CHI dual plane, airgap type manifold would be more suited for RPM range of engine, would make more low & mid range torque with dual plane over single plane. I could feel the difference when I changed from hi rise single plane to dual plane, picked up heap more low to mid torque (but was a 302lol)