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  1. Neil Armstrong

    351 into 84 xe.

    Hi guys, bit of a dig up, have not been active in a very long time... anyway was thinking of dragging the old s pack out of the shed and dumping 351 into it for a bit of fun... Just wondering, originally a efi six, What would be the dramas id have, I know ill need new springs, shocks bushes yatta yatta. and breaks, Fuel line no idea there or pump. maybe a holley blue or something, to paint the picture i have a reasonable 351 thats been sitting forawhile, its 30 thou over flat top pistons, from memory its got a 850 holley on it, 2v close chambers etc. maybe mild 300 hp maybe less. i suspect the rego would be a nightmare so before i commit to blowing some money just want some good opinions, and this would be a better option then the old facebook ha! Cheers. heres a 10y old picture of the spack.
  2. Neil Armstrong

    I f***d up & now I need a new glovebox

    Eeekkk, good luck bud and i think it is different....
  3. Neil Armstrong

    webber jets

    this why everyone uses a holly.... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/190670858665?limghlpsr=true&hlpv=2&ops=true&viphx=1&hlpht=true&lpid=107
  4. Neil Armstrong

    Need help with wiring XE dash into XF

    wheres the rust how bad is it?
  5. Neil Armstrong

    351 over heating

    make sure you get the surround with the el fans, helps direct the airflow.
  6. all really nice threaded nuts and what not, and was all polished, looked a million bucks. was pretty happy with it!
  7. I got a lokar accelerator cable i think it was 120 bucks, but fuck it was well made.
  8. Neil Armstrong

    How to get the oxidise/rust look on a car.

    I might have some parts lying around if you need anything give me a buzz, my HQ is about 90% complete.
  9. Neil Armstrong

    Exhaust fabrication (from headers back)

    Definatly, having 3 bolt flanges is far superior cause it apply's even pressure onto the exhaust flange surface, 2 bolt flanges have a tendency to leak and always have to fix them up from time to time etc I even have gaskets with my 2bolt ones and used exhaust temp silicon and they still leak from time to time over the years.
  10. Neil Armstrong

    body skins for xe

    why would you want new panels anyway? like you can get a good bonnet for a couple hundred bucks in primer.
  11. Neil Armstrong

    hydrocoating water paint

    Yeah it could open doors to hole new graphics etc, airbrushing is becoming a thing of the past for sure, they already do a similar thing with nail art. Put picture on nail, and nail clear over it to seal it. then you got funky nails. Cost wise, you'd be crazy not to get a wrap done or hydro-coating over airbrushing, soon it will be cheaper to print shit out then spray and prep a panel. Babe piper is a sick cunt.
  12. Neil Armstrong

    hydrocoating water paint

    Oh and on a completely unrelated topic.... THE BADPIPER!
  13. Neil Armstrong

    hydrocoating water paint

    Pretty basic interview, can tell his nervous too.
  14. Neil Armstrong

    hydrocoating water paint

    IF peter with evilxa and gm with his mustang can push over 1300 horses and fry tires all day on vinyl wrap then i know what im going if i ever decide to.
  15. Neil Armstrong

    Exhaust fabrication (from headers back)

    The welds are so good you don't even know its welded? how do you know they are good if you cant see the welds? could of been shit as fuck and they where just talented on the grinder lol