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  1. deankxf

    XF Panel Van Dash

    you can glue a dash mat on it.. fixed. the state of the other trim is pretty rough, sure it's not worth finding another interior or do you have good trim for it? you can get them redone at huge expense ($800 rings a bell) i've seen (and i'm likely to do similar on My gemini one) slicing out the high part of the crack so it's a bit lower than the top, mixing up some fibreglass resin and laying it in the crack , then bogging over, sanding and painting the whole thing . depends on your budget and if you care if it' cracks again(i think it's so brittle now it's likely to crack again anyway unless fully recovered)
  2. deankxf

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    i don't have any pics handy, but we fitted an EF radiator and fans to an XG of My mates' last year, this was done by using approximately 50mm square tube to space up the bottom, mounting XF lower mounts to that (for the radiator to sit on, 2 wide rubber pads unlike the XF radiator uses 2 different size end tanks) and the top mounts as i modded on My XE. this was due to fitting an EF EL engine to it (easier to find than another EA EB ED XG engine these days)
  3. deankxf

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    this is a quote from Ant's wagon thread with LS2 or LS3? engine Just thinking about this. The car now has a ve radiator and fans and when it was tuned I asked Phonsey to drop the temp at which the ecu turns the fans on as it always ran a bit hot with the falcon fans and radiator. It cools itself brilliantly now. The temp guage gets to 3/4, the fans kick in and within 20 seconds they pull the temp back to 1/4 so it's never really hot. posts mentioning radiator in his thread are here (changed from modified use XD radiator when changing the intake setup to an over the radiator "OTR" setup. http://www.ozfalcon.com.au/index.php?/search/&q=radiator&type=forums_topic&item=37
  4. deankxf

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    My XE had the XE Air con condensor installed with that radiator, i would expect an XF one to be in the same spot(identical radiator hole to XE) XG uses a completely different bottom radiator mount setup, i also questioned people regarding this when i did the conversion. (i got an XG radiator to try prove them wrong, and an AU one .. didn't fit.) the EF one will fit if you cut a slot for the side pipe(fill hose) XG and EA EB ED have bigger size lower radiator hose outlets .. the EA EB ED are the same size as EF EL otherwise, XG narrower but possibly deeper, maybe the lower hose hit the cross member the caster rods mount to? i can't remember. XG is different by far to XD XE XF though in the lower radiator mount area. i think Ants used a commodore radiator and fan ? in his XD wagon with LS2 engine. i'll see if i can find the post, it was a neat fit
  5. deankxf

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    The EA to EL(XH same) radiator is a better fit than XG. The ef el.have same size outlet top and bottom. Not sure what size the Windsor has. I have a pic of my xe with el radiator and Thermos with 1uz engine but not sure if you will even have space. I'll see if I can find it if we get power back on after the storms..still no power here eastern suburbs melb from memory you can set the bottom mounts to fit the radiator (like an XF) and the top i cut the EF mounting tabs off and modified the top XF mounts with a bracket (cut the mounting part off the hook part and sat the radidiator in and made a plate for between and welded. ) i can't remember why you can't use the top mounts, but i have seen them used with mods to the car. you need to cut a piece out of the side support near headlight mounts for the header tank /fill port neck to clear.
  6. deankxf

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Absolutely amazing results and credit to you for turning around another write off decision by insurers. Been a pleasure following the restoration here and hearing the ups and downs of the process. So glad it's transformed by the tasteful modifications into a better road car too!
  7. deankxf

    turbo 250 crossflow

    depends on what your budget is, you should read Slydog's thread entirely. he's not been on and posting for a long while, but you'll get a fair idea of what's doable and what's needed (it blew up earlier in the thread, so make sure to keep reading to see what failed and why *I can't remember) pretty sure he's kept the stock rod length, and it's using an EF crank, (more counterweights for better balance) later in the thread it's now boosted
  8. deankxf

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    @SPArKy_Dave may speak that language? i vaguely remember one terminal needs power put to it to excite some part of it.. not enough memory to advise anything
  9. deankxf

    Diff ratio

    in My experience most borg warner diff V8s were 2.92 (9" had 2.75) there's only 5% difference to them. 2.92 at 100kmh would be about 2400rpm 2.77 at 100 would be 2300 ish 3.45 XR6 diff you have should be 2850rpm 3.23 XR8 diff would be about 2650/2700rpm if you have a ready to fit 2.92 diff, just chuck it in, 2.77 isn't enough difference to be worried about even on a 6cyl 99% of the time.
  10. deankxf


    kia rio would probably chop a stock XE no matter what the diff ratio. i reckon the 2018 i30 we have would chop a stock 351 ESP even down the 1/4
  11. deankxf


    what do you mean run out longer? 2.77 with an auto will do say 90kmh ish in 1st gear at 5400rpm 3.23 by comparison might be around 70kmh. (but will take off faster)
  12. deankxf

    Radial Tuned Suspension

    In My experience, Pedders were the softest of all the aftermarket springs, when i asked/mentioned this to Pedders, they said we recommend a sway bar upgrade also (they sell a package type)
  13. this makes me believe they are standard length shocks , big bore(handle the stronger springs) and short stroke (stop the shock bottoming out and also retain the spring better) would be the go. you'll be amazed at what new(good quality) shocks do to a falcon
  14. never seen it, in at least 50 cars i've poked around with(including at wreckers)
  15. those pics show the springs are BEEFY, i suspect not cut stock ones. and it's seated on the saddle well with surprisingly rubber pads under(never seen anyone do that before) THE SHOCKER IS STUFFED (covered in oil) this could be the noise, i'd remove it and see how stuffed it actually is Ride height looks at LOWS height, which is a good height for drivability, bump stop clearance looks sufficient also and hasn't been pounded away from a soft spring.. fit some BIG BORE short stroke shocks, there's budget ones on ebay AU, but if you can stretch for Koni brand they were the choice back in the day (i've only had Pedders branded ones, which i liked)