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  1. Fingers

    250 Crossflow build

    And that's the great thing about a turbo
  2. Fingers

    300 USA 6CYL

    More than my old F350 requires
  3. Fingers

    300 USA 6CYL

    One comment, I doubt the Aussiespeed 4 barrel manifold will fit in a RHD F series. Brake master looks too close.
  4. Fingers

    300 USA 6CYL

  5. Fingers

    300 USA 6CYL

  6. Fingers

    300 USA 6CYL

  7. Fingers

    300 USA 6CYL

    not home yet...
  8. Fingers

    300 USA 6CYL

    That was quick! I will try to get some photos when I get home today
  9. Fingers

    300 USA 6CYL

    I have a 300, it's in my '72 F350. Yes they are long and tall. I can take photos or measurements if anyone wants.
  10. Fingers


    PC (Gus) tasting the hand cleaner is a bit weird also
  11. Fingers

    250 xflow crank bolt thread size

    Or they were never fitted in the first place
  12. Fingers

    Slydog's XF ute.

    Mirabito is better engine builder than he is at doing videos that have a PG rating
  13. Fingers

    Best way to achieve correct compression ratio

    Drive a modern turbo engine for evidence of what Slydog is talking about. Instant torque and a perfectly flat torque curve (plateau/table?) from about 1500 rpm (under stall speed) to 4 or 5 thousand rpm. Perfect drivability with great fuel economy, win win.
  14. Fingers

    Hi everyone

    I don't have anything like that, but I agree with your choice of car. Good luck with finding something
  15. Fingers

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    I agree with this