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  1. Nice bit of twisty pipe work there . looks neat as
  2. Think same same ,, just one has the recessed dish in the centre.. know my fe has the wrong ones for the original wheels
  3. Or same syle holed leather as the palm's on the steering wheel,,, with a tad of foam under .
  4. Loving this build ,,, needs the eyelets up the side for a slide on camper ,,,,
  5. Fair crack of the whip ,,,, i give up ,,, where the fuck is wally then ,,!!
  6. Coconuts ,?
  7. could get independent check style rego ,,? otherwize there wouldn't be so many fibreglass hot rods on new chassis with blowers etc ,,out on oz roads
  8. Are they reflections above the rear wheel arch ,,?
  9. Now THATS a doughnut ,,,!!
  10. Still one of oz's best movies
  11. Everyone has kicked a goal ,,!!
  12. Those yummy wheels too
  13. Faaarrrrrrk ,!
  14. Plenty of hippies out there ,,, " money has no reason man , its just a way for the man to keep a value on you ,, you dig ,,,,,, my kombis now worth what !!! ,,well far out man . " Split westfalia kitted ones are now a bloody fortune.
  15. Someone is going to end up with a kombi worth owning.