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  1. glad to see it again ,,, in white ,,when i got back from ten yarding ,, moldings go on tomorrow ,as well as some fiddly spots to be adressed . Then the marriage of bootlid , bumpers and bonnet happens ..lights etc etc .. next up is mr details turn ,, make it sparkle . Still happy with what was under everything . sort of vindication that it was a good shell and body to start with .
  2. First project car ,, and its an x series ,,, cannot go wrong ! . If you have any questions , and these blokes on this forum don't know or cannot suss it out ,,,, it aint worth knowing .
  3. ignore " most " of the ancillaries ,, could/should be a lot neater ,,
  4. Would a " wheel doctor " machine a few thou off the inside of the rim's ,,,, just for asthetics of corse ,,,to clean them up .
  5. Thickness of the aluminium on the rims your trying fouling the discs ,?
  6. Thinking on buying my boss's stretch tasbash zl fairlane ,, has same motor converted to carb in it ,, fits well with the xf style heater box . Ill grab some pix tomorrow when im at work .
  7. Love 3/4 rear/side shots of xb's ..
  8. Yeh , bloke in moonah " hobart suburb" said he'd bend one up seeing its hard to sorce now ,, and the mid pipe , with my muffler , brackets /clamps and tip fitted for $360 .
  9. Redbacks site is only interested in ba/fg or ranger by the look of it . Two places i rang in hobart said that they had trouble finding one in stock or even being produced anymore .
  10. Hopefully windows out , wiped down then in full putty tomorrow .
  11. Anyone have a link to someone who stocks the tail pipe in 2.5 for xf/fe ltd ,? Drawing up blanks everywhere
  12. Old school " hurricane " wheels would look cool on there ,,, every now and again ,, or even just wide steelies with the orginal caps .
  13. Pleased with whats been hidden so far from prying eyes ,, will see when guards come off
  14. movement in the station