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  1. Know its holden ,,, but the poida one with lowdsy was a laugh ,, gets him in the xw
  2. You pay for the whole seat ,, but you only need the edge ,,
  3. Got to be happy with that .
  4. A celulite "ass" ?
  5. Im sure theres a blonde out there wondering how often should they should shit in the carby to fix it .
  6. Or a 4 speed xd that needs a bit of love ,,
  7. Or if 70's are your thing ,,
  8. Another tassie xd fairmont ghia
  9. Got a worse one for you all . Ex coke a cola reps two door
  10. If we all had and did the same thing ,, it'd be a boring world .
  11. That looks cool as .
  12. As i was interested to see if someone would pipe up that has done such a kit ,,, With answers to the clear questions i asked . Tips , parts needed etc etc . and curiosity to see how long before turbo would be mentioned
  13. And straight to turbo before even pg 2
  14. A lot more spongy cumfy than the hard spindly xb wheel ,, just dont leave a pup in there for more than 30 seconds while you grab todays news paper ,,