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  1. dex

    FC LTD centrecaps

    Probably the best way for a top finish would be to get them spun by a wheel doctor .. may cost a few sheckles more ,, but way worth it
  2. dex

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    All that green ,, it’s hulking up allready
  3. dex

    XF 4.1 popping!

    My blue xf had a stuck Open a smidge exhaust valve , so Previous owner removed both intake and exhaust pushrods to that cylinder.. only found out after 12 months driving ! it was only after it bent and popped out the pushrods on another cylinder and ran like absolute crap that I became aware of it . driving it with one cylinder down for so long I just thought it had just a 3.3 “ 200 motor in it that was a bit tired . bunged another head on with ALL 6 cylinders running and the Ute ran like a champ
  4. dex

    XF 4.1 popping!

    Which end are you testing vaccum ,? unplugging the hose from a T piece on the manifold and testing from that end ,?
  5. dex

    Xflow Distributor information? EST? TFI?

    Spot the plateau's / shelfs on the pic above ,, just before things get oil'y varnish
  6. dex

    Bf zf auto reverse light switch

    So in the mechatronics ,, shit . Onto the service soon ,, " have both new editions to do . " wanting to do all the rest ,,, as i usually do ,, plugs , filters , belt / tensioner etc etc . will be up to visit you chris ,, soon as the wallets healthy .
  7. dex

    Xf Fairmont 250 E.F.I. project first car

    Check both brake light switches ,, cruise control cars have two switches on the brake pedal ,, ones to shut the cruise off if brake pedals pressed . Last priced ,, $20 from repco
  8. dex

    Bf zf auto reverse light switch

    Also ,, in the owners manual , it goes on to say that the reverse beeper is manually adjustable for how loud it is ,,, this is done with the icc volume knob ,,, " the radio " . turn the radio OFF ,, select reverse gear and adjust the volume . The beeps " should "come through the rear speakers . Its to chime a few times to let you know its armed ,, Mine just sort of gives off a low quiet electrical hum ,, like an old fridge that kicks in . When the trailer plug is reconnected to the harness ,, " down near right tail light ,,," the tone of this noise goes up a few octaves ,,,, " changes pitch "
  9. dex

    Bf zf auto reverse light switch

    have been through the trailer plug bit ,,, they have ,, inside the britax end connector , a small magnet up in the spring loaded lid , " see pic " ,,, ignore it being a holden one in pic when the magnet is away from the earth ,,, the plug hole thats offset from the others ,,,it disables the reverse park sensors . So the car does not recognise theres something close to you and beep incessantly. I have disconected the trailer harness down near the right tail light ,,simple plug . no change .
  10. Hey all ,,, seems the internet is full of "" they dont fuggn know "" but where the hell is the reverse light switch for a bf zf 6 speed auto ,,? on the box , on the shift lever , some bloody fuse/ relay down in the left kick panel ,,??? anyone ,, please help ,, no reverse lights ,, and no reverse sensors ,, rear speakers dull off ,,,,, no beeping ,, thinking the two not working is related .
  11. dex


  12. dex

    xf sedan door hinges

    Makes them look a different wheel . Top stuff
  13. dex

    xf sedan door hinges

    Rims look different with those bands
  14. dex

    Stuck/Sticking Thermostat?

    Was a cold morn yesterday as well chris .. well it was down the huon ,, frozen windows n all
  15. dex


    Would have left them blue ,, contrast colour look