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  1. My fe ltd had a set of extractors , custom 2 1/2 stainless system with a hookers headers aero chamber ,, nice deep thumping burble , to a pulsing note up top . no drone that could notice ,, a familiar auto problem ,,
  2. dex


    Had my ocd maxing out !
  3. dex


    Is that a “ gouge “ in no; 1 cylinder ,,? arround 7 o ‘clock position ,,
  4. dex


    Haaa top stuff
  5. dex


    What’s in the dizzy hole ,?
  6. dex

    why rebuild a crossflow?

    Least I’m not the only one that really don’t like Simmons .
  7. dex

    Which 4.0 into Ratty XF Ute?

    There is a few Barra buildups in xd/e ‘s on here ,, showing radiator to chassis rail notching that’s needed ,, acc pedal mounting , plug n play harness links etc . I wanted to do a Barra swap into my LTD ,,, but being a moron with no foresight or foreskin I sold the bastard . Complete numpty .
  8. dex

    Which 4.0 into Ratty XF Ute?

    And the radiator ,, so hoses line up
  9. Hey sirk’ was going to be the next step for the red Fairmont ghia ,,,still love that car ,,, but ended up going into fg’s . the adding in an extra stereo looks like an afterthought in ba’s ,,, in the way and awkward spot . the whole aerpro setup looks ok ,, https://soundgarageqld.com.au/aerpro-install-kit-to-suit-ford-falcon-ba-bf-territory-sx-sy/ bottom slots could be useful as USB ports .. I want the Kayan unit in my fg 50th tho ,,,, ” birthday soon love ,,,,,,,hint hint “
  10. dex

    Fouling plug in one cylinder

    Looks like a bit of water making its way in ,, way that core surround is rusty .
  11. Never asked before ,, but what other hard wear and parts are used to activate the hydra track in the rtv ba/bf series utes ,? ie the push button on the dash to make the hydra track work ,?
  12. dex

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Stocks for brokers ,,!!
  13. Anyone here know if ba “ standard ,, not turbo or gt “ rear brakes are same same as fg xt rear brakes ,, calipers /brackets/ bolt up and brake lines are the same ,?