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  1. dex

    whistly / wheezy sound ef falcon

    Sqwark can be defined in a few ways ,,, big take off transmission slip sort of noise , to mid range throttle stomp . Hard to explain unless you've experienced it . Or putting up with it every day .
  2. dex

    whistly / wheezy sound ef falcon

    Youtube transmission squark ,, theres an f150 vid ,, round the 13 and 18-9 second mark
  3. dex

    whistly / wheezy sound ef falcon

    Transmission slip/flaring ,? try on the brake , bring the load up on throttle , box will " squark " slip /flare ,, let the brake off
  4. dex

    Crossy build- am I on the right track

    + 1 ,,subtle
  5. dex

    351 ?

    Both ,,, one of the live in " guests " and from grommet
  6. dex

    351 ?

    Waiting for a bite ,,!!!
  7. dex

    Xf coolant capacity

    Cheers ,,
  8. dex

    Xf coolant capacity

    Hey all ,, anyone have a rough/close coolant capacity for an xf ,,
  9. dex

    Blown Crossy.

    Want this for my fe ltd ,, i have not seen anyone do one of the capa blowers as you see on later motors ,, retro fitted to a crossflow ,,, under the bonnet , hidden away
  10. dex

    Air co belt

    Reading through chestnuts ute build , and noted the " loosing the fan ,gain power " . Question is ,, is there loss or draw on power ,, with having the air co belt on ,,,whillst the air co is turned off ,?
  11. dex

    What are this?

    Wait for it
  12. dex

    Hotwire but not

    That be them ,, cheers gerg
  13. dex

    Hotwire but not

    Just on counting cars on a white galaxy ,,!
  14. dex

    Hotwire but not

    Righto ' miss's dad has a set of wheels on his eb that sort of look like hotwires ,, but they are not . has a tapered "ledge" that goes all the way from the hatched wire pattern ,,to the outer lip ,, anyone have an idea what they are ,? " would load pic , but imjur say's full !?! .
  15. dex

    xf premo sound

    Fucks of things ,,!!! Love the look of mine sitting so neat in my dash , fuck of a thing has a thop thop thop noise that comes and goes ,, makes the lights flicker n all .. Just bollox . Think mr polson said it had something to do with the bit thats under the console ,,