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  1. Cartier trim ,? Welcome to the forum ,, heaps of good info and helpfull characters here .
  2. What is it you have on the shock tops ,?
  3. Ought to try tassie mate ,,, 32 on wednesday 12 odd pizzing with rain fog n drizzle on thursday ,, today nice n fine 25 odd ..
  4. Next time a kombi owner comes into the workshop ,, just be blunt . " fix you're rusty kombi ?.. ..look mate , be easier if i just make one ! "
  5. That dummy shaft actually looks like a dummy ,,!! Cannot wait to see some completed outdoor pix . Be another feather in your cap chestnut .
  6. Lancia beta ,,, now theres some gourmet rust ,,!
  7. Is it just me ,, or is the drivers seat snapped ,? Might be a cheap retro fit of running gear .
  8. They go well with the ute,, fill the arches nicely .
  9. Good idea chris . Been thinking on doing the same outside parliment house with the LTD . Its a shame the next few months will see alot of the 200 odd brigades in tas will see a fair workout due to dickheads just lighting bbq's and burnoffs ,, and well just plain c***z
  10. Scrubs up well . Starting to look at these newer models with interest .
  11. Is that a cb ariel mount on the left rear panel ,?
  12. Hahahaha game , set and match ,!!
  13. Well done video ,,! love the tennis ball tow bar cover . Fitting choice .
  14. The one spot that has a built in rust preventer ,, should cover the whole lot inside and out in grease and p/s fluid and drive arround building sites ,,!! " patent pending "