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  1. dex

    Hotwire but not

    That be them ,, cheers gerg
  2. dex

    Hotwire but not

    Just on counting cars on a white galaxy ,,!
  3. dex

    Hotwire but not

    Righto ' miss's dad has a set of wheels on his eb that sort of look like hotwires ,, but they are not . has a tapered "ledge" that goes all the way from the hatched wire pattern ,,to the outer lip ,, anyone have an idea what they are ,? " would load pic , but imjur say's full !?! .
  4. dex

    xf premo sound

    Fucks of things ,,!!! Love the look of mine sitting so neat in my dash , fuck of a thing has a thop thop thop noise that comes and goes ,, makes the lights flicker n all .. Just bollox . Think mr polson said it had something to do with the bit thats under the console ,,
  5. dex


    Have spotted a granada down here ,, 2.8 litre job
  6. dex

    keeping temps down with turbo

    First up ,, what radiator are you using ,, clutch fan or electric,, thermostat ,, oil cooler ,, timing ,, intercooler,, exhaust size ,, the possibilities go on
  7. dex

    Wtf ,,!!!

    Recon thats it ,, no sensor on the radiator there .. cheers folks
  8. dex

    Wtf ,,!!!

    Thats a good one as well . Need to grab a manual showing harness's
  9. dex

    Wtf ,,!!!

    That ill have to check
  10. dex

    Wtf ,,!!!

    Two ,, and both connected ,,
  11. dex

    Wtf ,,!!!

    Seriously wtf ,,!!! found these buggers hidden under the left headlight
  12. dex

    XF 250 Crossy issues

    Good to see more tassie guys joining up on here . Top place for info ,, top blokes ,," with a few loons thrown in for good measure " we need some pix of your project ,,
  13. dex

    xf gear box

    Single rail or t5 ,? try a shift rebuild kit ,, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ford-Borg-Warner-Single-Rail-Gear-Shifter-Repair-Kit-F2424/202351888187?epid=2263196964&hash=item2f1d1cc73b:g:axgAAOSw8P9bMsfx https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ford-Borg-Warner-Single-Rail-Gear-Shift-Retainer-Nylon-Nut-4spd-Valiant-Sigma/201209045355?epid=1363290137&hash=item2ed8fe616b:g:HeoAAOSwd4tULeCu or go and grab a quick shift kit and bolt it on for t5 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/5-Speed-Short-Throw-Shifter-Shift-Kit-For-Ford-Falcon-T5-T45-XF-XG-XH-EA-EB-ED/221761988865?hash=item33a20b6901:g:uuYAAOSwQPlV-NE5 the single rail ones can be ,,, " hows your father " when worn ,,
  14. dex

    Splash guards

    Hey all ,, would anyone have a pic or link to the type of clips that hold the splash guards that are behind the zl/fe ltd headlights ,?
  15. dex

    Xf/ltd power window fix

    Forewarned is forearmed . Cheers again bear