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  1. dex

    AU 4.0L 1 - 6 miss.

    Cars ,,, who’d have them not for quids unless you had more quids ,,, keep at it ,, trouble is ,, it’d be the 50 cent bit causing it . keep at it
  2. dex

    It's official: LPG is now dying off

    It’s a shame ,, the ecolpi motors are tops , more oomph and even smoother than petrol from the fg spec Barra . make most of the zf ,, and cheaper to run ,, bogans will seek them out for their comp/ratio ,, boosted fun ,, as they do now with the “ green top “ ba/bf motors ,,, Less boot space but.
  3. dex

    XE Diff Ratio

    Had a mate with an xf that had been converted from auto to 5 speed ,, burnt 3 clutches out “ under warranty “ trying to drive up my driveway ,, my ol wood hooker ,,, kb laser with 1500 manual with 3/4 a tonne of wood in it ,,, Piss it in
  4. dex

    Australian Ford Bronco's

    Want one
  5. dex

    TF Cortina Project

    Never realised there was such differences between the models . keep into it
  6. dex

    Tall bloke vs Steering wheel

    Stock steering wheel also ,?
  7. dex

    18" snowflake rims

    Ohh fuggn Phuck yes ,!!
  8. My fe ltd had a set of extractors , custom 2 1/2 stainless system with a hookers headers aero chamber ,, nice deep thumping burble , to a pulsing note up top . no drone that could notice ,, a familiar auto problem ,,
  9. dex


    Had my ocd maxing out !
  10. dex


    Is that a “ gouge “ in no; 1 cylinder ,,? arround 7 o ‘clock position ,,
  11. dex


    Haaa top stuff
  12. dex


    What’s in the dizzy hole ,?
  13. dex

    why rebuild a crossflow?

    Least I’m not the only one that really don’t like Simmons .
  14. dex

    Which 4.0 into Ratty XF Ute?

    There is a few Barra buildups in xd/e ‘s on here ,, showing radiator to chassis rail notching that’s needed ,, acc pedal mounting , plug n play harness links etc . I wanted to do a Barra swap into my LTD ,,, but being a moron with no foresight or foreskin I sold the bastard . Complete numpty .