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  1. dex

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Ol mate had a 300 in an Effie with side pipes ,, sounded unreal the bark that came out of it .
  2. dex

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    I’ve always found that if the light comes on ,, it’s too late ,, the motor dies on the spot ,, comes on with all the lights when you grind to a halt
  3. dex

    Aeroflow heads??

    All out recycled beer cans exported to China go somewhere
  4. dex


    Hmmmm needs one on the other side to ,,,,, ummmm just aesthetics only ,, really .
  5. dex

    Cleveland lifters

    Was looking into the oiling system differences ,,, windsors had the oiling system ,, Clevo’s had the breathing with the heads ,, what lifter design /type would be the go ,?
  6. dex

    Cleveland lifters

    What things change with the boss 302 motors ,? windsor with clevo heads
  7. dex

    Deciphering engine number

    Gets me every morning with the reporters On morning shows ,,reporting about strict mask wearing when out in public ,,, they ain’t even fuggn wearing one them selfs ,,!!!
  8. dex

    Stained paint

    It’s a solid white ,, have seen some white ones with clear coat coming off /bubbling
  9. dex

    Stained paint

    Missus’s winter white ba has what looks like “ stained paint “ , from what looks like ct18 truck wash or something that was let to dry on it at some stage in its life . question is , can I cut and polish ba winter white with out removing the clear top coat ,?
  10. dex

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    That 8mm looks like 8 thou in that pic
  11. dex

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    That gap looks tiny ,?
  12. dex

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    Would want to match all the spacers on the bolt up for it
  13. dex

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    remembered the bit with the supercharger pulleys ,, but could not remember the order ...
  14. dex

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    Xf has the three bolt harmonic balancer ,?