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  1. Fucks of things ,,!!! Love the look of mine sitting so neat in my dash , fuck of a thing has a thop thop thop noise that comes and goes ,, makes the lights flicker n all .. Just bollox . Think mr polson said it had something to do with the bit thats under the console ,,
  2. Have spotted a granada down here ,, 2.8 litre job
  3. First up ,, what radiator are you using ,, clutch fan or electric,, thermostat ,, oil cooler ,, timing ,, intercooler,, exhaust size ,, the possibilities go on
  4. Love this ones clean unassuming look
  5. You see ,, silver lining each time ,, Speaking of which ,, frosted silver bumpers ,?
  6. And the brushless bastard still works no doubt.
  7. Corse its been rebuilt at some point ,, they put 351 crank and rods in some how ?!? still ,, be a neat cruiser or starting point
  8. Corse i like it ,,!
  9. Recon thats it ,, no sensor on the radiator there .. cheers folks
  10. Thats a good one as well . Need to grab a manual showing harness's
  11. That ill have to check
  12. Two ,, and both connected ,,
  13. Seriously wtf ,,!!! found these buggers hidden under the left headlight
  14. Good to see more tassie guys joining up on here . Top place for info ,, top blokes ,," with a few loons thrown in for good measure " we need some pix of your project ,,
  15. Hey ,,,calm down ,,, i am allowed in the city on rare occasions too !!.