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  1. dex

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Ohh so true ,, architect’s now days are like they are in a competition to be a designer for lego
  2. Done this one ,, no help /YouTube’s on the subject Park brake on pull the shifter back to neutral or drive remove the screw in the front pull the shift knob up ,, grab the knob “ no jokes , we are grown ups “ Prize the shift knob With a screwdriver to one side ,, think it’s from the right side ,, outwards ,, it”ll pop out ,, up on the inside of the now vacant hole ,, there’s a screw ,,,take it out ,, top will then pop off . are you finishing it off with the chrome quadrant as well ,?
  3. If you can physically move the sway bar ,,, yes
  4. Go sway bar D bush’s , dog links off the sway bar steering rack mounting points on the crossmember ,,
  5. dex

    Mag wheels

    Carol’s ,?
  6. dex


    Ang on ,,, something changed
  7. Who’s that crowd that chestnut mentioned with interior trim ,?
  8. dex

    B series adjustable pedals.

    There’s a thread on Australian ford forums ,, will inquire if ok to transfer a link over to here .
  9. dex

    Drivers door key lock

    Kingswood Country have anything alike ,? could you post a pic of your broken one ,?
  10. dex

    Weird NC Fairlane 4.0 issues...

    Lost in translation .
  11. So I bought another ba fairmont ghia ,, and apon changing the park globes , I found a harness coming off the right side loom with an empty plug ,, Oval fitment with brownish red top ,, has yellow three rib soft rubber seal At the bottom .. just 2 wires , both black , one with dots along ,, what is it for ,?
  12. dex

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    ^^^What he said ^^^
  13. dex

    Holley 600

    Price just went up ,,,
  14. dex

    Xd aircon

    Have to laugh about it ,,, yep had to get one done to change that bastard rod