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  1. Plenty of these fukstiks round. Apparently if you buy Euro you get an exemption to following road rules. Mind you its hard to see where you are driving with your head buried firmly up your arsehole,
  2. Welcome back!
  3. I just warned my mrs not to go near my cars.
  4. Good night out with the mrs at a metal concert.
  5. Im on fire today. Repaired one clothes drier, built one filing cabinet and refitted one left hand side barbie doll leg.
  6. Looks like i got out of darwin at the right time.
  7. Scrap the carby and get a 650 dp.
  8. Appatently the guy who cooked thebbq likes his meat well done.
  9. GMG getting off the plane from Darwin, walking into work, biting into a bbq sausage and snapping off a fucking tooth.
  10. These clowns dont bother me when im on the hayabusa.
  11. That certainly moves ok but ill think i stick to the old 1500 Kunt engine!
  12. Did you get you leg over after that?
  13. Nice work Dave.
  14. Welcome aboard Bud! Nice van.
  15. Eg Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk