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  1. Or the embarrassment of having those poxy chaser rims on!
  2. That engine looks perfect in there Pete.
  3. They are just the standard girlock calipers with a rattle can refurb. Rda extreme pads and rotors.
  4. Fuck it, bought one anyways. Theyre cheap as fuck.
  5. Welcome aboard Bud!
  6. Yeah i was thinking of getting one and retro fitting it. Are they physically smaller as well?
  7. So the NC shit box has finally gone to the scrappers and the hoist is one again free for use. I chucked Lucy on there and had a look at the starter motor. The start solenoid screws were loose and hanging out, Bingo fixed. But Nup started alright for a few goes then went back to being a stubborn shit again. I decided to do the brakes while she was up in the air. Piece of cake - all done only the peddle is soft as shit now. So shes been chucked back on the hoist and the door shut down on the shed for the rest of the day. I think ill just bite the bullet and get anew starter motor for her. Nothing fucks me off more than a car that gives me troubles. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  8. Ive noticed on Fleecebay that they advertise some of the starter motors as Automatic only. I assume this means the throw out is a different length on them.
  9. So the Fairlane is supposed to be going in the morning ( again). Sure as shit hope it does so i can get some other stuff done.
  10. Welcome aboard Bud!
  11. Will fit the eb. E.g. maybe with some brake line mods but I think e.g. had larger brake rotors. Won't fit au.
  12. Welcome aboard Bud!
  13. I like tits!
  14. Went with some rda rotors and pads. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  15. The starter did have a spacer which I removed before fitting.