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  1. ^^^^^^ To lazy to scrub the blue off the lettering!
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  4. The are ROH PROSTARS. Come in 14 x7 and 14 x 8. 14 x8 hard to get. I've had several sets. Couldn't give them away 3 years ago. Now 14 x 8 go for $1000+.
  5. hendrixhc

    XG Door Locks

    So the keys are warn out and the door locks could do with replacing. Has anybody bought any of the ebay listed items and found them good or useless?
  6. hendrixhc

    XE ESP - Retrosound

    Post edited and one removed. Carry on...
  7. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Very nice, love the colour.
  8. hendrixhc

    Engine bay rust

    TBH i wouldnt strip it completely unless it is really bad. you can just clean up the rust affected areas and key all the other paint if it is sound. Really depends what you want to acheive. certainly stripping to bare metal etch prime, prime, body work, base and clear is the way to go for a restoration but if you are just doing a tidy up theres no need to bare metal the bay. Ive done both ways and each looks equally as good, one just take 100s of hours more than the other.
  9. hendrixhc

    Engine bay rust

    Go for it. rub the rust back and prime it and then spray out the whole bay. Dont waste time filling holes or smoothing unless you are going for a show car. Its amazing how much different a clean bay looks. Id just use some 80 grit on an orby or a 120 grit flappy disk on a grinder to clean up that rust and spray it out.
  10. hendrixhc

    Engine bay rust

    Engine in or out?
  11. hendrixhc

    Door Glass Scratches.

    I looked into this years ago and found out there are some kits you can get to remove scratches. Never got one though. Ended just getting different glass from a wrecker.
  12. hendrixhc

    Surface rust - What should I do?

    Id be pulling any filler out to make sure the rust isnt in behind it.
  13. hendrixhc

    Surface rust - What should I do?

    I use brass wire wheels on the angle grinder and also 120 grit flappy disks. these are faily fine and dont bite in too much. etch prime the bare metal, prime and seal it.
  14. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Cool Story. I found the original purchase documents for my grandmothers house a while back, all 2000 pounds or something like that.
  15. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Shame how they build such crass apartments around lovelly old homes. Has it got a good shed?