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  1. hendrixhc

    exhaust sounds

    Like a Clevo!
  2. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    The 1600 escort is a fun little car to thrash but i would go the pinto with twin sidedraft webers. Old school cool all the way.
  3. hendrixhc

    XG FUEL Sender for sure.

    I guess i should really check the NC fairlane manual to cause i may use the digi dash with the weezer conversion
  4. hendrixhc

    XG FUEL Sender for sure.

    Yeah thanks JAck, got one here. One section shows resistance but another suggests voltage outputs. It states that the resistance should be between 11 and 152 ohms, of course which doesnt exist as an aftermarket sender.
  5. hendrixhc

    XG FUEL Sender for sure.

    Im looking at pissing off the fuel tank in the ute and fitting a fuel sell but id like to know for sure if the gauge uses a resistive sender. From what i can interpret from the service manual it does. I can get a 5 bolt sender from aeroflow in three different resistance ratings but as per usual on the internet everyone has an opinion but id prefer a definitive answer. Any help appreciated.
  6. hendrixhc

    2v extractors or 4v?

    Exhaust ports on 4v are larger so 2v wont fit.
  7. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Does this mean they wont ever insure it again?
  8. hendrixhc

    clocking rings 250 crossflow

    Welcome aboard Bud! What Sly said ^^^^^
  9. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    For Fuck Sake is all i can say. Long as youre all right thats the main thing. This is why i drive my cars less and less on the road.
  10. I like the "SAVY" kit for the bargain price of $7000.
  11. Yeah been looking at their site but lousy info and no pricing
  12. Where do you get hoppers from, cant find a supplier or price list?
  13. Interesting, i was thinking of the Wilwood upgrade.
  14. hendrixhc

    Xh Ute 2 inch drop and wider wheels.

    Redundancies suck cause they make you feel somewhat worthless. I got made redundant after 9.5 years at my last job. I realised then it wasnt me but poor management on behalf of the place i was working. Chin up a new opportunity will present itself.
  15. hendrixhc

    Xh Ute 2 inch drop and wider wheels.

    I recon i only got $200 for mine with 4 stockies with new tyres.