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  1. hendrixhc

    Cleveland HEADERS - anyone used these?

    Yeah i ahve insulated everything round the current headers with heat proofing. The floor used to get mega hot before i put in the sound deadner shit.
  2. hendrixhc

    Cleveland HEADERS - anyone used these?

    Are you running a manual or auto Dave?
  3. hendrixhc

    Cleveland HEADERS - anyone used these?

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-CLEVELAND-2V-PACEMAKER-PH4070-TUNED-LENGTH-HEADERS-FALCON-FAIRLANE-GT-NEW/171244770626?epid=28026727584&hash=item27defbd542:g:OMYAAOxy4fVTAXhb Maybe these might be a better option
  4. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-FALCON-XR-XF-ZA-ZL-2V-CLEVELAND-STAINLESS-EXTRACTORS-HEADERS-116/254170771599?hash=item3b2dc2308f:g:UUoAAOSwHSlckeo2 So im thinking of putting some new headers in the XC to dress it up a bit more as the current ones look pretty crap. Has anyone used these?
  5. Im not sure how close the XG and Xd are aligned with gearbox linkages etc being different trans and motor. Basically i replaced the entire steering column with an adjustable XH column so i didnt have the gear selector on the column present. I removed all the linkages form the column change from the steering column right down to the box. The box for column and floor change are the same in the xg so i used an AU fairmont gear selector to actuate the gear select on the trans. I sourced a trans shifter hump and just started cutting the floor in the ute until i had removed enough to get clearance for the shifter to operate without removing to much metal. Screwed in the shifter hump and connected up the linkage. All up took about 3 hours to complete. Wasnt very hard but everything just fitted which was nice for a change.
  6. I did it on an XG cause column shift sux
  7. hendrixhc

    XH Longreach Ute 1999,Snart Lok,etc

    Cheers Searly, ill follow it up!
  8. hendrixhc

    XH Longreach Ute 1999,Snart Lok,etc

    Just diff with calipers, possibly tailshaft for yoke and handbrake cable.
  9. hendrixhc

    XH Longreach Ute 1999,Snart Lok,etc

    Should have a 327 lsd if its a longreach i believe. i would be interesred!
  10. hendrixhc

    XH Longreach Ute 1999,Snart Lok,etc

    How much you want for the diff?
  11. hendrixhc

    4.0 OHC - Fault finding hesitation/missing on acceleration.

    Interesting read on the A/C. Mine stopped working in the XG just before summer. Car got real hot and the AC hasnt worked since. Still idles and drives fine though. I had a look on the weekend and the AC relay is switching but the clutch on the compressor doesnt cut in at all. I checked the over temp cut out and that is in tact as is the wiring to it. I wasnt able to find the 12v to the compressor yet and gave up. Something ill follow up when i can be stuffed. The whole engine will be pulled soon with the windsor going in.
  12. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Just watch that seal on the bottle top.
  13. hendrixhc

    XH Longreach Ute 1999,Snart Lok,etc

    Check this link for some info https://www.tiperformance.com.au/knowledge-base/smartlock-explained-how-to-fix-common-smartlock-problems/
  14. hendrixhc

    XH Longreach Ute 1999,Snart Lok,etc

    Probably worth pulling it and checking the solder joints or replacing the relays, should be an easy enough job to do.