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  1. hendrixhc

    XE diff lsd

    Complete diff swap is the easiest.
  2. That pretty much says it all doesnt it
  3. Oh yeah i remember that thread. might have to go back over for a read.
  4. Yeah i dont think i would do it that way. I have some spring perches already. im just concerned the diff width will be to wide for the XC. I guess the best way to find out is to remove th current diff and do some measuring. I dont want to cut the coil mounts of until i am sure cause ill use it in the XE if it wont suit the XC.
  5. Has anybody ever converted a BW coil spring diff over to leaf spring? I have 3 LSD diffs sitting in the shed ( all coil) and want to change put the 2.77 form the XC to the 3.45 LSD out of an Eseries XR6/8. The process seems pretty straight forward, cut off all the shit I dont need and wend the spring hangers i bought on. Obviously observing pinion angle and getting the bastard centered correctly. I was wondering are the dimension of the diffs are the same? I havent measured yet. Yes i realise brake fittings are different as well, just mainly concerned about diff width etc.
  6. hendrixhc

    Battery Low voltage BF MK11

    Any chance you have a car alarm fitted?
  7. hendrixhc

    Falcon xh ignition switch problems

    Not an expert on these but i seem to recall something about faulty smartlock module with dry joints or capacitor issue. Hit the dash cause a temporary making contact situation with allows it to start. @Thom is a 4.ol expert and may be able to shed some light.
  8. hendrixhc

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    That wiring is about 1/2 as untidy as my XCs. I have some sort of fault in there that when i put the indicators on the ignition system cuts out with each flash of the blinker. Something i have to fix still.
  9. hendrixhc

    New Acoustic windscreen

    ehh at least they replaced it for free.
  10. hendrixhc

    New Acoustic windscreen

    Yeah had a manufacturing flaw and ended up with a 12 inch crack across it
  11. hendrixhc

    New Acoustic windscreen

    I had an acoustic screen replaced in the FGX and it was $670
  12. hendrixhc

    Loss of everything

    I had the same thing happen when i chnaged the cct breaker for the headlights. Some how the main engine fuse managed to pop and she was all dead.
  13. hendrixhc

    Xg ute high beam loss

    Have you measured the output voltage from the cct breaker? Should be 12- 14 vDC. If their is no output from there check the input. Trace either way to see where the lighting circuit is failing.
  14. hendrixhc

    Xg ute high beam loss

    Its the circuit breaker behind the battery in front of the shock tower. It will be internally corroded and they fail under load. Bout $20 from repco to replace. looks like a small metal box with 2 lug terminals with nuts.
  15. hendrixhc

    Buying new wheels.

    Falcon is a 114.3 PCD which is the 5 x 4.5". So that should be fine. Backspace will depend on what size tyre you what to fit and what look you want. 15 x7 with 4" backspace would be the go for the front. 15 x 8 with 4.5" backspace would be good for the back.