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  1. Hey guys. The modulator on my ZHs FMX auto is leaking and I decided to order a new one. Seems there is a few options. It appears to have a yellow striped one on it now. But on eBay the colours seem to be green or blue stripe. Not sure if there is a great difference but don't want to order the wrong part. Sent from my 5046I using Tapatalk
  2. GspecZL

    transit vans

    Friend of mine just got a brand new one of these through work. He says its perfectly adequate. I drove it briefly comfort wasn't bad. Sent from my 5046I using Tapatalk
  3. GspecZL

    transit vans

    They basically just remove the rear shelving units and communication gear flashing lights etc Sent from my 5046I using Tapatalk
  4. GspecZL

    transit vans

    Yep lifted a lot. Our standard order vans are completely different (more comfy in the back I bet) but the captains chair makes you forget it all. These get all the extras though. Rear separate aircon compressor glove box fridge. And a sporty spoiler hiding the massive fans. The spotties side and rear a good on early mornings Sent from my 5046I using Tapatalk
  5. GspecZL

    transit vans

    My Daily. 315 ex ambo. Would make an awesome camper Sent from my 5046I using Tapatalk
  6. GspecZL

    transit vans

    Yeah we have had a few of those. We had a petrol on hit 700,000ks before getting side swiped. Great little vans. Sent from my 5046I using Tapatalk
  7. GspecZL

    transit vans

    Exactly what happened at work. Boy was that a smokie test drive. Sent from my 5046I using Tapatalk
  8. GspecZL

    transit vans

    Work has 2 I loads. I wouldn't buy one. Both have had engines under 100,000ks and parts like turbos have cost us a bomb. And frankly one of them has been babied and still the same crap. We run a fleet of mostly Sprinters and a good 315 or 316 is hard to been. Obviously size is an issue but our Vito's have been good to. Hiaces are still reliable but then they aren't for touring. I honestly love my Ex Ambo 315 I take it to Phillip island on weekends and its ridiculous how comfy the captains chairs are and how quick the 4cyl is. Sent from my 5046I using Tapatalk
  9. GspecZL

    351c fuel economy

    Better yet is not having a fuel gauge as well. Just fill it up each trip. Pretend its not taking that much. Happy. Sent from my HUAWEI Y600-U151 using Tapatalk
  10. GspecZL

    351c fuel economy

    My old zh. Had a proper full exhaust had a proper thermostat and a rebuilt thermoquad. It was much cheaper to run. Faster to. Sent from my HUAWEI Y600-U151 using Tapatalk
  11. GspecZL

    351c fuel economy

    Yeah a few of those things are true for mine. Stuffed old carby, stock headers and shitty twin system, currently had no thermostat and i run 98 petrol. I've bought the thermostat, I've got a full exhaust waiting (need headers actually) and I will overhaul the carby. I have a spare 600 holley off my 350 chev land cruiser I may rebuild. Sent from my HUAWEI Y600-U151 using Tapatalk
  12. GspecZL

    351c fuel economy

    Funny timing with this topic actually. Despite my less than helpful earlier comment my ZH has been pushed into daily duties by the demize of my XR8. So far I'm finding the economy atrocious. My carby is a standard thermoquad that's a bit tired. Car is dead stock. I'm not measuring the economy but it feels like 30 per hundred. And the gauge is against me. And honestly I'm cruising not pushing it. Why must our beloved Clevos drink so much.
  13. GspecZL

    351c fuel economy

    I think the phrase 351 cleveland and economy don't compute comes to mind. I'm glad my ZH doesn't have a trip meter.
  14. GspecZL

    Sumitomo tyres...

    I seriously considered them. They look like a decent tyre and they make good sizes. I have Eagers and TA radials here and Eagers are extremely soft while TA radials are average. For the price I think Sumitomo is an excellent buy. The rear set of TAs on the ZH set me back $600 fitted for 245/60/14s I think that's criminal. Can't believe they are as cheap as Hendrixhc said. Spot on you cant go wrong.
  15. GspecZL

    Wider tyres

    This is 245/60/14 on my 8 inch slotters. So on 6.5 would be extremely fat and bulgy Sent from my HUAWEI Y600-U151 using Tapatalk