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  1. EgoXF

    Windsor into XF base plates.

    Hahaha. Yep your right. I must be tired [emoji23][emoji23] thanks mate Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. EgoXF

    Windsor into XF base plates.

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been covered and I've just haven't found it, but I need to know what others have done for base plates when putting a windsor into an XF. I was told that XE would work but they are very different. Are late XF cross members possibly different to early xf? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. EgoXF

    Xf bolt on spoiler

    Yeah thats right mate. Love your ute! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. EgoXF

    Xf bolt on spoiler

    I've made at least 5 of the millenium bumpers now. This is the only pic i have of it. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. EgoXF

    Fibreglass X-Falcon panels

    8 weeks wait for everybody at the moment. We're closing our books and working our asses off to try and get everything done before Christmas
  6. EgoXF

    Fibreglass X-Falcon panels

    We won't work out prices until the mold is made but I'll keep you guys updated. Unfortunately it's a fair way down the list at the moment as we have a tonne of parts on order and a lot of molds to make but we should get there early next year
  7. EgoXF

    Fibreglass X-Falcon panels

    Not trying to get a free plug or anything but i just thought i would mention that we are actually in the process of starting a mold for X series tailgates as my boss and his son are building an XG ute for hillclimbs and street use. I had the same thoughts about using a fiberglass skin over the steel ones because as people have mentioned we can make the glass really thick while keeping it light. In fact it should be better than steel because I doubt it would crack from a towball impact where steel would dent and buckle.
  8. EgoXF

    Painting front bumper

    i did with my front bar on the ute the second time i painted it. The first time i hit a gutter the paint bassicaly shattered and flaked off, but after we added the flex aid stuff it never had an issue again. Not untill i hit the wallaby anyway
  9. I used to have bfgs on the ute and while they lasted forever I had a lot of trouble finding grip in the rain. I ended up switching to a set of nangkangs. Good grip, no issues in the wet, handled seemingly well around corners, low noise and my tire guy sold them to me for $150 a piece. Mine where only 230's though
  10. EgoXF

    X series ute tailgate's

    unbelievable! i guess they figure that if something works well, why bother changing it? which would be why the ute bodies where the same for so many models. makes it easy to get certain parts at least
  11. EgoXF

    X series ute tailgate's

    i brought one about five years ago and it looks and fits fine. there's no ripples or anything in it so im more than happy. unfortunately i don't remember the brand so this isn't much help to you but i think the key is too not buy the cheapest one on there haha
  12. EgoXF

    XF Bench to buckets

    when i got the ute all i talked about doing was getting rid of the bench but now i love it! it's so comfortable it makes it feel like your driving a couch sometimes haha
  13. i just found the box that my boss kit came in and the one that is on it is a bk132L. I have no idea what came with the wheel but it was pulled straight off another XF, and it didn't even slip onto the spline which is why i tried the L
  14. yours still sits miles closer to the blinker stalk than mine does!
  15. oh i agree, people are definitely born with pure talent in the brain but whether they choose to follow it or not and whether they like to do it is what brings it out in them. put it this way, you could be one of the worlds greatest make up artists, but unless you have tried it you will never know, and because you probably don't have any interest in it you will never have the motivation to find out