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  1. 'Nova

    302 Cleveland wont turn over

    I know theres nothing wrong with the starter because, although it was fitted, I had to remove it for another reason.
  2. 'Nova

    302 Cleveland wont turn over

    Starter motor isn't on. I'd say its needs to come apart by the sounds of it. I was a bit limited in what I could do yesterday because of an injruy, but I'll put it to the bloke, see what direction he wants to go from here. Thanks for your time people!
  3. 'Nova

    302 Cleveland wont turn over

    Hey Guys, We've got a bit of a dilemer. We have a rebuilt C6, we pulled the transmission and the motor out, the C6 was rebuilt and now we're peiceing it all back together now and have the motor in. We pieced it all back together, putting the flex plate and touque convertor on the engine would turn over, no problems at all. We're now up to setting the timing and putting the distributor back in and need to reset the timing, however we cannot get the engine to turn over in any gear. The tail shaft is not in the car yet so even if it was in gear, it should turn over? Appreciate any help.
  4. 'Nova

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Love this trip Panko! Looks like you had a blast! The escort looks good getting along the road too! I have a hero5 session, which isn't great for battery life (about 2 hours give or take), I'll be looking at Hero5 soon just to get some longevity out of the battery! They're a great camera
  5. Sorry to read about this Panko. Find out every scrap of information you can on it insurance wise. Insurance company may pay up to a dollar figure to fix it, but might also be happy for you to kick in some coin yourself to get work done. I've only heard that in rare circumstances happening though. Is paying the extra to get it fixed something you might consider? Especially seeings as this car holds so much centimental value to you!
  6. 'Nova

    Simmons FR-1 20'su

    Epic! I'm a fan of the silver too, but the real deal looks epic in gold! Look forward to seeing them on the car!
  7. 'Nova

    Hayman Reese XH

    Hey man! Kinda forgot about this, but its still something I'm looking for! Not sure if I want to tackle making one though!
  8. 'Nova

    5.0 Coyote into X Series.

    Not known yet! because they're expensive is mostly the reason why, even as wreaks! You can get a supercharged crate motor but from memory even those are about $18,000 with a loom etc
  9. 'Nova

    XH Reprogaming Remote (series 2)

    Basically Steve, Yes. But when you don't have a demister switch (Which panelvans dont!) they say to earth out a pin. They just dont tell you to earth out that pin 3 times!
  10. 'Nova

    XH Reprogaming Remote (series 2)

    When you're earthing it out using the second PIN, earth it out three times within the five seconds from turning the key to ACC. Seems that little piece of information is missed out by everyone. They all say hit the demister 3 times but say nothing about earthing it out three times!!!
  11. 'Nova

    XH Reprogaming Remote (series 2)

    All fixed now
  12. 'Nova

    XH Reprogaming Remote (series 2)

    Ahh righto! No black plug, damn
  13. Hey guys Need to reprogram a remote for the XH, I've tried earthing out the 2nd pin on the right hand side after turning the ignition onto ACC with no luck! Was going to try the rear demister trick (have to find the right plug though!!) Anyone able to get a photo of the colour of plug in the end of the rear demister switch in their EL for me? Pretty sure the econ plug has the same pins etc!
  14. Shouldn't that be solid?