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  1. Missed both of these, but saw plenty of photos of the first, and because I was going to Launceston on the 12th, saw plenty of nice cars on the road!
  2. Pretty good example you've got here man, looking forward to seeing it run under boost!
  3. Are those rims running the Yokahma C Drive's that were on the white ghia Chris? If so, they've lasted pretty damn well! I brought them in 2009 from memory
  4. Look extremely neet and tidy man. When are you going to start selling off the shelve builds?
  5. Its strategic, being inconspicuous means you can have a bit of fun, then blend in The G6E would be the same I imagine!
  6. Yeah I'm a bit harder to spot in the Forester!
  7. Spottod Polson in the ute towing a corona wagon at the Rosny intersection today
  8. Yeah, something I noticed over there, they drive the older cars ALL THE TIME! The amount we saw on the road was amazing. The people were all (for the most part) extremely friendly and everyone wanted to talk. Especially when we were in some rural areas and they found out we were from Australia!
  9. I'm not sure how, but even with about 1000 images, my photo bucket links still work. I got curious, logged in and found my account is only 6% full. How big are the images you've all uploaded!?
  10. Welcome to OzFalcon! I was in Vegas a few weeks ago, its an interesting place! Looking forward to heading back one day
  11. If you get stuck needing one with a ford logo, I MAY have one. I'd have to look at dad's. Let me know. Sorry to see this man
  12. Holy shit Ants, haven't you had issues with the lift on your truck before? I vaugely remember something similar happening with the back end of your tilt tray a few years ago?
  13. I know theres nothing wrong with the starter because, although it was fitted, I had to remove it for another reason.
  14. Starter motor isn't on. I'd say its needs to come apart by the sounds of it. I was a bit limited in what I could do yesterday because of an injruy, but I'll put it to the bloke, see what direction he wants to go from here. Thanks for your time people!
  15. Hey Guys, We've got a bit of a dilemer. We have a rebuilt C6, we pulled the transmission and the motor out, the C6 was rebuilt and now we're peiceing it all back together now and have the motor in. We pieced it all back together, putting the flex plate and touque convertor on the engine would turn over, no problems at all. We're now up to setting the timing and putting the distributor back in and need to reset the timing, however we cannot get the engine to turn over in any gear. The tail shaft is not in the car yet so even if it was in gear, it should turn over? Appreciate any help.