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  1. Dean's on the money, they're the radiator coolant low circuit wires, for XF Ghia, ZL and FE. If the radiator was ever replaced the replacement may not have the tabs needed for the sensor hence the wires being disconnected
  2. Relatively easy job to swap cam with motor in car, I had to do it to my old XF wagon when it wiped a cam lobe not long after I got it. Are you located in Hobart (based on your username?)
  3. Prelude pipes are 2" diameter each
  4. Got the motor out of the silver one over the weekend. Lot quicker and easier after you've already done one
  5. Damn Tapatalk and its lack of notifications. Didn't see this until just now. I'll measure them today
  6. My ute used to have issues in my driveway with that, because of the angle of it (steep), I fiddled with the float a little and it no longer does it.
  7. While you have it out and apart, BA wiper motors fit straight on, you just have to rewire the plug, they're quoted, faster and better...
  8. 1988 or 89 VINs were introduced. Ford literally just added the prefix 6FPAAA in front of the chassis number on Falcons to convert them to a VIN
  9. Yeah 2.40 is the climb out of Queenstown headed towards Hobart. The Lyell Highway (Hobart - Queenstown) has to be one of the best roads we have. Pretty sure all the United servos (not sure if mainland has them?) have 24hr card payment now which is definitely a bonus. Yep definitely something worth doing
  10. Thanks Dave!
  11. Only issue I see with new location is lack of shade. Hopefully we can scrounge up a gazebo to use? I've already pre-registered btw
  12. My old Ghia had the vacuum tank in the plenum, that was unleaded EFI.
  13. Can't say I see them in anything other than Stark White these days
  14. Let me know if you need any measurements or anything. Weather, time, longer days all contributed
  15. Picked it up yesterday The lower part of this door used to have a massive scratch/dent in it, all gone now This panel used to have a small rust hole, all cut out and repaired now