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  1. Mr Polson


    TPS adjustment What is needed? - Phillips head screwdriver - small straight pin(s) - Digital multimeter How to do it The TPS basically bolts to the throttle body with two screws. The holes that the screws go through on the TPS are elongated so you can twist the TPS in either direction to adjust it. To adjust the TPS all you have to do is loosen (don't take them out) both screws and move the TPS until you see the right voltage. To hook the multimeter up you will have to pierce the green wire with a pin so you can check how much voltage is going through it. The red or positive (+) wire on your multimeter will go to the pin in the green wire. Then you'll have to either pierce the black wire and put the negative wire from the multimeter to it, or just put the black multimeter wire to a good engine ground. Now to check the voltage turn on your multimeter and make sure all of the wires are hooked up right. Then turn the ignition key to the on position, but don't start the car. You should be getting a reading on your multimeter. It should be .98-.99 volts, but anything above .90 and below 1.0 volts should work. If its not, then its time to loosen the screws on the TPS and move it around until you get it right. When its at the right voltage tighten the screws and re-check it. If for some reason you cannot get the voltage reading right you have two options. Either buy a new TPS or take off the old one and elongate the holes a little more with a file or a dremel. Fuel injectors - we mistakenly put the 24lbs ones in this engine when we rebuilt it Resulted in hard to start and extremely rich running, to the point of becoming undrivable. Put the original ones back in and all was good.
  2. Mr Polson


    Recently went through a drama with a mate where his ED 5L wouldn't start unless you used Engine Start. Once started it was mostly fine. Turned out to be poorly adjusted throttle position sensors making it think the throttle was wide open when cranking (which kills injector pulse)
  3. Mr Polson

    BW 40 Correct fuild help...

    Pretty sure the BW40 was introduced in XE when they switched to the EFI 6 instead of the V8. Use whatever fluid is recommended for the box that it has. Dex3 is not a GM Product, it may have originally been a GM specification but Ford have definitely recommended it too. I personally use Penrite ATF FS in my BW40, seems to shift smoother and stay clean longer.
  4. Mr Polson

    Xf diff strength.

    Depends what you mean by "best". Late model Falcons with the ZF6 had 2.72 diff ratio, unless it was a XR6/XR8 etc. Tyre size will also contribute - my LandCruiser with the Barra and ZF6 has 4.11 diffs, but that combined with the 33" tyres means it sits at 2k rpm at 100km/h.
  5. Mr Polson

    Crossflow runs from bottle of petrol but doesnt from tank

    Interesting recommendations. Ford didn't have different thermostats for AC vs non AC, both just used 89° thermostats. My experience with 82° ones - which most aftermarket ones listed for xflows are - is it makes them run at ¼ or less, which seems quite cold. 13psi cap is less than factory as well. Iron heads run 13psi but alloy head were 16psi. No point putting coolant in at 20%, it's a waste of money. 33% is the minimum for coolant to be effective. Unless he meant corrosion inhibitor, which people often use interchangeably although it's a completely different product. Not saying his recommendations aren't worth considering, did he give any reasoning behind them?
  6. Mr Polson

    Removal of intake?

    Try looking for a "IMG" tag when you want to put pictures in your thread. That should allow them to load in rather than needing a link clicked.
  7. Mr Polson

    Seat Options

    No they won't. As Dean said they'd fit 88 onwards XF ute or van, which bolt in from inside the car. Anything 87 or earlier, has nuts that go on the sealt bolts, from under the car. And no, the seats won't bolt directly to the early rails and work - without modification. From memory (been a long time) you can enlarge the holes in the seat rails and bolt the seats to it, but they'll have a lot less range of back/forward movement because they'll end up slightly angled inwards/outwards.
  8. Mr Polson

    Seat Options

    Better off getting Repco to get them direct from Autotechnica [emoji6] Less companies adding their price on that way
  9. Mr Polson

    External fuel pump

    I have a Barra swapped LandCruiser, it has two fuel tanks. The main tank has an internal pump, but the sub tank just has an external inline pump and it works with no issues. I believe it's a more off the shelf version of a Bosch 044. Haven't had any issues with it, I think once fuel is sucked into the house and pump as long as you don't let it get dry you'd be fine. Even if it does go dry I'd guess it sucks it back up when refilled, but fuel flow is what lubricates electric pumps.
  10. Mr Polson

    External fuel pump

    EFI wagons had a low pressure internal pump which fed the high pressure external pump.
  11. Mr Polson

    Should this panel be welded or bolted in?

    I think up to and including XE they bolted in. XF onwards they were spot welded. No issues with just using sealant (make sure it's body sealant not gasket sealant) and self tappers.
  12. Mr Polson

    Xg cluster removal

    Should be same sender for X series and EA-ED. VDO list the same part number for them. EF/EL were a different sender.
  13. Mr Polson

    Australian Ford Bronco's

    Hard to see in the pictures, but see the twin shock absorbers in the front? Apparently that was introduced when Broncos were imported to Australia, because they struggled on our gravel roads of the time without the twin shock setup. Sent from my Pixel 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  14. When I swapped all the Ghia stuff onto my (XF) wagon, I had to swap over the AC, as it was built without it. Did include dash out to swap the heater box to include the AC evaporator core. The hoses were pretty straight forward. From memory the alternator bracket is different if you have AC (on XF anyway). I got one of the last new condensers that Repco had in stock - think that included the receiver drier. By some miracle, when they gassed it up there was no leaks (didn't use new O rings anywhere [emoji28] ) and 5 or so years later it's still holding gas and cold. I can't really help with price as I had everything but the condenser, and the condenser was on clearance for $10 when I bought it. Sent from my Pixel 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  15. Mr Polson

    Crossflow - Heat riser hose from exhaust to intake / EGR

    Repco sell it, there's a fair few different sizes. Normally you get the right size and it's just a nice firm fit over the pipe, no clamps needed. Sent from my Pixel 7 Pro using Tapatalk