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  1. Mr Polson

    EST or Electronic distributor

    Completely forgot to get a photo the other day. My ute doesn't have, and has never had AC so can't help with that much. It is a 89 model so has EST, and did have plenty of emmisons rubbish that I've removed Overview These are either for AC (never fitted) or a PTC heater that was definitely on early 3.3L and I've heard some late model 4.1 had them as emmision control? It was basically a heated element for while the car was cold. Either way mine doesn't have it there. Fuel cut off solenoid. Closes off the fuel circuit when car is off to prevent anti-run on. Will run with it disconnected, won't idle, and runs poorly. Red wire from carb is the throttle position sensor/switch. Pretty sure it only knows if throttle is on or off. Yellow wire is 7V supply to auto choke from carb. Only hooked up for this photo [emoji23] I have the choke wound way way way off and the yellow wire off normally. This shows dizzy plug, on the dizzy itself, temp sensor wire (red one going to front of motor) and another emmisions connector, something to do with charcoal cannister I think. Another connector here for something. No idea what.
  2. Mr Polson

    EST or Electronic distributor

    Nah neither of those pictures above show the TPS. It's on the firewall side of the carby, with a wire attached, leading to a connector. I could get a photo tonight if need be.
  3. Mr Polson

    EFI Xflow with EL ecu

    Really? Mine does. But there are two different part numbers for the XF manuals, one for first release, and an updated version that included unleaded models.
  4. Mr Polson

    EST or Electronic distributor

    Yep, TPS on XF EST was just a wire that lets the computer know if the throttle was on or off. I ran my ute for years without one, with no issues. I think the more important thing for the EST is the coolant temp sensor as it changes the timing as the motor warms up from memory.
  5. Mr Polson

    Help mechanical fuel pump

    It's more a matter of being able to find a kit even if you wanted to rebuild it. I've tried to find Holden 6 fuel pump kits before for customers at work, because originally they almost all had glass fuel bowls on the top, most aftermarket replacements don't so some people still want kits to keep them looking original. Near on impossible to find. Can't say I've tried for a Falcon one but I reckon they'd be just as difficult if not more
  6. Mr Polson

    Help mechanical fuel pump

    Hardly worth the hassle of even attempting to find rebuild kits for mechanical pumps these days
  7. Mr Polson

    Slotted rotors or standard?

    I ran DBA slotted (T2s) on the front of my FG with no issues. Never got the brake shudder back that the late model Falcons are prone to.
  8. Mr Polson

    FG XR6 Engine noise mystery

    FGs are prone to having a bad idler pulley on the front of the motor, between the power steer and AC. Easy replacement, belt off and one bolt (it's not part of the tensioner like the SOHC 4.0) from memory. Also, any reason you went up to 10W-40 oil? My FG had about the same KMs on it (115k KMs) and I was still running 5W-30 with no issues.
  9. Mr Polson

    ZL fairlane no injector pulse

    It's not on or been on gas has it? That caught me out when I swapped my red wagon from carby to EFI, the EFI loom used to have LPG, and had been wired so that when petrol was switched off injector pulse was cut. Took me ages to figure it out.
  10. Mr Polson

    BTR Auto Transmission Videos

    I don't know enough about E series to know if they work this way, but most injected vehicles turn the injectors off when coasting/decelerating, increasing economy and engine braking. If the auto isn't engine braking, and instead idling, that would be using fuel that's normally being saved. So might contribute? I wouldn't think it would cause 20L/100, that's worse than my carby 80 series [emoji44]
  11. Mr Polson

    BTR Auto Transmission Videos

    I've also heard it's a worn out clutch pack when the BTR looses engine braking. Bet it makes the car go through brakes quicker
  12. Mr Polson

    WARNING - Ultra King shock absorbers = DANGER!

    Gas charged, and painted black. That's about all I can really say with certainty. https://www.repco.com.au/en/parts-service/steering-suspension/shocks-struts-mounting/repco-shock-absorber-rsa-1012/p/A9400383
  13. Mr Polson

    WARNING - Ultra King shock absorbers = DANGER!

    Another good reason to shop local and support brick and motor stores... For anyone who might not know, Repco shocks are made by Monroe just with a Repco sticker and better shelf price [emoji6]
  14. Mr Polson

    WARNING - more aftermarket parts = DANGER!

    Repco doesn't stock Protex. We sell TRW.
  15. Mr Polson


    A lot of Penrite oils actually don't meet modern oil specs because of their high zinc levels, the bottles do state this in the writing on the back, something like: "Rated at SL spec due to high zinc levels, but provides full protection equivalent of SN spec"