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  1. Mr Polson

    The completely off topic thread

    Wasn't the only XF at the Devonport Motor Show yesterday, saw this very tidy ute with a genuine 27000kms
  2. Mr Polson

    Panko's XF Ghia wagon - the resto and rebuild

    Through Repco any Goss item has to be sent back to supplier for them to complete an assessment on the item
  3. Mr Polson

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    That Century batteries are the only Australian made ones. The way you worded it makes it sound like only the yellow and blue batteries that Century are Aus made, whereas many other brands also are, by Century for someone else. I asked our Century rep once, and his answer was something along the the lines of just sell the customer a terminal as well if they've still got a bolt through type connection at the battery. If you grind and/or drill it your warranty is void.
  4. Mr Polson

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    False Dave. Century are the only company that make batteries in Australia, but they also make quite a few batteries for other brand names. Both SCA and Repco batteries are Century, mostly Aussie made batteries in different coloured cases with different stickers. And correct on no battery to suit X series - they no longer provide holes in any of their terminals.
  5. Mr Polson

    XF Wagon Number plate housing

    Correct, they just bolt straight onto the more inner hole of the bumper irons. Not something I have a pic of though.
  6. Mr Polson

    Pete’s utes

    XH (and XG) both use a very similar 4spd, fully electronically controlled. On 6s this was done completely by the engine computer. XG looks same as XF front, with minor grille change. So rather square. Still quite similar to EA/EB front end. XH had EF/EL look, specifically EF style front with no grilled but I don't think any parts interchange. Unless V8 I think? Which obviously isn't in this case. Although I think I've read you can use a E series V8 trans computer stand alone, although it does need a throttle position input from the motor.
  7. Mr Polson

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    I've seen it happen before, the Speedo needle thing that is. Never knew what caused it. Both my XFs have a wire going straight from back of alt to battery positive to add direct charge to the battery. One of them never used to have it, and it struggled to keep the battery charged.
  8. Mr Polson

    XF Wagon Number plate housing

    It's a pity people put XD-XE-XF, Panko discovered when he was fixing his wagon up there is actually differences between them
  9. Mr Polson

    '68 XT Fairmont

    The radiator also looks pretty blocked up. Nor from what I've been told this is normally caused by mixing different coolants, however Dad keeps his old bottles so he can get the same one. Previously he'd been using Nulon, and then only thing I can think is they changed their recipe at some point. I did try calling and asking if they've changed their mix lately but they were no help at all. Safe to say though he won't be using that again. So far he's flushed the radiator multiple times, both with a radiator flush and a power flush tool that hooks up to air power, which seems to have made a difference.
  10. Mr Polson

    '68 XT Fairmont

    So throughout the whole trip I endured overheating issues. Even just from Burnie to Devonport she wanted to sit between 1/2 (180°F) and 3/4 (210°F). Dad had said before I left it shouldn't go any higher than 180° and if it did switch the fan on (manually operated thermo) and it should bring it down to between 1/4 and 1/2. But the whole way to the boat it ran close to 210, although a little cooler if I sat in the empty right hand lane. Saturday on the run up to Campbellfield it was again warm, between 180 and 210. Now three or four years ago Dad had huge overheating issues, turned out rust flakes from decades ago (when the water jacket holes were enlarged) had clogged the radiator, so as an interim measure a filter sock was in the top hose. I pulled that out Saturday evening and found a small bit of rust and scale, cleaned it out and put it back in. Seemed to run quite happily down to AFD, didn't go above half until we were sitting in the queue to get in and even then it didn't go much above it. Trip back was a different matter, even ended up stopping to let it cool as it was above 210. Didn't want to cook it. Tuesday morning on the run from the boat to Burnie it happily sat just below 180, think the cool morning air helped. Anyway Dad done some investigating, including removing the thermostat and found the below mess.
  11. Mr Polson

    Bw35-40 differences

    Same size box unless you're looking at really early ones. Mostly just internal upgrades. I'm fairly sure tailshafts are the same. Think it was 82 or 83 the box changed?
  12. Mr Polson

    Panko's XF Ghia wagon - the resto and rebuild

    Same as VL in general, doesn't have to be turbo, just has to be six cylinder.
  13. Mr Polson

    Panko's XF Ghia wagon - the resto and rebuild

    Highly recommend getting a Goss fuel pump if you want a new strainer included. I had issues with my wagon not being able to get the right strainer until I got a Goss pump, even then still had to modify it slightly. Problem seems to be is same pump is used in some model Commodores, and the pumps always come with the right stuff for them, but miss our X series EFI wagons.
  14. Mr Polson

    Polson's XF Wagon - Version 2

    Second last car show of the season today, next one is a fortnight away and involves a almost 300km each way trip
  15. Mr Polson


    Should, yes, Must, no. XD - XF didn't have a shroud factory unless they had AC and/or tow pack with the big radiator.