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  1. Mr Polson

    Long Term Engine Storage

    Pretty sure it's on the shelf at all Repcos. If not all, definitely the vast majority. https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/greases-lubricants/lubricants/crc-heavy-film-soft-seal-300g/p/A7681836
  2. Mr Polson

    FG NA into BA

    Simply should bolt on but your dipstick will be in the wrong spot and FG motors don't have a spot to have BA dipstick drilled. Oil pickup will also be different. Wiring and PCM will be different, there's quite a few differences between BA and FG, such as locked dual variable cam vs independent variable cam. FG PCM will be designed to run a 5 or 6 speed auto not 4 speed. Not sure how you'll get around that.
  3. Have fun with trying to flatten out the gasket in the Ryco kit. For some stupid reason they roll them up and put them in a box. What gearbox?
  4. Mr Polson

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Oh yeah, I'd stay electronic if you can get decent branded stuff. If I was keeping the Cruiser motor I'd have gotten a Pertronix electronic ignition, but once it's Barra'd it'll obviously be distributor-less so I could make do with points for a few months.
  5. Mr Polson

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Based on my experience with cheap electronic dizzy conversions, either ditch it and go back to points, or get something decent. I had quite a few issues with my Cruiser when I got it, running rough, missing, hesitation under load, backfiring, stalling, all disappeared once I went back to an original points distributor.
  6. Mr Polson

    Stock EFi camshaft

    Does this help? Straight out of the Ford workshop manual.
  7. Mr Polson

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    You'll have to block one of the hose outlets from the head, and run the other one to the heater core, and then one from the water pump to heater. Heater tap should be in hose from head, and that should go to the centre most heater pipe according to the workshop manual. These are the diagrams from the Ford workshop manual, I've included both carby and EFI because really you're running the EFI style heater hose now
  8. Mr Polson

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    They look like the normal xflow ones. Normally they bolt on the lower manifold holes not top ones, and I think they normally face the other way around.
  9. Mr Polson

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    We have one on the shelf, but the Repco ones use M8x1.25 bolts so no idea on what yours will be.
  10. Mr Polson

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    I don't think we keep xflow water pumps on the shelf anymore, but if we do and I remember at work tomorrow, I'll check what size the replacement pulley bolts are. Replacement pump would have metric thread machined into the hub.
  11. Mr Polson

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    Yeah, most come with new bolts included, converts them from imperial to metric.
  12. DB1075GCT for fronts (if Girlock caliper), in standard Bendix. Swap GCT for HD for heavy duty. DB1045GCT if it's got the PBR calipers. DB1078GCT for the rears. Bendix only do the rears in GCT option. I ran HD Bendix pads on the front of my FG when I got it, and found them to be rather dusty. Both my XFs have GCTs and pull up pretty comparably (minus the 30 years difference). GCTs are definitely less dusty than the HDs, and are also cheaper.
  13. DBA slotted T2s are probably the best rotor for the street. I wouldn't recommend Bendix ultimate for the street, they need to be warm and used hard to be effective. Normal Bendix pads should be fine, of Heavy Duty if you don't mind some dust.
  14. Mr Polson

    FC LTD centrecaps

    Thats either expensive or mine were cheap, at $250/wheel.
  15. Mr Polson

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    Either or. I think emissions rules mean it should be recirculated into the engine, but that's only a minor detail. Wouldn't think you'd need a catch can on a recently built stockish motor