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  1. Also if you'll be in Melbourne by mid Feb... Consider displaying with us at Vic All Ford Day? I make the trip over from Tassie each year, be cool to have two shiny Monza wagons next to each other
  2. A month today guys! I'm definitely looking forward to it!
  3. Welcome! Very nice looking wagon there. Everyone already seems to have made pretty good suggestions on what to check. If it helps boost your confidence, I bought my XF wagon, it had been sitting unstated/undriven for nearly 2 years, and all I had to do was start it and drive it the 100km or so home. Admittedly not as far as you have to drive. All I had to do was drive 10 or so kms with no power steering fluid (probably why I ended up needing a new steering box) until I could get some, and put some fuel in, and it made it home no issues. Here's a pic of mine
  4. Was talking the other day to @LTD083 saying you'd probably enter and be there, glad you proved me right. Jeremy and I have boat tickets and accommodation booked so looking forward to heading over for the weekend.
  5. We've been told by the Penrite sales reps that in Tassie we don't need to use demineralised water with coolant because our tap water is rather soft compared to other places. Century still recommend it for their batteries though. We have access to some pretty comprehensive info on the Penrite products, I'll have a look today and see if it provides any further info about their water if you'd like.
  6. Both my wagons have had very different boot poppers in them, look like dealer fit. Much more bodge looking than the one in Pankos that's for sure
  7. Actually had a box full of oil come in with stock once missing the oil caps off all four bottles. Surprisingly little was spilt considering it comes from NSW via road/sea freight. Also had a few boxes of coolant come in with unopenable lids (the type you push down to undo).
  8. Depends on condition and if they can be verified to be working correctly. I've paid up to $70 for the complete premium unit, and what I've found is a lot of them have a strange issue where they struggle to power up (Panko knows what I mean I think). Ultra desirable - no, unless you find a XF Ghia/ZL/FE owner wanting one.
  9. Dean's on the money, they're the radiator coolant low circuit wires, for XF Ghia, ZL and FE. If the radiator was ever replaced the replacement may not have the tabs needed for the sensor hence the wires being disconnected
  10. Relatively easy job to swap cam with motor in car, I had to do it to my old XF wagon when it wiped a cam lobe not long after I got it. Are you located in Hobart (based on your username?)
  11. Prelude pipes are 2" diameter each
  12. Got the motor out of the silver one over the weekend. Lot quicker and easier after you've already done one
  13. Damn Tapatalk and its lack of notifications. Didn't see this until just now. I'll measure them today
  14. My ute used to have issues in my driveway with that, because of the angle of it (steep), I fiddled with the float a little and it no longer does it.