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  1. Mr Polson

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    I was going to say Auto Surplus, would've thought you'd know of them through work, we use them all the time for old rarer parts
  2. Mr Polson

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Pretty standard procedure for you mainlanders to have masks on these days isn't it?
  3. Mr Polson

    Repair or Rebirth......??

    Very philosophical question in a way, made me think of the Ship of Theseus, where a ship is repaired over and over again over time until every part has been replaced, is it still the original or now considered a replacement? Personally with a car I'd base it on the main middle section, if that's original then you're just doing repairs to the front & back of it.
  4. Mr Polson

    HELP - XF to EL ECU issues

    The coolant temp sensor in the brass fitting off the side of the head is where the ECU gets its coolant temp from, and adjusts idle speed based on that. I don't think it's as simple as fast idle on or off, fast idle should slowly come down as temp goes up. E series have that switch in the thermostat housing, and from memory it's the same part number.
  5. Mr Polson

    creek in front suspension on ba

    Depends if they were cheap nasty ball joints or good quality ones. For peace of mind I'd check them for movement, they make quite a mess when the fail.
  6. Mr Polson

    creek in front suspension on ba

    I'd try sway bar mounts first (also called D bushes). You'll have to measure your bar to the millimetre before buying new ones, and measure it either where the bush is or right next to it, clean it first or dirt/grease/grime will affect measurement
  7. Mr Polson

    creek in front suspension on ba

    Territories are shocking for front suspension until about 09, must be to do with the twin ball joint setup
  8. Mr Polson


    I think you can ignore anything in that article about computers or sensors if you're planning on converting to carby.
  9. Mr Polson

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    Not off the shelf, can possibly source one but kits are pretty uncommon now, most people just put new fuel pumps on these days.
  10. Mr Polson

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Most gearboxes are relatively simple, but lack of common knowledge seems to be what scares most people. Same with autos, they're rather simple in how they work but because it's seen as a specialist thing people avoid them. Bet you drove carefully with that glass in the back of the wagon!!
  11. Mr Polson

    Xf bolt on spoiler

    EgoXF hasn't been at alpha for years now. You'll also find Alpha recently packed up shop and moved to Qld - fairly sure they reopened up there but not 100% sure.
  12. Mr Polson

    Early rocker on a au head

    XG probably changed to the skinny gasket when EF came out at a guess?
  13. Mr Polson

    Early rocker on a au head

    EA gasket is like ED/XG, it's the big flat wide one. In EF they went to a skinny gasket and shaped the rocker cover to avoid having to use the half moons - basically cast into the rocker cover if that makes sense
  14. Mr Polson

    FG 5spd upgrade

    Get the ECU from the car you get the gearbox from as the ECU is paired to the TCM and from what I've heard it's tricky to try and re-pair them. Shifter is different, not sure if it's compatible or not but they are different. That's about the extent of my knowledge on it
  15. Mr Polson

    Ute Canopies

    XD/XE/XF/XG have a very square trim around the rear window. XH has a very rounded trim, I reckon that's the difference. This is the XH trim https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/233767221482