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  1. Hello again folks. I haven't been able to get much done on the XC for the last few years, but I noticed that the rear view mirror has come off the windscreen. This also happened a few times when my grandfather owned it. Does anyone have a recommendation for the best adhesive to reattach it to the windscreen again please? Also, any tips on preparation to minimise the risk of it falling off again. Thank you for any assistance.
  2. IVC434

    Inertia reel seatbelt repair?

    Thank you for your help. As always, you're a life saver Dean. I'll give it a go. Still have a few more exterior mechanical tasks to complete first, but it sounds like something that I can do... Much appreciated.
  3. Hello all. Just randomly inspecting items on my XC restoration car today and noticed that the front passenger side seatbelt reels in and out just fine, but when pulled rapidly, it doesn't lock. Can this be repaired, or will I have to go and source a replacement for it? Thanks. Andrew.
  4. IVC434

    Can my water pump be rebuilt?

    Thank you. I'll contact them. Can't hurt to ask, at least...
  5. Hello all. We're currently swapping the water pump in my 1977 XC Falcon with a 250 crossflow 6, and I was just wondering if it's possible to get the OLD water pump cleaned up and rebuilt so that I can keep it as a spare? We're replacing it with a NOS water pump as it is, but if I could keep the original one as a backup, it'll save me from hunting for one in years to come when they'll be REALLY hard to find.
  6. IVC434

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    Thank you. It might be good insurance, for sure...
  7. IVC434

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    One more question for you regarding the gasket please. I'm just about ready to reinstall the newly refurbished fuel pump and I'm not sure if I should use a gasket sealant for it, or is it not as critical as something like the thermostat housing or water pump for example?
  8. IVC434

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    ...and this is the cleaned and rebuilt fuel pump....
  9. IVC434

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    I can't answer your gasket question I'm afraid, but I DID manage to find a fuel pump repair kit and the pump has been completely rebuilt and is ready to go back on the car again... I found it at a place called Auto Surplus in Croydon South, Victoria.. www.autosurplus.com.au The kit was $64 or so and everything fitted perfectly. With the new, flexible diaphragm, that pump will suck a golf ball through a garden hose now... Bear in mind though, that the pump on my XC is for the 6 cylinder engine. If you're after a V8 model, I can't guarantee they'll have one, but they're definitely worth a try... Good luck....
  10. IVC434

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    I'll check them out. Thank you.
  11. IVC434

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    Hi again. We removed the leaking fuel pump from the XC today and it's going to be thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt. Can anyone please direct me to the best place to purchase a seal/rebuild kit?
  12. Thank you so much. I've sent him a message. Hopefully they're a match. If not, I'll definitely get onto Luke. I'll follow his page right now... Greatly appreciate your help...
  13. Hello everyone. I'm wondering if anyone can please help me with sourcing a "guide pin anti-rattle clip" for my original PBR calipers on my XC... One of them was snapped in half when I removed the calipers, so I don't know when it happened, or where the other half of the clip could possibly be. The brake shop I deal with (who are actually fantastic) said that they can't help at all, and they can't even source them aftermarket, because they aren't being made any more... I'll even consider buying an entire caliper if needed... I've seen this listing on Ebay listed for a Holden PBR caliper, but it looks very similar to the one that I need. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HOLDEN-HQ-Front-PBR-CAST-CALIPER-ANTI-RATTLE-SPRING-CLIP-FULL-SET-NOS-/361481033718?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Is it possible that it might be the same part? Any advice or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. IVC434

    First time since 1989...

    Well, we'll find out soon enough. Getting it sorted next. Fingers crossed we might be lucky...
  15. IVC434

    First time since 1989...

    Well, last Saturday was an epic day and has given me and my mate confidence and inspiration to push on harder than ever with the restoration of Granddad's old XC... After liberally lubricating each cylinder and leaving it for a week, we gently turned her over by hand. There were NO tight spots, weird sounds or unwanted friction at all and she turned beautifully... Battery was connected and carby was primed and after about 6 attempts, she briefly coughed and died... A few more attempts were made until, incredibly, the super fuel that was still in her tank (no, it HASN'T gone off at all) made it to the fuel pump and she ran long enough for me to get this very quick video. Pretty much a testament to the strength and engineering of the mighty crossflow engine...