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  1. Is the oil pink or brown.? Could be the front seal on the trans, need to drop the gearbox to fix. Depends how much you hate the oil leak....... Can buy a Trans 'stop leak' fluid, (like the stuff Dean posted above, for engines.)
  2. Steve McQueen's grand daughter Molly, gets to drive the 50th anniversary "Bullitt" tribute car, very nice.! ........and start up the original. !!!
  3. Hey sparkies, been a while since I've done a swap to electronic dizzy, if i remember right, the Falcons without the ceramic ballast resistor, had a Pink 'resistor wire' from the ignition to the coil. This needs to be bypassed to get the full 12 volts at the coil, right.?? The big thick pink one on the bottom of the picture, the other is the brown/red.
  4. Yep, this ^ ^ ^ Apparently the knob who invented FB, is going to make some changes soon, and accept some responsibility for unleashing it onto the world.
  5. Video, or it didn't happen........
  6. Cool as.... love the old Smiths' tacho.
  7. Metal wizard........ hate you.
  8. Blessed are the Cheese makers.......
  9. Didn't know that, Chris. Tried to find one a couple of years ago for the ZL, but none were available. Same as this fella....?
  10. You wont find an ISC, nobody makes them. Can pull yours to bits, and clean it, and try and put it back together, or get a second hand one. Try and find a wrecked ZL Fairlane with EFI, same engine.....
  11. Yeah, I've heard both tales told. Have no issues,.........and constant locking of the rears..... Guess I'll just have to fit up the diff and try it. Brake fella up here says he can re-route all the brake lines to suit the prop valve. For a cost. Did the XC m/cyl have a plastic top.? Would like the old girl to look all original.
  12. Awesome..! XB steering wheel gonna stay.?
  13. Thought I'd open this can of worms, again. I'm gunna put the disc brake 9 inch under the bum of the Nugget, she's out of a ZH, and is LSD. If i remember rightly, (and I do drink a lot), the XB rear wheel disc cars had the proportioning valve, mounted on the firewall somewhere. XC had it internally in the master cylinder. So, do I go for the expense of a new master cyl, or a proportioning valve, or see if the rears lock up when I take her out for a test drive.?? Anyone done this conversion.?
  14. Some of you may know these guys from Utube etc......
  15. Go the Mexican blanket look.....