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  1. Run it on a dyno for an hour at 5,000 rpm, that'll cure just about any issue........
  2. Then sell your old Prostars to me.....
  3. Man, thats a lot of effort and time on a Kombi........... I'm sure the owner will appreciate it.
  4. Nissan Bluebird........
  5. Now's your chance, mate.... be the first.
  6. Yep, all good advice. ^ ^ ^ Can use 2 long scredrivers to pry against the main caps and the crank webs to make the crank go back and forth. Should hear a little clunk, can use a dial indicator on the crank snout if ya got one. Careful not to damage the sides of that bearing ya have in your mitts. Thats the thrust faces, they control crank 'float'. Bend one, and you'll have no movement in the crank, back and forth. Assemble with cam lube (or thick Gear oil, in a pinch. ) Most important..!! Clean, clean and clean. Wash your hands, clean rags, clean oil, close the shed doors, blah, blah, blah.................
  7. Shit......! Wonder how much my 2nd hand ones are worth, now.
  8. Yeah, that scares the shit outta me....! Never tried it. Usually take donk and trans out together though. FMX is fookin heavy.
  9. Could you go for 1.6 ratio rollers, instead of 1.73.? Obviously this would alter valve lift..
  10. Could buy an extra long one, the right thread size, and cut it down with a grinder. Usually get mine from the Nice Products cattledog.
  11. In SA, don't need to have the car inspected by a club member anymore. Just has be street legal, and rego'ed.
  12. Hmmm, interested to hear this myself. Got some B45's that need an offset change.
  13. Nice job. Stocky Clevo lifters have a fair range of 'adjustment', what makes you think you need longer/shorter pushrods.?
  14. Flathead Heaven.!! Fast forward to 2.52 and just stare at the "wall"
  15. Drill a hole, and pop on a grommet......?