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  1. bear351c

    Xw heater box core issue

    Cool. Learning every day, thanks for that.
  2. bear351c

    Xw heater box core issue

    This is an Xdub heater box........
  3. bear351c

    Xw heater box core issue

  4. bear351c

    Driveshaft length

    Not sure on XH (later models) but on the early stuff, XA - XE etc..... the ute has longer leaf springs, and tailshaft. Pretty sure the Utes were set up on the Fairlane/wagon wheel base. Hence they too have longer cart springs, and tailshaft, Prob best to install diff and trans, then measure it. Don't forget, full weight on the tyres. (Dont have the diff hanging)
  5. bear351c

    Trans cooler threads

    Could go to a wreckers yard and find some original trans lines, and cut them 100 mm long, from the rad, then simply change yours over and add clear tube.
  6. bear351c

    460BB in ZA Fairlane

    Yep, totally agree. ( Even with the dream build... )
  7. bear351c

    460BB in ZA Fairlane

    Holden talk......... bring out the ban stick... Stick with the 289/302 for rego, they do everything well, just that your Fairlane is a little heavy for a performance. Stroker kits are well discussed on the Mustang forums in Yankee land. Guess it all depends on how hard you drive, as to how long between rebuilds. Not a fan of the Roller blocks used in the AU era, just old school Windsor with some tweaks, for the win.
  8. bear351c

    460BB in ZA Fairlane

    Wicked. keep us up to date with this one.
  9. bear351c

    whistly / wheezy sound ef falcon

    Ok, cool. Yeah, belt slip is hard to diagnose over the 'net. LOL. Can't remember how the hand brake works on the EF, are they internal shoes...?
  10. bear351c

    whistly / wheezy sound ef falcon

    Not a slipping belt, or idler pulley..? Intake manifold gasket flapping.? Hand brake dragging.?
  11. bear351c

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    30 seconds......? Sounds about right.
  12. bear351c


    Wow....... definitely sounds like your timing is out. If you buy a new kit, it should come with new gears and chain. Replace the lot. Can't help you with the hybrid side of things. Maybe @Thom ?
  13. Yeah, had one. Worked well, but nowadays the linkages and pivots would be flogged out. Mine was relatively new, (looooong time ago now) and gave no trouble. Early holden, HG I think..... If it's all good and tight, no reason why it would give you grief, it's a simple swap, and lots more cool factor.
  14. bear351c

    Strange Mercury Silver

    Weird colour. my BA XR6 was Mercury Silver, didn't look anything like that shade. But, then again the E39 Charger looked different in Mercury Silver too.