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  1. bear351c

    XD Headlight Glass

    Once all the clips are removed, it should come apart. Possibly stuck with age, or some numpty has put Silastic on there to seal them. If memory serves, Clark rubber has something similar. Try and save a small section, if you can, cut it with a blade at 90 degrees to the glass, then take that in and see if they can match the profile., (think its just soft, square foam.) Doubt you'll ever find a N.O.S seal, or headlight for that matter...... not even made aftermarket anymore, I reckon.
  2. Interesting read, Dave. So, for all us non-sparky types, what would you recommend for spark plug boots, ignition modules, points cam in a dizzy, internals of an old headlight switch etc etc.. Dont let Trump know about this.....
  3. bear351c

    2v extractors or 4v?

    If you're after new extractors, be mindful of what you buy. All ebay adverts say "will fit from XY - XE" But, there are some differences, many wont fit without a BFH on one of the tubes. Some wont fit a C6 or FMX, some interfere with manual steering etc, etc, .. As James said, the port sizes are way different, so make sure you get the correct 2V or 4V. Do you have an inlet manifold? should have 4V stamped on it, if it is a 4V. 98% of Clevo's were only 2V. The 4V inlet port has roughly the same width of material on top and bottom of the "hole", the 2v on the right, has almost double the thickness on the top of the "hole"
  4. bear351c

    Panel Van Interior Builds

    Freakin awesome..!
  5. bear351c

    Holley 600

    Can be done, but, easier without. It's only 2 bolts mate..
  6. bear351c

    Holley 600

    Would be waaay easier with the dizzy out, but you can do it with it in. Hard to get to the valley "walls", you'll have the oil sender at the back as well. Much easier to pull the dizzy out, (don't turn the crank, it'll pop straight back in) remove the thermostat housing. Heaps easier to clean all the old gasket goo off........
  7. bear351c

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Not for me.......
  8. bear351c

    Holley 600

    Waaaay heavier..! Cast iron housing Vs Alloy.
  9. bear351c

    Holley 600

    Yeah mate, took out the C4 and Borgy, slipped it under the bench, 'cos it's all matching number. Built up a 351 from bits and pieces I had in the shed, and bolted to my old FMX, 'cos I like to chirp the tyres when changing into 2nd. Would have cost thousands to get a C4 to the same state.
  10. bear351c

    Holley 600

    Yeah, I got an FMX, and I manually shift it all the time. Heaps of fun through the hills, bit of a pain sometimes, when dickheads pull out in front of you and you try to get around them, but theres enough torque in 3rd gear.
  11. bear351c

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    XLT..! Just do it...
  12. bear351c

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Dont really want to "like" this but......... Good work.!
  13. bear351c

    Holley 600

  14. bear351c

    Holley 600

    Oh HELL YEAH............!
  15. bear351c

    Xf Steering Coupling

    Cross threaded the nut...??