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  1. Oh Hell Yeah.........! What a gorgeous car. Good to see the Clevo in the front, looks right at home.
  2. Guess you'll have to check local regs regarding the laws in your state. (fuel cells) Maybe contact a local Fabrication business, or a car club for more info.?
  3. Sounds like the drive arm has fallen off. Can you hear the motor running when they're switched on?
  4. Yeah, bucket list stuff. That, and Pikes peak.....
  5. Small update. Been working and just living the dream, but, Postie came today with some goodies. Can finally put diff back together. Centre gasket, axle gaskets, copper washers and nuts, brake line to diff, locking tabs for the calipers. .......and a shameless plug for the GT shop. Any discount guys.??
  6. Sorry mate, running out of ideas..... obviously something isn't lined up. can you install the caps without the centre and somehow measure the bearing 'opening'? Left to right, and up and down.
  7. What a beautiful sight, and sound........
  8. Fantastic job.! They're gunna look sick on the Esky.
  9. LOL........I remember that film.! HQ Tonners, with Firebird front ends. Way cool, back when I was younger.
  10. Definitely nothing under the bearings.? Same size bearings?
  11. .........or get stolen for parts.
  12. Are there any retainers or circlips on the outer race of the bearing.? Have you removed or moved the bearings at all.? Changed shims? Swapped the caps.? I'd say, as with main caps, and big end caps, that they are machined as a pair, and must stay with their opposite brother.
  13. Wow........that is sweet.