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  1. Did the same mod to my XB ute. Fitted a floor shift and an XF panel van bench, and scalloped out the front of the seat, almost exactly like yours. Worked a treat.
  2. Love the engineering, simple and honest work.
  3. get stuck in Tony.! Lots of photos, heaps of info, we all love that shit, here.... Everybody benefits from shared experiences. Whether they are good or bad.
  4. Definitely a step in the right direction...........
  5. Considering the feast the Tin worms had on the plenum, that's FUCKALL !
  6. The gun buyback worked after port Arthur............... .......or did it.?
  7. Bah ha ha ha
  8. Sure is....... and bearings, oil seals, suspension bushes,
  9. I'v e got Eagle GA or something like on the XB redwall striped, 195/65/14 I think. hang on alright with the 302, but, a bit squirmy with a 351.
  10. That press will come in real handy, matey. ! Wish I had bought one years ago. Got access to one at work, but, it's a pain in the ass getting stuff there.! Love the lights too. good score.
  11. Yeah, my thoughts precisely. I just rant a lot........
  12. Yep, use your fists.!! Bang on the wheel, left side, right side, like pounding the drums. Hard and fast, it'll come off. Make sure your neighbours don't see you doing it, it looks just plain weird from a distance.......
  13. Good luck getting the banks to agree with anything........ Wouldn't it be true to say that 1998-2001 cars are the most common car on the road, and therefore the most involved in accidents? Every driver should learn to drive in a "Gadget free" car. Meaning - No ABS, lane departure, self driving blah, blah, blah...... The car should be manual windows, Manual transmission, and carby. As part of the test, drivers should be made to change the oil and filter, change a flat tyre, do a handbrake turn, and spend 2 days doing an Advanced driver training course, including skid pans, bumps, and so on. Then, the Gov't should spend all the Tax we pay for Rego on fixing the disgusting state of the roads in Australia. Texting and SMS should made inactive on the phone, as soon as you turn the key. Phone can only operate when in a cradle (handsfree). That said, good luck on becoming a Dictatorship.....
  14. All done, 2 hours on-off, rebuild and running again. Idles a lot nicer now.......
  15. Sweet ride.!! Is that a '67 Mussie in the background.?