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  1. Yeah, and no GT stripes..... looks tuff as.
  2. I'm subbed to Thunderhead289's channel, makes some good vids, talks like King of the Hill guy. Mostly Windsor stuff.
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure whats up........ Drives great, accelerates hard, starts when hot, got me knackered.
  4. Mmmm....... nice job on the side panels, very professional looking. .....and that green XY with Superlites.... trouser tightening stuff.
  5. I'm guessing the answer is......Yep.!
  6. Yeah, but after you've put special pipes on there..... will sound sweet. 4 into 1's and a twin 2 1/2" system, sounds about right.
  7. Beam type do, but, about as accurate as a Vernier..... Actually the ratchet head type do go backwards. Not sure if you're supposed to, though !
  8. Nope. If i do pump it even a little, it floods. Got a Carter electric pump here, s'pose I could hook that up, and see No choke. Think it's a manual, from memory..... no coil on the side.
  9. Have an issue with my Holley 600 vac sec. If the Nugget doesn't 'catch' on first crank, carb floods and can't get her started. Need to remove the air cleaner, and blow air down the throats to evap the fuel, then she starts. Runs fine, starts fine when hot, just first thing... Carby has been kitted, float levels set as per instructions. Even tried the remove sight glass screw with engine running trick, (lumpy cam - near impossible ) Have the manual fuel pump. Have turned the primary needle and seat down half a turn, maybe the Secondaries sucking fuel at first cough? Any Holley gurus out there had this issue??
  10. Hard core Ford Power. Yanks are easily impressed, though. Obviously never been to Summernats.
  11. .....or snapping off the bleed nipple.
  12. Agreed, everyone hangs shit on cart springs, but, reset and lowered, I've never had an issue. Comfy, good at weightbearing, never had a tramp prob either.