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  1. bear351c

    Holley Spreadbore 650 double pumper

    I remember the bulletin from FoMoCo about the TQ phenolic body cracking, when quenching the hot, dry LPG air with cool petrol. They voided all warranty if not removed. IIRC. Got my TQ from the FC sitting in the shed, all rebuilt and ready for the Nugget. Just a lazy bass turd. Good score there, Gerg. Looks well used.! Check throttle shaft play for sure.
  2. bear351c

    Can Anyone Figure Out This Setup?

    You can recon the switches if you're keen. theres just a couple of tabs to bend, and it all comes apart. Clean the brass contacts and spray with CRC, NeptuneBlue does good work. Even if you fit the original, run a relay. Lights will be so much brighter.
  3. bear351c

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    Been a while since I've seen a Clevo in an XF or ZL, but, I would have thought by now that someone like CRS or Tuff Mounts would have a lowered/altered engine mount to suit. Still, a couple of love taps with a BFH on the firewall, and it fits.......
  4. bear351c


    Yeah, I watch Richard Holdener every now and then. Like the way he documents everything. Agreed, it's a struggle to see what is "Factory" anymore, But a Windsor with Clevo heads is still an awesome thing to behold.
  5. bear351c


    Although I'm pretty impressed, there ain't much Clevo left in that engine...
  6. bear351c

    XA XB XC 9inch diff axle spacers

    Oh ok, not sure then. Maybe spacer plates as you said. XY is about an inch or so shorter than an XA, (I think?)
  7. bear351c

    xd - xf rear disc brake calipers

    Be warned........they ain't cheap.!! I rebuilt a couple, some parts are made of unobtainium, pistons are pricey, and specific (for XC/XD)
  8. bear351c

    XA XB XC 9inch diff axle spacers

    I would say, it's probably for the old style "wide" bearings. Dont think many people use them anymore, the side loads when cornering wore them out prematurely, I believe. Not 100% sure, The 9" s that I have used, shortened, fitted all had the thinner bearings, and standard axle plates.
  9. bear351c

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    Its semi return less, the reg is right near the tank and fuel pump and returns without going to the engine first Oh OK, I thought the Sniper had the reg on the throttle body.??
  10. bear351c

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    Nice. Been looking at the system, also Fitech, Edelbrock EFI. Did you plumb up a fuel tank return.??
  11. bear351c

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    Excellent info, as usual, Thom. Hadn't considered the serpentine scenario, might have to consider that on my 302. maybe a Holley Sniper...??
  12. bear351c

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    Go the CARBIES...!!! Just about to start on the same road. Stock heads are average, GT40 slightly better, and I've heard GT40p heads are the pick of the "cast" heads. AFR, CHI, Eddy, Trick Flow heads all flow way better, and produce more bang for your buck. (against spending 100 hours porting a cast head). Not 100% sure, on all the changes needed, @Thom is prob the goto guy here. Reckon you need to change manifolds, timing cover, fuel pump mount, at the least. You lurking Thom...??
  13. bear351c

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    Year of the block will be cast into a small pad behind the starter, on the block. Almost impossible to see with the starter in place. Will say something like 7H12, or similar. So, 1967 for the first number, H is August, 12th day.
  14. bear351c

    XD - XE Black blocks

    The build date and the casting date are often different. The engine cast date eg: 9G5 simply states that the block was cast in the foundry that day. May have sat on the shelf for months before being shoved in a car, van, Fairmont or whatever. Unless the engine number is matching your VIN tags, and shock tower, theres no real value in getting one the exact date your car was made. ( Just remember black blocks have different size holes in them for distributor shaft.)
  15. bear351c

    V8 into 6

    ...and a longer steel fuel line, (goes in front of shock tower). Pretty sure the LTD/Fairlane have longer leaf springs as they are based on the station wagon platform, so they won't fit if you go leaf spring. 6 cyl rad from an XF will keep a Clevo cool with a stock fan, but MUST use a shroud and correct length fan spacer. Oh, and Welcome mate. Got any pics of the XE.?