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  1. Brought to you by Microshaft, installed with Internet Exploder...
  2. Some assembly required............
  3. Yeah, i'm with you guys....... Windows 10 sucks balls. Still using XP.
  4. Love the XC hardtop, original colour, Cobra kit, and '70s style rims. Sweet ride.
  5. Mmmm...............Ex Bee...........drool.
  6. Never fitted a pair, but GMH put them on their SS commy from the factory. Guys at work, say they never turn them onto quiet mode. They seem to like the sound of an LS engine.
  7. Any converter can be "re-stalled" (is that even a word) ?? They need to be cut open and modified internally anyways.
  8. ..........not without head at 250,000, and a trans at 350,000 kays.
  9. Nice work, mate. Always had a soft spot for XD's. Best looking shoebox car, IMHO.
  10. Bah ha ha...... so it is.
  11. Yep, sure is. Kaiser Soze..?
  12. Good to see more red happening...... Shit news about the helmet. Reckon i got a crack in my helmet, too.
  13. Nice work on the mirrors, they look mint.! Keep plugging away on the wiring, you'll get there.