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  1. bear351c

    Help mechanical fuel pump

    Yep..... ^ ^ ^
  2. bear351c

    Plastic Vacumn Fittings

    Check out Kilkenny Castings, South Oz. Should be available at Auto parts stores.
  3. bear351c

    What is this Diff out of please.

    DB1046 are for an XD rear caliper. Some late XC too. Look like these.......
  4. bear351c


    Shorter belts are available. If you buy a 'standard style' serpentine belt, it's number is something like 6PK2375, or 4PK0985. 6PK has 6 grooves, 4PK has 4. 2375 is the length in Millimetres if you cut the belt and lay it flat on the ground. Dont forget to add/subtract some extra for the tensioner pulley. Old Vee belts are the same.... 11A0875, or 13A1195. Groove size x Length.
  5. bear351c

    Slotted rotors or standard?

    No probs. Have seen brand new rotors with run-out, (need machining) out the box. You just never know...... Usually, car companies put on the softest, quietest, cheapest parts when they sell a vehicle, so if they are original, doesn't mean they're good.
  6. bear351c


    Stroke it....! and it will grow in size.
  7. bear351c


    ....and you can say, "Nah mate, 400 cubic inches"
  8. bear351c

    Slotted rotors or standard?

    Slotted and dimpled, are generally better than stock. By now I reckon all front rotors are vented.? Kangaroo paw seems to get the nod, as well. Better pads and fluid will help too.
  9. bear351c

    XD distributor wiring

    If you don't want it Greg, I'll take it off your hands for free .!! No charge, honest.
  10. bear351c

    XD distributor wiring

    Cool. Got any pics of the Hardtop..? We love photos.
  11. bear351c

    XD distributor wiring

    That sounds right. Coil +ve should have wire from ignition, switching wire to starter, and 12Volts from memory.
  12. bear351c

    XD distributor wiring

    I have no idea...! Sounds like the coil was 'backwards', and the module correct.
  13. bear351c

    XD distributor wiring

    Pink wire comes from ignition circuit.
  14. bear351c

    XD distributor wiring

    Yep, this...^ Did exactly the same swap on my XB, pulled out the resistance wire and changed it to 'normal' copper stuff. This bit.
  15. bear351c

    Vibrations over 85 Kph

    Mine may be the rear bearing in the extension housing, gotta wait until Monday......