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  1. So, it is....... was going by memory. (which as we all know, is dodgy, even on a good day)
  2. "Wanna know what a real criminal is.....? The son-of-a-bitch who painted that car. " (A Lime green Lambo)
  3. Ignition module..? Coolant too hot.? Timing out.?
  4. Seen this yet, mate..?
  5. Awesome job on the trim, what a cool colour, really suits the era of the car.
  6. Yeah,............... but they got the doors off, right?
  7. Came up real nice, James. Top job.
  8. Nice and cranky, sounds sweet.
  9. Love this build. Keep it coming........
  10. Yeah, feel your pain. We've all had days like that.....
  11. Listening to The Angels today. RIP Doc, what a voice, a great showman, will always remember the live concerts at Thebby town hall, and the Bridgeway.
  12. ......and when you want to leave, Spotify takes all your music, even the stuff you uploaded yourself.
  13. Yeah, spray cans have to be shaken A LOT.!! Like 5 minutes non stop, until you see dents in the base of the can. They could have been on the shelf for a year....... Put them on the dash, on the way home, Sit them in the sun, or a bucket of warm water.
  14. Thats not even repairable.....
  15. Not me.....! Hell no.!....... never again........not happening.