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  1. bear351c

    Hey everyone

    Welcome aboard. Nice low mileage car, got any pics.??
  2. bear351c

    Xb Wagon Project

    Nice. I used the same hose i reckon. But they hang from the shock tower bolt. Yours looks neater.
  3. bear351c

    Xb Wagon Project

    Wow......... pure awesomeness. Looks like the day it was bought. (apart from the radiator sock...)
  4. bear351c

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    Yeah, well it is summer, after all.......
  5. bear351c

    XB Dartosmobile

    Sweet. Thanks for the update....
  6. bear351c

    The completely off topic thread

    Oooo........that's nasty. happens in the blink of an eye.
  7. bear351c

    Xb Wagon Project

    $100 bux for a second hand unit on fleabay...... overhaul it in your spare time, then swap it out for yours.?? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-1972-76-XA-XB-FALCON-GS-GT-GENUINE-PRESSLITE-HEATER-BOX-DUCT-VENT/123643616527?hash=item1cc9bbdd0f:g:53YAAOSw~xtcWXuI:rk:24:pf:0
  8. bear351c

    Change ba 6 to v8 351

    302 and 351 Clevo are the same (externally).?? 460 is nice. Big lump of a thing, might not fit without cutting shock towers, etc... But, 10:1 compression and a lazy 400HP sounds good.
  9. bear351c

    Change ba 6 to v8 351

    Wash your mouth out...
  10. Sorry to hear you're stressed, never a good environment for anyone. Just looking for some Hardtop porn.....
  11. Nice work, Rod. Good to see all the stages you have to go through. Any XB updates........?
  12. bear351c

    Change ba 6 to v8 351

    Yep, agreed. Will probably fit, but, don't think Mr Plod will let you run it. Late model engines in early cars is ok, because the emissions are better. But, old dinosaur in a new body, they don't like the idea. Not to mention the 350kg weight hanging over the front of the BA might cause a few steering issues.....
  13. Agreed Chris, they're relying on their name to sell. I worked in Spares for about 3 years, never saw a Castrol rep..... Saw NGK, Tectaloy, Penrite though.
  14. Been using Penrite stuff foe years, no issues. Got it in the Engine, Trans, Diff, even use their brake fluid. Shameless plug for Penrite. Free samples.??