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  1. bear351c

    Fuel consumption....

    No mate. Not really an issue. You may find your oil is sludgy, under the rocker cover, when you pull it down, as the oil is designed to run at high temp. Change your oil and filter when you get a spare $50. You computer will try to compensate, as Dean said, by thinking the engine is cold, and adding more fuel to richen it up. Temp gauge should be a third to half way up when fully warmed up. If you run without a thermostat, you may actually 'overheat' your engine. (coolant travels too quickly through the radiator, and doesn't have time to cool down, basically)
  2. bear351c

    clutch fan locks on

    Sounds like it's buggered........ They should spin (but be firm to turn) and the wind should take over as your speed increases, to reduce drag on the engine. Sounds like yours is locked on and pushing against the wind. You only need the fan at the lights, or in a shopping centre, could delete it and run a Thermo? Twin EF or AU is common.
  3. bear351c

    Stuck/Sticking Thermostat?

    Older mechanics used to drill a hole in their thermostats, on the main flange. Helps relieve air bubbles as ESPSIX suggested.
  4. bear351c

    Hmmm........427 Cleveland. Sounds like plan.

    I think Pavtek used an Arrow block. (Cast Iron) but improved. http://www.arrowengineparts.com.au/arrow-engine-blocks.html
  5. If i ever have a rich Uncle die, and leave me a fortune, might order one for my '50 Merc 2door....... https://www.pavtek.com.au/index.php/component/content/article/7-parts-a-products/parts-a-products/236-new-ford-cleveland-aftermarket-block
  6. bear351c

    Brake upgrade. Thoughts, reviews, etc...

    Yeah, heard some "interesting stories" about Wilwood, won't flame them on here, as I have never used them. Thinking of BA-FG 4 spot calipers onto XA/XB stubs, readily available, better performance etc, but need Eng report. Will have to look into the Territory job on Ford Forums. Cheers.
  7. bear351c


    Try setting the timing on 12-15 degrees, take it for spin. Sounds like the rings are shot, (blowby) and higher compression when wet.
  8. Gday all, just wondering what upgrades people have done to their Fords. Heard good and bad reviews about Hoppers and Wilwood kits, anyone use them, suggest someone else, got a good or bad opinion.?? Obviously I'm biased towards XA-B-C but would like to hear from anyone who has fitted these kits. Any mods needed? Didn't fit at all? After sales service? Cheers.
  9. bear351c

    302 Cleveland to 351 convertion

    Just port match the inlet and exhaust to the shape of the gaskets. Check the inlet manifold and extractors as well.
  10. bear351c

    302 Cleveland to 351 convertion

    Keep it under 5 grand, it'll last for years. At 6 grand the stock valves will pop there heads off and play with the pistons, and the 5/16" studs holding the rockers in will let go. Each scenario makes a very distinctive noise, you'll know when it happens.
  11. bear351c

    302 Cleveland to 351 convertion

    Once you have the heads off, the OPEN chamber will be a full circle (looking at the 2 valves), the CLOSED chamber is sort of D shaped Most 302's had the closed chamber heads. Lifters are the same, HT900 I think? Double row chain, water pump etc
  12. bear351c

    New Acoustic windscreen

    Sucks balls...... no wonder they went out of business.
  13. bear351c

    302 Cleveland to 351 convertion

    Crank and rods from a 351, and keep the closed chamber 302 heads. The combo suggested by ChestnutXE is good, but, not sure on the price of the pistons. Make sure you tell the parts shop you are using 302 rods, if you go that way. ACL used to make them, not sure who does now....
  14. bear351c

    New Acoustic windscreen

    Wow.! Thought your FGX was brand new.?? New windscreen already.??
  15. bear351c


    Do yourself a huge favour and paint some timing marks on the Harmonic Balancer, You'll thank me later.