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  1. bear351c

    Fuel pump - mechanical vs electric?

    Yeah, I ran a Carter electric on my 351 for years, had a kill switch in line as an anti theft device, as well.
  2. bear351c

    250 Crossflow Six WELSH PLUG info

    WoW... Just ordered 2 kits last night........Freaky. One for the 170, and one for the 302.
  3. bear351c

    Fuel pump - mechanical vs electric?

    Usually all fuel line is 90% hard tube. It stops the damage from tools, rocks, weather etc... You NEED a definite rubber connection because the engine rocks back and forth, and the chassis doesn't. There's typically a rubber line into the fuel sender, and one into the carb/fuel inlet. The square Facet pumps are a "push" pump, they need to be mounted as close to the fuel tank as practicable, not in the engine bay (where it has to "pull" fuel up).
  4. bear351c

    250 crossflow ignition coil advise needed

    Yep, you're right. The ballast resistor is for points ignition, and the old Coke can coil has a little "R" after the brand name/number. EG. GT40 or the GT40r. Can also get them in the epoxy filled coil range too. You need the GT40 style.
  5. Trying to find XA/XB tramp rods will be expensive. The ones off an LTD (P5 etc) were slightly longer, and may be easier to find. Good luck with it. I'm thinking about the Watts link rear end into my XP, so watching with interest.
  6. bear351c

    9 inch air filter for weber 34

    Could you run the chrome base and black top.?? Sort of mix and match....
  7. bear351c


    That timing chain is a standard Morse chain. Multi link for maximum quiet. Multi keyed sprocket is for advancing/retarding the cam. Reckon that round corky is for under the oil filler cap. ??
  8. bear351c


    Yeah, different manufacturers had different sizes of hex head. They used to sell a plug stamped OS, for "oversize", but haven't seen one for ages. Yours may have well been drilled and tapped the next size up, 'cos the thread was stripped, look up the sizes for Commodore/Kingswood or maybe British cars. Easy fix would be either a new sump or a helicoil. Cheaper to scrounge the wreckers for the next sized sump plug, I reckon.
  9. bear351c

    1992 5.0 into XF ute.

    I'm no expert on ratio's, but with the extra gear in the 5 speed, I'd guess at 3.00 to 1. Anyone else.?? I'd be keen to find out myself, as I'm shoving a T5 in the XP......... ...one day.
  10. bear351c

    170 Log engine refresh.

    Yeah, most guys ditched the 170 and went 200, 250 2V etc... Mine's an early block, only 4 mains, later units had 7. I guess if you're a purist and want a 170 Pursuit, but, that would be a REAL small customer market.
  11. bear351c

    1992 5.0 into XF ute.

    As Dean said, no probs. Don't even have to cut the brackets off if they don't interfere with anything, just weld the spring perches on. Make sure you get the pinion angle correct.
  12. bear351c

    170 Log engine refresh.

    Yep, the exhaust valve is cracked. Needed to find my valve spring compressor, to be sure. Thought the valve just had a scratch on on the base, to go along with all the other damage, but, I cut up an old ring spanner and used a C-clamp, necessity is the mother an all that......... Valve is cactus......... But, on a good note, one of the sump pan bolts that was snapped off flush, has been persuaded to part company with the block. Good ole left handed drill bits.... Numbers are starting to add up, now. Full gasket set, mains, big ends, welshies, exhaust valve, rings, paint...... not sure its worth the effort. This was just a boredom project while I was babysitting the Corona virus, not sure the 170 is worth $300-400 to anyone. I thought I might have to stick it in the Hardtop (rego red tape in SA.......don't get me started) but She'll be V8 swapped anyways. Still would need to check the trans, diff, find some misc bolts, starter motor, radiator etc..... Prob think better when I'm back on the REAL Corona's......
  13. bear351c

    170 Log engine refresh.

    So, after a coupla days on the couch with the Rona, I got back out into the shed, and finished stripping the big block 170. Crank out, cam out, wash and degrease, kissed the lifter bores with a brake hone, and ran the 3 prong hone down the cylinders. Angry face...!! Punched out the little welshy, found the last one behind it.! Cyl 3 looks like it had a water leak, or was just sitting for years with the valves open. Look at the dodgy castings from the Sixties.. Didn't even make it a SQUARE..! Held the gasket up and there ain't much you can do about this. The casting on the back is cut back at 45*, and you easily grind through, and 'cos this is a log manifold, the whole head then goes in the bin. All the bits, from the guts of the engine, set out with typical ADHD fashion... Cylinder 5 had a piece of piston ring, or a chipped valve, piece of gravel bouncing around inside. There's some damage to the piston, and the head. Nothing too serious. .......now to make a valve spring compressor.
  14. bear351c

    1992 5.0 into XF ute.

    Haven't got that far, mate. Still waiting on rego mob to approve my purchase. I did some research on the Sniper, it looks good, but, a lot of unhappy customers in the 'States. Modules failing etc, easy for them to get a replacement, maybe not so for us Aussies.
  15. bear351c

    1992 5.0 into XF ute.

    Cool. Sounds like my XP build. Got a 302 (1993? I think) Weiand carby manifold, T5 out of an ED 6 cyl,, and a Watts link from a EL XR6. Will be following with interest.