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  1. Yep, the bug fix add-on that Dean put up works. I can see the new photos, FD in da shed.
  2. Clark rubber usually has bailey channel by the metre, just cut an old one with a blade, and take into the shop.
  3. Nice work, matey. Still impressed with how much work you get done in a week..
  4. Wish i was closer, mate. Would come round and give you a hand. Good luck in the new shop.
  6. This old girl was beautiful, straight out of the '70's....
  7. Did this, all photos are back on the Nugget thread. Thanks heaps, Deano. FUCKYOU PHOTOBUCKET..!
  8. Thanks Jim. Great day, awesome weather, and talked Ford shit all day. No fukkin' doughnuts, though.!!! Didn't know there were that many Hardtops in SA, they had a 'muster' at AFD, and there was heaps of them. 10 Cobra's, 3 JGS, 3 Landau, and at least 20 Hardtops of every kind. Some barn find GT's, some twin turboed.......Heaven.
  9. Merlin + How much more betterer can it get.??
  10. Good to see you fess up, and correct the problem. No shame in that mate. Good job.
  11. I think it's Argent, same as the wheel colour.
  12. Yep, remember the prang. LOL. Different macca's, Chris. We met at Enfield, about 20 mins south of MunnoPara Macca's. Guess we'll be going without you this year, mate.??
  13. Still the weatherman says 0% rain, partly cloudy and 23* (30% chance of rain on Sat'dy).
  14. Doesn't lie, this fella........