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  1. bear351c

    LPG horsepower gaining mods

    All fair comments, I was just relating my experiences. Could make a 351 fly, if you turned the dizzy to 17 degrees, on straight gas. Cant do that anymore.
  2. bear351c

    LPG horsepower gaining mods

    I think part of the issue is the LPG itself. Years gone by, it was great, with an octane rating around 100. But over the years (I believe) they have watered down the mix. 50/50 Propane Butane, but now it's more like straight BBQ gas. Many older builds (clevo's etc) started pinging, as their compression was too high. At least with Petrol you can add a booster or switch to Premium. May be wrong... Usually am. Drink a lot.
  3. bear351c

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    Yeah, use them on my Clevo's, never had an issue.
  4. LOL. Yep, I hear ya.... Had heaps of stuff piled in the shed from years gone by, saved me a fortune.
  5. bear351c

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    Tried any Speed shops..??
  6. Difference between Electronic and Electric fuel pumps......?? Might be able to get around it
  7. Should be. Not 110% certain, but, a driveline from an XA will drop straight in an XB, XC, XD, XE. EG: Clevo, FMX, 9 inch etc..so the floor pan should be the same, or very similar.
  8. bear351c

    Distributor module

    6 cyl or 8? With the old LTD (351) when the module was fooked, it would run fine if you pumped the pedal and held it above 3 grand, any less and it died. Check your firing order again, Dizzy cap cracked, Blocked fuel filter etc, etc, Crank it over while twisting the dizzy to see if it fires better, then you'll know if the Balancer has slipped. Try running fuel straight from a can to the carby. Sticky valves??
  9. bear351c


    Don't sell yourself short mate, your info was great. Thanks for posting. It's stuff like this that helps anyone doing up the old Fords. Excellent thread.
  10. bear351c

    what is the v8 like on fuel compared to the 6 cyl

    ...all depends on how heavy my shoes are.
  11. bear351c

    what is the v8 like on fuel compared to the 6 cyl

    My ZL Fairlane got a best of 14.5 as a daily, with a 250 EFI. 351 cleveland in a 2 tonne XB sedan, ........... dont care.
  12. bear351c

    XD steering & suspension

    Just a tip, if you go Nolathene on the whole front suspension, the dash will shake to pieces. Use it on the hardest wearing points (UCA's and radius rods etc) and original, black Neoprene on the others. It's loads more compliant, and will give a more comfy ride. (Won't last as long though) My 10 cents.
  13. bear351c

    Replacement radiator for XF

    Agreed. I bought one to keep the Clevo cool, worked for 5 years, no probs.
  14. bear351c

    Tis broken

    Anymore info..? Really hard to diagnose over the 'Net. Still cranks, but never 'kicks' Runs, but on 5 cylinders Ignition leads, module, coil pack? Blocked fuel filter Collapsed air filter Immobiliser?
  15. bear351c

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    Couple of wheel arches cut from a 44 Gallon drum should work....