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  1. blunny

    Front spindle / knuckles

    This one; I was more referring to the IPRA part. This one is a beast. I've seen it in the flesh. Wouldnt pass IPRA regs unfortunately.
  2. blunny

    Front spindle / knuckles

    Yep the fastest car in IPRA is this beast;Ray Hislop Falcon
  3. blunny

    Front spindle / knuckles

    Thanks mate. Were you the bloke building the XF IPRA car?
  4. blunny

    Front spindle / knuckles

    Thread dig, sorry guys. Anyone know if the XG spindles run biggerwheel bearings? Read that somewhere....
  5. blunny

    347 efi build

    Interesting post. The Hyslop BF that runs in IPRA uses a standard windsor block of some sort as I'm pretty sure the IPRA guys have to use a factory not motorsport block. He's making big HP so I wonder how he doesnt "explode" blocks? Link to the article here; https://autoaction.com.au/2017/05/15/skin-ray-hislops-improved-production-falcon
  6. blunny

    10.90@121 N/A 250 Crossflow

    It sounds so nice! Tough. DO the N/A OHC engines sound this good when theyre breathed on? Any details on that motor?
  7. blunny

    Coupe dreams

    THAT...... is gorgeous. Sent from my SM-P550 using Tapatalk
  8. blunny

    Workshop recommendations

    That's sounding like my kind of man. A workshop with race experience is a great start. I'm looking at a car on Tuesday so will head over to Bayswater in a few weeks for a chat.
  9. blunny

    Bargain X Series Thread

    I called this guy. I didnt go & look at it as Im after something thats already part of the way down the modified pathway. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-view-details.html?adId=1090373354
  10. blunny

    New Melbourne member

    Cheers guys. Ive been lurking for years on here or xfalcon so it will be good to finally contribute something.
  11. blunny

    New Melbourne member

    Thanks, unfortunately the owner has changed his mind and its not for sale anymore.
  12. Gday Ive been lurking around looking for info on how to build up a circuit based XD,E or F. I currently dont have a car but finally life is falling into place (kids, wifes studies, small business...blah blah) & i can get into an old 'coon. If anybody knows of a nice x series with an ohc manual conversion shoot me a message. (No turbos sorry!). Cheers Blunny
  13. blunny

    Workshop recommendations

    Gday all, Ive been lurking around looking for info to build up a circuit based xe/f. Im looking for a mechanical workshop, prefer Melb east side to look after me with upgrades including a 4.0 ohc / manual conversion. I would prefer someone that is experienced in doing these conversion. I look forward to it! Cheers
  14. blunny

    XE ESP 4L Turbo Ute

    I like the attention to detail, well done. It seems that the best way to do the conversion from x-flow to OHC would be to just buy a complete XG manual, sit the 2 vehicles side by side & then convert away. Scratch that, Im almost thinking it would be easier (maybe even cheaper) to convert an XG to look like an XE/D rather than doing the engine and ancillaries. That way I would get the better AC, power steer, better dash and more modern NVH treatments underneath (not that XG's were that great from memory!). ANyone done this? I am looking forward to seeing what the new colour looks like as I enjoy seeing the old girls looking original. As a buyer I would choose a well modified car with standard looking paint over custom / modern paint any day but I suppose its yours! Keep the updates coming.