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  1. blunny

    Front spindle / knuckles

    This one; I was more referring to the IPRA part. This one is a beast. I've seen it in the flesh. Wouldnt pass IPRA regs unfortunately.
  2. blunny

    Front spindle / knuckles

    Yep the fastest car in IPRA is this beast;Ray Hislop Falcon
  3. blunny

    Front spindle / knuckles

    Thanks mate. Were you the bloke building the XF IPRA car?
  4. blunny

    Front spindle / knuckles

    Thread dig, sorry guys. Anyone know if the XG spindles run biggerwheel bearings? Read that somewhere....
  5. blunny

    347 efi build

    Interesting post. The Hyslop BF that runs in IPRA uses a standard windsor block of some sort as I'm pretty sure the IPRA guys have to use a factory not motorsport block. He's making big HP so I wonder how he doesnt "explode" blocks? Link to the article here; https://autoaction.com.au/2017/05/15/skin-ray-hislops-improved-production-falcon
  6. blunny

    10.90@121 N/A 250 Crossflow

    It sounds so nice! Tough. DO the N/A OHC engines sound this good when theyre breathed on? Any details on that motor?