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    First off, thankyou to Jeff5.8 for loaning me his gun: a Star 770 suction feed. Great all-rounder with surprisingly fine spray for a 2.0 tip. The difference to the other supercheapies was like night and day. The finish off the gun really laid down the rough dry peel I was getting at the edges of the fan. Once dried, I took to it with some 800 in the worst areas, then on to 1200 and finally 2000 in the most visible places (ie down to the swage line, etc.) Using Septone cutting compound on an orange pad, I borrowed a 6-speed buff off a mate. I've develloped my own technique so that polish doesn't go flying everywhere: lightly smear the compound evenly across the panel by hand, misted lightly with a water spray bottle. Initially work it into the paint firmly with the buff on #1 speed. As the compound thins out, ramp it up to #3 and move more quickly across the paint until the powdery residue is gone. Has worked well with minimal mess. Might try a spray of water to stop burn-through, which has happened once already (but fixed). Blacked out the bumper with satin black (hides bumps and chips better). Red rubber strip will be re-created with pinstripe tape. Overall, not 100% happy as the paint is a tad wavy. I put it down to my impatience in having to get it done, even painting on hot days when the paint sets too quickly (doesn't lay down). Next time I'll wait for cooler weather. Lesson learnt. ------------------ First buff cut after 1200/2000: Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
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    It just occurred to me, but my third year anniversary joining here has just passed. Has it really been three years? But this place has been great. Here I was with a freshly-purchased XH panelvan after returning to the country after a decade away, and you guys welcomed me, gave me some great advice on the rolling iron, and even recently encouraged me to attend my first AFD. I'll be honest, I don't tend to make friends easily - I have social issues - but it's been heartwarming being here and I've learned a lot I wasn't expecting, and made an acquaintance or seven. Here's to another three years, hey? Thanks all.
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    Just a few photos from the Geelong all ford day, so if I missed Anybodys car! and sorry they are so late, south gippslands 3rd world internet has been even more useless than usual lately ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr ozfalcon at afd by infiniti photography by j hill, on Flickr
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    ..........and it runs.! Waste 4 mins of your life and watch the start up vid.
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    Hi All, Just joined, looking forward to the group.
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    Nah bred...D1SC ProCharger sequential EFI driven by a MS3. 36-1 chopper wheel crank trigger and EF style cam sync. COP via 6 LS coils. Still solid roller still over 11.1 maybe 11.5 comp and big convertor and diff gearing. Gunna be a bad fuckin bitch
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    More pics of that sexy tub and a progress photo of the bumperettes. I ended up extending the top and qaurter edge of the bumpers to bring them closer to the body. A little more shaping and they will be sweet Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    One "genuine " non-genuine gtr guard [emoji6] [emoji106]
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    Carefully grab them with one hand - throw them in the nearest bin. Get Felpro 302W Neo seal. Knock out rope seal retaining spike from cap, install Neo seal as per instructions inside Felpro packet - live happily ever after with an engine that doesn't leak and doesn't have parasitic drag loss from a crap rope seal. THE END
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    Got sick of no room in garage .. Some parts moved to spare utes tray. Then cut my bench in half and made the garage a bit more usable by only having side benches taking up less room. Just so if I start on utes steering stuff and it rains... I got room to be undercover and keep going. Can pull ute over more and walk all the way around it..... Just waiting on white lithium grease and I'm into it. It hit low 30's so I'm trying out my aircon....... lovely.... 30 years of dodgy rental aircons that never worked..... all gone... all gone..... Hehe. Jack Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
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    Not a x series but this was the first trial fit on the weekend
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    I go to a metal concert nearly every day [emoji1]
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    And more Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
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    More wiring .. it's pretty hard to get a picture of this , it's my 5" microtech prodash .. I hated all the autometer gauges , I've consolidated them into one now , the dash also has gps speedo and can measure 1/4 mile times and is also a logger .. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You've had enough of summer! Got me aircon last year.... started working last week. Had to pay a second tradie to finish it though.... lol Dont usually give big ups but... Jerramungup Electrical... Cheers! My poor ol Rotti been suffering the heat and those guys slotted me, got it done to code and charged me a more than fair price. Know whos wiring the garage one day..... not the guy who left me in the middle of summer with no air con... Thats for sure. Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
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    It's only a drinking problem if your lying on the lawn holding onto the grass so you don't fall over...
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    Aaahhh the joys of no wifey.... Sometimes Im lonely with just me and dog. .....but ... Then Im reminded by my mates about the shit they cop etc etc... And I think. ... it aint all bad. Still like boobies but.... ( . )( . ) Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
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    Spent time today cleaning painting and rebuilding the engine. Doesn’t look so bad now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My custom bench seat Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not much has changed in the last little while The past 2 years have been a roller coaster! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Been a longgg time since I’ve been on here! For the most part it’s been a running truck for the past 2 years Still working on it heaps though! I’ve literally done stuff to every bit of the truck with the exception of paint. There’s a pic of it now with my custom/cripple friendly ramp and a pic of a war torn XF on the back! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My thoughts on the article itself ... you can use statistics to prove whatever you want, if you disregard enough information. I want to know the stats they used to come to their conclusions that the vehicle aged 1998-2001(think that was the numbers stated as worst represented) was actually the car's fault. Meaning was it actually the old car that "caused" the fatalities or was it due to outside circumstances that made it more likely to be fatal in that specific accident? My point, in my opinion, the driver's of older cars have to pay attention and drive according to the conditions of the road without reliance on tech to do the thinking. We've solidly created a society that gives no thought to consequence of distraction but instead of negating this trend, we insist on it and expand it to drive for us. Adaptive cruise control, lane departure sensors, blindspot detection, auto assist braking... for God's sake the car will even park itself because you're too inept to learn how to reverse park! Add to this it seems car designers are incapable making a new car that actually has clear visibility from the driver's seat without gigantic blind spots and obstructions. I'm not the only one who's noticed the shrinking rear windows and higher window lines that make rear sight practically impossible, let alone being able to see through a vehicle in front of you to know if its safe ahead. On an aesthetic note.. why will we never have classic designs on cars ever again? Because we have to protect the gumby wandering across the road with their face glued to their phone and music blasting in their ears, as they pay no heed to whether its actually safe to cross in the first place. Again, no second thought to consequence of their actions. This all too frequent display of the lack of commonsense that has become the norm, starts long before the person gets to driving age.
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    "Classic cars were not a problem, ANCAP found." Very often older cars were driven by people who were more likely to crash, including older and younger drivers, who were often more vulnerable to impact. "It isn't likely to have electronic stability control, it may only have one airbag and many 15 year old vehicles may not have any airbags at all. If it doesn't have those, it should not be driven any more." so AUSTRALIA should be building the latest version of the "car of the people" cheap, safe, reliable... first car or old people discounts(HIGHEST CRASH RISK) discounted by TAC, including FREE REGO and insurance on first year creates jobs, encourages people to buy an Australian car(because it's going to be the safest... if they bothered to make it safe) and because it would be awesome, they could export it.. (ute, sedan, hatch, mini van? all off the same platform, electric and diesel also, for when you can't get petrol anymore) I LIKE THE WAY IT SAYS CLASSIC CARS WERE NOT A PROBLEM.. is this because, people with classics, are not going to risk a crash(so they don't die or so they don't lose the car through write offs) what will they class as a classic car? (anything over 25yrs old as club permit rule?) if they ended up banning pre 2002 cars, will they REIMBURSE anyone who recently bought one? My mate recently inherited a low km 100 series landcruiser, he will NEVER want to get rid of...if they put that off the road he'll probably lose the will to live.. i'm sure anyone with a boring car won't understand or give a shit about the rule.. but anyone that owns an old car by choice isn't going to want to get rid of it.
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    I’ve been thinking about your problem a bit more. I’d be inclined to stick a vacuum gauge on it first now that I have thought a bit more. It is a very accurate way to diagnose and often over looked. Here is a chart to help you with diagnosis.
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    Managed to get the XB drving today. Only in and out the shed, but, under her own steam. At least the FMX still works. Got the console in, seats back in, carpet 'modified' to suit the hump, and topped up the trans. Now have the rebuild the carby, as it's old, and pissing fuel all over creation.! One more thing on the to-do list. Got her booked in for a 3 inch exhaust next Friday... mmmm ...noisy.
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    Just had the engineer inspect the building prior to repairs. He's going to try and keep all activities external but there's a chance I have to move the blue rover at least so they can prop up what's left of the wall. If that happens, I'm sending them a bill for time taken and lost in the process.
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    Found time this weekend to remove the Cleveland and rest fit the boss engine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    These tyres will probably be to big , I will go back to a 255 tyres I think , this is with 275/60/15 .. Eventually these will be my main wheels , once I get two rims for the front to paint. Cars going pretty well , has a slight miss in cylinder 3 , but the more I drive it the better it gets , might be a stuck ring or leaky valve .. not bad for a $80 engine that's in it ATM ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So I basically drove it for a little bit without changing much except for adding a stereo hidden in the glove box, flicking the hub caps off and adding some roller rockers, I had alot of fun with it like that and went to heaps of events but Easter 2011 I went to the Geelong street rod nationals, I had it on the dyno, it made 233 rwhp and i also had it in the go to woah and came 10th overall (go to woah is a 100-200 standing start timed event where you stand on it from the start line and have to stop the front tyres on an inch wide line at the end of the track) But on the way home the well abused 351 dropped a valve so I built another 351 (The first of a few times) using mostly old or second hand parts, it was essentially the same combo as the old engine (I even re used the same cam) but this time I added a torque power dual plane air gap intake (engine with black rocker covers), that engine lasted a few years but I shouldn't have re used that block in the first place, it was .060" up when it got it and had corrugated bores, this met it's death in a storm on the way home from bright rod run one year I got a stick through the radiator and the stock cuzzo temp gauge wasn't worth it's hole in the dash, by the time i'd realised it was cooked it was too late. So then I did some horse trading and for myself another 351 long motor, I won't go though all the details but basically I picked the engine up on a Wednesday, stripped it that night, had it hot tanked on Thursday re assembled it to a long motor on Thursday night put it in the cuzzo Friday night, ran the cam in at about 11pm Friday night and then had the car at heathcote Saturday for the marsh rodders drag day and ran a 13.6 (this is the engine that was still in the car when I pulled the car off the road 80,000ks of abuse later) with the car so the last sting of pics will be this whirlwind rebuild To be continued
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    So continuing on, mum had the cuzzo for about 6 months and one day the very tired 302 (it had never been rebuilt in its life and in the first 6 months she owned it she put 15,000 miles on it) gave up the ghost, turns out it stripped the dizzy drive gear off the cam, so dad and myself pulled the 302 out and built up a 351 for it, it was .030" up had a pair of closed chamber 2v's with the chambers opened up to give it 10:1 comp, it got a comp 268h cam which is and rv (motorhome) grind, edelbrock performer intake, edelbrock 600 cfm carb, electronic dizzy and stock exhaust manifolds breathing through the twin 2" with flowmasters the car already had. Then it stayed like that for a while until mum blew up the stock diff at heathcote, so dad and i narrowed a f100 9", we used the ends off of an ed diff and used two short ed axles and ed rear brakes and put a 3.5:1 28 spline lsd center. And that's how the car stayed until I turned 21, mum was wanting a cuzzo wagon so she sold me the star model, on the 20th of August 2010 the car became mine and i drove the wheels off it. To be continued
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    interested in hearing more.. pretty sure My chiro suggested i shouldn't be sitting on the edge of My seat in anticipation for long
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    Classic Aussie movie "Two Hands" was on Foxtel today, what time did it start...? 3:51.
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    so where to begin(READ BETWEEN THE PICS) .. with CARNAGE... i didn't chat to Scotty in the TURBOTAXI (of streetmachine) at that moment, but ended up with him behind Me in the queue for signing in, so chatted for about 15mins there, Scotty also owned a Diesel Gemini early on.. he was interested in the wagon although didn't get to check it out.. also caught up with him in the pits after his first run he said the trans slipped on take off, and he went up the road and got fluid and was adding fluid just before i left.. 12.9 he ran first up.. very approachable guy, worth a chat if you catch up with him. took a pic before i left... in case it came back different... made it to the front gate, engine didn't like idling for a long time in the queue to get in.. got warm and actually stalled in the car park.. and wouldn't restart at that moment did start once cooled, and proceeded to scrutineering and passed that no issues , caught up with Mark (extremekarts) while i was parked there and he was in the queue to scruteneering also.. didn't stay together in the staging lanes, ended up driving the car up rather than pushing.. (why don't they have travelator in the ground and hook into the tow point... or down hill staging lanes to roll the car down) anyway, decided seeing the car started and ran fine after sitting 25mins odd, it might get a run in(risk being towed off the track was worth it.. not sure if coil was hot or fuel issue or the plugs fouled from idling so long? will be trying to replicate it and check with multimeter on coil and fuel pump if possible... (had multimeter with me but packed "securely" for racing.. no unsecured crap allowed in the car) two runs almost identical times, that was with the air cleaner flipped on first run, and on normally for the other run. so.. why did i stop after 2 runs.. it wasn't going to get any quicker in My opinion.. i did the rookie mistake and staged on the back wheels because i didn't know where the start line was on the first run... had to back up again and re stage.. it HOOKED HARD and bogged down even on take off, surprising how much grip the Warmed up semi slicks had.. reaction time was a bit Meh, i was totally flustered at the line after a gemracing(business) guy(son of owner) was chatting to Me just before the burnout area. it was a bit overwhelming worrying about.. if it stalls or conks out again or doing something else wrong..(also got told off for not having My helmet on 3 cars before i got to him.. where's the sign, put helmet on HERE... or website for newbies) so pretty much ran it as hard as i consider it goes, no tacho to know what it's doing, but where it feels right. the second run i concentrated on cutting a better light, even though they said via Facebook PM that the time still will be recorded even on a red light.. i launched it with the intention of not breaking something from hooking up too hard(did a lesser burnout even) 2nd run felt same as first and the time reflected this.. but as i pulled up to the window to get my time card, i could hear a "new noise" and figured i'd go to the pits to sus it out. i pulled up in the pits, drove passed Scotty Under turbo taxi and wandered over once i ruled out racing after the NEW NOISE was worse with revs, and also had a vibration.. not good? loose flywheel bolts, clutch bolts? (i did loctite them) broken valve spring? no idea.. sounded possibly from timing area but vibration was more from gearbox area... while there i did check it was getting full throttle,as i remember it seemed to go better before... hmm Manifold porting...what else did i change, ignition timing.. what it does now power wise is cruises at 80kmh with what seems like 1mm of accelerator pedal pressed.. i was looking forward to doing an economy run on the way home.. but once moving, didn't want to stop at any cost. (had about 10sets of lights to deal with though) i drove it home 60kms because NO FUCKS GIVEN.. plus i hate waiting for tow trucks.. the vibration started just above 80kmh(about 2000rpm at a guess) so that was the max speed all the way home.. made it, even through the tunnel, didn't seem much affected with more throttle as long as the revs were low.. did seem to run on 4cyls all the way also.. sus it out soon.. rocker cover off first, because that's the easiest. then decide if gearbox comes off after that.. might be the opportunity for 2.6 litre upgrade? hmmm powerrrrrrr.. their website and signage could be greatly improved.. it's like "do what everyone else is doing and you'll be fine" definitely not what i'd call up to date with procedures manuals.. infact, its exactly the same as i remember 20yrs ago Anyway.. if you got through that Well done! you are now qualified to fill out the forms at Calder park raceway.. (had a lot of crap to read.. yeah, legal crap) demo mode sucks, needs a switch on the back of the deck then.
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    Did some searching and found a couple of pics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pretty happy with the results!
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    So SLY250 did a thing... Won 6cyl drag 1/8th event @ Wilby on the weekend. Raced on radials and 98 pump fuel too. Car was off pace but consistant and tbh would of came 2nd over all in V8 boosted final even. New suspension tweaks have it leaving like a bullet.
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    Spent Sunday at the folks place helping dad do a trial fit of the coyote in the wagon First time was a no go, we had to pull the exhaust off and take the rack out but after the third go it was resting in there but the firewall will have to be recessed so the sump clears the steering rack it will only need to be a couple of inches and another new trans tunnel made as well as engine mounts
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    I like how read a post over there and got back 2 weeks later to have a look and the post has only moved down the list 3 places. The other classic is the newbies joining up and replaying to a for sale post from 2012 saying "Is this still available!"
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    now the tyres .. that changed the whole look of the car - from rust bucket - to zombie bad ass killer Old 31s vs 33s
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    Procharged efi using Jenvey itb's is mt tip. Perhaps cpp and a megasquirt...
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    The second die ready for a test run. As you can see I've set this one up as the true form with a curved profile to match the original guard.
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