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    well, was damn cold this morning.. no choke.. pain in the ass, might be worse after tuning because it was rich at idle. i learned a LOT today again, i'll try go through it all with you.. @CHESTNUTXE this guy used to race... says for blending fuel AVGAS and 98petrol 50/50 mix.. gemini fuel, 98. when i arrived, it was put on the rollers and a GOOD GOING OVER(to make sure nothing would catch fire, fall off, etc.. blow up even) first run on the dyno, idling was rich and too fast, even when warm(i set it, it had been the best i'd heard it idle) it soon leaned out on the secondary .. carb off to fix an issue i spotted (secondary throttle stop screw) had the valve lash adjusted by him(simple 15min job on the gemini) 12thou on inlet and exhaust is his preference.(hot setting) some were tighter and 2 were very loose. (crow suggests 8thou on the inlet, so does the gregorys manual,12thou for exhaust) checking spark was sufficient, he didn't like the weak spark, and went looking for ways to improve it. ended up hammering the rotor button brass tip to make it closer to the poles inside the dizzy cap. he wanted better spark to widen the plug gap-(which he didn't do.. suggested getting a GT40R coil) with the carby off, the secondary throttle stop was checked, maybe set a smidge less, it was close enough, but the primary butterfly was not centered PERFECTLY in the throat, holding it from going perfectly back to stop, idle jets were swapped left to right because it was idling rich, and the primary was bigger than the secondary(sedondary idle jet is used so you don't get a flat spot as the secondary opens up before it goes to main jet... needle and seat was sus, and was swapped for a second hand one, float level reset because he believed it to be too low. the jets were already soldered and drilled.. they were measured with a set of jet measuring tools, 140 each ish he ran a 144 drill through the primary to be sure with the knowledge that the idle jet being smaller will even it out. the secondary was opened up from 140 to 149(thats 1.49mm) remember there was a home made jet thing, he didn't think it needed to be there "restricting this port" so that went in the bin. the secondary venturi was a loose fit, so that was hammered a bit to make it a tight seal to function correctly.. carby refitted, idle re adjusted, base timing was bumped up from 14(he bumped it up from 12 i had bumped it up from 10ish earlier) to now about 19deg, off we go idle, perfect, mixtures good on primary, transition to secondary now fine he revved it to 5500 for 70rwkw which isn't bad considering i've seen a carby 4.1 XF make 75kw before so.. jobs done. the carby has an issue with the accelerator pump valve, it's one way action isn't working as it should and sends some fuel back into the bowl.. works good enough for now. no choke.. new that, should be able to live with it ? maybe.. rest of the carby is worn, but working fine. My air cleaner mod he thinks is fine. (stock housing to fit the weber) says even the tiny inlet on it isn't a restriction as V8 holden ones weren't much bigger if at all.(tuning was done with air cleaner housing removed, for access to things) in this tuning, he did go through all the hoses for pollution, check even the fuel cap one way valve was working. how the charcoal canister equiv works on a gemini and countless other things. (he talks way way too much) basically i paid for tuition on extra time.. but i think it's worth it. so when is the next calder session? could be Friday.. i still need to sort out things.. plus it's likely to rain that day.. maybe next month..
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    Well the dyno day didn't start very well. Gearbox decided to say enough as I was about to load it into the trailer. Snappy gearbox change by myself on jack stands in the shed. 2.5 hours start to finish. Not bad for an old fella. I'm lucky Cliff @ Hunter is a top bloke and he was happy to wait, gave him more time on the skyline he was tuning. Anyway, covered in crap and slightly stuffed the car hit the dyno. Wasn't able to improve on the figures from the other day as the carb we were using had a fart. Tried several other carbs and metering blocks. Swapped fuel pumps out and tried a few other things and eventually ended up back where we were. Now your not going to like this, but I didn't get any video of the runs. 1000 apologies. I was just to flat. I know that sounds lame but it's the truth. Cliff just drives the dyno and I do all the work on jets, carb swaps etc. etc. it doesn't leave much time for video and with the issues we were experiencing I was busy watching gauges and stuff during the runs. There is still stuff I want to try and there will be another dyno session so I'll try and redeem myself then. At the moment there is still a growing list of things to do to no.5 before Saturday the 19th. I will get in car footage from that meeting. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Spotted this sexy thing in Shepparton this morning, very nice [emoji1305]
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    Is this Victorias most umolested Xf ute? One owner from new ex mechanic 445,000kms never stacked original block rebuilt 100,000 kms ago. Stored inside but that goes without sayin@ Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    Went to the shop for bread... donuts may have followed me home...
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    UPDATE TIME: Best time is 15.971, thats full tank of fuel, spare tyre and jack plus sub and amp. Will go into the 13's on the bottle. Easily capable of 14's but need a decent diff ratio (like 3.45 from an XR6 or XR8 manual) engine rebuilt plus the box 115,000 km's in 2 years, now has 400k on the clock, still goes good and sounds good and maintains its oil pressure. Iv towed with it and its MINT. no fucks given, doesnt overheat or get hot and can still get decent fuel economy, one of the good things about the injected V8's Will update again with some pics as iv changed the whole car, only some know how much its changed etc.
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    Because I know you all love a video - here is the fire up video. Please excuse the course language at the end. I was a tad excited to hear her run again. I tried to edit it out but I'm not skilled enough for that. I must also acknowledge Cam for his great work on the cylinder head. Without his work we wouldn't be making these numbers. Anyway enjoy the vid. I'll make sure I get a vid of her run on the dyno on the 12th.
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    Horses for courses really... If modding something using your own ideas, at minimal cost and engineering floats your boat, so be it. Some people are dirt-poor, or are in such a hurry to get it on the road, or simply can't get the part they need, they need to think quickly and invent shit to get the job done. I got home with a screw jack holding up my engine after breaking a mount. I built my own mufflers using the casings off 4 cat converters. Another time I cut up a Scania heater cable to make a throttle cable to get me home. I made my own dipstick out of a banjo fitting, a piece of windscreen wiper backing and a drilled-out sump plug bolt. This is how you learn shit. Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
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    Did not do anywhere near as much driving as i'd have liked to. had to go to the shed and pull 4x4's apart, doing a rodeo up as a farm rig and it's got issues with it's RH Front CV Axle. though i had spares but turns out the older Jackaroo driveline had thicker axles, Ended up wasting most the arvo chasing that.... Moving on. Couple of piccys for what ails ya. Finished the fuel level sensing circuit: New head: Going on If anyone cares, The thermostat mod (4 holes) so it works properly with electric water pump and some brackets and what not for fitting the flex fuel.
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    Sat the bumperettes on there and they look cool. Ill wait until the tail gates on there before I sqaure them up Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Today took out spring saddle on drivers side... for the third time... lol !!!!!!!!Now Im not being silly here. I would advise people with those roller spring saddles from open tracker to check for binding on the left side of the upper arm from the bearing housing... it's in a spot not easily seen and will affect the tilt of the spring perch if it binds here!!!!!!!! Have done the drivers side, mod is simple... car will not outlive the sealed roller bearing... so ground down the outer bearing casing on the perch and left a small lip all the way around. Now have clearance... once get it all done... better be good..... hehe. Tomorrow do other side as well... Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
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    Yeah that's for a TD42 with a cast manifold. Cheap as chips if you make it in China. That doesn't include injector pump mods which are not cheap and everything else needed to get it running. You can still do turbo xflow pretty cheaply if you're willing to do some reading. If you're going blow through you'll need to get a Holley 4 barrel DP and mod it to suit. There's a step by step on this site for how to mod a 4 barrel DP for boost : http://www.hangar18fabrication.com/blowthru.html or buy a ready made blow through carb. You'd also need a carb hat. You'll need an efi fuel pump and a malpassi or similar boost referenced FPR. So a Walbro gss342 is about $120, a reg about the same, you already have an MSD 6AL2 programmable, all you need to get is a GM 2 bar MAP sensor and rescale your ignition map. An Ebay XR6T GT3582r knockoff is about $400. Intercoolers are cheap, piping is cheap. You then need to run oil and water feed lines. I dare say an off the shelf ebay xr6 dump pipe will fit or be easily modded to fit and a 3" exhaust. If you are handy with a welder this is all very cheap to do. With mufflers you could do it for a few hundred. As for the turbo manifold, I can give you a file to have a header flange laser cut probably around $50, you can get a t3 flange from MTQ for about $30 with a gasket. All the steam pipe 1 1/4 " bends and straight are cheap. Having it made in Aus the price is all in the labour. A 6-1 merge collector manifold is far more labour intensive than a log, hence why you pay well over 1k for a 6 cylinder 6boost manifold. Add a couple of hundred for ceramic coating and that's where the dollars are. You can still make a decent log though if it's well thought out, like reducing pulse interference by having a split pulse flange and going 6-2. Then there's your cam which would need to be changed. I'd say you'd be able to do it for 5k including tuning, way less if you can do most of it yourself. I can make a manifold for you if you go that way or offer advice if you diy. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
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    Bah ha haha........ that last pic looks like me, after the wife's been away for 2 weeks.
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    Some interesting comments there deandx. Has he ever tried a four barrel east wested? Gerg - once again you are all over it. Undefeated - I've done self tuning efi, albeit with the crude MSD (a Holley Brand) Atomic system. I swore I'd never do another one as the 'self learning' in that system was pure garbage. The algorithms they had were way off for the i6. Yes things may have improved, particularly with the Holley sniper ecu as a trained user can get in there and change parameters. But realistically why would you bother with the expense. It amazes me that people would happily lay down $1500+ dollars on a 'self learning' ecu but they wouldn't spend $450 for 2 hours of dyno tuning by a competent operator. Its just mental to me. I recently sent my customer to Zoran @ Zox performance in Brissy to have the tune cleaned up because I couldn't make it down there for some time. He paid $450 for the dyno time and he agrees that it's the best money he has ever spent. Zoran only had to go down 1 jet size from base but was able to trim the ignition curve etc etc. The car is now a jet and won't need to be touched. But hey - if you want to do it - do it. I'm just offering my experience and advice. The choice is yours.
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    Went to check the mail and the JEGS fairy had been!!!!!! Those tie rod sleeves from Globalwest arrived and they fit perfect and look soooo much better than sleeves and clamps. I was just fixing step to house so will do the steering stuff soon.... I hope. New hottness.... Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
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    Fit thermo fans. = 20 HP Fit salad bowl = 5 HP only 75 to go. Still got $9,950 bucks....
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    There is no secret to making money........do an honest days work, and get paid. Stop messing with the car, keep it reliable and drive it. The more you modify it from standard, the more problems you will create.
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    Dust/Fire/Thunder storm....... Trifecta! And a step in the right direction.... Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
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    From May 23rd (if they don't delay it again) you'll be able to save yourself a phone call and go to the Repco website and find your own parts (if that's something you desire) Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    anyone that hasn't seen it ... MUST it's also what Grand Theft auto Vice City (PS2 game) was based loosely on in some stages of the game
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    Bit going on still .... New engine coming soon .. cars not going ATM as I had a drama with a rod that decided to bend and eject its self out the sump .. after searching for a decent replacement decided stuff it and just get the good engine done .. Not sure why the other engine let go .. but after pulling the head off and seing how far the valves were pulled into the head it was a surprise it ran at all .. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bunch of sales reps on a work forum are reminiscening about old cars, apparently the Gemini was a favourite among a fair few Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Yes Gerg - it still gives me a tingle. Even tho this was basically just a top end upgrade of an old engine it's still rewarding. Deankdx - I promise I'll get vids from the dyno. Dyno is booked in for Saturday the 12@ 10am. It does sound very animal on the pump. Poor little 350 Holley is trying to swallow the world. Chestnut - yeah mate 260@ 6040 with more to come. That's full race trim. Air cleaner on - alternator on and taking load as the fans were on. I'm more impressed with how it carries the power. It has over 240 from 5000 through to 6400. That's the stuff that matters at the track. At practice the car was taking a set and I was back on the gas and before the apex I was at 5000rpm. That's the stuff that makes for really fast lap times. Using your grunt to pull you off the corner and accelerate down the straight. We were actually pulling 7400rpm (on recall) peak at practice. With tacho error that's actually 7100rpm but still up there. We may need to look at altering gearing now as this new package pulls like a train. Im going over the rear end at the moment. All new bearings in the full floater as I noticed a bit of movement in the rears when she was on the dyno with radials. She is also getting 2 fresh rear shocks and the shackles are all getting pulled as there is signs of bind. Should be a good year. Time to give it to those late model injected cars in the old cart spring XD
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    Well the season starts on the 19th of May and I have been flat out getting the old XD ready to race. Went to fit THOR Jnr (the last head in the x flow porting results thread) but found out that we were going to have piston to valance issues. Hmm No biggy. I had the steel valve head ready to go for Brenton's roller cam engine and it gave me the vital ptv I needed. It flowed within 3 cfm of THOR junior until .500" where it stayed at 210 cfm. No biggy as the visually standard manifold can only flow 210. Anyway fitted the steel valve head and a new exhaust system and headed to the dyno for some baseline tuning of poor old faithful. When I had the head off there was still evidence of cross hatching in the bores so she still has a bit of life left in her. Pretty damn happy with the baseline results, especially considering its made through a visually standard manifold and 350 Holley Venturi on a pretty tired motor. Yes it's on methanol but at only 12:1 compression it would probably make more on petrol. Heading back to the dyno on the 12th to trim the fuel and add a bit of timing (currently only running 28) and see if we can improve on 260rwhp. I'm confident there is a bit more in her. I've included the afr reading on the dyno sheet so you can see it's not a 'Hollywood run'. I use Hunter Automotive's dyno as it is independent and known locally as 'The Heart Breaker'. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I've got a lot of people who Haven't seen the ute in person asking me what the colour actually looks like. this is as close as you will get from a photo, although the metallic doesn't look quite as heavy in person. these photos where taken the day after i got it back just havent got around to posting them yet. Also put a headlight in it today, both would be in but I didnt paint enough bolts to do both. Fuel tank and filler have also been painted and just waiting on few parts to keep progressing Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    The model hot rod shop is still kicking .. with a little time off I've still had busy hands (because I can't seem to be able to just sit on the couch) Made a shed/out house (haven't decided yet) a tool box for the tow rod and a shop wouldn't be complete without an engine hoist.... yes the arm goes up and down[emoji6]
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    Yeah man getting ichy now haha Yeah man she cant wait! Shes a tough little cooky, She is even keen to race the Mt Morgan Hill Sprint So another quick update! I ended up scraping the diff (keeping the center and good bits off it) and getting this EL XR8 diff installed thanks to one of our sponsors Hillbilly Hotrods for donating it to us. Our Main Sponsor Bursons Auto Parts donated diff oil and brake pads. They also supplied us the sponsor sticker kit. Caint wait to get her all sticker-ed up! Ordered up some new goodies to replace the broken and to make the car heaps safer! Put a new lower control arm on the passenger side to match the new right hand one. New XR8 diff in!
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    Those snags would taste like crap [emoji23]
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    What about snowflakes ? 235 front and 255 rear Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You'll have to pull then out and pop the glass off the front. Clean the glass using normal glass cleaning techniques. Be careful cleaning the reflector. Use a soft cloth as it will mark easily.
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    Makes sense you bought vegetarian.. you drive a Gemini [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Further Update: grew up in the States and have family there so im all sorted now..got a good deal! 2 barrel sniper master kit is sorted and on way.. I will do a thread on OZfalcon to show it’s fit up. I could have gone the 4 barrel version, but for what I’m doing there’s no point.. the flow is around 500cfm from a 2 barrel Sniper and I suspect it may atomise better on a mild 4.0 or 4.1. im keeping the Redline Tourqer manifold for the moment to compare against others at a latter date.
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    Finally got a manual box for it Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Anyway things escalated recently, had some good mates take some time to help and my old man did a bit of work on it too recently (ive had some surgery recently so been very minimal to zero car work) and fucking BOOM its going now, running 6psi going like a champ, bit more tuning to do still I've skipped a bunch of stuff that happened last year, I may fill in the gaps later when i get a chance Still needs some tidying up here and there but its a little bit better than before Dan
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    Grinds my gears when i go to either woolies or coles to do shopping & everytime i use the calculator on my phone to have an "exact" price on the shopping bill but once i get to the counter an it all goes through it ends up being way more expensive than what the shelf is advertising
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    ACCC confirms Coles petrol is the most expensive petrol seller in Australia. Really? What a complete surprise! </sarcasm> http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-13/drivers-urged-to-shop-around-on-petrol-prices/9756402
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    it was .480 lift i think(needed better valve springs, but any cam probably would) no idea what it was.. voodoo cam from gas research as for dino sheet i've never had one, might have got one on the dyno day but i'd wasn't worth framing? i may have gave it to the buyer of the car.
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    . Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    You'll be there with one of my customers little 2 barrel crossy. You better get yours sorted. Don't want to get beaten by a small (.510" lift) 2 barrel xflow. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    see how wide the band is on this one? It’s an 85amp off an xf. The band is twice as wide as a 35amp alternator [emoji1303]
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    Funny, you could build 36 fazillion engines but you always get a buzz when each one fires for the first time Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
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    We got a wheel alignment done by Fulcrum on the weekend and found the car is still quite straight after Mels crash which is fantastic news. Fulcrum also looked after us and gave us a huge discount on wheel alignments so they are basically out 5th sponsor. Thanks Pete at Fulcrum Rockhampton!
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    . Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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