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  1. SPArKy_Dave

    Sunroof Help!

    All sunroof's were supplied by Hollandia. Some factory fitted, others dealer fitted, and occasionally aftermarket fitted also.
  2. SPArKy_Dave

    WARNING - Ultra King shock absorbers = DANGER!

    I wonder how their x-series valving, compares to others? Are they gas or hydraulic? What colour are they painted? From my research, here are some brands which do x-series front shocks - Monroe (Repco?) Koni Bilstein Pedders Gabriel Sachs KYB UltraKing Ultima (same as ultraking?) The following brands, do proper actual shortened/short-stroke x-series front shocks - Koni Gabriel Pedders If anyone has others, please add to the list.
  3. SPArKy_Dave

    WARNING - Ultra King shock absorbers = DANGER!

    You spelt 'Bilstein' wrong.
  4. Beware of the Ultra King brand shock absorber's for our x-series falcons. There are multiple reports, of them randomly shearing off the lower mounting plate - (dodgy manufacturing?)
  5. SPArKy_Dave

    whistly / wheezy sound ef falcon

    Pretty close to this, but more mechanical sounding -
  6. SPArKy_Dave


    It's a relay coil negative wire, that's being shorted to ground somewhere The positive wire is powered permanently when ignition is on, and the negative is switched (by the ECU normally).
  7. SPArKy_Dave

    Xf Ute

    I have an XF nissan ute. They use the same VIN number configuration, as the normal XF Ford utes. (ie, JL40xxxxxxxC)
  8. SPArKy_Dave


    If you unplugged the ECU and the fans still run, start looking at either a stuck relay for the low speed circuit, or an external influence. The ECU thermo-fan outputs, are ground side switched. ie, the ECU connects the relay coil wires to earth/body/battery negative, to complete the circuit. Therefore the external influence, means the low speed relay coil wire, has a short to ground (ie, battery negative), somewhere between the relay box, and the ECU. Should be fairly easy to locate, as both are on the same side of the engine bay.
  9. SPArKy_Dave


    Is the engine bay wiring loom, EF or EL? I would still start by unplugging the ECU, and see what the fans do.
  10. SPArKy_Dave


    AC needs to be on, with high blower motor speed - speed 7 or higher from memory, in climate control dashes?
  11. SPArKy_Dave

    Xf Ute

    An NZ XF ute? They don't make sense for Australia
  12. SPArKy_Dave


    Tell me more, and I can help. It's a simple system. Not much to go wrong at all.
  13. SPArKy_Dave


    Has the vehicle been converted from Auto to Manual? Are you running a J3 Chip? Why are you running an EF BCM, in an EL Falcon?
  14. SPArKy_Dave


    This is a wiring diagram, showing how EL thermo's are connected. EL Falcon Thermatic Fan Wiring.pdf The ECU has two thermo outputs - High and Low When the LOW output is energised, BOTH Fans run on low When the HIGH output is energised, only Fan 2 runs High speed When both HIGH and LOW outputs are energised together, BOTH Fans run High Speed Your Low output thermofan relay is being continuously energised, either by the ECU output, or by some other means. That is where you need to start looking. Start by Unplugging just the ECU, turn the key to ignition, and see if the thermo's run or not. That will tell you, if it's an ECU based issue (ECU plug wiring, internal or external sensor) OR If it's more likely a wiring issue in the engine bay.
  15. SPArKy_Dave


    Are the fans running Half speed, one full or both full speed, etc? Have you checked for thermo relay fault codes? If it's an EL ECU, and auto trans, have you done the diag mode thermo-fan speed/relay check? Neutral to drive once = one high Neutral to drive again = both low, Neutral to drive a third time = both high Cycle repeats (note, EF ECU only does all on and all off with above check) If you unplug the coolant temp sensor, the dash gauge will show full hot, and the fans will run flat out. If the dash temp gauge reads accurate, the sensor is good, and hence won't be affecting the fans. If you turn the A/C on, at high blower motor speed, this will force the thermo fans full speed also.