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  1. Should buy it back for cheap, then re-sell again for $3k. edit - anyone want to go halves?
  2. Oh yeah, the screens.... I'm getting some made regardless. I dunno how Route66 is doing the club thing, with no AGM? From your description, it's too far in the opposite direction. I know we've lost a few off that list, to MOSC, and/or Route66. People go where it's cheap, anything goes and there are no obligations.
  3. I really want to try building a parts washer, using an old dishwasher or something, and see what happens.
  4. Another (finer) detail?
  5. The old Kinglake Club, or whatever they're called? If you want to switch, I can set you up with CPS under OzFalcon... Find out if you'd need a RWC to switch clubs. That's one thing I'm not sure about, but I don't think you do.
  6. That's our old mate Fast Bunny whatshisname...
  7. If you guys were to buy a Territory... What would be your expectations? With no cost restriction, what model variant would you choose, and why?
  8. Gonna run straight gas?
  9. At least you know, it can't hide any dirt!
  10. I've got several higher km OHC's, still on the original head gasket. And several lower km OHC's, which have blown head gaskets. All around the ED-EL era. Definitely nothing with MLS gaskets.
  11. Those wheels look bigger than 12's.
  12. Do you have a pic of what they look like?
  13. What hubcaps, do you have for yours? Are they the proper ones?
  14. 3 mufflers is usually Resonator, then Tri-flow, then another resonator right at the back. I don't mind the Jellybeans actually. Makes the car look straight out of the 80's. The extra amount of tyre sidewall, is what makes the biggest difference IMO. The car looks lower with them too! I'd quite like to see either an actual pic, (or a photoshop), of original style wheels (12 or 13's) and hubcaps. I've heard that perished steering rack rubber mounts can cause that steering wobble? The nos parts guy I know, has some NOS Escort front grilles, and heaps of original genuine suspension rubber componentry for these. (incl NOS steering rack mount bushes)