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  1. I'd be interested to know if the OEM factory thermostats had a jiggle pin in them - like your bypass holes. I know with e-series, the originals (Made in England by Waxstat) had a jiggle pin, but the 'genuine' Ford stats available now, do not have a bypass hole of any sort. Never trust thermostats these days... I've tested a few aftermarket brands, in a pan on the stove. Their tolerances in both opening temps, and physical operation, are quite varied - even with several of the same specs from the same brand. Interestingly, I too had a funny issue with some QFM pads a few yrs ago. They had some funny extra pins on the backing plate, which stopped them from fitting. In my case, QFM sent out replacements without any fuss. They used to be Australian made, but I think they're made in Thailand, Malaysia or similar, now.
  2. Dunno about 25th Anniversary XF's specifically... but the ESP bilstein shock absorbers were an option for any model in the XF range - listed as 'performance suspension pack' or similar.
  3. Earlier F-trucks also had left hand thread wheel nuts on one side.
  4. Left hand side, left hand thread.
  5. It's had a repair to the rear, looking at the pics. Still looks good though!
  6. More caster is better for turn-in I believe. Why not invest in some turn-plates, and one of those DIY alignment Camber/caster laser level things? The alignment on my XG Panelvan, was stuffed up by the tyre shop who touched it last - some 8yrs ago. That's the main reason I bought myself an alignment machine... In my case, they gave it toe out, instead of tow in, and didn't even pick up their error on the test drive! I knew it was up the creek, soon as I drove out of their driveway after paying, but I wasn't going back there, as they damaged my stainless steel trim rings too... by prying them off with a screwdriver - from the inside edge!
  7. I hope the bloke in WA, puts the other SVO (SVO-01) back on the road one day.
  8. If the capacitors in the ECU have never been replaced, they will very likely need doing, as they have a 10yr 'rated' life. I'd still get the ECU bench tested by Cooldrive/Logicar, or equivalent repair place, as bad capacitors will cause oddball running faults.
  9. AC clutch pulley bearing?
  10. Certainly for LPG!
  11. Can you remember what cam it had? I'd be interested to know the torque levels, and see what the dyno sheet showed.
  12. Just sent you a PM dude.
  13. Those speakers need a BASS jam. This seems appropriate...
  14. Whatever would we do, without those newfangled picture taking boxes. Smile...