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  1. SPArKy_Dave

    Official Ford OIL specifications

    Mainly US and EU spec's I believe, but some may apply to Australian Vehicles? https://www.oilspecifications.org/ford.php?fbclid=IwAR2oDSFk-zD91i47yM0ygo7nm1xE22BZU9t7l63wBeXTHVlqr0Zoc5Oi3hk
  2. SPArKy_Dave

    Ute Canopies

    XH utes got given a domed roof, to increase vehicle head-room inside the cab. I believe there is a difference.
  3. SPArKy_Dave

    Welsh plug size XF

    Just a quick bump to THIS thread... For anyone wanting the Crossflow 1-3/4 welsh plugs - Premier Engine Components (Nasons), makes a full (Australian Made) brass welsh plug kit with x5 1-3/4 plus x2 2-1/16 and x1 tiny 7/16 plug - part no. WPEK971 OR they also have the 1-3/4 cup welsh plugs by the bag of x10 - part no. BC1034 (brass), PMSC1034 (steel), SSC1034 (stainless steel) https://premiermachinery.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/premier-welch-plugs.pdf Precision Engine Parts sells brass welsh plugs individually, but not sure on the brand. Part numbers as follows - 7/16 - CP0010 1-1/2 - CP0250 1-3/4 - CP0320 2-1/16 - CP0450 https://precisionintl.com/v/ford-australia-falcon-xf-4-1-1986-1993-petrol-ute/c/100000-standard/106000-cooling-fuel-oil-systems/106169-core-plugs Merry Christmas.
  4. You begin the spark early - BTDC (before top dead center). How early is based on fuel type (petrol/LPG flame propagation time) engine rpm, combustion chamber and piston design. So we light the fuse early, the flame spreads for a while, and by the time peak cylinder pressure occurs, your crank is around 12 ATDC (after top dead center). If peak pressure occurred any earlier than that, it would be like a sledgehammer driving the rod into the crank straight down. By peaking after TDC, the rod acts like a lever instead of a railroad spike.
  5. SPArKy_Dave

    EF high beam problems

    From memory, those E-series under-bonnet relays are used even on B-series and FG's etc. Good work, isolating the problem. Easy fixes are always the best!
  6. SPArKy_Dave

    EF high beam problems

    Could always be dodgy relay contacts? See if you can track down, where the noise is coming from. Yes it's Ford specific, and not available aftermarket, that I've ever seen.
  7. SPArKy_Dave

    EF high beam problems

    It's an auto-reset circuit breaker - usually a 30A rating. Uncommon, but they CAN get corrosion internally, which trips the circuit when it shouldn't.
  8. SPArKy_Dave

    Speedo Sender Drive Gear INFO

    Here's some more JEEP info for you - the 80's/90's glovebox locks, are the same as XD-XH, except colour-coded to the Jeep interiors.
  9. SPArKy_Dave

    show us your BEAM(headlight, not Jim Beam)

    Re-ordered for clarity - SPOT BEAM comparison
  10. SPArKy_Dave

    show us your BEAM(headlight, not Jim Beam)

    Re-ordered for Clarity - HIGH BEAM comparison
  11. SPArKy_Dave

    show us your BEAM(headlight, not Jim Beam)

    Re-ordered for clarity - LOW BEAM comparison
  12. SPArKy_Dave

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    The aftermarket ones look like they're not stamped correctly -
  13. SPArKy_Dave

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    In my experience, the aftermarket spring coils are often cut a bit short - ie, they don't leave a small straight section of coil, to match up to the saddle tab - as the factory springs do. Some coil spring brands, are worse than others. There's also a difference, between the Australian OEM style spring saddle tabs, (separate spot-welded tab) and the USA Mustang style saddle tabs (integral with saddle tab) 99% of the aftermarket Falcon spring saddles, are the Mustang type - as per yours.
  14. SPArKy_Dave

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    The spring coil, doesn't have the correct end cut, for Falcon spring saddles - see how it's missed the saddle stop tab? That is a problem.
  15. SPArKy_Dave

    show us your BEAM(headlight, not Jim Beam)

    Fun fact - XD headlights were made by Bosch aftermarket lenses made by SAP XE headlights were made by Hella aftermarket lights AND lenses, made by SAP and TYC XF/XG headlights were made by Lucas aftermarket lenses made by SAP, TYC and DEPO/Lucid aftermarket lights made by TYC and DEPO/Lucid