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  1. SPArKy_Dave

    Boot harness very urgent

    I thought he was talking about the harness, in the boot lid itself?
  2. SPArKy_Dave

    Boot harness very urgent

    Those questions might be better answered if you go to a wreckers and suss out the various models in person. I can't think of any real differences. They'll only have number plate and boot lock actuator wiring I think?
  3. SPArKy_Dave

    Tis broken

    Also, can you take a pic of the upper and lower radiator hoses for me? Specifically where they connect to the engine and to the radiator.
  4. SPArKy_Dave

    Tis broken

    The fuel regulator is the canister looking thing, at the end of the fuel rail, up at the firewall. It has a vacuum line running into the top of it. The map sensor, is a rectangular plastic box thingy, with a plug and vacuum line. It lives just under the edge of the radiator coolant tank, also up near the firewall.
  5. SPArKy_Dave

    Tis broken

    Check fuel pump, fuel regulator and/or Map sensor.
  6. SPArKy_Dave

    Replacement radiator for XF

    Yes, I know the radiator suppliers... I've replied in your main thread.
  7. SPArKy_Dave

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    The wheels, I really like though! edit - what about doing the van, in a rat-rod theme? satin black, widened red Lotus Cortina GT steel wheels/stock dog dish hub caps/whitewalls, and some cool 50's pinstriping and business logo writing on the sides in bronze/gold/silver?
  8. SPArKy_Dave

    Koni Shock Settings

    Straight out of the box setting here. I thought the rebound adjustment was just to account for wear mainly?
  9. SPArKy_Dave

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    A couple of handy links I found - http://magnumclassicfordpanels.co.uk/escort-mk1-1968-75.html https://smckaperformance.com.au/
  10. SPArKy_Dave

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    I do quite like this one -
  11. SPArKy_Dave

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    Looks almost the same as Holden Maloo red...
  12. SPArKy_Dave

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    Here are a couple of Ford colours (not sure if pearl or non-pearl) - That redish colour you (or someone) mentioned earlier, is called Seduce - There is also a very deep red/brown/black colour called velvet - Or Green/blue chameleon colour, called Mystic -
  13. SPArKy_Dave

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    Check this one out!
  14. SPArKy_Dave

    Engine parts with the checkered pattern on them

    Pretty sure that's just a standard XF EFI (bosch) AFM, mounted upside down The chequered pattern, is just reinforcing in the casing underside.
  15. SPArKy_Dave

    Engine parts with the checkered pattern on them

    You're not thinking of the EFI HKS turbo manifolds are you?