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  1. Awesome! except for one thing - it should've been a Barra Turbo...
  2. I vote reluctor coil in the distributor, and/or ignition module. Same issue old mate has in the other thread. (except with a 6cyl dizzy)
  3. Yeah... after all, it's not a DATSUN or anything.
  4. Is it Catherine Zeta Jones?
  5. Yeah, or just get the coil/wire assembly, by itself without the magnetic reluctor wheel.
  6. Starting with less Kombi? If there's a steady paycheck in it... What needs doing on the Brougham? (Apart from sorting the jumble of parts, and bare metal areas)
  7. PIP, is Fords name for the Hall Effect sensor. PIP = Profile Ignition Pickup Get a new hall effect sensor, I personally, wouldn't go sec/hand for that. The transistor wears out with age, from switching 11ty billion times/second. It's the tiny black thing, that the chopper wheel passes through, inside the distributor. Performance Ignition - Norcal Rd Nunawading is your best bet. IMPORTANT NOTE - (something I did not think of earlier) The pre-EST distributors run a reluctor coil type distributor, and do not have a hall effect sensor. (with the ignition module on the side under a cover) The EST motors (unleaded), and all EFI motors, have the hall effect sensor type distributor. Energy Ignition Upgrade.htm Which type of Distributor, do you have?
  8. $8,000... reserve not met!
  9. It's the little black electrical jigger with 3 wires, that looks like a minature credit card swiping thingy.
  10. I like that idea! Less Kombi, more Brougham... It's probably the easiest/cleanest one of the lot, too?
  11. Dielectric grease is a clear silicone paste substance - to minimise corrosion of mating surfaces, and promote electrical conductivity. Heat Transfer paste is what you want to use - between any Transistor like semi-conductor components, and their heatsink. (ie, TFI modules) Hall effect sensors inside the dizzy, seem to die (or become faulty) more often than actual TFI modules.
  12. What would you prefer to be doing? Art, woodturning, Metalcraft?
  13. Weld up some ramp sections, for me instead... Gotta be easier than blasting decorative cast iron?
  14. What hobby stuff, did you try to generate an income from?
  15. Wow, they look really clean! Are they going body colour, or silver, or something else?