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  1. Howcome you have 9.8?
  2. Does anyone know what the standard length is, for stock pushrods in an Alloy Head Crossflow? I've got lengths of 9.682, and 9.652... which one is correct? Also, what performance options are out there for pushrods, and are they worth it? (knowing that pushrods are kind of a safety mechanism for Crossy's)
  3. I tell you what I really want.... a Bronco. I've always wanted one.
  4. Another Gemini...!
  5. What about NC Fairlane Sportsman Snowflakes? Didn't they run that 'ESP' center cap too?
  6. What's the firefox un-blocker? I'm still seeing a sea of nothing...
  7. The Photobucket curse, strikes again!
  8. Are all these people, potential interns? We could start some kind of resto enterprise! Surely there's an easier way to remove those torsion bar thingy's?
  9. Did you look for those date codes on the seat belts? And what about the tonneau hook holes?
  10. Gonna do a dedicated shelf, for all the XB parts?
  11. Look at the rear valance behind the bumper - it has the half moon cutout for the spare wheel winch, in that too! Outback or not, could this really be some kind of hybrid? In the XH range, those singe pin Tonneau hooks were only used on late series 2 XH updates. Maybe pull off a panel in the tray area, and look up inside for evidence of welding or filling? I'd be chasing after the original wheels too, if either of those past owners have them. AND the owners manual too, if not in the glovebox. I'd be asking the second last owner, for all the historical info he can give you, including possibly even where HE got it from?
  12. And by the datecode on the ECU, it's 99% likely original to the car too! (Note - 01/12/96, on the LHS of the pic) XR6's and S packs, (in both XG and XH's) always came with the XF fairmont style of door pockets. This was so the speakers could be fitted in the doors, rather than the dash. Note how this one, has the basic door pockets. However, S-packs in both XG and XH, had horrible velour covered door trims. (XR6's were vinyl though) Both date codes on the doors, are perfectly normal for XG/XH, AND E-series. Usually one side precedes the other, by 4-8weeks. (stamped in batches I guess) The seatbelt webbing also has date codes on them - look on the tags, down the bottom at the B pillar. And the buckles have a date code on the underside, stamped into the plastic. If the shock absorbers are original, they will have date codes too, and also give clues as to the model designation. From memory, Outback utes and such, had heavy duty shocks, with integral stone guards around the lower half of the rear shocks, to protect against damage. (essentially double walled shock body's) Also look carefully at the metallic sticker on the alternator - that has a date code on it too - you'll see the year - 95 or 96. (clean the grease off with care, or the ink will wash off)
  13. Also, what's the spare wheel mounting, under the back of the tray? XG's normally used the compartment with the door (same as XA-XF). XH's changed to a wind up winch style.
  14. If it IS a proper XG S Pack, it should have a very rare instrument cluster - only used on XG Spack and XR6's. They had full house cluster's, with all gauges - oil, volts, tacho, etc - same as ED Fairmont, except the XG's had white numbering/increments, instead of the orangey colour used on the ED range. I'd be asking the wrecker with as much persuasion as possibly, if he still has the cluster for it!