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  1. 'budget range' eh? And by 'budget', they mean: 'Han's throw's some scrap sheet against the wall, then posts it to you?...
  2. You're in for a treat... Get watching!
  3. Have you tested it yet?
  4. What did you end up replacing it with?
  5. Now to change that RPM sweep, to KM/H, then it'll be just like the stock gauges!
  6. Have you never watched any Project Binky episodes?
  7. Surely not... it's not the Telephone conduit, or the supply, to an automatic sprinker system is it?
  8. Link?
  9. Leak or no leak, this is definitely the best part...
  10. Maybe the desk monkeys at ANCAP, don't realise how many motoring enthusiasts are out there, in our great southern land...
  11. Looks close enough to wild violet...
  12. The white will look good, once you've cleaned up all the dirt. Factory engine bays can still look the goods.
  13. An interesting article... thoughts?
  14. And there in lies the problem... I want a nice quiet, safe, grippy and reputable tyre.... to suit 14x6 inch stock wheels. And they don't seem to exist. Not even for a fair price - say $150 - $200/tyre. I'm more than happy to forgo tyre life, for good grip and a quiet ride. It seems Australia has become a dumping ground, for cheap no-name brand chinese tyres.
  15. Yeah, it definitely makes them long lasting... LOL!