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  1. SPArKy_Dave

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    Fix this
  2. SPArKy_Dave

    Funny Photos/Pictures

  3. SPArKy_Dave

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    1. Balancer ring has slipped on the rubber inner 2. Your description says timing light is indicating 30-60degrees ATDC while running? 3. Ported vs Manifold vacuum, plus some early Clevo dizzy's were vac advance/retard - similar to the Jag V12's.
  4. SPArKy_Dave

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    1. Verify Harmonic balancer Indexing to TDC. 2. 360 divided by 8 = 45degrees Your spark plug lead indexing, could be off by one spot 3. A Vac advance/retard unit incorrectly hooked up, will retard 30degrees edit - 4. come and get the gas tank
  5. SPArKy_Dave

    The completely off topic thread

    This looks like an interesting Auction? an old timer from Ford apparently - http://www.martinevansauctions.com/sunday-26th-may-2019---birregurra.html?fbclid=IwAR24B4ng3t38irA-cpI2TBuvtR1SDjXjZ_z3Ih4fu3s7Djr0M8Au0fkLJ34
  6. What's the verdict thus far? Is it all factory, or some form of cut n shut?
  7. SPArKy_Dave

    The completely off topic thread

    What do y'all reckon, this place used to be... an automotive retreat maybe? a cult? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/280890592795519/
  8. SPArKy_Dave

    Which aftermarket block?

    Precision Parts, are the (or one of the) Australian distributor for Track Boss from memory. I think it's about $3500 for a raw block, with basic machining? There is USD pricing on the T.Meyer Engines website.
  9. Nice work! You'll be taking all Rod's customers soon...
  10. SPArKy_Dave

    Which aftermarket block?

    Another vote for T.Meyer Track Boss Cleveland engines. He does them in Aluminum or Cast Iron. Engineered for around 2000hp reliably. Cast and Machined in the USA. The Arrow blocks are Australian, but they're cast in China apparently, and I don't like that.
  11. SPArKy_Dave

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    Do you still want that 100L LPG tank I have, that's full of gas?
  12. SPArKy_Dave

    Our Man Caves!

    Here in this council, the rule is 40% of the block, must remain open space. The rest can be taken up by a house, and/or Outbuildings... only caveat is a height restriction of 3.6m, for walls within 1m of boundaries. The open space can be less, but special council approval is needed I believe. A guy in our street, has a massive colourbond shed in his back yard, with 4-5m high side walls.
  13. SPArKy_Dave

    Our Man Caves!

    Do they have a hard limit for Class 10a buildings, or some other method of restriction? Yeah I've concreted a couple of small sheds before... they turned out ok.
  14. SPArKy_Dave


    Well... that hasn't been serviced in 100,000km's. You may also find the S5 Solenoid is causing the trans to slip. If the trans is slipping, it can kill the oil pretty fast. I'd probably do an S5, while you're in there? (or de-magnetise and ultrasonically clean your existing one, if you have the tools)