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  1. There are add-on's, to fix the photobucket image blocking.
  2. It's a Limited Edition XD Fairmont Ghia - one of 500 built.
  3. And sure... tell the peoples.
  4. The missus approves? OMG! With the hoist, it depends on the working space you want at the front of the hoist. As a general rule, a car is under 6m long, so the hoist posts need to be at least 3m back from the wall. Anything over that 3m, is giving you more working space, for under bonnet access, a workbench, etc.
  5. might need to update your browser addon?
  6. Here's the link, to the Molnar Hoist info - I also dug out the light fittings I have, so we can sort that out ASAP! I have about 20 various 4ft fittings, and more tubes than we can poke a stick at.
  7. I'll see if I have some pics of the aftermarket retainers. I'm sure you can get away without them, but I'm not sure if it affects the HLA operation in any way. The factory, AND oem 11mm INA lifters, definitely come with retainers from stock. I've never needed to use any 14mm ones, but I have seen some once.
  8. The oem lifters, have plastic retainers on them, which in theory, stop them from falling out during fitment of the rocker gear assembly. If the lifters have never been out before, the plastic retaining collars are usually in pieces on the HLA's. You can get new (non-OEM) plastic retainers - part no LA591 from Nasons. The INA lifters come with retainers. (recently bought some)
  9. THREAD UPDATED - pic's on page one! @Mr Polson, what upper ball joints does Repco sell in Tassy?
  10. All this craftsmanship, and you've still never met the owner?
  11. Yeah I guess all this mucking around, shows why I've become so fussy with parts, and why I'll only use OEM, or go to the enth degree... My suggestion with the HLA's, (if you decide to replace them), is to only use the OEM INA brand units. Have they been replaced before? Apart from INA, all the OHC aftermarket lifters are cheap rubbish, which start leaking down after a while. There are only two places I know of here in Australia, where you can get the genuine INA HLA's from... Ford themselves (hideously expensive), or by specific request from Nasons engine parts. If you still have the original Factory HLA's in the ute, I would just refurb them - ie, disassemble them, and clean 'em out with carby cleaner, etc.
  12. Not sure on the gauge tuning tbh. 906 = Clayton Plant, Melbourne 668 = 08/96' 665 = 05/96'
  13. Your request is now complete, m'lord...
  14. They all will need to be changed. I only did the Vic one.