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  1. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    You'd record slightly higher compression, on the cylinder with an exhaust valve stuck closed. Compression would appear fine, to the untrained eye. Look for compression that's a bit TOO good, in comparison to the others.
  2. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    Yeah same same - no-fuel/no-spark crank
  3. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    Valve not opening, due to wiped cam lobe, or collapsed lifter. Do a no-fuel crank, and listen to the note - is the tone even across 6 cyl's or does it vary in pitch, indicating a problem cylinder?
  4. I meant if doing it yourself. Not sure a random mechanic would even be interested?
  5. I'd just do the leaking one, and leave the rest alone for now if working ok. The front one has a circlip holding it in. I've never needed to replace one, but it's a straightforward job, and can be done with the transmission in the car. I'd allow a good few hours to do the job. Use a punch to push the circlip in via the tiny access hole, then peel it out with a small screwdriver. Twist the servo cover out using a back and forth motion with multi-grips on the raised section, fit new o-rings lubricated with trans fluid, then re-assemble.
  6. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    My workshop manual, says 20-25nm
  7. SPArKy_Dave

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    Flexible Drive Agencies, do throttle cables and such. I believe they can also make custom ones to spec?
  8. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    I have a copy of the Bosch date-code schedule, going back to the 70's
  9. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    470 = October 1994 569 = September 1995 906 = Manufacturing Plant - Clayton, Melbourne, Australia
  10. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    Grab the 3 digit stamped date code off the body of the starters, and I can tell u when each one was made.
  11. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    Where did u find new brushes? I need some for my late grandma's ED Fairmont starter. Fun fact! XG starters changed internally, from 93-95 I have one of each XG (ute/pvan), and they always had a different starter sound. I just assumed one had a non-original starter, but looked up the date-codes one day, and they're both the original bosch units. There must be a gear-reduction difference, between EB/ED (early XG) and EF (late XG) bosch starters?
  12. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    Even BA-BF starters fit x-series I believe? But yes, if an x-series still had it's original date-code matching Bosch starter/alternator etc, I'd always prefer rebuilding the original. The old/fat body (non-gear reduction) Bosch starters have replaceable brushes, and replaceable bronze bush bearings also.
  13. SPArKy_Dave

    Weber 34 ADM needs refurb

    Yeah, the vacuum valve itself is 2 stage, rather than being one of two external stages. That inner pintle/jet is what I've always tested, by pushing it in with my finger, I then cover the vacuum port with another finger and release the jet - to see if it holds in.
  14. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    My blue wagon, ran happily with 38psi on one, 70 something on another, and low 100's on others. On the other hand, the project XF SVO ute engine, measured at over 170psi. I wonder if it has a cam, since it seemed quite spritely to drive?
  15. SPArKy_Dave

    86 XF Falcon Ute not starting

    Either bad lead, bad spark-plug, sticking valve, or leaking head gasket. Swap lead/plug with another cylinder, to eliminate those. If it comes and goes, temperature dependent, I'd lean towards a valve or head gasket issue.