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  1. So... back to Tapatalk. These notification things, seem to be called 'push' notifications. They can apparently be affected if you're not subscribed to threads. One solution can be, to clear tapatalk's cache and data, open the app, login (this step enables it to create a new token in your device) and then restore (if you need to) It's also been suggested that certain versions of Tapatalk, have programming bugs. Can everyone having issues, please respond in this thread with their phone model, and the Tapatalk version they're running?
  2. Clearly had the same dream I d... err, hmmm.
  3. Same bunch of blokes, as always - Robbie, Ants, Alec, Cav and Myself
  4. Yeah, it'd be good having the info as an archive, for sure.
  5. It's a matching numbers Flat tappet block. The vehicle has an emissions sticker and various date codes, seatbelt labels etc, from around mid/late 86, . It's VIN plated as a 10/86 build from memory, although rego and insurance mobs don't list any Aussie F-trucks for the 1986 year - only Clevo F-trucks up to 1985, then Windsor F-trucks from 1987 onwards. It's registered/insured as one or the other, as their Computers said no, for 1986.
  6. I honestly would've expected a later model F-truck to have the roller cam motor. How did the pedestal, damage the rocker fulcrum? Is the motor quiet, or tappy?
  7. FIXED!
  8. It was a mate with a Blue XG Outback I think. I'm sure I've seen the blue outback guy post on Facebook, so that might be a place to start?
  9. You can tag people too, like @deankdx did @jca4. Maybe try tagging @Ants, and see if he comes and replies? Lets try tagging @Outback Jack too. Comeback mate, we miss you!
  10. I looked on wayback machine, and the last working archive it has for, is 6th of August.
  11. Yeah... I went to look on xfalcon, as Jack used to post there. Only to find it's disappeared too.
  12. That's almost Dustpan rusty!
  13. Says he was last on the forum, 19/07.
  14. Does anyone live in WA, and could drive past Ongerup to see if Jack is ok?
  15. A Messerschmitt?