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  1. nickd

    Are these wheels a factory option on my car?

    These were a factory fitment from Ford, seen a few XD's with them on. Nice find.
  2. nickd

    Give me a shopping list - XG turbo ute

    Will be watching with interest!!! I would of thought a Barra conversion might be a cheaper option?
  3. nickd

    Acceptable Orange peel

    There you go, another interesting fact. I'm only going by what I've been told and shown by two different ford dealerships that had cars in for paint/rust issues (BA's BF's FG's). Both Ford employees had told me that Ford changed paint suppliers to a cheaper brand to save costs. I suppose they don't make cars like they used too, it's all about cheap cheap and getting them out the door.
  4. nickd

    Acceptable Orange peel

    That isn't acceptable! Take it back. Ford changed there Paint supplier from PPG to a Japanese paint (much cheaper in costs than PPG) in the series 3 AU onwards upto FG so any BA BF FG Series cars will have problems with paint and rust! This is why its bitten Ford in the arse with recalls of cars with paint and rust issues there made much cheaper for more profit but the profit for ford is in there parts not in a complete car it's where they make there money unfortunately and why where they are now.
  5. nickd

    Starting up a Crossflow

    It's alive !!! Major thanks to Ronny for getting this Crossflow to run, after going through replacing fuel filter and hoses I had given up but Ronny was permitted to get it started as we had some funny moments while working on the old girl. It's amazing how something so small can make you check everything from fuel pump right back to the fuel sender (what a mission it was lol) as we covered everything we could think of as we thought it could be the fuel pump but we remembered your reply gerg ... Ronny magic's flat head screwdriver playing with needle and seat then bang we had fuel running through the carby as she started we had a perished heater tap. Today I changed the heater tap and she practically started first turn key, I let her run for 15 mins then took it around the block twice with no missing running smooth as braking good but will need to fix the handbrake cable which is standard on these cars. Thanks all of your replies with info gerg, SPArKy_Dave and thank you again Ronny couldn't have done it without your help. Info on the car is a 1981 Dec build Ford XD Fairmont 4.1 litre Alloy Head Crossflow, sold from President Ford as my uncle had owned it from 1982 which I took ownership of in 1999 from Mount Waverly. I have 2 options:- 1:- to sell it or 2:- part it out interior is immac has some great parts as we discussed with Ronny last night but .... as there is some rust in the old girl all repairable but I've let the old girl go being parked up and the grandparents place for the last few years as I usually drove it when I needed a car to get to A to B. I' have to make a decision ASAP but I'll keep you posted and post some pictures up as well of the old girl too.
  6. nickd

    Starting up a Crossflow

    I'll give it a go tomorrow hopefully it's something of the above. Keep you posted.
  7. nickd

    Starting up a Crossflow

    Need advice on starting up a Crossflow 4.1 which hasn't been started in 7 years, it was a car that had a freak of an engine I'd start it up and it always cranked over first time and would leave it for a few years and then start it change oils plugs and it would just get up and go. Spent half hour today trying to start it up, cranked a new battery poured about 10 litres of fuel in the tank and poured some fuel into the carbie with it turning over but no fire. Soon as I pour fuel into carbie she fires up with choke pulled out to a minimum but then cuts out and switches off. I'm going to spray some carbie cleaner and install a new fuel filter tomorrow as it looks like cactus but from what I can see it could be the fuel filter is blocking from starting up. Anything else I should be looking at?
  8. nickd

    Dynamat extreme

    From personal experience I would use Resomat:- http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Resomat-Premium-Car-Auto-Sound-Deadener-3-50-sq-mtr-box-/141212268519?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20e0e837e7&_uhb=1 Dynomat is good but resomat is a way better product suited to Australian conditions not like dynamat which is not. This will not only cut down noise but will stop heat entering for a longer period of time than dynamat. Used both and resomat is a product I recommend to all.
  9. I've done the same with big size flat head screw-driver as Mick has suggested above, take your time some will bend but it's just how they are.
  10. nickd

    te s pack no.247 build

    My Auntie and Uncle had one of these in Red, think it was built number #70-#71 or #75 in Adelaide but they sold it in 2003 for $700.00 to there family friend who then sold it on in 2006 and its disappeared since. Nice car mate, like it allot!
  11. nickd

    rear window seal

    How'd you go JGP?
  12. nickd

    rear window seal

    I would do the smoke/water test first run your fingers across the inside of the roof lining to see if there are any damp spots. Another theory is if you have water entering the car you will find (dampness/foggy) your windows will fog up from the inside of car. If your window has been taken out in the past and hasn't been sealed properly you have water getting in I suggest you get a windscreen bloke to come out take window out clean rubber seal (you can do yourself) and re-install rear window knowing that it's been re-sealed. If you do decide to take the window out you will see where the water is getting in and if there is any surface rust you can sand and clean tidy it up. Wouldn't surprise me if its surface rust started to appear very common for these cars. Probably cost you $70-80 for windscreen guy as it will be a good investment. Hope this helps and best of luck look forward to hearing what the end result is.
  13. nickd

    Alloy Radiator Questions

    I bought mine from Repco its a 3 core radiator. This is the one I was talking to you about over the phone Cav.
  14. nickd

    XG 4.0L conversion to AU XR6 motor

    Thanks for all of the above information, very much appreciated. We rang Vicroads about the AU motor it will need an engineers certificate so this is a heads up for everyone else. Trying to find a good motor (ed/ef/el xr6 Tickford) every single one we god has high km's or needs a head and impossible to find at a reasonable price as its a budget build. So ... 3 options - 1- for now is to get a quote for the original bottom end and find a Tickford au series1/el head 2- we will try and do what Stevemack has recommend. 3- Try find a reasonable ed/el xr6 Tickford.
  15. nickd

    EFi250 to 351 Clevo

    If the the FD 351 has rust you've done a great decision on another body, use everything from the V8 body to put onto the EFI body car example Wiring looms/dash/diff/petrol tank/ etc. Best of luck with it all.