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  1. nickd

    Photobucket account bug?

    So this works on your end with your photobucket account? Anyone else tried this?
  2. nickd

    Alternative free picture hosting services

    Its bullocks that Photobucket has put a demand to pay for hosting images. Looking for a new one to use but where do you start.
  3. nickd

    Vale Glenn aka xm221

    I'm still truely in shock!! I'm very saddened shocked as we were in contact yesterday afternoon. My deepest condolences to all his family and to all his friends with the forum/s and car community. As Ants said, they who knew Glenn he was a genuine honest bloke who would do anything to help or give any advice to friend or stranger. I won't forget the times we had spent together in the my garage, AFD, car shows and your last visit at the shop for a feed, you will be missed !!! May you RIP !! From your buddy (esp guru as you called me) Lauren and baby!!
  4. Great work so far James, great idea on the spot lights. You will notice that once you've installed the xr6 headlights on your XG your (lights) night vision won't be as good (bright) as that from the original XG headlights. Especially with you driving through the hills at night you'll need the spotlights, I'm still trying to work out what spot lights I'll be installing on mine.
  5. nickd

    Are these wheels a factory option on my car?

    These were a factory fitment from Ford, seen a few XD's with them on. Nice find.
  6. nickd

    Give me a shopping list - XG turbo ute

    Will be watching with interest!!! I would of thought a Barra conversion might be a cheaper option?
  7. nickd

    Vic Spotto'd thread!

    This actual car is advertised for sale on gumtree:- http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/melbourne-cbd/cars-vans-utes/ed-xr8-may-1993-ford-falcon-sedan/1121496098
  8. nickd

    Panko's 1987 XF (S2) Fairmont Ghia wagon

    I did say to get a second quote from another Panel Beater, I'm sorry to hear about the damage but panel beaters will say park at owners risk. Glad to hear you got the ball rolling with where you stand with the car. Good luck with it all !!!
  9. nickd

    Ford verification letter thread

    Is it possible that the original block may have blown up under warranty with the A.I.T kit and ford warranted a new block from a 1985 (XF era) ???? It may have been a cheaper option for ford to have a new engine swap why the JG34FK and when Regency Park (Transport S.A.) was notified of the engine change they may have changed the vin number on the body? This could quite possibly be the case. I think your lucky that your not registered in Melbourne as they would have asked that shock tower to be X-rayed with removal of the tags as I have seen this done in the past, with new numbers for chassis and engine number remaining the same.
  10. nickd

    Ford verification letter thread

    I remember seeing this particular car at a southern suburbs dealership in Adelaide (from memory near Brighton or daws park or even Edwardstown) advertised for $2,700 as a 1 owner car on the trading post. You could spend $70.00 (old vehicle report) and contact all the previous registries that have owned the car (eliminate the dealers) go straight to first owners find out if it's had a different engine or been in a hit etc. Here is the link:- http://www.acchs.com.au
  11. nickd


    Nice to see it moving along so quickly. I'm guessing a Cleveland for this build.
  12. nickd

    Panko's 1987 XF (S2) Fairmont Ghia wagon

    Try another repairer someone who is old school and been in the game for quite some time its worth a shot mate.
  13. nickd


    Just seen the original picture, I would leave the car all original as there is history behind the car but that is my opinion. If the car retains its original paint in the inner door jabs you can get away with a close door respray.
  14. nickd

    Panko's 1987 XF (S2) Fairmont Ghia wagon

    Sorry to hear about this mate, shattering to hear. You should take your car to another choice of repairer for a second quote to rest assure that the car can be fixed. Be very firm with Shannons that you want this car fixed as per original it was and the history this car means to you. Goodluck.
  15. nickd

    How Rare is YOUR Falcon?

    Add these aswell Dave. 1 x Ford XD Moonraker that myself and Barry own together. 6 x Ford XD John Goss Specials 16 x Ford XE ESP AIT's 43 x Ford XE Dick Johnson Grand Prix's