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  1. xm-221

    Cut out XE spare wheel well

    Did they fab up both rails Nath? Them pics is for the side that doesn't have the spare wheel section. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  2. xm-221

    XD vs XF vs XG Brakes

    Peter from Hoppers Stoppers told me years ago that the XF booster and master were way superior to the XD/E versions, hence the reason it was put on the XD that they did the R&D on their big brake kits with.
  3. xm-221


    Please refer to last post.
  4. xm-221

    Changing xg ute front to xe

    From memory you'll have to relocate the lower tab sideways a little bit. Then fill the gap where the headlight mounts on the radiator support and drill appropriate holes for them. You can see the cut out next to the inside edge of the headlight bucket in the pic below. Then you have to play with plug ends to fit, indicators for the guards to be terminated, panel wise everything else should just bolt on no problemo.
  5. xm-221

    4 litre sump

    Can be done lifting the engine off the mounts and dropping the gearbox crossmember. Only advisable if you've got Chinese hands and slender fingers.
  6. xm-221

    Fastest N/A 6?

    Worth sharing in the YouTube thread, not in an NA6 thread.
  7. xm-221

    Spray gun advice

    Painted at least 100 jobs over the years using a 1.4 tip using acrylic. Solids and metallics, all works the same.
  8. xm-221

    Spray gun advice

    Star are a direct rip off of Iwata. Still a good gun for cheapy paint jobs. Anything above a 1.4 tip is useless with acrylic, at 1:1 mix it's too fluid and will pour out at a million miles an hour.
  9. xm-221

    Plastic Restoral

    If you're going to paint plastic/flexible parts, use acrylic paint or an additive to 2K that will make it flexible.
  10. But only 3 holes Greg? Thats a bit strange considering the odd look it would give. The few sets of Aungers I had as a "young and dumb" had 5 screw points with a daisy petal pattern around the cap so it was all symmetrical. I hated the push in ones, take a corner too hard and they popped out :-/
  11. xm-221

    looking for some one to make a manifold

  12. xm-221

    Paint code help please

    Have you rang 13FORD and got them to send you an information sheet yet wagoon? That will tell you if he really was the first owner. In saying that you could also specify anything you wanted on the build sheet, to get French Blue you may have just had to pick the code Z760, "tick the box" and thank you very much Mr Dealer.
  13. xm-221

    Paint code help please

    Z760 is French Blue, information courtesy of AFF. The reason why it's different to a standard colour code number or digit is it's what they call a "Fleet Colour", your car was originally ordered by a company and they had their own colour for their company cars.
  14. xm-221


    Yes, but there's a bit of rewiring involved as the plugs are different between models.