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  1. I never tried this dean, it might just work or at least help somewhat. I did try a little bit of contact cleaner as it kinda freezes when you spray it and it was working but I was going through far too much to make it worthwhile lol
  2. I used dry ice for the inside deadening and it does work very well. It near instantly becomes brittle and you can then chip it off with a hammer just like Q has said. I think it would work for the underside as well but holding it there would be a pain. In the end I used a heat gun and scraper for the job with a wire wheel after that. Brings back some lovely memories......uuugh lol

    Cut out XE spare wheel well

    best i can do for now

    Cut out XE spare wheel well

    I'll see if I have a pic dean, might be in my thread.

    Cut out XE spare wheel well

    Mine has been done, but the whole boot floor was changed and a new rail in that area was also put in.

    Wilwood brake upgrade

    CRS were advertising wilwoods that were adr compliant when i was at motorex a 2 years ago. They may have only been the dynalite series. I know of wilwoods that are on xseries cars. There is a kit that does fit. i have them on my xe but umm, unless you want to run a hq stubaxle and buy 67-69 camaro kit i kinda cant help lol. I have your top link on the rear of mine. Both front and rear on my car dont have the dust boots.
  7. I am going a T400 for mine scottly, hoping to be well over 400kw though. I had a C4 built for it with all the fruit before this. Cost me about 5k through Als Race Glides not including converter or bell housing. It had extra clutches the lot, and al warranted it to 1000hp. I have since sold it to fund a T400, which I should have ordered by now lol.

    275 30 r20 tyre on XF, anyone done it?

    Can't wait to see what they look like. Lol @ charade, reminds me of when I picked up my 19's in the back of my old nova.

    Simmons FR-1 20'su

    Go the gold i reckon. Didnt know they were doing pre AU now. The stepped lip on the simmons looks better.
  10. JETFTR

    Front strut spacer

    White line sold these spacers a while back, not sure if they still make them. I have a set that I may not use as i kinda don't have shock towers anymore on my current project lol. Q also designed a good set that many members have, both designs gave an extra 20 or so mm of travel from memory? I can't remember as I haven't seen my set in 3 years lol.
  11. JETFTR

    converting a barra to carb

    many of the high hp xr6t engines run locked but adjustable cam gears. i have a set of atomic ones for mine.
  12. JETFTR

    5.0 Coyote into X Series.

    i thought you liked the 6 rob?
  13. JETFTR

    5.0 Coyote into X Series.

    dont worry blu xe a twin turbo 4.6 mod motor was discussed for a while. there are more and more weld in front ends being developed for x series now, but most dont say that xd-f are compatible. they couldnt be too far different?? id love to see a 5.0 in a older car. far better than the old 5.4 lump that was before it.
  14. JETFTR

    Next Peice of the Puzzle Cont.

    TBRE stage 5....can't wait to hear this thing! I have the atomic stage 5 ones for mine (turbo though) when the time comes. Congrats in your previous achievements and good luck with the future ones.