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  1. Apparently I won the day on March 25.. :o

  2. robbie

    SCAT Cast Steel 9000 Series Cranks

    the price difference is pretty much double.. $520 odd for the cast steel, and about $1100 for the 4340
  3. robbie

    SCAT Cast Steel 9000 Series Cranks

    if Pavtek are running them in their 550hp 393's - that speaks volumes. Thanks to all who chimed in!
  4. Hey all Just wondering if anyone has had experience with the SCAT 9000 series stroker cranks? Looking at it for a budget build - use will be predominately street, with an occasional blast down the 1/4. They have come down a lot on price since I last looked so they are very appealing. Rob
  5. OzFalcon rocks!

    1. revhead


      like a great Ford engine with a monster cam..

  6. I've just gone out to the garage and had a look at the pan fill C4 I picked up years back for my XT, and I think its actually a C5.. After some quick research, the casting code on the side of my supposed C4 turns out to be a C5.... Mr C4 can you please confirm? It's also got the R servo on it, from memory you liked these?
  7. robbie

    Beacon V2.0

    Looks like a really great starting point mate, keen to see more
  8. robbie

    Next Peice of the Puzzle Cont.

    Finally found this build Jase, dont know how the heck I missed it. Anyway, thumbs up to ya.. your work is top notch man! Cant wait to see more When she's all sorted, this little roadblock with the pv clearance will be a forgotten memory
  9. robbie

    Metal flake paint

    Just like the great wall of china was built to keep the rabbits out................haha edit - too bad thats a damn ad for tel$tra.
  10. robbie

    Metal flake paint

    lol gerg.. now that you mentioned that, you gotta somehow find some pics for us all to have a laugh at
  11. robbie

    Low rise v High Rise Intake manifolds

    The Edelbrock RPM Air Gap is always a good choice for a street cruiser - http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive/mc/manifolds/ford/rpm-air-gap-351c.shtml Probably one of the better dual plans out there
  12. robbie

    Clevo head flow results

    Nice port job on the TFC. 4V's rock out of the box with their intake flow results.. did you flow the exhausts too back in November?
  13. robbie

    Upgrading exhaust.

    Hey mate, always recommend these guys - Dandy Exhausts http://www.dandyexhausts.com.au/ If you really want the dumped at the diff idea, get a full system made up and have it flanged before the diff so you can take the tail pipes out, get your jollies and put them back in when you get sick of it