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  1. robbie

    Tapatalk ...can we fix it??

    Well thats a good start at least - keen to hear if it improves further Cheers Rob
  2. robbie

    The completely off topic thread

    Thanks dean, is that mobile view? edit - actually I can see similar, ignore that... I'll try figure it out
  3. robbie

    The completely off topic thread

    Yeah I think all systems should be go with the update including tapatalk - totally erased the old version and remnants of it and reinstalled it Hoping the notification problems are cleared up now?
  4. robbie

    Tapatalk ...can we fix it??

    Bit of a bump - I've upgraded the forum app software and core to the most recent release, and removed and replaced tapatalk Hoping you guys can confirm problems now been resolved?
  5. robbie

    Tapatalk ...can we fix it??

    At this point, no unfortunately.. one that really has me scratching my head
  6. robbie

    Tapatalk ...can we fix it??

    So I've had a really good look around the Tapatalk and general settings and can't pinpoint any issues just yet. I may have to log a support ticket with Tapatalk themselves. Strange thing is I've updated the plugin from our side yet Tapatalk still thinks its outdated. I'll keep digging and keep you all updated... Sorry this doesn't want to play ball at all at the moment.
  7. robbie

    Tapatalk ...can we fix it??

    Hey all - updated the Tapatalk plugin, hopefully the issues resolved! Let me know if the issue is still there
  8. robbie

    meethed is back!

    Hey mate, welcome to Oz
  9. It has been a while yes.. Currently working on it and trying to launch soon.. Part of the plan was to automate it through this site - we're currently working on it on our "dev" site as we speak. Reason we upgraded was to integrate the software we need to do the job
  10. Thanks all.. Looks like everything is now sorted - just a matter of getting used to some of the new functionality. Now - on with the master plan!
  11. Hey all Bringing this back into the spotlight for a minute - has anyone experienced any other issues since we implemented the fixes? Tonight I've sorted the last problem out, so hopefully we're all good now? Cheers Rob
  12. robbie

    1985 XF falcon S Pack

    Welcome to OzFalcon John!
  13. robbie

    DIY - Shed painting 101

    Lookin good matty. This thread is a gold mine.. keep up the great work
  14. Ok yep, I saw it... Thanks for letting me test that. Have notified the support team of this issue... I believe this would be the only other issue we're experiencing now? Rob
  15. Yeah can tag .. Does it pop up a notification? Cant remember if thats a setting or not @thorne mind if I login as you through the admin panel and take a look?