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  1. clevocortina

    Panel blocking rub throughs help needed

    if there massive rub thru's id suggest it might need more panel beating if just a few small ones, find a spray can of primer in the same brand of the material your using. they all have rub thru spot primer. basically you block the job. spray the rub thrus then finish sand to get it ready to paint. if needed re apply on any rub thru's. then light quick skiff with 800 dry just to make it feel smooth before you start painting. it is all designed to stick to each other and formulated to not fry etc.
  2. Hey mate welcome to the site. I'm sure one of the guy's on here will be able to point you in the right direction
  3. clevocortina

    Dropped dolly in plenum

    so is it in the vent, or just sitting on the plenum floor?
  4. clevocortina

    Melling hv pump.

    wow, thank you guys so much for all the input. Wagoon Loved the mythbusters style test you did. hope you didnt track oil into the house. Sooo this engine I rekon isnt all that flash really. hyd cam, balanced, shot penned and polished rods. the pic in my avatar is the bottom end. pistons flush with the block. there hyperutectic. made a solid 370 hp and 370 ft pounds. with a std ign and just regraphed dizzy. am hoping to pick up more when i spend some coin in that area. actually made more with a 600 holley then a 650.
  5. clevocortina

    Melling hv pump.

    Hi guys I'm about to get cranking on my car and I have a question. The engine builder put a melling high volume oil pump in it. I've heard they cause more problems then they solve. Is this true? Car is just running a flat tappet hyd cam. It has a High energy sump. Is it true that they can empty the sump and pump all the oil into the top of the motor? Also they out joe Gibbs oil in it. It's been siting a while and I just want to change it back to regular oil. Apparently it dosnt mix with other oils? So what do I do. What is a myth? And what brand and grade oil are people running out there? Eng is brand new. Run in on dyno and tuned
  6. clevocortina

    Paint Stripping the chemical way

    Cam brand stripper is the best if your paint supplier stocks it
  7. clevocortina

    Paint Stripping the chemical way

    Hey mate good choice with going with paint stripper by far the best way. i usually use thinners and scotchy to clean the panel after ive scraped it all off, remember to lay it on thick and leave it on for a good couple hours, let it do the work.
  8. clevocortina

    Acceptable Orange peel

    Yep the yellow primer was WAY to hard. and actually shiny under the basecoat. just couldnt hold up to the UV. on the top panels you can flick it off with your finger if you want. down on the doors tho it stuck on pretty good.
  9. clevocortina

    Acceptable Orange peel

    Hey dude. Yeah those shockwave ford's are awesome hahaha. Every one is a full bare metal repaint. Both shops I have worked in have had the contract, Done tones of them. Over the time I've had a few turn out like that. The usual way is to paint them from metal to top coat in one go like they do in the factory. so get em in metal mask em up in the booth, Then one coat of etch, one coat of primer wet on wet style, then base then clear. if you smash it all on to soon or you dont skiff the primer before you start the basecoat you'll get tonnes of peel and dust. If it is covered in solvent boil its definetly been rushed, all that solvent coming thru from the, primer/base and first coat of clear. It will rub out tho. You can still get a mint finish doing it full on wet on wet like that but the secret if giving it all the proper flash off times, and de nib while your painting
  10. Nice project mate. cant wait to see pics and see more detail.
  11. clevocortina

    Line locker fittment

    Personally I would install it on the rear brake line and have if off most of the time then when i want to do a skid or whatever, flick it on while I don't have the brakes on.
  12. clevocortina

    ZL Fuel Tank into XD Sedan

    Hey man I know I'm late with my response. But it wont fit. I once tried to fit my ZJ fairlane tank into my xd sedan and it wouldn't go. just missed out by an inch or so there a bit longer and the neck wont fit.
  13. clevocortina

    3500 dominator high stall

    I have a 3000 in my C10 it drives good as, feels a little doughy on light throttle but you'll know about it when you put the foot down
  14. clevocortina

    OTD 250 Kenny's Corty!

    I love how it picks up the wheel and then it just reels the other car in like its on a mission
  15. clevocortina

    Au 3 low idle

    Sorry boys for not replying I forgot about it. Car is running well. Still need to do the IAC. just waiting for its service to be due and ill pull it off and clean it out properly then.