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  1. Ive used several different disk and drum brake rear end diffs in the back of my xb that was originally disc / drum. The only dramas i had was when i put a disc rear end from a Ed wagon, it felt like there were hardly any brakes.. so i bled it 5 times and then tried clamping the rear brakes as a troubleshooting thing .. and it made a huge difference. Ea rear was fine but the ed they must have changed something But anyway ive put xc xd xf ea disc rears in before and i never had any dramas Id just try it and see how it goes. Has anyone got any pics of this internal proportion valve? Do they come out in only disc /disc car xbs? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. isnt the bleeder 150 by itself? if its for everything its a lot cheaper than last time i checked lol
  3. what sorta power could u have with those t5 gearsets? the quicktime bellhousings were ~800 last time i sussed it outfor a t56 the main cost of the conversion is what price you happen to get the gearbox and slave cyl for a new slave is 800 or less .. 800 gets you a awesome one a commodore box is a lot cheaper and has the speedo output and shifter in the right spot.. 1500 would get you one 400ish for a tailshaft to be made up clutch could be carried over with a friction disk swap, or buy a new one i used an XB master cyl and i got a braided line made up 150 for the line crossmember im not sure about.. i adapted plates onto a xb auto one and drilled a hole in the middle for the t56 rubber so its not TO bad
  4. Its got dex3 in it now, a bit better than the penrite to get it any bettter ill have to get a reco box (imo not worth it) or go a 6 speed lol
  5. Nah this is the 5 speed ' oi cunt if u hard shift 2 or 3 more times im outta here!' i changed it to dex3 made it sorta worse lol . gearbox is rooted
  6. isnt transmax z just full synth dex 3? which is what you wanted a good quality dex3?
  7. i will be buying a 5L bottle of transmax z i will let everyone know how it goes
  8. I have a 20L of dex3 at home and the additive ill sus out my mate / mechanic after he gets back from holidays and change it out the 80w .. or whatever he replaced the penrite with is OK.. but shifts shit when hot
  9. since people like to use that g70 nulon additive... do nulon make a good gearbox oil? would make sense to not mix brands?

    Tuning your Falcon with a T.I. Performance J3 Chip

    you sell the walbro 460 on your website, it says to suit Ba... can this be fitted to replace the standard intank pump?
  11. 1 small tube thing is enough to treat a gearbox from memory?
  12. mine had 16k , id buy some transmax z and be prepared to change it out immediatey lol. if not just dont open the bottle of transmax and return it
  13. i put penrite in my 6 speed in my xb. same result , shifts felt fuckin horrible ! i dont know why penrite lists it on their site as suitable ill try regular dex 3 then if its better ill prob put transmax z in it
  14. Its actually quite difficult to find online the specific oil for the t5z (although im 99% sure that logically it would use the same oil as a normal t5) i have a 20l drum of dex 3 at home , i should prob try that first i guess i was going to get some syntrans z today but it would suck to waste like 100 dollars if that doesnt work
  15. I have a ba turbo, 5 speed (t5z) we changed the oil from ?? oem ? oil , to penrite progear , the one that penrite recommends now i have to revmatch the thing to get it to shift especially when its hot? the gearbox was fine before im not sure what other gear oils work but thats twice ive used penrite in 2 different gearboxes and its dramatically fucked up the gearbox lol what oils do other people on here use? from what i can gather castrol transmax z is the go