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  1. esp-6

    keeping temps down with turbo

    wouldnt have a clue to be honest, was tuned by JPC - temps have slowly been getting worse and worse
  2. As the title suggests, whats everyone doing to keep engine temps down with a turbo 250 crossflow setup? Mine gets to 220F at lights and usually sits around 200F when cruising
  3. learn something new every day, didnt think the 2.77 came in 28 spline at all. would the 2.92 in mine be 28 spline ? its a factory 6cyl esp
  4. not sure on the gearing in the c4 but id assume the 4 speed would have a shorter 1st compared to what im running, think ill try 3.23 and that will hopefully give it a bit more out of the line and hopefully not lose too much up top. i havent put a boost gauge on it yet (just got one yesterday) so not sure at what rpm it makes full boost, definitely comes on hard early though.
  5. Its got a fairly lumpy cam un sure on specs. It pulls like crazy on boost but just feels real sluggish untill it gets there. Might try 3.23 to waken it up a tiny bit and hopefully not lose that pull it has up top. Its a crossflow after all only revs to 5ish on a good day haha
  6. Hi guys As the title suggests, got a bw LSD with 2.9 gears at the moment, have a 250xflow turbo c4 gearbox with 2500 stall looking to go either 3.23 or 3.45 what would best suit the turbo engine ? cheers