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  1. My neighbor buys cars at auction for wrecking and fixing, when he was getting XD and E’s, he used to let me take what I wanted for free, so I stocked up, glad I did, I’ve got 2 to maintain. doing the same now with B series.
  2. Don’t leave you car where you can’t see it!
  3. Its funny, when I see people here and on FB asking for parts like these, my first thought is, “ha, didn’t realise they were that hard to come by, I’ve got half a dozen sitting in the shed”, but things like lip spoilers, I got when you could get them for $10, now, I just feel glad I’m not trying to build a car now days.
  4. You call it hoarding, I call it, having spares of parts that you can’t get anymore.

    Cutting the water pump on 250 crossflow

    Yes you will, but as chestnut said, will be the larger, so better for less cavitation.

    Cutting the water pump on 250 crossflow

    I’ve done it, on the car, no issues in years, but went slow. but why don’t you just buy the non viscous fan water pump?

    T5 oil (710)

    From memory ( I did it 10 years ago ) the original boot works, but I got rid of the rubber block thing on the gear stick, then bolted the top half of the stick to the wrong side of the bottom half so the top half lined up better in the console hole. sorry, don’t know how else to explain it. and don’t have pics.

    Engine parts with the checkered pattern on them

    That is the HKS set up.

    Engine parts with the checkered pattern on them

    They’re both AIT set ups.
  10. ESPSIX

    T5 oil (710)

    I use Castrol TransMax Z.
  11. ESPSIX

    HeadGasket Waterport Holes.

    I think you’ll find they are supposed to be blocked off, when you open up the holes the water will just find the path of least resistance. the water is supposed to flow to the back of the block before it enters the head, where it then flows forward to the outlet ( thermostat) and in to the radiator for cooling . by doing what you doing, the water will just flow through the block to the first opening to the head, before flowing back to the radiator for cooling, leaving the rear of the motor to run hot, causing the head casket to fail.
  12. ESPSIX


    As Bear351c said, are your fans spinning the correct way, are they coming on at the right temp, are they fully shrouded?
  13. ESPSIX


    A tired old 302 to a nice tight 351 with a bit of core shift might just be enough. it doesn’t sound like it’s over heating, just running hotter. some people love the Aussie desert coolers, the few times I’ve had personal experience with them, I’m not a fan. easy to swap out a radiator to find out if it is the issue.
  14. ESPSIX


    See my first comment.
  15. ESPSIX


    I only mentioned the head gasket because it is an easy mistake to make, it blocks the water gallery where the water passes from the head to the block at the front from memory, but it makes the motor run quite hot, so that would be the last thing I’d check and if it’s only one, only the head affected would be hotter.