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  1. Facebook is in meltdown over those at the moment. if they were a GT part, no one would bat an eyelid.
  2. The T5 loves the transmax z, the shifts are much nicer! im doing a full seal and gasket change on the single rail on the weekend cause it leaks from everywhere.
  3. If you don’t get it on club reg in time just grab another 3 day permit, I drove mine on them for a year or two.
  4. What oil is everyone running in their Single Rails, I run Castro’s Transmax Z in the missus’s T5, can I run that in my Single Rail?
  5. It’s 100% green/green, I had a look. green/brown is fog lights. no problems with the horns, the ones I’ve got spare are the hella style, and being a late 82 the plastic hella ones could of possibly been right for your car, so swapping them out of the XD sounds good. Pm me your email so I can send you pics of the balance wires, I can’t post pictures here. i get pics pics on the weekend.
  6. I’m going to say Green and Green, because from memory it just connects high beam power to the bullet connector for the driving light loom near the relays . ill check to make sure next time I’ve got my car out. as for the radio balance wiring, I’m sure a mate still has his sitting on the passenger floor of his car, I’ll give him a call and get him to take some pics. i have a pair of horns spare, but they are the later style, not the snail shell style ones that come on XD and early XE, but they came off a XE. ill take a pic, if you want them, pay postage and they’re yours.
  7. Correct, But whether any of those boxes are behind a 6, or a 8 makes no difference to the gear in the box, or the gear on the transducer. eg: a single rail out of a V8 will bolt in, and plug up in a 6 cyl car and read correctly as long as the transducer gear is right for the diff ratio. as did the 6 cyl T5 I put behind my missus’s 351, but had to use the XE transducer, which was a 6 cyl one. OP didn’t say which box he is running now, but if it has a later than XE transducer that would make the speedo play up as XE and later have a different plus rate.
  8. I don’t think so.
  9. Possibly missing the restrictor that goes under the thermostat. Or, head gaskets on backwards, very easy to do when fitting the heads.
  10. There’ll be a roll pin in a hole that goes through both half’s of the selector shaft, knock it out with a pin punch. go buy a casket kit for a single rail and change all the gaskets while your at it.
  11. Considering Joe ( who is a good friend of mine ) went to the trouble of producing a product that is 100% correct, aimed at people who will care if it is or not, I think it relevant that information about the product be correct. im not having a go at chestnut xe, just correcting a error. so I don’t post on the forum all the time, one correct post is better than ten incorrect posts. and the conversation was about which wheel nut is correct for which wheels I think it’s relevant.
  12. Black chrome is just for looks . anodising is for alloy products, if you want to run alloy wheel nuts on your car mr valvebouncer, good luck to you. but don’t you want information on this forum to be at least correct?
  13. The wheel nuts Joe ( bullfrog ) does are NOT black anodised, they are black chrome, big difference.
  14. That's exactly where they are, in garages and sheds, because they're worth something now, and pricks steal them, because there's no decent parts anywhere else.
  15. Check the bleed nipple is not blocked, pull it all the way out, and try pushing the peddle slowly, and see if any fluid comes out. ive even had the Caliper blocked with crud.