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  1. Considering Joe ( who is a good friend of mine ) went to the trouble of producing a product that is 100% correct, aimed at people who will care if it is or not, I think it relevant that information about the product be correct. im not having a go at chestnut xe, just correcting a error. so I don’t post on the forum all the time, one correct post is better than ten incorrect posts. and the conversation was about which wheel nut is correct for which wheels I think it’s relevant.
  2. Black chrome is just for looks . anodising is for alloy products, if you want to run alloy wheel nuts on your car mr valvebouncer, good luck to you. but don’t you want information on this forum to be at least correct?
  3. The wheel nuts Joe ( bullfrog ) does are NOT black anodised, they are black chrome, big difference.
  4. That's exactly where they are, in garages and sheds, because they're worth something now, and pricks steal them, because there's no decent parts anywhere else.
  5. Check the bleed nipple is not blocked, pull it all the way out, and try pushing the peddle slowly, and see if any fluid comes out. ive even had the Caliper blocked with crud.
  6. What's " maintenance paint "? the XD has the wrong window winders, but very nice!
  7. Can, unnatural breasts sit naturally?
  8. I may have an adaptor from the plastic body to the teardrop body I'll have a look if your interested.
  9. There's no XD in the movie, it was just a promotional vehicle for the movie.
  10. Wrong! thats the moonraker car.
  11. I found a surround, pm your address and I'll send it to you. to pull that part of the console apart, take the vent panel off first. there is two screws you get to by angling the vents all the way down, then look in the bottom of the vent hole in front of the vent.
  12. Sure, just make sure the flap inside the snorkel is in the cold air position.
  13. Color is close enough, where are you located, I may have one you can have, I usually throw them in the bin, but I think I saw one the other day. I know I've got plenty knobs you need for the fan switch.
  14. It's not a vacuum switch, it's a vacuum delay valve. black/brown=2 sec min, 5 sec max. black/green=9 sec min, 20 sec max. theyre common on all XD/E/F's, just get the right Color one, and going by the workshop manual, the black side goes to vacuum source. although, non of these things are needed unless you are hooking up all the emission gear. and the one your looking for just helps warm the motor up quicker, by getting it to suck hot air off the exhaust manifold.
  15. Very nice! Cant see any of the bropbox pics, but the first ones work. Thanks mr Polson. shame it doesn't have the original radio, and people want stupid money for them now, if your going back to original with the radio, the writing on the facia comes in two different sizes, larger for XD. love your ciggy lighter, that's mint, but upside down.