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  1. $200
  2. are you going to use the std length accell cable ? what year xf is it ? cause the later ones have an EA style pedal.
  3. this mornings test drive with 34 deg all in at 2000 rpm was awsome and the pick up was heaps better ,not sure why i had much less timing in it b4 althou the dyno dood said back it off to late 20's ????
  4. I just run penrite gearbox oil that suits that era of fords,the t5 loves atf Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  5. The car is black and very low with those massive rims and rear wing i will go see him on my day off and take heaps of pics Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  6. thats a rare colour i cant remember the paint code but some later esps where this colour,looks in gc but i would not pay more than $4 grand for that car ,just a nice GL.
  7. in the interview dj laughs and says the top loader needed a engine crane just to lift the thing in and out of the car it was so heavy,in the older days i suppose they were still using cast iron bells ,he said the ford engineers made this box for front running fords at the time,as dick was a favourite of edsel ford in the early 80's,a privateer had sunk his life savings and his house into a falcon and was kicking ass until the rock then everyone knows the story from there.Murry carter was actually the first person to do up a xd for racing then everyone else followed even tho ford did not want this model raced,belive it or not the murry carter xe which i think is now the john sands xe group c car is only down the road near my machine shop m8 who does my work and he built the engine for it ,i can do a story on it as i have acsess thru him its a real waepon.
  8. there is also a very rare box that DJ was using in the xd xe era made by ford in america ,had top loader internals with an internal rail to shift gears ,i read about this in australian muscle car mag many years ago,he was given 2 by ford motor company i assume they were using them for trans am type racing.
  9. The main reason ford went to the single rail around xb era is people were complaining about the top loader shifter getting stuck and hard to use,so a more user freindly box was needed,the single rail is a worthy contender to the top loader.
  10. correct wc has syncro reverse
  11. another rumor is that the later xf utes 86 onwards had the option of the t5 with 3.25 first gear and sedans got the 3.50 ratio.
  12. Im all ears Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  13. Do you actually read my thread rob im stoked Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  14. yeah $700 odd plus postage.good product tho.
  15. just a alloy t5 cmrs bell is $800