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  1. When ordering on e bay some post a lot quicker than others it pays to look at there postage deal .some are gold sellers and others are average
  2. new acell bracket came and just waiting for cable.
  3. The rubber boots n consul are in and looking nice,i used eb rubber boot style.
  4. i just fitted a xr six clutch to my crossy and single rail with hyd fork set up and EL flywheel.
  5. the corty doesnt have a shock tower in the way for the fuel system,looks neat n tidy ando,i can always swap it back to east/west .its possible the corty engine sits a tiny bit lower in the frame ?? its just the std throttle cable the last few inches is not flexable and very stiff .
  6. yep i worked that out thanks dean,then just pulled the whole thing threw,fitting just a reversal i assume,i also bleed the clutch today,all is going to plan,hopefully by friday should have it ready to do first start up and running in of the cam,i cant wait to hear this thing,no exhaust fitted yet,i have warned the neighbor.
  7. also fitted the new headlights and holley mighty mite fuel pump,just waiting on a few parts to come then we are gunna crank it up.
  8. i have set it up nth/sth,solved all the problems,and i have orderd the xg longer throttle cable to suit,down the track i will try the east/west set up as it is gunna take some serious sorting with fuel and linkage solutions,like minimum 2 inch spacer to get the throttle cable over the r/cover,i have a spare xf bonnet here i intend to cut a hole in to poke the cleaner thru down the track.but just for the moment keeping it under the bonnet with a 1 inch spacer only just fits.
  9. can someone tell me how to disconect the accelerator cable from the ea style pedal ,like do you have to unbolt the whole assembly or should the cable just pivot out of the slot like earlier style cables ? cause i orderd a xg style longer cable to suit the 4 barrel,thanks.
  10. fully sic v/b love ya work
  11. ok so right angle fitting from rocker cover ,then hose to catch can with a breather,then to manifold,is that right ?
  12. ok so run a catch can to a pcv valve is that right guys.
  13. can i run it to the back of the carby cause the manifold only has 1 port and its already being used or just add another hose to the tree ?
  14. can someone tell me what i should be putting in the front grommet of the r/cover ? just another breather or a pcv valve to carby ? or what
  15. with a 1 inch spacer the throttle bracket is way to low still,so just for the first start up i modified the std crossy bracket just so primarys work fine,2nd the fuel rail is headed to no mans land,i might have to go normal nth /sth and order a xg throttle cable it will fix both problems.even with a 1 inch spacer the bonnet only just shuts.