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  1. i had to chainsaw it off because off stuck bolts,new one coming monday says suits hawaii 5.0L
  2. call this song the DURATION
  3. nah its a roller 224 @ hawaii 5\0 but i had no idea only a late model roller cam would fit, the small base circle cams since i just found out suit the older windsors so there is trap to anyone else going down this path,i will ring em on monday and see if i can send it back or buy a early windsor for the next build and use this cam.
  4. Nah just for a engine to rebuild i syppose a eb ed would be fine Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  5. ok i fixed it with another factory cam i picked up during the week,its all spot on now.i put it the sump on just for a look until the timing cover comes on monday.
  6. yeah im in love with it,i might go down the wrecker and grab a cheap 4.0 but which one would be a good core ? eb ed ef el ? i suppose a dizzy one ?
  7. i think i have made a huge mistake but fixable,i have a massive amount of gap between the pushrod and rocker about a 1/4 inch maybe,when i bought the cam on special there was no warning about wont work with efi block,it has a small base circle ,i checked the old one and its lobes are much taller and base circle is fatter,so perhaps this cam suits older 302 blocks with roller lifters ?
  8. i have also noticed the bolt torque specs are about 20 percent less than a cleveland.
  9. Yes vb thats probly why i have the spider n lifters in place i think its right seems to only bolt on 1 way Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  10. just jump in it and start it and scare the seagulls off
  11. Finally the felpro gasket set came just wondering what half of it is used for like 2 sets of intake ,these big funny circles which look like carby spacers and all sorts of stuff Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  12. I spoke to another m8 doing a eb v8 and he tryd a 289 cam gear to fit the 5.o and it dont fit for the fuel cam so he had to modify the factory one Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  13. hot rodders love windsors,also up to xy had a smallblock,roller cam very popular.
  14. If someone could explain the later efi cover will only work with a reverse pump or can a normal pump be bolted to it say for a xw 302w Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  15. Whats bugging me is this reverse rotation 8 mean 90 % of buyers would stick the engine in an older car so you would want the normal std rotation yeah ? Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk