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  1. lol its a mixture of snow white and stark white,as i had a litre of each and wanted to use it up,the small side windows a lot of mucking around to take it all off and put back in,i have heard some put the later xg side glass and seals as they dont tilt sideways like the xd xe xf ones
  2. i managed to get the side window rubber in ,also fit the window,also fit the door handle and lock,also passenger window trim,respayed in satin black,also side window mould,fkn image box wont let me download any pic's atm im not sure why,can you do it while using the phone,i just bought a j5 sumsung trying to work it all out.
  3. i used many more covers this time,on the wheels too,just the tailgate and bumper to paint,then onto everything else.
  4. ok all done came up good
  5. ok its all masked up and sheets covering will mix paint now
  6. whats he building in there
  7. will mask up the car tomorrow and paint the passenger side and tailgate,then sought out the body moulds and take out carpet and seats clean everything then probly fit the xr6 seats and door trims off the blue xg i bought,still waiting for the letter from ford on the car,im in 2 minds what to do with it.
  8. i have a set here exactly like that sly they are thick as your finger,but they didnt fit thru the guide plates ,as i went for the next size down,the ones i used must be placed with the 210 ball end towards the rocker,also milling of surfaces ,and converting to screw in studs and roller rockers will change length ,also head gasket size,thats why they make a adjustable pushrod to get your correct length,but if your putting a set of bolt on hyd roller rockers 5/16th on a running engine,std length pushrods are a good place to start or at least measure the ones that came out of it and replace with hardend or crome moly if you can afford it.
  9. every crossy i pulled apart had bent pushrods from people over reving da fook
  10. because the pushrods go deeper into the cup of the roller rockers ,the stamped steel stockers are different.
  11. 9.652 is std i have trend 9.8 in mine