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  1. i will i just dont have a spare five hundred atm,but will do it soon.
  2. i was reading a usa site about a trick set up on timing should only have about 10 to 12 deg of play to keep it up on the power ect,just starting it at initial 12 or 14 the engine just dies and doesnt like it,even at 24 initial it could go another 2 deg i reckon then ramp up to all in at 3000,seems to be going well ,i plan to buy a smaller solid cam with about 224 at fifty thou,to replace the monster thats in it atm as im doing a lot more driving in it as i first thought,that way i will have more street drivabilty,and i dont need to put flat tops to up the comp,will keep that cam for the next build.
  3. thanks dean,i have been driving it with about 10deg of advance in the msd plot,from base 24 to about 34 ish at all in by 3000,and seems to be performing quite well.
  4. i did a test video under acceleration in 2nd and 3rd ,up to 100km it was no where near redline ,i still dont have a taco,but revs out mean ,can someone do their trick with downloading it here from you tube its called crossy test,thanks.
  5. another trick to get a few more mm out of it is to use a xy/xa style straight water neck gives a little more clearance.
  6. those fkn vac units always get in the way of trying to get enough advance in it on a clevo,there is a sweet spot with the cam and oil pump drive all lining up spot on,keep playing with it you will get it in the end.
  7. I put the welch plugs in Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  8. I grew up in blacktown and the hills district
  9. Acrylic takes longer to dry if i was you i would let it dry a week so it hardends up then start with your 8 hundy with plenty detergent then 1000 and so on,i only use 2k these days as its good enough off the gun.
  10. mt druit was the original bogan town of sydney,and we used to call a car painted in primer (mt druit metlic lol)
  11. mt druit metalic
  12. orange s pack stipe kit will look fuly sic
  13. yeah we want skids,add some rubber into the basecoat b4 putting the clear
  14. Hmmmm i havent taken it down to the machine shop yet upon thismornings inspection just the first one is cactus but i will get em replaced so far the engine owes me $150 with mega hours of cleaning ect,but still about $400/500 of parts to go on it,and cam bearings are gunna blo the budget out but they are necessary item
  15. The w/pump is only $30