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  1. I cant belive how nice that shifter is now before it fkd up ,drive was good power is sooo much smoother and not stumbling one more trip to the dyno should be done,i want to do a skid vid but its got no power down low i will have to stall it too 3000 or more to even get the wheels turning
  2. Ok i jetted down 1 size in the rear and put a 4.5 powervalve in the front like dyno dan said also fixed the shifter but if it happens again i will pull apart and locktite it in now go for a test drive Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
  3. yeah this time i did take it off on the last run .after watching the salad bowl on engine masters
  4. Thanks jack and others for helping with tips and stuff,i felt better when i saw 202hp knowing my money i spent on it was at least now worth it,@nd can only get better now,it runs std sump no girdle or windage tray but i will be putting those items on in near future maybe ando can fab a windage tray and sump deal.
  5. Im already thinking what else i can do to it ,raise comp ect,lightn flywheel all in good time
  6. Im gunna make a tool to fix it or its gunna make a tool of me
  7. I managed to find 3rd and prayed no lights and made it home
  8. Could have been when i change 2nd and 4th unwinding the fooker a little bit at a time but this time i packed more grease in the swivel ball under the spring ect
  9. yes xpt 98 pump fuel,holley mighty mite small electric pump,i also forgot to add he changed the sqirters from 25 to 31 i think,cheap at $7 each,funny thing happend on the way home the fkn borgy shifter somehow unwond itself and i drove it home in 3rd gear even on the freeway lol i just tightend the alloy shifter nut up more and took for a test drive and its all sweet now.
  10. yeah i wasnt real happy with it at first on my road to nowhere tune up;s as ando said,he is only chargin me a $100 per visit so 1 more jet size down on the rear ,little bit bigger powervalve,and drop the timing a tad and ready for all ford day in july,the runs were done in 3rd gear as he seems to think 3.45 gearing for that cam is a bit small,3.9 or bigger suits that cam.
  11. he did give it a bit more on the 212hp run ,dyno dan reckons 6200 max for a good crossy as he raced em for years,he also seems to think the cam is ok but a little more comp about a point would be perfect,b/w did you get those rubber crossy cover gaskets yet ?
  12. thanks for that i think that was 2nd run,he also said to take more timing out of it down to 27 total.
  13. i did a video for you tube called 250 dyno tuning if someone could upload it here please.