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  1. ronny

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    That's right, I asked them 10 years ago and they wouldn't do it
  2. ronny

    Injected 460

    Yeah they are very heavy and the aftermarket blocks even heavier again... The later blocks (385 series) could be stroked alot more than the factory chev/chrysler BB's giving them an advantage nowadays with the better top end stuff available
  3. ronny

    500 cube clevo

    I think i like clevos again "There's no substitute for...."
  4. ronny

    Melling hv pump.

    Its done over 11,000 miles with over 100 passes down the 1/4 I do run a HV pump BUT i do have a pretty big sump Not sure why you are so revved up, most have agreed with you But you are not the only person in the world that can build a race motor with endurance Most race engines will use a HV pump. Why?
  5. ronny

    Melling hv pump.

    Really it depends on how much clearance the engine builder set the engine up with By the sounds of it this motor is built to rev a bit harder than stock? I personally would prefer to accept dizzy gear wear while the oil is cold and thick Then when its all stinking hot with thin id prefer more flow A HV oil pump only pumps about 15% to 20% more oil than a stock pump does So that would mean that your stock pump is only 15% to 20% away from sucking your oil pan dry? Dont think so Just my opinion ​With a stock motor, standard pump definitely
  6. ronny

    Melling hv pump.

    You'll be fine with that pump You have a bigger volume sump too which is good When the oil gets hot and thin you'll be glad you got a HV pump You might get a bit of dizzy gear wear but worth it IMO
  7. ronny

    Alloy Radiator Questions

    Thats a good result Cubes, HP, rpm @ idle, compression, timing @ idle, fuel used, auto or manual, etc effect heat created I removed my shroud, worked better The SPAL fans i have there is a recess in the fan housing to run a rubber strip to seal the fan to the radiator So the fan housing makes its own shroud Kind of like this, i have the older style where the rubber is round http://thumbs3.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/m4jbERooHeCyVNI-5bbg6_Q.jpg
  8. ronny

    Alloy Radiator Questions

    Always knew it was 2 core James (as advertised) Didnt think he made a 4 core like xfish ordered It is now being proved less cores cool better than more Only thing i was disappointed in was quality for the price
  9. ronny

    Alloy Radiator Questions

    Always knew it was 2 core James Didnt think he made a 4 core like xfish ordered
  10. ronny

    Alloy Radiator Questions

    I cut open my desert cooler triple flow
  11. ronny

    Alloy Radiator Questions

    I have never had problems in the past thrashing, moving It was the idling and not moving was the problem
  12. ronny

    PCV Valve? do i really need it?

    What Gerg said, but id just not worry about the PCV Chances of getting pulled over, small Chances of bonnet to be popped once pulled over, smaller Chances the cop realises the PCV is missing, smallest And if you get busted, just fix it then
  13. ronny

    tuning with o2 gauge

    Sounds like you are getting pretty close Lean spot at constant throttle no problem High 11 still bit rich for wot, if you can get it to 12.5 to 13 it will be quicker and better economy Takes a fair while to set a carby up close to perfect Are you just watching the gauge while wot? I found that hard so I velcro'd my phone to the steering wheel and recorded it Then I could watch the replay and break down what's exactly happening in slow mo
  14. ronny

    Alloy Radiator Questions

    4 core? Did you specially ask for that? At the time i bought it he only had 2 core (but large 2 core) with the triple flow Alot of new cars now have very wide single core Apparantly works better with the heat transfer with the way the air flows past the cores Be interesting to see if the trend carries to the aftermarket world
  15. ronny

    Alloy Radiator Questions

    Thats similar to what some pro burnout cars do to have a higher volume of coolant ie longer to heat up