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  1. ronny

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    That's right, I asked them 10 years ago and they wouldn't do it
  2. ronny

    All Ford Day SA 18/09/2016

    Pity about the weather but good to see a decent turnout Sucked being so far from you blokes Nice to see Jim and James, good work making the effort with judging I'll get my pics up soon but i think Mr Polson has got most covered, nice work mate Cool vid too bear
  3. ronny

    All Ford Day SA 18/09/2016

    I'll be there at the latest possible 9.30 With 3 kids i need all the extra sleep i can get lol
  4. ronny

    All Ford Day SA 18/09/2016

    Got my entry sticker yesterday so shouldn't be long until all posted out
  5. ronny

    SA Cruise's and Events

    Im same, too many commitments to confirm a date to definitely be there It might be easier to have a "sub-group" at other already planned cruises That way there is less pressure on each person to make sure they are there And less organising by someone to make up a cruise...