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  1. Coming along nicely. With the proper mirrors, standard front and (presume) bumperettes, it shouldn't be too hard to distinguish from Robdog's (omitting sound of course ). Black sills would help too!?
  2. Yep, I'll be going to Gawler on Sunday...early! AFD depends on study schedule. Didn't get a chance last year, got snowed under. Hope to get a few hours this year at least to come for a look!
  3. Keep chippin' away at it gerg! Wanting to see it in full 80's trim again soon. What are you using for the daily while this is laid up, or did I miss that bit?
  4. It's not too late to grow a mullet and get some velour!
  5. There are differences between XE and ZL mirror wiring which affect compatibility anyway AFAIK. If you look at the plug from the control it will use all 6x pins on XD/E but only five wires to the 6-pin plug are used on the later mirrors like ZL. Nice score btw!
  6. As suspected photos are gone, but here's the link... Edit: was XE_Spack not XES sorry!
  7. Something looks wrong if you have the selector panel 'home' in the shifter ass'y body. May get some movement in the dash to find 1/4".
  8. There's a thread on x-falc somewhere, I think XES shows how to remove & install them. Haven't got time to find it now but spAKy dAVE probably knows where it is, or go searching. Had lots of photos but who knows now! Edit: I remember there is a pin that needs to be removed after undoing the lower stitching on the backrest rearside. This would be what you're missing I presume.
  9. Your console position is too low... that's what stuffs the tongues on the shifter ass'y!
  10. Yeah, earlier ones are much better. Horrible orange button came out in '83. Can't recall what side FMX is on but I bored mine out, removed the stupid plastic bush and machined a nice chunky bronze bush to tolerance for the ute,it feels nice. Should last a million years now.
  11. Hold on to the old shifter ass'y. Everybody want's a million bux for them now.
  12. Ok, just looked same position. Know what you mean.
  13. Bit circa XD there with the boot^^^. Not sure about the bolt heads though... but like the way you used the 'pin' holes so you can change it back if you want! Edit: Black dome heads would look less conspicuous.
  14. Would be good to get rid of wires as I think they are above passenger side... which is where they leak. Mine has most likely gone hard & leaky in the ute as you say so will be coming out anyway.
  15. Cheers Dan. On closer inspection the one on the ute is a PCI and has one large stone chip right where you look through. May be able to do the old 'chip-away' but we'll see. Sometimes you get lucky... the one on my XE ghia is pretty much new and is a FORD - Pilkington with oval logo. Was fitted by windscreen mob before it went under sheets. I knew I had one.