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    Having some bother with the FD

    I remember you had it out not long ago, did you check the switch condition then? The plastic warps with age and then doesn't make contact in the right places.

    Having some bother with the FD

    Intermittent fault...It still sounds like the ignition switch could be on the way out if the solenoid checks out ok. XE are prone to failure. I've had one fail on the XE column in my XD. It's still bypassed lol, with a button. Edit: Makes you feel like you own a GTP when starting it lol.

    Having some bother with the FD

    Is that a technical term for wriggle tha fucka???

    Having some bother with the FD

    I said inhibitor switch failure! By-pass it. What trans is it fmx or C4?

    Having some bother with the FD

    I had ignition switch failure. Could be starter solenoid. Remove it and clean, could be dust. Remember, as Dean says, if you run the two wires, power to the coil still requires the switch so you will need to turn ignition switch ON if you want it to fire otherwise you're just cranking.

    Having some bother with the FD

    Ignition switch. Time to find another I dare say... or run two wires to a push button. Other thing could be inhibitor switch on trans... bypass it!
  7. Yep... XE ghia steering wheel & column in my XD. So much more comfy.

    XH XR8 Steering

    Will need a tape measure on a stick too, to reset the toe-in/out if removing the rack-ends. May sound agricultural but it works fine.

    XF paint code 7

    Can't say I remember seeing that colour but I like it too! Bit reminiscent of 'walnut glow'.

    Silver XD S Pack

    So observant dAVE !!!
  11. Probably but you'd be wasting your dosh... better off spending it chroming the FMX. My spare already has an air cooled unit... Edit: I'd be more worried about the ZF in your FG-X needing one. Where do they mount the factory unit on the coyote?
  12. The mounting position of the PWR unit is better for longtivity. Mounting it on the sump would add to the failure and 'milkshake' mix I think, but may have been done for temperature reasons and not just 'bean-counting' by Ford.
  13. Not sure on exact temp, no gauge so far. Will ask PWR/Ford Tomorrow. Found this on AFF... & the link.. http://www.fordforums.com.au/showthread.php?t=11390288 So, according to them the factory unit is sus... Ford will probably say they're fine as would Getrag. I want an independent review!
  14. Cheers Mark & yeah, i'll be talking to Ford local Monday.
  15. Is your turbo manual or auto??? Edit: this kit is for non-turbo. not sure if kit for FG with turbo & ZF is different.