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  1. Yep. Mine says option 49 - P225/60 R15
  2. Etis will tell you that Dave. Mine had (& has) as standard 15 x 225 but is a V8 S so up-rated.
  3. I thought this one was interesting...
  4. I remember you had it out not long ago, did you check the switch condition then? The plastic warps with age and then doesn't make contact in the right places.
  5. Intermittent fault...It still sounds like the ignition switch could be on the way out if the solenoid checks out ok. XE are prone to failure. I've had one fail on the XE column in my XD. It's still bypassed lol, with a button. Edit: Makes you feel like you own a GTP when starting it lol.
  6. Is that a technical term for wriggle tha fucka???
  7. I said inhibitor switch failure! By-pass it. What trans is it fmx or C4?
  8. Sorry, i'm too old and seen too many to consider that a bargain! Edit: It has air-conditioning... yeah in the boot with the spare, you have to fit it... and a 6cyl one at that!
  9. I never thought they were available in 302, only 351 UNTIL I saw the compliance plate on that the other day! Edit: seen a few 302's... always thought they were dodgy refits or 6-cyl conversions! So there you go, you learn something new everyday even at my age.
  10. I had ignition switch failure. Could be starter solenoid. Remove it and clean, could be dust. Remember, as Dean says, if you run the two wires, power to the coil still requires the switch so you will need to turn ignition switch ON if you want it to fire otherwise you're just cranking.
  11. Ignition switch. Time to find another I dare say... or run two wires to a push button. Other thing could be inhibitor switch on trans... bypass it!
  12. That's a really tidy XF! Don't mess with it too much, just piss off the slotters... they belong on an XW/XY... or in the bin!
  13. I have the ute & panels but it's a project away yet. I have to do LHS at some stage. Unpicking the old rear quarter will involve patience & care... that's all I know. Top seems pretty straight forward but not sure what is happening at the sills. I have new sills too but probably wont need them, ute is pretty rust free, just quarter dented. XD panels are different to XH too. By the time XH came around, the corner section & quarter are all one panel where as on XD panels, the corner is separate. I have all the part numbers if you want them. Other threads to look at is Rod's 'whatever's in the shop now'... the tailgate skin is a good pointer (go searching!). Kiwi-E does a fairly comprehensive job on the lower bits of his ute too but not replacing rear qtr.
  14. Yep... XE ghia steering wheel & column in my XD. So much more comfy.
  15. Was a blue, white, blue, white day... falcon, territory, falcon, territory... Compressed to death & cut but still evokes emotion. End of an era!