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  1. That's a really tidy XF! Don't mess with it too much, just piss off the slotters... they belong on an XW/XY... or in the bin!
  2. I have the ute & panels but it's a project away yet. I have to do LHS at some stage. Unpicking the old rear quarter will involve patience & care... that's all I know. Top seems pretty straight forward but not sure what is happening at the sills. I have new sills too but probably wont need them, ute is pretty rust free, just quarter dented. XD panels are different to XH too. By the time XH came around, the corner section & quarter are all one panel where as on XD panels, the corner is separate. I have all the part numbers if you want them. Other threads to look at is Rod's 'whatever's in the shop now'... the tailgate skin is a good pointer (go searching!). Kiwi-E does a fairly comprehensive job on the lower bits of his ute too but not replacing rear qtr.
  3. Yep... XE ghia steering wheel & column in my XD. So much more comfy.
  4. Was a blue, white, blue, white day... falcon, territory, falcon, territory... Compressed to death & cut but still evokes emotion. End of an era!
  5. New paint looks fantastic gerg! Colour looks awesome in the photos. My XE has no clear coat but has yellowed with age too... being snowhite (code 9) it looks like some-one pissed in the snow during that 36 years in a few places!
  6. Forever the accountant... all you're missing is the time machine!
  7. Then things started changing. Being born & bred car nuts i'm sure we've all bought the odd copy of 'just cars'. Well if you remember that's what 'unique cars' was back then... 'just cars' didn't exist. I remember noticing the old XA/XB GT's still in original metallic green paint or whatever weren’t 6K anymore but asking 16K .. then not long after they may as well have been on another planet, like 160K. I think things plateaued out there and actually lost a bit of value after the GFC.
  8. Well I don't know when "then" was as it's been a while since I read the article and I can't find my stack of Survivor Car mags anywhere. I think Dad may have snaffled them back again, not sure! Anyway, being old like you I can safely say there was a period at the end of the 80's and early 90's when you could pick them up from a car yard for around 5-6K which wasn't alot of money then as they were just an creaky old gas guzzling car. But... us young blokes happened to notice them! My mate bought a HJ Monaro 4-door for 6.5K off a car yard on Main-north Rd (where all the car yards were here back then). Had all the trimmings... 308, 4-spd, front & rear spoiler, massive cragars, oh & power windows... in Monza Red (or whatever the holden term was for it) with all the blackouts. Looked mean, sounded awesome. I know it wasn't a lot off money because being young and stupid and coming from the country... it got rallied to death. Finally sold it after 3 engines, 3-boxes, 2-tailshafts etc for 700 bux. Having all the numbers, that car would be worth about 40K today easy in the condition he bought it in. Edit: was a great rally car though... used to hunt the dirt so well!
  9. Go on... do it! You can pick them up cheap as! Good to see it's under cover now.
  10. That was when to buy one!
  11. Wags looks sooooo much better with the bonnet resprayed! But what's happening with the C-pillars??? I thought you said they were red! One's red & one's black... which I think looks better btw. Enjoy AFD today.
  12. to ten years !
  13. Yeah, I can understand why you've held off posting the build, it's a bit more of a challenge really from the LS in the FC. I hope it all works out ok. Subscribed!
  14. I'm assuming that it will be going in & out a few times yet!
  15. Wow... just! How do the mounts sit? Got enough room for a radiator??