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  1. Well spotted! I think the colour is called 'dove-grey' on the list. There is also a G3 and G4 too from memory... one of those being leather.
  2. Cheers... look forward to photos.
  3. No, i'm talking about my XD ute i've had for over 20 years. Sorry, no build thread yet. It is one of four factory 351 in 'sno-white' so not as rare there, lol! It still has the factory hangers for the exhaust on the LH (passenger) side with the dome-heads still there. It now sports a single 3.5" on the RHS. It is the sister car to the factory 351 ute with twin tanks that resides in the NE 'burbs here. My mate has viewed this ute, it is also 'sno-white'. Ed on x-falc up in QLD also has one in 'sno-white' so 3 of the 4 in 'sno-white' still exist that I know of. If Roman's has the outback pack & not the country pack then there will be no evidence of the sump guard I believe as the outback pack must be the twin tanks, which makes sense to me anyway! Although I haven't seen this other one, my mate is pretty much on the ball. He was as surprised as me that it had the twin tanks from factory. It is still pretty much in original condition like mine too.
  4. When I went to 'outlaws' to get a C6 sump, all they have is those deep one's now. Didn't get one, thought they would make it too low for a car. Decided to patch the shallow one instead! Maybe you should source a shallow one, not so hard on C4. Won't look as cool but might stop you having to trailer it home once all the fluids lost!
  5. Country Pack and Outback Pack would be two separate options. Country pack was available across the entire model range and included the sump guard. The outback pack would be the twin tank and filler arrangement. Like I said; there is one over here with that option I heard about through a good mate of mine but I am yet to see it. He knows his stuff. He noted on mine that it originally had twin exhaust from factory which I didn't realise. It would be great if you could lift the cover in the tray and take some photos and post! Awesome result on the verification... S-pack too! dAVE was right again!!!
  6. I like the rear wing... does it work?
  7. EB-ED...Last of the glass headlights!!!!
  8. Haha yeah! Lot of mexican's raiding us for parts lately. I think with no RWC system here and plenty of older stuff on the road and lots of people with big yards still, they've realised there is a still quite a bit of 'box' stuff over this way!
  9. Yeah, I'd stay away from it. Not hard to find bits in that era to turn a fairmont into a fairmont ghia! Bit like this thing... Conveniently the compliance plates are missing. The DMT response is interesting. Look at the 7th photo (lower one) showing the JG24AJ... on the strut tower! Hey, what? JG24 is a Falcon GL Taxi pack! AJ is may '82 so the carby engine is right. But who would order a hermitage car with the blue interior? Fairmont ghia owners usually had some class! And the leather clad busted console which was probably never a manual one looks like it belongs in a fairlane, never seen one in a ghia. Good for parts only I think. Bit dear for my liking though since most of it's shagged anyway! Oh the crap that roles up on-line! Edit: DMT = RTA, whatever!
  10. Option.... even has the right coded seats according to dAVE! Not THAT far away! (Bit shagged but )
  11. Taillights look good gerg!
  12. Lift the floor in the tray and have a bo-peep! Would be awesome if it had the twin tank option! Ute looks like a good clean starting point for a decent project! Send your rego and plate details to Ford (check the verification thread for Address) and they may be able to tell you more!
  13. Hi Romeo, nice score on the ute! The twin fuel tanks was a rare option on XD. I know of one fitted with it over here which incidently is a factory 351. Unfortunately your ute was not factory 351. The 'C' after the serial number denotes a 6-cyl frame. The 'F' engine i/d is a cross-flow 4.1L or 250 motor, probably cast iron head and the 'B' transmission denotes floor shift 3spd auto, so probably a BW. The '41' after the JG means it was a GL ute which is upspec from the standard JG40 ute, so was probably privately owned from new as most fleet vehicles would be the std ute. Dean is correct on the paint. Trim I think is somewhere between grey and fawn, you'll have to look that up. Comprehensive list is on x-Falc or try AFF. The '35' on the first plate denotes NO intrusion bars in the door so you are correct in your evaluation that that yellow door is not original! Look in driver's door for bar to tell if it too has been replaced!
  14. Yep. Mine says option 49 - P225/60 R15
  15. Etis will tell you that Dave. Mine had (& has) as standard 15 x 225 but is a V8 S so up-rated.