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  1. Pretty stoaked with the Mrs fg drove it to dubbo from romsey today without a single fuel stop it did 65.2 liters for 809.4 ks, or 7.7liters per 100ks
  2. You'll need to get yourself some v8 xd/xe base plates
  3. New episode is live
  4. Depends what you plan to do with it, if you are leaving it stock with the efi then the au is definitely a better engine, better head and intake compared to e series, if you want to build a bit of a hottie with a carb, it doesn't really matter which one you start with, both have the same cam, crank and rods, e series have a forged piston and au have a hyperutectic piston with a slightly larger dish than e series
  5. Sometimes you get lucky and a normal set of Windsor headers fit gt40p's, but sometimes you don't, it is the spark plug location that is the problem, the flanges are the same between gt40p and earlier heads
  6. Gt40p's were on au Falcons and explorers over here
  7. Gt40p has a re located spark plug, no thermactor port in the exhaust port, different combustion chamber and better ports in general, in saying that both achieve similar results once ported but stock vs stock the gt40p is a superior head, I completely forgot to take photos last time, if can get my valve spring compressor back o the weekend I'll see what I can do about taking some pics
  8. E series Falcons had e7te castings
  9. Those e5 heads are pretty garbage, a set of e7's are superior to them, the exhaust valves have what's called a valve rotator (the two piece retainers you were talking about that one cylinder that has them back to front means someone assembled it wrong) and they are ok in a stock application but any larger than stock cam you cant/ dont want to use them, sounds like a new cam might be a a good idea, luckily it still has any teeth left to drive the dizzy/oil pump, you may find those washers under the rockers are someone's way of compensating for receding valves
  10. As far as the duel key thing goes we are planning something similar for mums coyote powered 55 cuzzo, when the donor mustang was unloaded from the container the barrel was seized, when I tried to start it I pulled the back off the barrel so I could just turn the switch independently of the barrel, while doing this I found it would only start with the key in the seized part of the barrel, so our plans are to mount the mustang switch to the customline ignition barrel while hiding the seized up mustang barrel somewhere so the key can be pulled out and its immobilized
  11. Sounds like you need a name change
  12. For that era I love the round door rolls
  13. I had a hooker aerochamber on my xh but what stopped alot of the tinny sounds was a supercat straight through resonator, it looked the one in the pic, it was way better than just the aerochamber on it's own
  14. I didn't have any photos of it so I pulled a couple from the net. That plastic timing chain guide goes on the inside of the the bottom of the timing cover (where the bottom red arrow is on the first pic) now the top arrow points to where the timing chain tensioner goes, you need to remove it before re assembly it pushes on the guide on the left hand side of the second pic