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  1. From that photo that looks like a 3 speed and wide block bellhousing, it's useful to you if you wanted to change to a hydraulic clutch, it may even be a synchronised 3 speed, which would be a nice little upgrade from your original box, I don't know if that box would fit your original crossmemeber and linkages but I would hazard a guess it might
  2. Xr was the first to have a hydraulic clutch
  3. If your car has a cable clutch then an xc to xf 3 speed bellhousing is what you need
  4. Good catch I completely forgot about that part
  5. I forgot to add when you do a new exhaust 2 1/4 inch works well on a mild/stock 250 and if you put a muffler under the rear seat instead of at the very rear of the car they sound better
  6. Fist off good to hear you came through that ok, as far as the diff goes I would put the coupe crown wheel and pinion into the ute diff, not only is the ute diff 5 stud but the ute brakes are larger than sedan/coupe, you can't just put ute axles and backing plates into a sedan diff as the utes run a larger wheel bearing, the housing ends of the diff are larger on a ute as well as the bearing surface on the ute axles is larger than sedan/coupe axles
  7. If you have a spare tailshaft knock the uni out of the slip yoke and you have yourself an anti drain plug, old trans cooler lines screwed into the auto that have been cut off and bent over also help keeping the fluid off the floor
  8. Sometimes a dead pcv valve can do that too
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum feel free to throw up some pictures and stars a build thread if you'd like, I used to have a 250 pre crossflow in my xp before I went to crossflow, as far as I know it is a similar process with an xl but there are a couple of things I know to look out for, xk/xl/xm (xm manual that is) have a smaller trans tunnel than xm auto cars and xp falcons so if you want to run an auto a c4 needs surgery to the trans tunnel but you can make a borg warner 35 fit with a few blows from a sledge hammer to the tunnel, if you want to keep the 3 speed manual you will need an xr to xf 3 speed bellhousing as from xp (automatics only in xp) on to xf the the bellhousing pattern is wider than the "narrow" block engines that were used from xk-xl and xp manual cars, if you want to use a 4 speed (single rail or top loader) it t5 5 speed the trans tunnel needs major surgery, you can use your original engine mounts but you will need to space the engine at least 1 1/4 inches higher so the sump clears the sway bar and drag link on full sterring lock, your radiator may be fine for the job bit use your original thermostat housing and standard top radiator hose, the bottom one will give you greif as the water pump outlet is alot larger than the water pump outlet on the xw and earlier engines, you may find you won't be able to use a mechanical fan as it will be extremely close to the radiator so using an electric ran on the front of the radiator is sometimes your only option, if your ute diff still gas 4.11 gears in it you will want to swap them for some 3.5 gears (or xp Fairmont 3.2 gears if you can find some) the sedan diff gears fit the ute housings. Your original generator and mount will bolt up to the 250 bit you are better off using an alternator and modifying the wiring to suit, your exhaust may bolt up to the stock 250 exhaust manifold if it has enough length hope this helps
  10. If you want to be able to change ratios easily you don't want a 2.77 they are machined a little different from the other housings to fit the wide crown wheel and to fit other ratios usually means getting creative either with spacers or machine work
  11. There's only on thing you did wrong.......... Don't you know you're supposed to run a cam I with open headers at 11.30 pm? Just to make the sure the neighbors are home to come over and congratulate you on your success [emoji16]
  12. It is alive
  13. You got a hover conversion in the early 21st century?
  14. Good news it is going to make it's way on the in the course of the re build
  15. Then I drove it around for another year and it ended up with a stripped ring gear so this time I decided to pull It apart and fix it properly, it i also decided if I was going to do that I had to pull it far enough apart that I couldn't just slam it back together in a weekend or two, knowing myself if it was left in that stage I would just have to fix it properly before I could drive it again. I went reasonably well at the start but when I decided to buy the xp two years ago I just stopped working on the cuzzo so it just sat there gathering dust instill this week when I decided to have a shed cleanup and hopefully next weekend I'll be back in a position to work on the cuzzo, so with this batch of photos should bring us up to date