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  1. a few years ago one of my mates trimmed the bottom edge off a ratty bumper and screwed it on upside down
  2. Thom

    V8 windsor efi

    yes the v8 t5's use a longer input shaft than 6 cylinder, and au v8 also has the shifter further rearward than earlier t5's
  3. Thom

    V8 windsor efi

    au 6 cylinder does have the same input shaft length as e series (and xf) 6 cylinder 4.0, I used an au bellhousing when I put the au based 4.0 in my xh but I kept the original xh t5, but the au extension housing is longer and the shifter is 30mm further rearward than earlier t5's.
  4. ef series 11 ford removed the dipstick on btr 4 speed autos, it just means at some point you car has had a later gearbox fitted, if you are going to check the fluid level you need to do it with the trams warm, engine running and in park, there's a plug on the drivers side of the gearbox that is incredibly easy to round the head off, make sure you use tq95 or 95le not dex 3
  5. good to know, gerg, I'll put that rumor down on my list as false, t56 and t5 don't have the same mounting flange
  6. sorry it won't with the 4.0 bellhousing , crossflow has a different bellhousing pattern to 4.0, I did hear a rumor that t56 and t5 have the same mount pattern to the bellhousing but I don't have any solid evidence it does
  7. Thom

    XB Log motor rebuild tips

    all the pre crossflow heads will interchange to a degree, in your case when looking for a 2v head if the intake and exhaust are on the same side it will fit your 250, if it's a crossflow head (exhaust and intake ports on opposite sides) it won't fit your block
  8. Thom

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    I like the little van,should be great to see it unfold with your metal skills, as far a drivetrain goes maybe worthwhile considering late 80s rwd jap running gear
  9. Thom

    Looking for 250 crossflow extractors

    you could just pull the whole exhaust system and manifold off to store them and then fit extractors and a new exhaust system so you could go back to stock if you ever wanted to
  10. Thom

    Looking for 250 crossflow extractors

    I thought my xflow sounded ok, it had a generic set of extractors with a 2.25 inch exhaust a straight through muffler and a resonator here's the same setup in 2 different cars, when the engine went from my xe to the xp it used the extrctors and the whole exhaust system of the xe (with 1 bend modified to suit the xp)
  11. Thom


    393's can live a long life but I put 408's in the same category as 347's, most of them are oil burners
  12. Thom

    2V Head Refresh

    that would still be a noticeable improvement over stock
  13. Thom

    F100 302 Cleveland build help

    I had a 351 with a stock bottom end, closed chamber heads, comp 268h camshaft (and springs to suit), en edelbrock performer intake with a 600cfm carb and the rest of the engine was stock down to the exhaust manifolds and a twin 2 inch exhaust (the exhaust was too small) it made 230 hp at the tyres in that setup and ran a flat 14 down the 1/4 in my customline with a stock torque converter and 3.5 gears (later on it had roller rockers a torque power dual plane air gap intake and a 2500 stall and ran a 13.5) but that camshaft was a great torquey cam you can run a stock torque converter and valve train with it and it sounded better than a stockie
  14. Thom

    F100 302 Cleveland build help

    this is a closed chamber head
  15. Thom

    F100 302 Cleveland build help

    there are raised bumps on the passenger side head at the front of the block on the deck surface, if it has on bump and two shallows its and open chamber head if it has 2 bumps and 3 shallows it a closed chamber head