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  1. Gymkhana 10
  2. When I first setup my ute with a bbm I used an rpm frequency switch from jaycar and used the solenoid from an ef to switch the intake runners at 3800rpm, (I played around with the switching rpm but 3800 gave the best results) the difference in power between the xh tune and the el xr6 tune was negligible (xr6 does have a different tune but you have to use an xr6 fuel pressure reg as they run a higher pressure than standard 4.0 and the tune will be out of whack if you don't). I never changed the ecu in my car but I did play around with j3 chips and a moates quarterhorse back in the day, I eventually setup one of the unused pins in my wiring loom (I believe it was one of the auto trans pins) to control the bbm from the factory ecu (although it was an xh ecu with a modified el xr6 tune in it). You don't want to hook up the bbm just to vacuum without any control as it makes the car do weird things and just run funny in general
  3. Ea-ed were usually the same cam, but not always, 91dt is the part number to look for as far as camshafts
  4. Out of the parts you have personally I would run the t head with the 91da cam, a MLS is thinner than the e series gasket (dont forget to get new bolts) if its only a failed lash adjuster why not just replace them? Unless you're suspecting it's also a head gasket failure. as far as decking the head goes there are a couple of square bosses cast into the underside of the head that are essentially your minimum height (I don't know how deep it is compared to stock because I've never started with a stock un machined head before
  5. Not much car wise to report here, I bought a brand new towbar for the mrs fg and fitted it on Saturday, first time I've had a car with a towbar and rego since I sold the xp
  6. Dont get too worried about it, we all speak the language of cars
  7. Looks spot on, but if in doubt wind it over by hand first, to make sure nothing binds
  8. To power it up run a jumper lead to the positive on the starter and earth on the body somewhere, should give you enough juice to unlock it with the remote
  9. A Buick 215 (I know not exactly the same engine but pretty close) weighs about 150kg with the accessories a early windsor without accessories is around 215kg with accessories and a efi 5.0 is around 225kg with all accessories
  10. Another favorite of mine but probably a bit too wild for gerg's application though
  11. I have had that cam in a couple of 302 rodded 351's and they were fine, but still they were using the heads better due to being larger in capacity, I do see where you are coming from there, as far as valvetrain goes I did have to get better retainers and collets as the standard ones started to pull the collets through the retainer at one point, but as far as cam life goes I've had the same 268h in 4 different engines with 6 different sets of lifters in total that cam had seen over 240,000ks but I always used a zinc oil, maybe its worth investigating some beehive springs, I know they have similar open pressure as standard style springs but the do usually have a softer seat pressure so the progressive rate may be beneficial in a flat tappet engine
  12. Or for comaparison when after it got a balance pipe and I'd replaced the flowmasters with a pair of straight through redbacks
  13. I know you have a pretty good idea of what you want but just my 2c on a good streeter cam, I've always liked this grind, it's a comp cams 268h, it should still work well in a 302 it makes decent low down torque and is tame enough for daily driving Sorry about the potato quality video (about 8 years ago)
  14. That's exactly what I did when my xp still had a 170, generally the 170s had a solid cam and the 200s were hydraulic but I have seen solid and hydraulic in both engines
  15. I'm a fan of the 268h I had one in the 351 in my customline, it was a reasonably mild engine, dual plane air gap, roller rockers closed chamber heads (with around 11:1 comp) I had a edelbrock 600cfm carb on it it made 238rwhp through a 2500 stall and a 3.5:1 9 inch, it was a really fun combo, it fell on its face at 5600rpm but made 330+ ftlbs of torque from 2000rpm on (with a peak of 380ftlb @ 3900) hope you enjoy it