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  1. What would you call that? A chevybird? Thunderchev?
  2. If your not pulling the cam out you can leave the chain tensioned
  3. Same as what I run on the cuzzo except mine are chome, did you get caps for them too?
  4. Just a bit of advice, don't take this as a personal attack, if you want people to help you give us a bit of context on what you are trying to do, make yourself an introduction post tell us a little about yourself (you don't have to worry about names and such but, tell us about previous projects or if this is your first one let us know that too), your car and what you want to achieve with your car, this will give us an idea of your skill level so we can give you answers that will actually be useful to you of you are not sure what direction you want to go with your car let us know that too. I say this because at the moment it just seems like you are asking random questions with no context for us and as a general rule of thumb people won't answer those style of questions unless they know why, so in summary keep asking questions but let people know why you want to know the answer
  5. Had a good day today, took the a model sedan to the romsey swap meet and won the best Ford award. Also on a side not the xp is drivable as of last week
  6. Pretty sure it's got a stock tunnel but he did mod the rad support and shock tower on the passenger side
  7. That sucks, but it's also kinda cool that it kept going in there for so long relatively trouble free, and who knows how long it had a bent rod for before you got it
  8. Stock springs should be ok to re use if the car didn't sit funny, just make sure you don't sand blast them to clean them up or they will loose their tension
  9. Love the stubby holder filter holder [emoji12]
  10. It you have a bunch of extensions and pull the airbox out you can change the coil pack from the top, easier than trying to do it reaching over the engine mount
  11. You sure that ute isn't a 40? It's got quarter windows in the doors, wipers are at the bottom instead of above the windscreen and it's got 40 headlights, looks like it was a cool trip it's always fun to get out and about in a hot rod
  12. That looks like it may have been influenced by the deora hot wheels car
  13. I like to put them between the pump and the carb, a fuel pump can push fuel through a filter easier than it can pull fuel through one, I have had a car strand me for that berry reason before and it was a real bitch to diagnose when idleing the car would behave fine at highway speed it was fine, try to pass someone or drive with a little enthusiasm the car would die,then you would spend forever trying to get it started again