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  1. Thom

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    The carb mount is angled so the carb sits flat when the engine is in the car, most rwd cars have the engine tilting 3-6 degrees backwards in stock form, although that one looks like it may have been machined further, was the manifold off a boat?
  2. A minor upgrade you if you can modify a hq caliper to fit they have a 1/8th' bigger piston, the hq racers used a falcon rotor with a hq caliper with reasonable results
  3. Thom

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    An old dizzy shaft with the gear removed works well
  4. Thom

    XH Longreach Ute 1999,Snart Lok,etc

    One thing to check, on a lpg converted car they tap into the injector wiring to shut them off when the system is on gas, sometimes the connection is dodgy or breaks, if you don't ever intend to run the car on lpg disconnect the wiring to the lpg lockoff and join the wires together, it Will bypass the log system and get the injectors firing no matter where the lpg switch is set
  5. Thom

    4 speed queries.

    You will have to swap your xg bellhousing (The au bellhousing will bolt to the xg engine bit the bottom of the bellhousing won't mate up with the gearbox supports and unless the Au was also column shift it won't have the mounts for the shift selector), Speedo drive and gearshift indicator onto the Au box and it will go in
  6. Thom


    If i can find photos of the sport coupe we were building for mum, it had a e series 5.0 and btr, but it got sold a fee years ago
  7. Thom


    You need an a model thread
  8. Thom

    XF 4.1 popping!

    I've done that many more time than I would care to admit, but it's always been successful
  9. Thom

    XF 4.1 popping!

    If the exhaust valve isn't opening you will still pass a compression test, it's even possible that cylinder will measure higher than the others, a closed exhaust valve Will causing popping out the carb on every second time that cylinder fires as the fuel is getting to the cylinder and being ignited but then it has to escape out the carb instead of the intake and then the cycle repeats
  10. Thom

    XF 4.1 popping!

    Could be a bent pushrod, wiped cam lobe or a lifter that bleeds down/might be sticky (Could be the reason why it's rattling when cold and not as bad when it's warm the hydraulic part of the lifters can get stuck particularly if they sit with a valve open for long periods of time), I'd bet it's an exhaust valve, you can do an easy check then you start it cold grab a spray bottle with water and spray the exhaust manifold on each cylinder if one isn't hot it will show up, that's your cylinder that has a problem
  11. Thom

    Bf zf auto reverse light switch

    All i can tell you and it may not be your problem, but my old mans fg had a similar problem it turned out it was the wiring for the trailer plug causing the problem in fg if you have a correctly fitted trailer loom it's supposed to shut off the reversing sensors when a trailer is plugged in, the wiring failed in my old man's fg causing the same issue
  12. Thom

    Will an AU sedan exhaust fit an AU wagon?

    Fro. The engine to the center muffler is interchangeable between sedan and wagon but wagons are a longer wheelbase and use a different tail pipe
  13. You didn't by chance sandblast and re paint your springs? If so that can be the reason why it's sitting lower, blasting springs can create enough heat to re temper springs and make them lose their elasticity, ask me how I know
  14. Thom


    For once im on the opposite side of the argument from bear and gerg, personally I like to put a fresh engine on the dyno as soon as possible, the dyno can be used as a tool to properly bed rings in quicker and easier than it can be to do it on the street, also you can get your carb and ignition tuning correct usually with less trial and error than street tuning in the first few 100ks
  15. Thom

    Falcon xh ignition switch problems

    James is on the money, temperamental starting is usually caused by a faulty or failing body control module, if you are really handy with a soldering iron you can repair them as it's usually a dry solder joint causing the problem, if you are lucky and you manage to find a similar module at the wreckers you can just replace it and hope it works or you can get a j3 chip for the ecu and bypass the immobiliser all together