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  1. Physically the engine will bolt straight in if you use xr or xt 6 cyl mounts (or space the stock mounts up so the sump doesn't hit the drag link on full lock) and if you have a 3 speed auto car the engine will bolt straight the stock gearbox, you'll want a bigger radiator and you won't fit a mechanical fan, there isn't enough room, you'll need to go to buckets or use a Chevy s10 extension housing to move the shifter forward if you want to keep the bench, you'll need make/modify a trans mount and get the drive shaft shortened and you'll need to figure out how to make the cable clutch work with an xp pedal box
  2. Congrats Tony, I imagine you'd be like a dog with two dicks right now, not knowing which one to lick first
  3. Have to pull the extractors back off anyway and i ran out of non hardening sealant so i can't do the Welch plugs yet
  4. I think your red ute has had the extra leaves removed
  5. Yes that's the brake bias setup
  6. So being changed to night shift last week has had me all fucked up but tonight after i woke up I went out to the shed and started to put te xflow back together so head is on, valvetrain, water pump (I'm using a xa style one to delete the clutch fan mount as it would've hit the radiator), intke and a few other bits but being 2.30 am it's too late to replace Welch plugs or make any noise so I'm just going to go inside and watch the live feed from drag week I'll do more tomorrow
  7. Spin resistant is the tag that belongs to lsd equipped diffs
  8. That was usually only on the 1 tonne package
  9. If I had the xp going I would've but I don't so I'm not
  10. You could just jump a power wire from the door switch, should do the same thing
  11. That's been around forever, it has a removable roof and a real hot 221 with a 2v head, from memory it used to run low 14s
  12. Have you been testing your thermostats before you put them in? I find about 1 out of 10 is any good doesn't really matter the brand either
  13. The "other" 302