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  1. Thom

    Looking for help AU engine in BA

    it should be a fairly simple swap other than wiring, the ba engine mounts, bellhousing, clutch, flywheel power steering pump should all bolt up to any au engine, the sumps are almost identical between au and be with the only difference being internal to suit the different types of oil pump the engines have from each other externally au series 2 and 3 sumps are the same as ba/bf with f2f being different again, if you want to use a ba alternator you will need a series 2 or 3 au engine as the series one engine has different bosses cast into the block and is missing the boss cast into the sump for the alternator mount, you will have to use au (or e series) intake manifold and exhaust manifold/ extractors, as far as wiring goes you can use the au wiring and loom to run the engine with smartlock turned off via a j3 chip (t.a performance sells them), you can use the ba loom and ECU to run the au engine, this does require modifying the ba loom and re tuning the ECU it is tricky but if your half decent at wiring you could do it yourself or if you go to Facebook and look up Bill hooton (he can be found on a couple of the barra conversion pages) he can sell you pre modified a ba loom and ECU to suit au, from what I've heard he has a very good reputation and is very fairly priced or you can go aftermarket ECU if your class allows it, and finally clarkos performance does ac delete brackets for 4.0l
  2. Thom

    Xg wiring butchery

    i had a similar issue in my old xe, I replaced every earth wire I could find and added a couple extra wires and it fixed the problem
  3. Thom


    t.i performance does them, Jason is a member on here, look up Galapagos01, send him a message and he should be able to to get you sorted, do you have a manual el pedal box? xh is different to e series
  4. Thom


    put the xh engine and gearbox in the el, just get a j3 chip to tell your el ECU its a manual
  5. you need an xf t5 bellhousing, it will bolt straight on to your 250, but they are cable clutch, chevy s10 has the shifter further forward than any of the other t5's
  6. Thom


    if it has an au timing gear, put the engine on tdc no 1 (use a bit of wire down the spark plug hole to find tdc don't trust the balancer is correct), on the timing gear you will see a line on one side and a dot on the other line the line up parallel with the rocker rail on the drivers side of the car, if it's an e series gear it will just have a line and no dot, it its e an series gear line it up with the rocker rail on the passenger side of the head, make sure you turn the engine over at least twice with a ratchet or breaker bar before you hit the starter just in case something is still out of whack, you don't want to break any valves or rocker gear
  7. Thom

    Strange Mercury Silver

    my dad's ef Fairmont ghia that was garaged its entire life until he bought it had the same effect, it too was mercury silver, after he sold it the bloke that bought it from him parted it out for the 5.0 running gear and its been sitting in a paddock for 10 years, when I saw it the other day the paint no longer has the flip flop effect and just looks like a plain silver ( its so bad the clear is peeling in places) he turned a really nice ghia into a pile of garbage but the xt the running gear went into is a really nice car to drive
  8. Thom

    351 ?

    pull a spark plug out of it, get a bit of wire or a cable tie put it in the spark plug hole wind the engine over so the piston is at the top of its stroke, mark your bit of wire/cable tie with a texta then wind the engine over until the piston is at the bottom of its stroke and mark your piece of the wire/cable tie again then measure the distance between the two marks 3 inches means it's a 302, 3.5 inches means it's a 351
  9. depending on where you are@chestnutxe has a whole hydraulic single rail setup for sale, although with the bench you may be better off with a cortina box, the shifter is located further forward than a falcon single rail, you'll need to modify the trans hump as well
  10. Thom

    Xg problem child.

    e series sump can't be swapped onto an au engine without machine work, even then you have to use a el hybrid sump (the main caps are larger to support the larger main bearings) and to put a tin sump on an au engine you have to swap the rear main cap to an el hybrid (then the block would have to be line bored) the au has a flat surface where the sump gasket goes because they have a single piece sump gasket that locates in a groove in the alloy sump the e series have grooves machined into the rear main cap to take a traditional multi piece sump gasket
  11. a few years ago one of my mates trimmed the bottom edge off a ratty bumper and screwed it on upside down
  12. Thom

    V8 windsor efi

    yes the v8 t5's use a longer input shaft than 6 cylinder, and au v8 also has the shifter further rearward than earlier t5's
  13. Thom

    V8 windsor efi

    au 6 cylinder does have the same input shaft length as e series (and xf) 6 cylinder 4.0, I used an au bellhousing when I put the au based 4.0 in my xh but I kept the original xh t5, but the au extension housing is longer and the shifter is 30mm further rearward than earlier t5's.
  14. ef series 11 ford removed the dipstick on btr 4 speed autos, it just means at some point you car has had a later gearbox fitted, if you are going to check the fluid level you need to do it with the trams warm, engine running and in park, there's a plug on the drivers side of the gearbox that is incredibly easy to round the head off, make sure you use tq95 or 95le not dex 3
  15. good to know, gerg, I'll put that rumor down on my list as false, t56 and t5 don't have the same mounting flange