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  1. it was sitting for a long time when it as at the paint shop yes? before you go on thinking its killed a lifter give it a couple of oil changes (maybe even a flush) it could just be gummed up from sitting/ only idling around for a year or so, give that a try before you call it dead. if it didn't come good after that then then you can still try a couple of other things if the lifter is accessible, pull the lifter out pull it apart and clean it. if the orifices in it are blocked it can make it take forever to bleed up. option 2 you can swap the internals of a lifter out for new internals if you find the same style and keep the original body so nothing has to be bedded in again. option 3 put a new lifter in it and bed it in exactly the same way you run a new cam and lifters in, this is the most risky option of the three and I would only do it if I had to, I've done the first two a bunch of times with great success (I have done the third one a couple of times but when am engine gets that bad I'd usually rather replace the cam)
  2. Thom

    MENTAL XD - The build.

    that's killer news dude congrats
  3. Thom


    ef el only take air in from the bottom of the bumper for the radiator, the radiator support panel is closed off at the top
  4. Thom

    Mr Polson's SOHC & DOHC Falcon Adventures.

    I noticed the title change, but was expecting an update on the g6
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    Funny Photos/Pictures

    not the breast of weather
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    do yourself a favor and get a workshop manual before you pull the engine apart, they are a bit more complicated than a xflow or a Cleveland, especially if you've never worked on an ohc engine before, once you've done them a few times the are pretty easy. personally I wouldn't change the timing chain while its apart 95% of the time the tensioner and chain runners will wear out long before the timing chain will
  7. Thom

    El xr8 2 issues......

    you could have a dead fuel pressure regulator, if it's not doing its job you will have excessive amounts of fuel being dumped in and other times it will be too lean
  8. Thom


    if it's on the drivers side its common for the timing chain tensioner plug to leak, most people dont replace the o rings on them when they do a head gasket and the start leaking not long afterwards, could also be the power steering pump if someone has used power steering fluid instead of DeX 2 or dex 3 as the seals will fail, causing it to leak and take out the alternator in one swoop
  9. Thom

    Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car

    there is one but I haven't seen anyone post in it for a couple of years, so probably better off starting another one
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    Funny Photos/Pictures

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    change the interior light fuse
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    Funny Photos/Pictures

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    The completely off topic thread

    I drive past (or down depending on how I'm feeling) gellies road every day, other than some more guard railing it looks exactly the same as back then
  14. Thom


    I found with my ef's and el if driving around town and not exceeding 60kph they all got better economy dropping them into 3rd instead of drive as they were always shifting in and out of 4th
  15. Thom

    Funny Photos/Pictures