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  1. Thom

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    It does, but dads a has a bigger fuel system than what is supplied with the sniper kit
  2. Thom

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    Its semi return less, the reg is right near the tank and fuel pump and returns without going to the engine first
  3. Thom

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    The number is usually in either of these two locations
  4. Thom

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    I love the holley sniper we put on dads clevo, the only downside I've seen is they can be rather finniky with dual plane intakes Before After
  5. Thom

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    You will need to look on the opposite side of the engine, Australian 5.0 had a left hand starter the yank ones didn't, if you look on the opposite side where the starter would be with a right hand starter you should find your engine number
  6. Thom

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    A few things to consider, converting an efi 5.0 to carb is exceptionally easy, its everything else that will give you headaches, any carb intake and non ecu controlled distributor is all you need and the engine will run like it was born that way. Here's the list of obstacles you will have to overcome depending on how much of the 5.0 stuff you want to use Fuel pump/ timing cover front accessories: If you want to run a mechanical fuel pump you will have to change to an earlier timing cover with a fuel pump boss and you will have to fit a fuel pump eccentric to the cam, this will also mean you have to change to an earlier waterpump as the 5.0 ones spin the opposite direction, alternator, p/s and a/c (depending on what your using) will all have to be v belt style and brackets as the serpentine set up won't work with an early timing cover, you may have to source a different balancer depending on what pulleys you need, it is very important to a 58ounce balancer and flywheel with a roller 5.0 a balancer to suit an early 302/289/260/221 will cause massive vibrations and possibly break the crank, if you want to use the serpentine setup you will have to use an electric fuel pump The trans you have if its from a falcon is an Australian only btr 4 speed auto and is a very different unit from the aod and aode's the us 5.0l used, these btr's are an electronic controlled auto and very difficult to set-up to run as a normal auto without using the engine ecu to talk to the trans tcu, I know shiftkits Australia make a standalone controller to suit btr's but as far as I'm aware they only have a manual shift option they can't be put into drive and shift themselves any more, c4 or c10 can be used behind the 5.0 and if you use a Cleveland c10 the holes in the flex plate are in the correct location for a Cleveland torque converter, if you use a Windsor converter you will need an aftermarket 58ounce flex plate to couple everything up (another thing to consider is the btr has a left hand starter and off the shelf headers don't clear it) As far as the factory heads go gt40p's are the best iron head but the relocated spark plug means most off the shelf headers don't fit and stock cast iron manifolds don't fit these heads either, you don't want to use the stock 5.0 headers as they are garbage and flow worse than the cast iron manifolds early windsors had
  7. Thom

    5lt windsor engine numbers

    Don't have that much time for a concise answer now, ill jump back on after I get home from work
  8. Thom

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    I'm not sure but it's possible
  9. Thom

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    The axles do the brakes don't, the axle flange is turned 90 degrees on ef and later diffs
  10. Thom

    AU windsor into 2000 courier

    I wish I could but I'm afraid I don't know the answer, the closest I could give you is a lead on a user of ford forums that used to be called whiteau5.0ghia, but I have no idea if he's still active or if he has the same username
  11. Thom


    Larger welch plug may mean it was from a colder part of the usa, block heaters are a common thing in some parts of the states and they are usually 1 5/8 from what I've seen
  12. Thom

    408-SBF OIL LOSS

    This is something I've seen before, some heads the holes for the screw in studs is exposed to the intake ports, so it is possible if there is no thread sealer on the rocker studs that the engine could be sucking oil in around them, as far as setting valve lash goes there are some good videos about it, but it is something if you are not sure of its worthwhile having some else do it or show you how
  13. Thom

    Did the machine shop make a mistake?

    Pre crossflow use the same cam bearings as xflow, its an extra hole for the pre xflow to oil the rockers as they have an extra oil gallery to supply oil to the head and rocker shaft, that gallery gets supplied from the top of the cam journals, whereas xflow use the lifters and pushrods to supply the rockers with oil, its no real biggie just interchangeable bearings
  14. Thom

    XF AU Windsor conversion

    All au's other than some ts50's were supposed to have gt40p's, e series diff will go straight in with using xf bushes on the car end and e series bushes on the diff end of the controll arms and you will need a metric brake flare nut to connect the brake line to the e series diff (most xr8 only had a 3.23 open diff, 3.45 lsd wasn't standard until el xr8 all xr6 and 6 cyl fairmont ghias had 3.45 lsd standard) a steel e series tailshaft is a better choice than a xf one but an alloy e series tailshaft is not, you want to find an eb to el t5 as the au and later t5's have a longer extension housing and the shifter is further back, be prepared to pay upwards of 1500- 2k for a 5.0 t5 set-up unless you get extremely lucky, make sure the headers you have will clear a left hand starter
  15. Thom

    XF Diff Swap

    Not always true but a general guide for e series diff ratios (you could order any ratio in any car when they were new but very few had different gears) this is generally from eb to el, early ea's still ran xf style diffs and ratios until the 4 speed autos were available 3.08: standard e series ratio gli sedans and futura mostly had this ratio 3.23: common ratio for fairmont, wagon, xg and xh utes base model fairlane V8 falcons (including xr8 up until el) 3.45: (almost all 3.45 diffs were lsd) xr6, el xr8, 6 cyl fairlane ghia, 6 cylinder fairmont ghia, manual 1 tonne xg and xh utes, outback utes (outback's had the hydratrack diff)