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  1. Are you trying to set it up with locked timing or ecu control? If el uses timing as well as the isc to control idle then that might be giving you problems
  2. It could be, I'm not in the position to say for sure as I never played with auto stuff back then, I do remember that a couple of people I knew that turned auto cars to 5 speed cars had all kinds of fuckey issues like that but I don't really remember the solution
  3. Now that you mention this i seem to remember having similar problems with a mates xg when we put an el ecu in it, from memory the fix was to put an xh non bbm tps on, they read the same voltage as an ef/el tps but spin the opposite direction from a bbm equipped car,in short the log manifold tb opens the opposite direction from a bbm tb but i think (not 100% memory is a bit hazy) the el tps runs in a different range from the ed style and earlier
  4. Thom

    Thom's 4.0l thread

    Blocking it off will be fine
  5. Thom

    Thom's 4.0l thread

    I actually ran a bbm on an xh log ecu for a long time before I started playing with j3 chips and it ran really well
  6. Thom

    Thom's 4.0l thread

    The tune will be fine without a bbm hooked up and below 3800rpm it should be the same as a non bbm tune, having an el ecu will let you fit a knock sensor if you desire to. As far as I remember (granted it was 10 years ago last time I played with fuel pressure) a base 4.0 tune has a 45psi fuel pressure reg and an xr6 has a 55psi fuel pressure reg set at idle with the vacuum source disconnected
  7. Thom

    Pissing me off

    Bigger brakes more easily, better handling and no modifications to sump/swaybar/crossmember for the barra
  8. Thom


    Other than the 289 not really
  9. Thom


    255 was a smog era us engine, I'd be surprised if there was any over here, apparently there's not a lot of parts interchangeability with regular 8.2 deck Windsors, but I've only ever read about those
  10. Thom


    221 260 and 289 all share the same stroke, the biggest problem with 221's and 260's is the small bore size doesn't let you get a decent size valve without being shrouded/running into the bore, the other problem with 221's and 260's is most them are of the 5 bolt bellhousing variety
  11. Thom

    Manual box

    A lot of e series stuff is a direct fit for xg/xh but there a a few bits an pieces that are different but most of the major mechanical components interchange
  12. Thom

    Manual box

    As Dean said any e series 6 cylinder 4 speed auto will bolt straight in an xh, gearbox for ef series 1 or earlier if you want a dipstick, an au auto will bolt in if you swap your xh/e series bellhousing onto it, the btr gearboxes can be beefed up quite easily with an electronic shift kit, and there are companies that do highstalls and aftermarket valve bodies, the biggest thing with a btr is (especially a performance orientated one) having a decent trans cooler and keeping regular maintenance on them
  13. Thom

    Manual box

    If going the turbo route you'd probably be better off sticking with the auto, I've broken plenty of t5's with n/a 4.0, but I used to be really hard on the equipment when I was younger, as far as manual conversion you do need an xh specific pedal box, and console insert tailshaft is the same auto to manual, that's the xh specific parts the rest can be from any e series eb to el, you'll need bellhousing, clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, cable, throw out fork, manual sandwich plate, spigot bearing, clutch cable (probably a good idea to brace the firewall too), manual gearbox loom (or modify the auto loom for your Speedo and reverse lights as well as bypass the neutral safety switch) you can either track down a manual ecu or get a j3 chip so it runs properly after the conversion
  14. Thom


    Gearshift is 30mm further back on an au box
  15. Thom


    Unleaded xflow and t5 xflow bellhousing are the same casting with the mounting holes drilled to suit whichever box was being used, I had one that was drilled to suit both but I would bet someone had done that,not the factory