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  1. Spot on but use steel
  2. You can do it it you slide a tight fitting piece of box section or tube over both axles to keep them aligned with the center removed
  3. What date was the diff? It may be an earlier one someone has swapped the flat pinion onto
  4. And some interior pics because I don't think there is any on here
  5. Spent some time this morning tidying up some wiring, mounted the fan switch, replaced the throttle cable and gave the car a good clean out here a little vid I made the other day
  6. Ecu

    Its not too bad to swap the loom and all the sensors if you pull the intake off and there is enough room in the log manifold wiring to re arrange it to suit bbm
  7. Ecu

    You'll also want all the sensors and dizzy to match the ecu
  8. Ecu

    Au still has the dizzy hole, it just has a plug that drives the oil pump, pull it out and an e series dizzy goes straight in
  9. Ecu

    The problem with the au and ef ecu is they have an extra row of pins due to running coil packs also ef and au use different plugs from each other as the ecu aren't compatible
  10. Ecu

    You will have to swap to an eb or ed harness as the ecu plug for an au only fits an au harness
  11. Ecu

    Can you use an au non vct ecu? If not you would need to swap all the sensors and wiring loom to ef to run an ef ecu
  12. Todays Live feed from summernats, will have the burnout finals
  13. It has hose clamps now on the bottom hose I changed it a few years ago but it did have the spring style clamps mine is a late 96 build gli option 20
  14. plan is to re register the wagon and get rid of the ba xr8 while it's still worth something then throw the money towards the cuzzo Its always had them as long as ive had it and every radiator and heater hose had them when i got it
  15. Great to see you back paul