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  1. Thom


    A 351 is actually 352 cubes standard
  2. Thom

    XF Xflow non EST dizzy replacement

    That coil will be fine as long as it's a gt40 and not a gt40r (the r stands for resistor and it needs a 7v supply to suit points) although as long as you can get a coil lead to suit the standard eat coil is fine for an xe dizzy as long as it is in good nick
  3. Thom

    347 stroker build

    Just a general stab in the dark, if I was chasing your desired power level with an un restricted budget for camshaft id go with a comp 281hr (assuming you want to stay efi) it is a grind that would still work with a factory ecu that has been re tuned, stock ratio roller rockers or some 1.7 ratio if your pistons have enough valve releif in them, trickflow have some of the nicest 5.0l heads on the market if your pocket allows for them, their twisted wedge (Or 190cc) heads are really nice and probably a little overkill but give you some room if you ever want to step up your combo later on and a trickflow box r intake should be more than adequate for what you need but this combo is probably close to 6 or 7k without considering any of the short motor or machine work A more budget friendly version would be to have a set of well ported gt40p heads and an au/explorer intake with the same cam as above and a set of 1.7 ratio rockers would be a lot kinder to your wallet but would require a lot more elbow grease or paying someone to port the heads and intake if you haven't done it before (Or you may have to hang around someone that will teach you), but under both of those top ends you still need to build a short motor, and while a stroker will make more torque the stock roller bottom end if it's in good condition (most roller 5.0s are unless they have over 500,000ks and even then they sometimes are still good) would be more than adequate for the task of making 4-500hp but that is getting up near the limit of the factory block in most cases
  4. Thom

    347 stroker build

    For longevity, you are better off with a 331 over a 347, most 347's end up with the wrist pin behind the oil rings because the piston are so short, another draw back is also because of the short piston they tend to rock in the bores when the engine is cold and flog them out. There are plenty of ways to reach your power goals but you could help us out by telling us what your intentions are for the car (also what car it's going into), is it a street/strip car, with emphasis on street (and if more street than anything will it be a highway cruiser or an around town brawler) or strip (those can be two pretty different combos) or are corners more your thing, or even just a cruiser that sounds good and is capable of the occasional skid, what is the running gear you are planning to put behind it is it going to be a manual, is it going to be an auto, if it's going to be an auto which one and how much high stall are you willing to run, what's your rear end setup and do you have and what ratios would you like to run the more info you provide the better people can help you
  5. Thom

    Replacement head for iron crossy

    That's a 8 or 9 parter across two channels,if you want to see the whole thing, thunderhead289 and junkyard digs worked together on it, it was a 383 big block satellite
  6. Thom

    92dt tickford head v 94ab head

    Someone may have changed them, in later 4.0 xr6 have a red/orange stripe one them. 94/95 dt's have a smaller combustion chamber, larger exhaust valves revised intake ports and a higher duration but similar lift cam
  7. Thom

    92dt tickford head v 94ab head

    92dt is about the only head I haven't seen in person, I can say the 94da is the pick of the non tickford e series heads
  8. That's exactly what I was going to say, even to the point of you want all of those parts out of the same car if possible
  9. Thom


    That seems like it would work
  10. Thom


    Did you put thread sealer on the head studs? half the head bolts go into the water jacket on a roller engine and they will pretty much immediately blow headgaskets if you don't have thread sealer on the bolts
  11. Thom

    Help mechanical fuel pump

    If fuel is coming out that hole it means you have a split diaphragm m, you either need a rebuild kit or a new fuel pump, and as Dean said, check you oil, you may have had fuel in the sump Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  12. Thom


    au 5.0 a/c pump hits the passenger side chassis rail in an xd/e/f/g not sure about e series 5.0 a/c pump
  13. Thom


    you have to find the right combination of aftermarket and stock parts to make it work
  14. Thom


    It probably will, but the spacing is all wrong
  15. Thom


    they will but you have to swap timing cover, water pump and you need a balancer to suit v belts that also is a 58ounce balancer