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  1. fordstu

    XA-XC A-Pillar Corrosion

    hey fellas I know this is 7months old but Ive been given a XC wagon and Both A pillars are rusted. The drivers side is rusted through to the outside only but the passenger side is rusted on both sides. The inside on the passenger side is down closer to to where the dash is mounted. My question is would it be easier to replace both pillars completely, ie ease and safe or repair drivers side and replace passenger side?? Thanks in advance Stuart
  2. fordstu

    roh bands

    any luck
  3. fordstu

    roh bands

    Custom Steel wheels on facebook...think he is in SA
  4. fordstu

    E85 or LPG or normal 91

    Yeah we have a united here in Tamworth and they are selling it. Thinking I want a clean engine bay so not sure about LPG
  5. fordstu

    E85 or LPG or normal 91

    will be doing full rebuild on car so thats a no biggy really.. as for LPG has got gas tank already but is out of date...is duel fuel set would go straight gas if needed.
  6. fordstu

    E85 or LPG or normal 91

    Your thoughts and Ideas peoples. XE 4.1 Carb fed engine. stock at the moment with auto trans. Car will be street driven but would like some grunt and as my wife says "some meat in the sandwich". She likes the sound of Slydogs ute so have been watching that build with interest but don think I need to go that fair. Fire away. If its been aked before but I did do a search. THanks in advance