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  1. steve mcqueen

    Fixing dash backing

    If its what im thinking, just use a bead of silastic along the dash ( i always find that black engine silastic the best) and put the dash back in per factory. It screws up to those white nylon plugs if my memory is working perhaps use 4 short self drillers thru the brittle plastic and into the metal bulkhead. 1 in each corner and 2 in the center. Let it dry and presto. your dash wont squeak again is a good point but if you have to ever remove it again, that is going to be difficult. Unless you take the windscreen out so you can cut the cured silastic.
  2. steve mcqueen

    Hendrixhc's Long Term XCGS Project!

    Buy the time the under side of that bonnet is rubbed back and hit with a coat of stone guard you would never know. project goldie got the above treatment
  3. steve mcqueen

    The money pit xg falcon ute.

    Poor cat (lmao)
  4. I did say over a 2 year build tho. Some people choose to spend their weekends at home for what ever reason. They choose to save and spend their hard earned on their hobby, a model railroad or a lawn mower project or build a car. I did that building project goldie. And i agree, doing as much work as you can helps save a penny here and there. And expect to find "further work needed" as it gets teared down, yep agree. It could blow your budget completely or it mite not. You dont go into these things blind.
  5. ^^^ I didnt think you were being an ass so we all good I say 20k is steep because "we all like a bargain" so if you could buy the car for 15k and have somebody fix the body for the mentioned sum of 50k then you have another 5k (saving from purchase price) to spend else where on the car. If you can fix and paint the body yourself for 25k then your 25k in front already making the purchase price of 20k quite cheap. Hope my reply makes sense.
  6. what i was trying to say is "yes" if you can do most of the fix up yourself. But.... If you cant then 20k is steep. because another 50k to get the body fixed up and painted then all the other money to buy running gear and interior and get it all fixed up. quickly turns into an 80 thousand $$$ car.
  7. Yeah good question?? ^^^ I saw this myself. 20K for the car and another 50k to spend on it to get the body up to not a bad standard? Thats for someone like me who cant weld so would have to farm it out. but to those who are good at welding well, could maybe cut that figure in half? I think the front end would be a simple repair but those quaters are scary scary. Rust across the rear parcel shelf down through the rear quaters mmmmmm, scary. If you could do most of the work yourself Car, 20k. 20k on rust repairs and paint. (im not a v8 man) so Barra turbo and auto, wired up and ready to go 8k? restitch the interior for 6k diff for 1k 2k for neat wheels and tyres +on road costs. If you could have a really nice streeter for 60k over a 2 year build i think its not a bad selling price. Then again, land this for 35k 10k fix up and back on the road??? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ford-Landau-1974-Matching-Numbers/323732700020?hash=item4b5ff8fb74:g:eNwAAOSwqUBcjzwA&frcectupt=true "Pie in the sky" stuff????
  8. steve mcqueen

    Mad Max Pursuit Special build up (USA)

    Amen to this. Excuse my ignorance but, Surely some of the older generation has some knowledge on what FORD Australia did with the dies that these body's were pressed from? I guess they were pressed? Would be nice to hear that even half the dies of these things were sitting around collecting dust some where and its a simple task of putting them back into a 50 ton press and pushing out body shells. The XA Falcon arrived in New Zealand in boxed from down under and all they needed was assembly so why cant we do this now?? Im all for buying a Ford coupe but a clapped out rust bucket starting at 20k needing another 50k spent on it before i can even think about on road costs is just stupid money. "Listen FORD Australia for whats left of you, start pressing out some old classic 60's 70's and 80's body shells at fantastic prices that the average aussie bloke can buy and build and perhaps he or she can build a Gorgeous XA-B-C coupe for 50k instead of some bullshit Mustang that has no appeal what so ever and aint worth a pinch of shit as soon as it leaves your showroom" Had you started using these older body shells now a day with modern day running gear and safety features you would be at top of the leader board instead of in the scrap heap where you are. <<< steps off soap box
  9. steve mcqueen

    Bendigo cars auction 24th Feb

    Hell yeah, awsome stuff.
  10. steve mcqueen

    1979 XD Falcon Build

    Yep ^^^^ as above. Well done looks great.
  11. steve mcqueen

    Longreach tail gate decal ?

    Get one made up. Plenty of decal shops out there now that can do it quick smart. Have you got a pic of what you want? If so, take it with you and show them and presto, all done.
  12. steve mcqueen


    A "Rolls Canardley"? Rolls down one hill canardley get up the next.