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  1. Things 2 watch out for.... "The plod"
  2. I got sum of those swoopy chickens at mine, "come at me bro"
  3. All good. The XF Falcon is funnily enough my all time favorite car hence my project goldie. I still have Nana she is a 86 XF Falcon in need of TLC I think that ute is alright, just not my colour and im a sedan type of guy. Id love to put a barra in my Nana but, money and laziness plus what ever else stops me from fixing her back up. Yes, we all want top dollar for our car when we sell it but in reality "worth is very different from the selling price" (Gordon Farkis 1990)
  4. My guess why this hasn't sold yet is because A. Its a XF B. It will need engineering with most engine conversions c. Its still thousands of dollars short of being complete D. Its colour etc etc etc....... Really good topic this one and what people think they can get for their ride n rust
  5. Bloody hell, no wonder there are no 80's falcon's on the road, that bloke has them all Looking at those pics "they" have a lot of cars, parts and what not. Couple of cars look familiar to. Perhaps from our xfalcon days?? Run out of money so need to sell.
  6. And no wife/girlfriend and kids. He does have a cat tho. I like he used Michael J Fox from Back to the Future to ride shotgun
  7. What size?? what condition are they in?? If they were complete, in fantastic condition, had all new wheel nuts then i would say yes. If no to the above then my opinion no. I always loved the B45's since i was like 10 hence i had to have them for Goldie but i of cause got mine cheap when prices were better. I just done a quick ebay search and found these, beautiful wheel and buy the time you buy tires, you would have nice wheels for 2k or less. Or Again with tyres and wheel nuts, 2k or less. Its hard choosing wheels eh but just a couple of idea's.
  8. My fur coat it does. That is unreal money for an old Falcon. I forgot it went up last night. The same seller had a phase 3 for sale to described as "the best in australia", i wonder what it sold for?
  9. ^^^^ Use to be a xfalcon members car if my memory is working.Im going back years tho. Good looking falcon, I liked it to. Something about a Mr Gasket scoop sticking through the bonnet of a car says 'look at me'.
  10. Did i see him use " Cole's Home brand oil " in this for his oil change??? Geezz bob, we need to talk......
  11. Fantastic so far, i'm liking this
  12. Sounds familiar Or for a head light globe "auto or manny"? what that has to do with it. Its just about being 'thorough' and getting the correct part for the customers car. nothing worse than selling say a H4 and it turns out to be a H7 then refunding and selling the correct item. Polsons right here, walk out to the car and look at it yourself, easy peasy japaneasy 1 on 1 experience with the customer makes them feel important because they are. Some funny pics in here of late, keep em coming
  13. Oh no,
  14. You are a bloody legend
  15. That was an incredible build car that thing, so he nearly finished eh?