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  1. steve mcqueen

    Darkside Garage Inc. Interior

    The you tube comments are turned off
  2. steve mcqueen

    Which 4.0 into Ratty XF Ute?

    Build a decent fuel system for your car/engine conversion. One does not just stick a SOHC or BARRA into the hole and hope for the best. There is more to it than that. (do a BARRA conversion) Start reading what others have done with fuel systems and accelerator pedals. Then dummy up your design before going to town on the conversion. Gotta make that Throttle body work. Research Research Research = Good job.
  3. steve mcqueen

    Colour Code, Olympic Gold

    You got a spray gun and a compressor?? If so, just go buy a litre of Acrylic auto paint and 4 litre tin of all purpose thinners, cos you have to wash the gun out and presto, your done. I think Super cheap and nasty mix paint up?? If not, get it mixed up in an aerosol can and spray away. As Hendrix has asked you, how much do you have to paint? The car looks high in the front, is your engine out??
  4. steve mcqueen

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    Its a ute
  5. steve mcqueen

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    Your a legend. Yep mine is for a 6 cylinder, its a 200ci in an XP. Ill go have a captain cook now.
  6. steve mcqueen

    XC Falcon fuel pump seal kit?

    Yeah i have searched high n low for a rebuild kit for these and to no luck. If it was the Holden Glass bowl fuel pump, it wouldn't be a prob, heaps on ebay but Ford Glass bowl fuel pumps, bugger just cant get em. Another question without starting a new thread..... The Fuel pump gasket on these things on early Falcon engines, you no between the block and the pump, why is it like 5mm thick? Does it act like a spacer and have less wear on the cam lobe to operate the fuel pump??
  7. steve mcqueen

    Repair or Rebirth......??

    So im guessing your way a head of us here bear....... I no where the chassis number is stamped in the rad support panel of these things are and yours, the actual number part is bent out of shape??? If not im thinking... "Can you just cut the number part out of the old rad support and re'weld it into the replacement part" and carefully grind the welds down?? This would clearly save you headaches upon rego inspection time after you have made that part look neat and tidy and factory looking.
  8. steve mcqueen

    Xf bolt on spoiler

    ^^^ You guys Rock!! Im off to explore my options
  9. steve mcqueen

    Xf bolt on spoiler

    Ok, Im in need of this front spoiler/bar for my Project Goldie. Who's got one?? And do we have pics of this spoiler around the sides?? I been looking at pics and it looks like you can see the original XF front bar around the edges or sides of the spoiler?? Hope im wrong. Also, does it weigh much more than factory Ford front XF Bar? I dont need extra brackets and what not do i?
  10. "An under dash Fanny freezer" Bear, you crack me up. I love it.
  11. steve mcqueen

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    That they did. I agree tho. Duct tape and a seat cover.
  12. steve mcqueen

    Barra into xf

    Yep as wok has already said "start with engineering first" my advice to. In NSW you would need it. And Haltech all the way.
  13. steve mcqueen

    Speco 3 speed floor shift

    I drove an old XY Falcon back in the day that had been converted from the tree to the floor, still the 3 speed . I kept wanting to go from 3rd to 4th even tho it wasnt there, just my mind said "its now a 4 speed with this floor change". Id find an auto for your car. Keep it simple.
  14. steve mcqueen

    XY Column Manual to Single Rail

    I converted my sisters XP Ute 10 odd year ago. Her's had the 3 on the tree and hydraulic clutch and we used a single rail gearbox. Now we used her 3 speed bell housing and we had to get the centre hole machined out to fit we also had to get a new hole drilled and tapped in the bell so the box would bolt up to it. We used a brand new 4 speed clutch kit when we installed it. Then we dummied it up under the floor so i could mark out where to cut the hole for the shifter. We never had to mod the trans tunnel, was simple cut a hole and stick the shifter thru. We did have to get a new gearbox cross member as the 3 speed was different to the 4 speed and i think i just got that from Sydney classic Falcon? (i have a fuzzy memory) Never changed diff ratio's, just drove it and it worked. Still does today , she still got it Oh and hers has bucket seats so never had issues with shifter. She has an XF centre consol in there and all look well.
  15. steve mcqueen

    Xd headlights into XF

    Pop sum split tube now over your electrical tape to make it look pretty. Good job.