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  1. steve mcqueen

    Fixing dash backing

    If its what im thinking, just use a bead of silastic along the dash ( i always find that black engine silastic the best) and put the dash back in per factory. It screws up to those white nylon plugs if my memory is working perhaps use 4 short self drillers thru the brittle plastic and into the metal bulkhead. 1 in each corner and 2 in the center. Let it dry and presto. your dash wont squeak again is a good point but if you have to ever remove it again, that is going to be difficult. Unless you take the windscreen out so you can cut the cured silastic.
  2. steve mcqueen

    The money pit xg falcon ute.

    Poor cat (lmao)
  3. steve mcqueen

    Longreach tail gate decal ?

    Get one made up. Plenty of decal shops out there now that can do it quick smart. Have you got a pic of what you want? If so, take it with you and show them and presto, all done.
  4. steve mcqueen


    Bear, yeah me still lurking about, i pop in from time to time. I was living in Mudgee NSW at the time and the car belonged to a friend. That would have been 17 years ago?? I dont know what my mate Mark did with the Falcon, i dont think he owned it very long. I have not spoken to him either for prolly 10 years??
  5. steve mcqueen

    Xf bolt on spoiler

    sexy ^^^^
  6. steve mcqueen

    C4 to single rail conversion on 302w

    Didn't the single rail in the v8 work off a Hydraulic clutch? The 6 was cable the v8 was hydraulic.
  7. steve mcqueen


    Saw brambles red on a XC GXL from factory years ago. I had to respray the bonnet for the owner. 3 different brambles red from my knowledge so make sure you get the correct colour for your car.
  8. steve mcqueen

    ZL or XF front disc pad replacement.

    Awesome write up bear, thanks for going to all that bother and uploading the results. Im a G clamp man myself and find they do the job perfect.
  9. steve mcqueen

    EL falcoon not starting

    I have an old EL falcoon with a dead fuel pump so every time i want to move it (just so i can mow the grass around it) i spray that cheap as export degreaser straight down the throttle body whilst i sit in the engine bay and my wife drives it. Whilst doing this the engine revs up like it would normally so am able to select gear and move it. Anyway.... I was thinking,,,, if you did this to and found you could rev the car up that would almost determin that the fuel pressure reg is not working??? Im sure there is a simpler method of testing the fuel pressure reg but im just thinking out loud here.
  10. steve mcqueen

    XD-XF bonnet lacing

    I never put on Goldie, looks ok and is good for an extra 10 kilowatts at the back wheels with out it I think Nana still has her's but its all hard and cracked. Once you remove the glue residue and give that part a bit of paint you'll be like "Hey, that looks good" Wonder what Clark rubber have you could whack in there??
  11. steve mcqueen

    Converting to windowless without welding...

    I was told by the smash repairer who made the bonnet on my Project Goldie that Sika flex shrinks back apon drying out and can cause warping of panels. The bonnet on Goldie was bonded together with some sort of glue but it wasn't Sika flex for this very reason. I have no foggie do what the adhesive was called so more home work needed before gluing together. I cant go back and ask em as the smash repair has changed hands but im sure if somebody rocked up to a 'prestige smash place' (somebody who repairs european cars, BMW, MERC etc, they glue a lot of these together now) they may give you the product name?? I was told its expensive stuff to. Explore the sika flex range by all means, hey they might just have the product for the job, just want to relay what i was told is all. Im all for this idea.
  12. steve mcqueen

    Driving light recommendations please

    The Big Red's are a great brand and made very strong Ando, now's the time to get one at that price if you keen. Safe buying.
  13. steve mcqueen

    XP Falcon heater control tap

  14. steve mcqueen

    Driving light recommendations please

    No, I just so happen to work at Repco, been there for 6 years. Im not plugging Repco and that why i say "shop around" because you have to in todays world. There are bargains out there