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  1. Sounds familiar Or for a head light globe "auto or manny"? what that has to do with it. Its just about being 'thorough' and getting the correct part for the customers car. nothing worse than selling say a H4 and it turns out to be a H7 then refunding and selling the correct item. Polsons right here, walk out to the car and look at it yourself, easy peasy japaneasy 1 on 1 experience with the customer makes them feel important because they are. Some funny pics in here of late, keep em coming
  2. Oh no,
  3. You are a bloody legend
  4. That was an incredible build car that thing, so he nearly finished eh?
  5. Spied today in Bathurst on Mt Panorama on conrod straight, 2 XD Falcons in convoy going up the hill. 1 silver and the other 1 was light blue. Number plate on the blue one read SLO???? I couldn't get a pic was around 5pm, its been a long day. Was out for a sunday drive today on a wednesday. Anyway if your members here it was nice to scoot past you. I was in my black PT cruiser.
  6. And a small block
  7. sexy ^^^^
  8. I like it, well done
  9. I remember it from that 80's film with Michael j fox "The secret of my success" The CD from them, Flag, by yello was a rippa!! I been listening to Michael Jackson myself this week + Genesis
  10. And they want $10 postage!!! Sheeesh!!!!!
  11. I believe thats how the story went to.
  12. I guess you all saw this??
  13. "A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work" ^^^^^^^
  14. Must of thrashed it!! "Drive it like you stole it"
  15. Yeah happy new year peeps. Went away for NYE here, got back today. Make 2018 a great year guys. I wish you all well