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  1. I also don't think the Fund raising Chocolates have been helping either lol have not been near them today - and have already logged up over 18,ooo steps for today. we will see what this week brings
  2. I've had a shocker of a week this week Weight wise I have to get myself back into the swing of things - does not help when I work with someone that shouts me lunch and won't to No for an answer. oct 29th to Nov 4 - Avg weight 104.1 ( Eden trip) Nov 5th to Nov 11th Avg Weight 105.3 - omg this should not be happening Nov 12th to Nov 18th Avg Weight 105.2 - a little better ( 16th Sydney Trip - takeaway for meals) this mornings weight 106.8 - WTF ........................................Yes Yesterday I worked and was shouted Lunch - But damn it was good ......................................................... I have noticed as I look back over my Fitbit stats that my weekly Steps totals have gone down......... looks like I have been slacking off Sept 17th to 23rd - 189,063 sept 24 to 30th - 171,094 Oct 1st to Oct 7 - 194,702 Oct 8th to Oct 14 - 151,747 Oct 15th to Oct 21 - 139,717 - MMmmmmm Oct 22 to Oct 28 - 154,173 Oct 29th to - Nov 4th - 141,244 Nov 5th to Nov 11 - 146,516 Nov 12 to Nov 18 155,936.
  3. the last ricer driving fool that
  4. it's a new week - lets see what sort of damage I can do this week - the only day I'm not going to be able to get a decent walk in looks like being Thursday have got to take the son to Sydney for 3D scans thinking of going to the local pool and finding out what their prices for a season pass are and their opening times. **Edit** well I have checked out online how much it will cost for both the local pools closest to home - I've decided that I will not be going for a season pass if it's going to cost $700+ for 12 months just to swim laps of the pool - damn when did things get so expensive would have thought around the $200 mark***
  5. it's amazing how getting out of routine throws a spanner into the works even with all the walking i done while i was down the coast i went from a week average weight of 104.1 back up to this week average being 105.3 with a high weight this week of 106.1 - but now i'm getting back to routine and have started to move in the right direction again.
  6. spotted Gundagai @ the dog on the Tucker box - apparently there is a meet in Bathurst this weekend http://fordcoupe.club/hardtopanniversary/
  7. went to wagga to pick up a new pup these were taken today - Gundagai @ the dog on the Tucker box. ............ i nearly made a mess
  8. 2 walks on the weekend while down the coast at Eden - still going to put on weight but i'm good with that i had a great weekend with the family- last weeks average weight was 104.1 down from 104.7 but i have started this week a little up again. this walk below would have been 7 plus klms - i did not turn on my tracking app until i was nearly a klm into the walk. 12.23 klms - my sister wanted to attempt this walk out to her place so we did.
  9. tonight's walk/run 1 hour 6klms have been up and down over the last week which is starting to be the norm for me i have starting to take note of my average weight over the week as opposed to my daily weight.if i go by that i am still slowly losing weight 15th oct to 22nd oct - avg 104.8 22nd oct to 28th oct - avg 104.7 28th oct to today 2nd Nov currently showing my Avg weight as 104.1- but there is 2 days to go before the end of this week according to my fit bit - and mum's cooking might throw a spanner in the works but i am planing on some morning beach walks/runs while i'm down the coast as i am sitting here i am 400g up on this mornings get up weight of 103.9 so this weeks average could still drop into the 103's we will see what the morning brings. My next Question is - where is everyone i'm getting lonely lol
  10. back to 103.4 today
  11. after getting down to a new low of 103.3 last week I have bounced again back up 106kg and back down to 104.6 for the last 2 days, 5 days of work and on leave for 2 weeks 4 days down in Eden should be a nice change of View while I'm out walking/running- went to the Doctors yesterday for my health plan review (that I'm on due to high blood pressure) - all blood tests are good, cholesterol good, Blood pressure 121/78, blood sugars perfect. Doctor was quiet pleased with my progress since starting my weight-loss.
  12. last nights 6klm run/walk - 46 minutes this mornings New low 103.9kg
  13. weight update. not much to update - 104.7 this morning - starting to think i'm on a Trampoline this is the 3rd time i've been here and then i bounce. but have noticed that my weekly average weight is still creeping down sept 10 to 16 - avg 108 sept 17 to 23 - avg 106.5 sept 24 to 30 - avg 106.1 oct 1 to 8 - avg 105.7 oct 8 to 14 - avg105.4 and oct 14 to today - avg 105.1 walking is still my main but i have noticed that i can now run a lot further - if i don't take the dog he puts the brakes on when i want to gallop. my last 4 days off i spent boxing in an area for the trailer and now moving the blue metal that i have had spread out the front for years as fill for the boxed in area. that in it's self is some hard yacka - ripping it up with a maddock and wheel borrowing up the driveway. will be replacing the blue metal with red granite - i was thinking of getting someone in with a backhoe but decided it will be good exercise and cheaper to do it by hand.
  14. went for a walk/run today with-out the dog (he is becoming a bit of an anchor) i'm getting to the stage of being able to pick up the pace abit more and the dog just does not. both the below are from the same session but the 2nd half the fit-bit automatically picked it up as a run. and the last 2 days my resting heart rate has dropped to 51 bpm.
  15. i have the fit-bit Charge 2 - it is around the $200 mark and monitors sleep, exercise and heart rate. my resting heart rate for the last 2 days has been 53 bpm weight wise has been up a bit since my last low .................................... got down and matched it yesterday.