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  1. big day for me on Sunday - but it has paid off - new low 101.9KG this arvo
  2. I'm still hovering around the 103.4 mark at the moment. went out a brought a rack for the pushy today next is a pair of bags so I can carry my work uniform to and from work the plan is to still start to ride it to work lol -
  3. well as i said in my earlier post that Christmas was not kind to me. Christmas day 103.6 boxing day 105.1 27/12/17 106.3 28/12/17 106.3 29/12/17 105.1 30/12/17 104.2 been stepping up with a Fit bit group on face book added some new fit bit friends and have been taking part in some challenges through the fit bit app Today a new low for the last day of 2017 - 102.9. pritty much it is just my walking and food intake this year - next year i think i should start using the bike and the gym more. I've got the pleasure of working through the new year - so Happy New Year everyone
  4. i'm not here Christmas was not kind to me
  5. dropped another 100g off my weekly average down to 103.8 for the average which was my weight yesterday Christmas party last night out on the property where we have our horse this morning woke after 4 hours sleep - bugger - at 104.8 again lol i didn't think i ate that much. so i decided that i would go out for an early morning run - i'll just wait for the thunder storm to roll past first
  6. we this week saw me posting another weekly avg of 103.9 - two weeks in a row this morning also saw me post a new low of 103.2 - today we went out to do some volunteer work at our rental property that we have rented out to a heavy horse rescue- got a little to much sun - Kazz who runs the horse rescue took a sneaky snap of me while i was whipper sniping the grass lol
  7. todays run about 3 to 4klms this weeks weight is not to bad current weight when I got up this afternoon was 103.6 and at the moment that means that my weekly average is 104.1 which is only 200g up on last weeks new low of 103.9.
  8. 5 days in a row in the 103's -: Tues 103.9, Weds 103.6, Thurs 103.8, Fri 103.3, sat 103.9. That saw me close out the week with a new weekly average low of 103.9. started this week with a 104.4 - got me stuffed why.( Maybe be the bag of lollies that begged me to eat them)
  9. I'm finally back into the 103's this week with a 103.9 yesterday and a 103.6 today this weeks weekly average is currently sitting on 104.2 if I keep in the 103's my weekly average should drop again soon my best weekly average was 104.1 back at the beginning of November. still waiting for the Gym to organise the next body scan day will be interesting to see what my results will be this time (last one was done when I was 118kg) - if they don't do it soon I'll have to arrange it myself. currently sitting here at work waiting for my offsiders to get back from their patrol so I can squeeze in another before midnight.
  10. bugger the 500cals per day quite happy on around 1000cals a day- last 4 days any way Wednesday- 1070 Thursday- 1012 Friday- 844 today- 931 tomorrow back to work. just waiting for it to stop raining so i can get out for a walk
  11. i'm slowly getting back to towards where i want to be ....... this Morning i'm back to 105 neat but have been fluctuating up and down Decided that i needed to give myself a little bit of a walk today - did not take the dog as he has been a bit funny lately... he has been stopping and acting real nervous has got us stuffed. So this mornings walk was Dog free as for my Calorie intake it is between 1000 to 1300 average per day - over the 7 day period - but today will be a low one as with breakfast and lunch and multible cups of Coffee so far i have not broken the 400 cal intake.
  12. I also don't think the Fund raising Chocolates have been helping either lol have not been near them today - and have already logged up over 18,ooo steps for today. we will see what this week brings
  13. I've had a shocker of a week this week Weight wise I have to get myself back into the swing of things - does not help when I work with someone that shouts me lunch and won't to No for an answer. oct 29th to Nov 4 - Avg weight 104.1 ( Eden trip) Nov 5th to Nov 11th Avg Weight 105.3 - omg this should not be happening Nov 12th to Nov 18th Avg Weight 105.2 - a little better ( 16th Sydney Trip - takeaway for meals) this mornings weight 106.8 - WTF ........................................Yes Yesterday I worked and was shouted Lunch - But damn it was good ......................................................... I have noticed as I look back over my Fitbit stats that my weekly Steps totals have gone down......... looks like I have been slacking off Sept 17th to 23rd - 189,063 sept 24 to 30th - 171,094 Oct 1st to Oct 7 - 194,702 Oct 8th to Oct 14 - 151,747 Oct 15th to Oct 21 - 139,717 - MMmmmmm Oct 22 to Oct 28 - 154,173 Oct 29th to - Nov 4th - 141,244 Nov 5th to Nov 11 - 146,516 Nov 12 to Nov 18 155,936.
  14. the last ricer driving fool that
  15. it's a new week - lets see what sort of damage I can do this week - the only day I'm not going to be able to get a decent walk in looks like being Thursday have got to take the son to Sydney for 3D scans thinking of going to the local pool and finding out what their prices for a season pass are and their opening times. **Edit** well I have checked out online how much it will cost for both the local pools closest to home - I've decided that I will not be going for a season pass if it's going to cost $700+ for 12 months just to swim laps of the pool - damn when did things get so expensive would have thought around the $200 mark***