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  1. well the weight has pretty much stayed the same -- much walking and riding done in the last 9 days = 195kms towards my total for the march charge not counting what I have done today, which will be a slack day as I'm stuck behind a desk for the day because my normal offsider has called in sick and I have a Rookie(newbie with-out a log in) and a Ring in( without a log in) with me today. I will have my bike ride to and from work to add for today (17kms) which will go to my tally and push me pass the standard goal of 200kms for the March Charge.
  2. Well back into the low 102s today with a weight-in of 102.3. the extra work I'm putting in with the March charge seems to have kicked in................. between my bike riding and walking in 4 days I have covered 104kms and if you go to the March charge website and then to leaders boards and to top runners(don't know why I'm in that one) I'm currently showing in 4th place on the tally got the feeling that there maybe a couple of extra rides coming up to kick me up the leaders board as they are counting the bike rides as well as walking and running kms
  3. Bike ride to work today, 8.6kms, avg 24.5km/h (on Strava) had 8 P/b missed the 9th by 3 seconds and apparently 1 new section. currently this morning 103.7kg. I have been a bit slack of late ................ I needed some incentive so I signed up for the March Charge with the Cancer Council. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm taking part in The March Charge with Cancer Council and telling cancer where to go! Sadly cancer still takes too many of us. Research sees more people than ever survive but we’ve still a way to go. And they need your help to beat cancer. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared to those who experience cancer. If you want to sponsor me to support my challenge and join me in telling cancer where to go! https://www.themarchcharge.com.au/s/14976/16159/e Your donation will help our local Cancer Council support all those affected by cancer, and fund life-changing research to help more people survive. Thank you
  4. well this morning I set my fit bit to track my ride into work ............. apparently I rode down the street and turned around and went back home ............ so it looks like my body is at work and my spirit is at home.
  5. I don't know what is going on ............... over the last couple of days the weight has been creeping back up got me stuffed - this morning back to 104.1 back on the Bike for the commute to work this morning avg speed on Strava says 19.8kms my Fitbit says avg speed 14.3kms for 6.6 kms (but I did forget to turn on my tracker for the first 2 kms)........... still have to work out how to pack my panniers I have to much sh*t to carry lol ......... thinking that I might have to also use my backpack from my Camel-pack for my wallet, glasses e.c.t..
  6. Dean i sent request over Strava today i finally got to have my second body scan ............................................... the first Scan i had back on the 20/05/17 results . 20/05/17 19/02/18 difference weight 118.0 103.1 14.9kg skeletal muscle mass (kg) 38.5 37.9 0.6kg % body fat 42.6 34.4 8.2% Body Fat Mass 50.2 35.5 14.7 BMI 37.7 32.9 4.8 not as good as i would have liked ................................................... but still an improvement
  7. I've been slack lately with my walking and only doing between 10 and 15km per day and my weight is starting to climb slightly back into the 103's again sitting behind a desk for the last 2 days does not help the bike riding has not started as planned but it wont be long - brought myself a pair of pair of panniers off Evil bay for $21.oo got sick of the local Bike shops being out of stock plus the added bonus was that I saved myself $50.oo they should arrive today or tomorrow ........................waiting waiting waiting .........................
  8. well I have made a little progress lately just sitting in the 102's last weeks average low weight was down to 102.2 kgs which is down 100g from the last 2 weeks that I was at 102.3 for, I did have a new low day on Saturday of 101.3 but have climbed back up. Pizza cheat day ................................................... that is to blame .
  9. i've been the same ...................... now i'm almost in the same size clothes as my 15yo son .................................... Gee he hates it.
  10. still sitting around the high 101's to low 102's kicked it up a little and have now rode the Deadly Treadly to work for the last 2 days about 8.5 kms each way. yesterday it did not pick up my average speed but the heart rate for on the way to work was 119 b/m. on the way home heart rate was 121 b/m at a average speed of 16.4 km but I was taking it easy as it was still 37 deg when I left work at 7pm. and today heart rate was 89 b/m average speed was 23 kms.
  11. big day for me on Sunday - but it has paid off - new low 101.9KG this arvo
  12. I'm still hovering around the 103.4 mark at the moment. went out a brought a rack for the pushy today next is a pair of bags so I can carry my work uniform to and from work the plan is to still start to ride it to work lol -
  13. well as i said in my earlier post that Christmas was not kind to me. Christmas day 103.6 boxing day 105.1 27/12/17 106.3 28/12/17 106.3 29/12/17 105.1 30/12/17 104.2 been stepping up with a Fit bit group on face book added some new fit bit friends and have been taking part in some challenges through the fit bit app Today a new low for the last day of 2017 - 102.9. pritty much it is just my walking and food intake this year - next year i think i should start using the bike and the gym more. I've got the pleasure of working through the new year - so Happy New Year everyone
  14. i'm not here Christmas was not kind to me
  15. dropped another 100g off my weekly average down to 103.8 for the average which was my weight yesterday Christmas party last night out on the property where we have our horse this morning woke after 4 hours sleep - bugger - at 104.8 again lol i didn't think i ate that much. so i decided that i would go out for an early morning run - i'll just wait for the thunder storm to roll past first