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  1. That's enough of the bns stuff thanks, this is a farm ute
  2. Yeah it's still a ways off being done Dave. I haven't had stockies on it at all tbh, only the convos and slotters. Still waiting for the bench retrim to be done so still bare inside.
  3. Getting a guy up here to do it.
  4. So, it's not finished by a long strech, but I couldnt wait any longer to share how it's going. I have a few more progress shots of how this came together, but I've worked on it all weekend and am beat so they will come later. So,the title should have given it away. (For the record I dont hunt or fish lol). Still got to change the tail lights and fit the visor to complete the look, but it's close.
  5. Hey, nice surge tank Genuine 044's? No surprises with the manifold, there doesn't seem to be a cheap silver bullet with them unfortunately.
  6. I haven't forgot about y'all, but the I'm away and I want the next proper update to be the final reveal if you will. Suffice to say it now runs (quite well I might add) there are only minor mechanical and cosmetic jobs left. Then off for a tune and engineers report. Backing plates got a tidy up and the new brakes fitted. Made a little bracket and hid a washer bottle under the front. And painted the underneath of the bonnet and tidied up and fitted the blinkers ave headlights.
  7. I think xa stuff got done because of how crazy expensive they were second hand. And yeah those darts and the valiants are almost the same car, great if your restoring one because the bits are so cheap.
  8. I spoke to whiteline,they could make one but were much more expensive than tuff mounts. On e85 it should make north of 450rwkw, I'm not saying it'll run 9's but I'm not saying I won't burn it if it isn't bloody close.
  9. I spoke to the owner of the new old old car company (which are the biggest maker of new replacement panels) a couple of weeks ago. While I had his ear I asked him this question, and why they don't make coupe quarter panels at least, the answer is the cost is high and the market is small. Apparently The cost for the tooling to make a quarter panel alone is north of 60k, imagine how much it would cost to make a whole coupe.
  10. I could Never do that, I'd always fuck them. If i was doing heaps I'd have to invest in a sharpener.
  11. Nice work, bet your sick of drilling.
  12. The won't be any need for that, if this isn't faster ill set fire to it lol. I'd love to, they'd be to expensive.
  13. I guess a lot of guys just space them down? I wanted something a bit more factory I suppose.