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  1. 2k with a 5 speed would pullit up for me mate. Those gearboxes are weak as piss and series 1 ba engines are know as "skinny rod" engines, the skinny rods are about as strong as the T5 gearbox.
  2. $3500 is too much. You need to cut stuff to fit it.
  3. Must be some load on the stock axles when it's doing this too lol
  4. 14's clear the rear disc's easily. Ea/b/d xg and xh s1 all had 14's on them from factory and ran rear disc's. My wagon runs an eseries diff and i ran 14s on the back briefly. The 4 pinion eseries diffs will take a hiding too, mines now done passes into the 100s and is yet to give trouble, all stock internals too.
  5. Ants


    Can't go wrong with a stock ba/bf turbo on a 4l. The fg f6 retained the bigger turbo, only the xr and g6et had the smaller one. 300rwkw is just scratching the surface power wise of a boosted 4l (single cam or barra the principal is the same), there is really no need to look any further than the stock bseries turbo at that level.
  6. Do you do gm delco's at all?
  7. Ants

    FG XR6 rims to AU

    They will fit for sure,same offset no dramas.
  8. Ants

    Load rating of ford alloys

    There are/were tray back xr6 one tonners,they had 16" alloys factory.
  9. Exactly as easy as you described it. I've done it a few times.
  10. Ants

    what diff to use

    My wagon has been running an xd master with ed diff since it was built and has very good pedal feel.
  11. Ants

    15x10 on a xw falcon

    Got any shots from further back?
  12. Ants

    Dyllans 1978 F-350 tow truck

    Holy shit!
  13. Ants

    Xg compared to xe

    If you were to use the bonnet of an xg you would need to use the whole front clip,guards lights bumper etc. It all fits but it's different.
  14. Ants

    FGX ignition barrel wont go back in.

    I've never had an fg one play up so have not had be pleasure of learning how to do one.
  15. Ants

    FGX ignition barrel wont go back in.

    I know with ba and bf once you've removed the barrel you've fucked it and you need to replace the steering column. Good luck with that.