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  1. The btr that's in it now is good, the torque management not so much. Hopefully sort that tomorrow night.
  2. It is a barradore, and even with my ute playing up I hosed him [emoji3]
  3. Ran the farm ute for the first time today with mixed results. First pass I stalled it to about 3250rpm and let it build boost (which it did nicely), but as soon as I let off the brake it went into some sort of torque or boost cut and wouldn't play. Second pass driven off the line with no boost at all it did 12.2, and ultimately only got a 12.0 with a 2.1 60ft with no stalling/boost building otherwise it played up. Positives? It didn't break, The brakes hold it on the line perfectly, It takes off and goes straight, Once it's on the move the gearbox is mint and changes perfectly, It is an epic road car. At normal throttle and speeds on the road it drives like a stock xg/xh ute, 1850rpm@100kph and quiet as a new car. So, try and sort it this week then hit calder friday night all going well.
  4. Thanks for the props lads, I'm pretty happy with how it's going. It fried all the clutches within 1000km. I honestly don't know all the details of how they have made it stronger (billet valve body is one part I remember), but they warrant it to 400rwkw and have one in a car that runs 9.4, so enough for me. Au rear seat mate. Me too, hopefully good news this weekend, the auto may yet need some fine tuning on the shift points so not expecting to take over the world yet.
  5. That's the auto lines, but honestly I'm not sure. Yeah the turntable was at street machine, not entirely sure what they are doing with the photos/ video they took yet. The btr was about half what a built zf would've been.
  6. Sorry for the radio silence, things went a bit sideways once the tuning started. The long and short of it, is like the wagon at the beginning there has been some gremlins getting the auto to change gears. 2 tuners and a bomb proof, billet filled btr later, it seems to be working. I had a big long post typed out, but it may not have portrayed a couple of the businesses in the best light, and I honestly think everyone had tried there hardest. Btr's behind powerful barras in conversions are not common enough to be an easy path,yet. So, atm it's making 270rwkw on 98 and 380rwkw on e85. It would be fair to say on the e85 tune it's a fair handful. So now it looks like it's working its full steam ahead to get ready for drag challenge, and get it to the track to test it. So that's the boring crap, time for some photos.
  7. There's been a bit going on, but the upshot is I'm still working on it. I'll get another update on the thread this week, for now I'll leave a photo of where its at. Its going on the dyno this week to get the e85 tune, I'll update the thread before and after.
  8. That's enough of the bns stuff thanks, this is a farm ute
  9. Yeah it's still a ways off being done Dave. I haven't had stockies on it at all tbh, only the convos and slotters. Still waiting for the bench retrim to be done so still bare inside.
  10. Getting a guy up here to do it.
  11. So, it's not finished by a long strech, but I couldnt wait any longer to share how it's going. I have a few more progress shots of how this came together, but I've worked on it all weekend and am beat so they will come later. So,the title should have given it away. (For the record I dont hunt or fish lol). Still got to change the tail lights and fit the visor to complete the look, but it's close.
  12. Hey, nice surge tank Genuine 044's? No surprises with the manifold, there doesn't seem to be a cheap silver bullet with them unfortunately.