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  1. Update: ef is back on the road now running a au motor and also converted to manual. Back on daily duties so I’ve sold the au I had. I’ll put up some pics if I can figure it out.
  2. Quick update while I’m logged on, car has been stripped to a bare shell all suspension and lines removed. Lots of body work has been done also. Got some rust repairs left and also bough some new 1/4 panel sections.
  3. Quick update it’s currently sitting in storage with the dreaded stripped auxiliary shaft. Plans for the car are unknown at this stage I’ve lost interest in it the last few months have been problematic and costly. Picked up a AU1 futura similar ks to ef for cheap least I can get to work for now.
  4. at work for tar we spray turps on it and leave it a few mins once you see it start to run it wipes off with a rag. It could be tree sap which can take some effort to get off.
  5. Call spectrum with paint code and they can make up a tin. Handy being around the corner from repco to.
  6. I bought the side repeaters new from tilford when I owned it to get rid of the orange ones.
  7. Theres better photos in my side projects thread unsure what sizes they come in.
  8. The surviving pair of my old 20x8.5 Advantis that cracked that I had on the ef. I only had the 2 snowies on the front so chucked them on so it was rolling again.
  9. It'll be rewarding when it's done, the only reason it's not at a panel shop is I had quotes ranging between 10k-15k.
  10. Cheers mate, I'd like to have it ready for paint start of next year, see how I go lol
  11. Whole outside has been bare metalled and primed in a one pack epoxy etch primer also been buying a few parts for it.
  12. No real update, with this thing racking up the k's and being nice and reliable bit over a month ago I finally got a decent set of wheels for it. Pre au FPV typhoon copies Nothing else planned other then I may book it in to get the A/C regassed. And yes works been happening to the zh I may update the thread soon.
  13. Still working I've just got to find something more stable. Left rear 1/4 has some rust but not as bad as the right. My main focus for now is the shell as that's where all the work is all the panels need minimal work.
  14. Slowly tinkering
  15. The patches were to seal it up after rust converting surface rust etc so used up all the near empty cans that have been on the shelf for who knows how long. No but it's got one good thing going for it rust free steel no one wanted it so I chopped it up. Has served its purpose for lpg filler, right inner 1/4 panel, kick panel and floor section and a few practice runs I did. It's worked well and saved a few bucks!