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  1. 1977 ZH

    XD-XF Bucket seat bolts

    got the old bolts still? take them into your local fastner shop.
  2. 1977 ZH

    Roller rockers

    true, doesnt hurt to be sure though. got to love the crossflow!
  3. 1977 ZH

    Roller rockers

    Cheers for the vid PRO250 i was told 1/4 turn but my source isnt into crossflows lol ill get it sorted tomorrow!
  4. 1977 ZH

    Roller rockers

    Need some advice setting the roller rockers on the ghia now the heads back on its standard cam (efi) basically just need to know what to adjust them to they are yella terra street terras Thanks in advance googles been hopeless so far.
  5. 1977 ZH


    havent had time to look at it yet that will be the first thing ill check.
  6. 1977 ZH


    everything except 3rd
  7. 1977 ZH


    ill have to call a few places see if they have a rough idea.
  8. 1977 ZH


    it was cruising not belting up the hill screaming its head off, trans has been iffy since i bought it. its lost 3rd i had to do 60 all the way home to keep the revs down.
  9. 1977 ZH


    today cruising up a hill in my zh it shifted into top gear then free reved now its only a 2sp oil level is fine i may of heard a clunk as it shifted. anyone have any ideas what it could be? thanks in advance.
  10. 1977 ZH

    xf t5

    i thought 3rd gear was the main problem in them?
  11. 1977 ZH

    Trip Computer Stop Lamp Warning Problem

    if i could walk the distance in a quick time frame i would lol sadly though i expect it taking quite a while well $2 is $2 lol
  12. 1977 ZH

    Trip Computer Stop Lamp Warning Problem

    sadly a 50km walk each way isnt ideal
  13. 1977 ZH

    Trip Computer Stop Lamp Warning Problem

    yeah it is $90 a week gets me to work and back so thats all i put in it yeah it likes 98 i dont mind goes sweet as is so no point changing it.
  14. 1977 ZH

    Trip Computer Stop Lamp Warning Problem

    stock size is 68L i did fill it once it took $160 - $190 to fill i did get close to 800km from the tank that was driving it pretty hard on the cruise.
  15. 1977 ZH

    wobbly balancer

    ended up being a stuffed balancer fitted my spare all good now.