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  1. ZHlane

    Input Shaft Length on T-5

    was there a 3.35 1st single rail box at all? I seem to recall that the input shaft on the t5 was the same as the borgy single rail for a given ratio. but I haven't played around with that type of box for a while so cant confirm, can someone with more knowledge on them confirm or tell me if I am just plain wrong?
  2. ZHlane

    Input Shaft Length on T-5

    if you go the way of the adaptor plate, be sure to make sure you will have the correct amount of spline for clutch plate travel and also enough length on the release bearing bushing to get enough travel. worts case a correct length shaft t5 only costs around $200 from the average pick a part in melbourne. i paid $230 for a full conversion kit from an xf, from flywheel to tailshaft.
  3. ZHlane

    Input Shaft Length on T-5

    the t5 from the 5.0 litre v8 has a longer input shaft then the 4.0 litre box from the falcons. this is why the i6 box is used in conversions on clevos. ( as i have done on my Fairlane) easiest way to determine if it will suit your application is to bolt the box to the trans and put a straight edge or flat bar on the mounting face of the bellhousing, if any more than the section of input shaft where the spigot bearing seats is sticking out past the mounting face of the bellhousing then your input shaft is too long. from memory the input shaft on the 6cyl box is about 165mm long
  4. ZHlane

    Help needed

    is the motor bogging down? if so try accelerator pump. may be on the way out or incorrectly adjusted. or if manual secondaries the secondaries may be opening too early