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  1. The Outback thread is finished. The End.
  2. I was having a joke... But obviously someone's a lil sore on the subject... cough cough. Nice emoji. 😊
  3. All good. After buying Aeroflow fittings I now know its like the worlds most expensive lego.... lol. Buy cheap fittings though.... fire fire fire!!!! I'd rather be broke than on fire. Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  4. Nice work VB! Ute coming along well. F trucks are tough arent they...... even take mechanics abuse. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  5. Hehe.... sucks doesnt it. I've done it too mate. Seen as you got the head off you can at least get to it. If it was soft enough.. and you had enough sticking out... could try hitting the edge till it folds in on itself... but you cant lever against a soft alloy head like you can on a cast one. That method is messy and if you miss hit.... not good.... but I have done it on a clevo in desperation. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  6. Ordered last of bits yesterday for fuel system. Done. Will have a play with front of ute today if its not too cold. Need to find weird feeling in front. Pretty sure its brake related. Put a proper hose clamp on brake booster valve instead of cheap squeeze one.... made a lil difference. Will keep me busy while I wait for bits. Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  7. Lol. Thats a doozy. Soak in wd40 for a day..... Then clean it up and try and 'sleeve' a piece of bar in there. ...one that just fits... not hammer it in... will kill threads.. Then put a layer of arildite on it ... feed it in... let set. Next day put multi grips on bar and hopefully twists out.... But thats a doozy... you snap that or pre snapped for you? Lol Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  8. Now you can go for Australias Fastest Naturally Aspirated 4.1 Crossflow Chestnut me ol son..... Seems someone couldn't do it. Needed some boost...... Sent from my GT-S7583T using
  9. For.....??? Lol. No braided hose mate... all flash and no smash.... hehe. Gates submersible efi hose in fuel tank and Gates efi hose for the rest of it. More than strong enough. The reason I have to use 2m of submersible is the return line has to squirt 1" from the top of new Holley Hydramats which will relocate both pick up and return line to the actual bottom of the tank..... needing enough to do same in 2 tanks... doh. Other bits just go between the new fuel pumps and the pollak valve switch. Maybe 1/2m each pump. Anyone who has owned an XG ute will tell you the slosh pot sucks and pump will at low fuel levels get extremely loud and suck air here and there before your at empty. This will correct that. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  10. Never easy is it mate. Even plug and play can be a mission. Sounds like your almost there though..... Broooooom brooooom...... hehe. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  11. Cheers Dean, bought both styles...... lol. Pretty sure I may need to go banjo fitting to make it fit. Got nutserts and bolts coming to mount fuel pump holder and more submersible efi hose to do return lines to bottom of tanks. That's it now... Should have everything needed to finish it off by the middle of next week.... Hopefully sooner..... Cheers 🍻 Jack.
  12. Was just wondering on bosch 044 pumps the non return valve is in the outlet fitting right? And is it the piece attached to the pump , between the end piece attached for the banjo fitting and cap? I'm just asking because got a couple straight barb 5/16 fittings coming and If the Banjo fittings are no better. .... even though they look cool..... then why bother with extra expense. I'm using all Aero flow fittings so it all adds up.... Cheers. Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  13. Works a treat. 😎 And now I can use all my cool Emojis for stories... 😀🎮🍺🌛🚗🍕🍖🍻🍺 🥃🥃🥃💊📴 🤘🤘🤘🤘🥙🚗💤 hehehe.....
  14. Cool mate.... May be best way those nutserts...only gotta be small bolts... Just two. Not sure mate.... But here's a test pic of valves fitted up to pumps on new phone as a test.... WP_20180715_15_18_49_Rich_LI by jzxmvsrv80, on Flickr
  15. WP_20180710_09_57_29_Rich by , on Flickr