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  1. Outback Jack

    XG 1993 4.0 auto Ute NO SPARK

    Ok, its the plug to the back of the coil mate, its the same as an injector plug, clips on , but if the clip that locks it in has come off it can slide off. Check that mate, probably it , the clips fly off sometimes if the wiring is pulled. It's on same bit of harness as starter wiring. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  2. Outback Jack

    XG 1993 4.0 auto Ute NO SPARK

    No probs mate. Others wires to check are connected.... Pink wire that runs across top of throttle body and there's a wire that earths to the block in front of the dizzy. Best of luck, I'm finished busting my arse for the day, so just quote me when you reply, and I shall appear as if by magic.. . Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  3. Outback Jack

    XG 1993 4.0 auto Ute NO SPARK

    Never fear.... Outback is here! . Ok mate, get under the ute. The loom that goes to the starter also has the wiring for the coil, one connector goes to a radio suppressor on the coil, the other goes to the starter motor. That's the best place to get to the wiring. Probably as you say, just knocked something off. Let me know how you go. Sorry I was busy ripping out a garden bed and massive bush to get my JBA round the back. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  4. Outback Jack

    Xg_Xh ute tank in xb ute

    No probs Mate, of you have too many dramas let me know. Good luck. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  5. Outback Jack

    Xh Ute 2 inch drop and wider wheels.

    Hey Dirty, That running a J pipe and stock manifold? Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  6. Outback Jack

    Xg_Xh ute tank in xb ute

    Yeah, fuel line on end of pick up. But a filter sock on the end will stop you sucking up crud in the tank, extra protection.The standard fuel pump will be fine mate. With the adjustable resistor, all you can do is say...half fill the tank. Tank is 68L, so 34L. Then just wire up the sender wire to your guage and see where it sits. If its close to 1/2 you may be OK. You don't need to calibrate the guage, the adjustable resistor does it, once you set it up right. On the XG tank there are two wires coming out. One is power for the fuel pump, the other is the + wire to the fuel guage/sender set up. The wire on the right is the sender one. If your wondering where earth is, its the tank bolted to the chassis. If you don't have any luck, maybe try put a wire from the sender set up screw on top to earth. And just see if the guage works if you do. So anywhere on that + wire, just put it in line and adjust as necessary. You probably want to try something less than the total resistance, so under 200ohm. 180ohm is Full tank, so say around 1/2 is 90ohm.....you just adjust the resistor as necessary to get the guage to read 1/2 tank, rest should take care of itself.
  7. Outback Jack

    Xg_Xh ute tank in xb ute

    I'll make it easy for you. I went got my Ford Workshop Manual... XG fuel tank sender. Empty- 3.5 ohm Half Full- 66 ohm+/- 1.4 Full- 176 ohm +/- 3 Measurements... Empty.... 0mm Half Full..... 78mm Full.....183mm. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  8. Outback Jack

    Xg_Xh ute tank in xb ute

    Hi Grr, it will only be the resistance that differs.So grab a multi meter and find the resistance at empty , 1/2 tank and Full. (Take the fuel sender out to do this.) Then hook up to your guage and see if the positions at Empty, 1/2 , Full match up, if not, you will need to get a variable resistor in the fuel senders range and adjust the resistance until it matches. Variable resistor goes on the 12v wire from sender that goes to your gauge. You will also need to put a fuel line on the fuel pick up, where the old EFI pump was, with a filter on the end, then mount your low pressure fuel pump under the back, lower than the tank if possible. And don't forget to blank off the return line on the sender set up. Fuel out is the left one. Return is the right one. Hope that helps. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  9. Outback Jack

    HELP - XF to EL ECU issues

    You have an air bypass, so the XF ISC probably has a different level of bypass to the EA and EL series. As the later series only use the ISC to control idle etc. Don't worry Panko, I have had the same problem with the j3 on my ute with EL ecu and XH ecu. No j3......no rev hang.... It's like you say, the deceleration just hangs and takes ages to drop. With the XF ISC, try setting base idle again. You may find it comes good. If not, blanking plate on the ISC and just run the air bypass. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  10. Outback Jack

    EFI Xflow with EL ecu

    EB/ED wiring-solenoid is facing motor, the large end towards the fender. So holding solenoid up, holes away from you. Left is the outside of throttle plate (free air but filtered), right is inside the throttle plate.( used as air bypass to manifold at idle). Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  11. Outback Jack

    HELP - XF to EL ECU issues

    I would go back to the EB one , you seemed to have more success with that. I now run EL/XH ecu with ED/XG ISC no probs. Setting the idle exactly in the order I listed is the only way to get it to play ball. That's for a manual around 700-800rpm at idle. Start car, disconnect ISC while running. RPM should drop to 500-600rpm. If too low and stalls turn idle up 1/2 turn and try again. It can be a bit of a s*** but once you get it in the sweet spot, you should get an 800-900rpm cold idle , 700-750/800rpm warm idle. Hope that helps. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  12. Outback Jack

    MSD 6AL2 with Blaster SS coil and Remote TFI module.

    Ute is running well. Job done. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  13. Outback Jack

    HELP - XF to EL ECU issues

    Try redoing the idle setting.Run the car until warm, unplug the ISC and set the RPM to 550-650rpm. Don't rev it or anything while doing this. Then plug the ISC back in and it should idle around 700-750rpm. It's the T.I. j3 that causes the rev hang. When you back off the accelerator usually in the ecu is a bit of retard that is added as you decelerate. Their advice is always it's the ISC. What a crock. More like sloppy tuning. I found it also using an MSD with a curve and no ecu input, the rev hang was a bit stupid. So now I let the ECU control timing, no more problem. I'm running a stock XH ecu with very little rev hang now. There will be a way to add the retard in deceleration on the j3 but I don't know where. Sorry mate. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  14. Outback Jack

    Taco inquiry

    The odometer gear has probably lost a tooth mate. Its an instrument panel out job. There's a tutorial I did on replacing the gearsets on an XG ute. Could be speedo gear on the transmission....just check it's alright. Biggest tip- Only reset your odometer while stationary. Doing it while moving will snap a tooth out of the plastic gear. Sent from my S21 using Tapatalk
  15. Outback Jack

    MSD 6AL2 with Blaster SS coil and Remote TFI module.

    Just drove 55km, the ute is running well. TDC base timing and I'm hitting 15's+ regularly in AFRs while cruising. Good result. Edit: 10Btdc was better, so changed it back. Raining Lions and Rottweiler's here......