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  1. Module on side of dizzy, take it off put new heatsink paste on it... sounds like overheating module.... If not recheck msd module. Does the msd7 take a curve tune or just for basic spark? Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  2. Ok, did back lawn, some fertilizing and then started setting up and getting ute ready for surgery. Bench all ready..... Then I pulled all the hoses and brackets out of the way.... Oh, heres a shot of the polished fuel rail..... Have gotten rocker cover off, but was like trying to pry off an abalone from a rock with a plastic desert spoon.... I used blue sealant last time... not too bad on lower... took awhile to clean off but the rocker cover is a mess and taking ages to clean it all out. Other than that it looks like no 3 intake lifter has collapsed....can squeeze closed with fingers... rest are holding pressure ok. All shims are in Single slot up. 3 slots to top of lifter. I got tired of scraping out sealant from rocker recess..... back into it tomorrow. Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  3. Ok VB if I gotta shim the lifters. . Is that just those disks that go in the rocker arm before the lifter or am I missing something else? All mine were identically marked. Do I need to shim anything extra on a cam that was already in it? Just replacing lifters for now. And if they dont live under the rocker arm on the lifter... where DO they go? These mystery shims with different dots..... only for regrind cams with reduced base circle or everytime you replace lifters? Sorry but its just getting a lil confusing and the manual can tend to be a lil vague at times. Cheers VB and Dave. I know mechanics just when I do a job on a different type of motor for the first time I am very cautious. People also gotta realize theres no parts shops out here so whats not here I cant use, got to make do. Having day off today, do lawns and stuff, back into it with assembly lube, carby cleaner and wd40 tomorrow when shop opens. Jack. . Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  4. Cheers VB, I'll fumble me way through... lol. Do I really need them? I thought the industry standard was wrap em in lekky tape to the arm and pull out after rocker assembly is secured. All I seen in the other ones was a metal disk above the lifter... they may of removed them.... Think this is lifter with no retainer clip... later model 11mm lifter. I seen the retainers on 14mm ones. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  5. Cool.. tensioner stays on... makes it easy.... try get it done tomorrow. Just gotta get some lube.. and carb cleaner and lekky tape for lifters.... Be interested to pull the top off and see whats goin on... took it out on the Bass.... lol. Sorry guys I havent done these before... last time I did this cars had rods and adjusters on the rockers.... lol. .. Getting old.... Thanks fellas. :-) Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  6. Dynotecs going in Dave. Thats what I got. Out of money ,out of patience. Ball bearing valved... bigger journals, theyre not cheap shit. They'll be fine. I usually go original or nothing. I'd say they been there since new, will have a squizz tomorrow. Hopefully mates got some assembly lube. Not cleaning out lifters.... new. Not stuffin around. Just gotta figure out how to get tension off timing chain without special tool. ... And then I should be into it. Back when its done. Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  7. Im not getting much of a win..... Injector rail in and old fuel reg back in... starts all the time now. Win. But...... Coming back from drive I think that noisy lifter might of collapsed or over pumped... noise used to come and go. Now its loud all the time and just increases with revs. I was just up road so crawled home in 4th and everything is fine. Except the tick of death. Hope its not a spring or something........ Looks like Im pulling the rocker cover to see whats stuffed. Sounds around no4. Wish I could do the head up now and not put aircon in........ stupid Murphys law... Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  8. When a parts company starts selling rubbers.... you just know your getting screwed...... hahaha. Cars looking good mate... not long now..... Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  9. Just spent an hour cleaning the replacement fuel rail..... OMG! The crap that came out.... Glad I didnt just slap it on. New injectors would be toast, fill the filters full of crud. Just took the lil allen key out of the back of the rail and used a Ford special tool to clean it out...... XG dipstick for the win! Lol I used concentrated injector cleaner and then flush with fuel/ scrape down with dipstick..... Rinse and repeat 10 times or until fuel runs clean and not discoloured. Think I breathed in too much petrol.... haha. Anyway I polished the fuel rail... not my best job but matches rocker cover. Decided to put old FPR in until I can grab a new one. Just stopped for a coffee.... Back into it.... Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  10. Dean is the ute whisperer.... If your very quiet you can hear them purr with joy as he walks by...... Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  11. Nah mate, thats xr6.... 320kpa, normal is 250kpa. Will just run rich. I know what ya mean though... maybe same in standard 4L. Bosch. Just thought if buying another reg then an adjustable leaves room to play with a cam later. I am going to strip the spare fuel rail and reg from the spares ute... flush it out with fuel and whack it on. Have contacted ebay seller to organize return and refund. Computer says NO! Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  12. Lol. Dex. I lived there for a year.... got mote sunburnt in winter.... lol. WELLLLLL..... Farkin Fuel Pressure Regulator..... piece of shit. Won't hold pressure. Sorry Sparky Dave, you were right. Changed out both pumps with VDO's, and filter socks, Then put new recon injectors in. Ran ok after sucking up the fuel but turn it off for 30min.... she'll crank but not start first time. Second time fires after 4 turns. Obviously the fpr is leaking down.... letting pressure escape through the fuel return. Probably faulty diaphram. Just farkin shits me cause brand new and made in japan...... Sard regulators.... eat a dick...your regulators blow..... Beer O' clock and think about next fuel regulator brand... and how to get a refund on this crap. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.......... Have a good weekend fellas. Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  13. Cheers Sparky, Will get stuck into it today.... Some nasty storms coming thru at the moment.... humid as hell. Its always dry heat here... now its like bali... Wheres me sarong......??? Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  14. Two different batches dave... 3 x 668 and 3 x 665. All 94DA-AA All 280150790. All also have 906 on them. Done a nice job on em. RJ Performance. $116..... Cant wait to get her runni g right again. Dave is the fine guage tune for the fuel gauge and temp guage an adjustable pot? Or will I have to change resistors? Never done one.... good time to start.... Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk
  15. They're heeeerrrrre..... 2 VDO pumps and filter socks and 6 recon tested injectors... and a couple kits.... hehe.... l Will start on ute Tomorrow, was doing yard today.... got carried away..... lol. Hopefully all done and sorted in a day. ..... hopefully..... Jack. Sent from my GT-S7583T using Tapatalk