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  1. I did the same thing in my 4 cylinder cortina!!
  2. Fair enough. Can’t beat the exhaust note of a Cleveland anyway!
  3. That would be nice, I have a lsd diff sitting there and a 3.45 pinion and crown wheel too. What size are your tyres on the 15 inch rims Jack?
  4. I wish Dave, I love the look of it but it’s no good on country roads or any dirt trails let alone with a load in it. Remember, I use it as a ute, it earns its keep or it gets sold.
  5. Hahaha! UPS is a rort! But sometimes you have no choice. Thanks for the front spring numbers, now I just have figure out what to do about the leafs
  6. Thanks, as you get older looks don’t matter as much, it’s more about practically and functionality, kind of like your prostate [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. I’m guessing that engine driven fan wasn’t on for the sump tuning?
  8. Why don’t you put that cranky crossflow in?? If it’s everything they said it is, it should have you leaving a stain on the drivers seat in no time!
  9. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well Chesty, you’ve got to be happy with those numbers! You probably spend a few hundred on 98 octane trying to tune it. I’m looking forward to see what it will punch out when revved all the way. Very impressive so far!
  10. This is it totally empty. I had about 400kg in the tray and about an inch of tyre still showing at the top.
  11. Sorry to hear that Thom. I was devastated when my grandfather passed away. I became a mechanic because of him and my uncle before me ( his son ). It brings me great joy to use his tools that he left me. My son know which tools were his GG ( great grandfathers) the old and reaches for them first every time. It sounds like he will live on through you and your father, all the best mate.
  12. Couldn’t agree more!!
  13. Cheers Jack! I’ll need to replace the leafs as they are a proper set of lowered ones with spring keepers. I was thinking I’d have to drop down to 15inch rims although I do like Greg’s suggestion too. Either way it’s not going to be cheap, then again nothing with cars ever is!!
  14. I doubt you’d be pulling 3,000rpm @ 100kmh. It probably sounds like it with your mad max exhaust bellowing away! Mine is 1,900rpm @ 100kmh with 3.27 ratio. I was just curious with your lower ratio but bigger tyres
  15. Rear will fit, front won’t as it’s from the e series