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  1. Nikon ftw! Canon v Nikon, it’s kind of like Ford v Holden debate, lol
  2. You can live in a house and do up at car, can’t really live in a car and do up a house. That’s what I used to tell mates who bagged me out for going slow on my last project car and spending all my money on the house. I guess I get the last laugh, I managed to ride the Sydney house price increase pretty well. Nice touches on the house with the gate and record player Rob. Touches like that turn a house into a home.
  3. It does look sweet. Awesome colour. Is that front bar any lower than standard? Obviously it sticks out further forward at the bottom than a standard bar so that could be a bit of a bugger.
  4. Use the cable tie trick. Put a long one around all then one in between each lead. I looks quite neat when done properly.
  5. Meh. I might as well make a tyre out of $5 notes, at least that way I can count how much a burnout cost me.
  6. I’m scared to ask - how much are they?
  7. Congratulations on the marriage mate! Barra motors are brilliant. If you can find a xh xr8 snap it up!
  8. I thought this was your daily? It was a nice clean ute when you finished with it. I know you’ll buy another xg, you can’t resist them!!!
  9. Just a little update. I fitted a different instrument cluster with the correct odometer reading ( yes it really is that low ) and replaced the gears so it will all work. I just wish I could find a clear instrument cover with no cracks!!! Oh and sparky Dave- I fixed up the switches around the cluster just for you [emoji6]
  10. Stolen from Facebook...
  11. Good luck with the house mate, they are fun too, and addictive like building a car.
  12. I’m not really fussed about the starter/fuel pump scenario. If I lose oil pressure I want it to kill the motor ASAP. Not wait until the fuel pressure drops away. That’s why I want to wire it through the ignition. I’m not racing so the chances of me lying upside down in a ditch with a fuel pump pouring fuel on a fire are very slim ( I hope [emoji23]). Toyota Diesel landcruisers all have a fuel cut out the same as this. It really doesn’t take long to build up oil pressure on crank. This one only requires 5psi to connect the circuit. I’d rather flatten a battery than chew out bearings from oil starvation.