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  1. What’s wrong with the original timing cover?
  2. I’d do AU bottom end. It’s got a better combustion shape in the piston crown, longer rods which give you better angle in the bore and more torque down low and cross bolting of the alloy sump to the mains caps. What’s not to like?? Dave is spot on with the head. See if you can find a non vct Xr6 au motor. Better cam, valve springs and exhaust valves are 2mm bigger.
  3. Because race car[emoji106][emoji106]
  4. The inlet manifold gaskets will differ for the water ports , some early 289 are small and some 302 and 351 are different. There will be 2 sets of seals for the block to middle of the inlet manifold. Most importantly, make sure the head gaskets are around the right way!
  5. Good stuff!! I can’t believe how quickly you get things done [emoji106][emoji106]
  6. So many fucked looking cars in this thread. What the hell is wrong with people that make piles of shit like these?
  7. Great stuff Paul, it’s good to have you back![emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  8. We need more Ron Swanson’s in this world!
  9. It’s called a Taunus, a mate of mine had a white one with a black vinyl roof . It had a 2 litre v6 in it- not related to the Capri v6. Many years ago I used to be in a cortina and escort car club. The guy also had a couple of cortina utes, called p100, they came from South Africa. His Taunus came from Scandinavia somewhere.
  10. Is just piss on the floor if I saw that.
  11. Take another look at my photo. See the red circles I’ve put on the photo? See the timing marks inside each red circle? [emoji778]️ Just copy that exactly and you’ll be fine.
  12. That cam timing is way out. It’s closer to taco on no.6 than no.1 there. Just don’t drop the distributor in as it is. The timing mark for the cam should be level with the head ( give or take only a couple of mm if the head is shaved ) but on the right hand side when looking straight on. Those indents in the pistons are for valve clearance.
  13. A bit late now but yes, you just tap the valve stem seals on. Use a pin punch with no burrs on itand use it to guide it on straight otherwise it won’t seal for long
  14. This is my engine
  15. That’s a real bummer! You can safely have 30 thou shaved off the head and still run a mls head gasket which is 15 thou thinner than the graphite head gasket. I took 25 thou off mine so that way I could have it machined again if I ever needed it. I also cleaned up the ports a lot, this took a couple of hours on its own. Add in some extractors and 2 1/2 inch exhaust and you won’t know yourself the extra compression makes a big difference especially above 3,000rpm it really comes alive. Make sure you get them to grind the valves and recut the seats. Ohc are notorious for hammering the exhaust valve seat.