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  1. Thanks Dean
  2. Cheers, a few nice cars there! Now this thing below, isn’t that an old Toyota hemi engine??
  3. Good advice here! This is basically my routine when I buy an x series. Only difference is I actually pull the front guards off so I can fix the door hinges, re adjust and flush out the plenum drain thoroughly.
  4. Tread carefully, ultimate compound is probably a bit harsh, use ultimate polish first if you can. Better still get some megs m100, I love that stuff! I do a lot of original cars that need to stay original ( think mk1 Cooper s). You’ll need to keep the heat out of it so low rpm (600rpm or less on a rotary)slow arm movements and preferably a light foam pad. Spray some water on your pad then tiny bit of polish, it will go a lot further with the water and keep the heat down. Yes, you can cut it back with a polish rather than grabbing a heavy compound.
  5. Did anyone bother taking photos?
  6. Don’t you guys have pull rings on your cans there??
  7. G’day Searley, definitely use a permaseal AU mls head gasket and follow the torque specs the gasket comes with, NOT ones in a workshop manual. I use permaseal head bolts too, they will have the part number HS041 stamped in the top of them. Anyone willing to do that gains my trust. Genuine ford ones are no longer available. I personally don’t like Nason as I have seen some of their head bolts fail like the originals and some stretching but that is my personal experience. The choice is up to you. Be careful with the eBay Seller’s, I couldn’t find one that would package a permaseal head gasket and permaseal bolts, all I found packaged in Nason head bolts so just ask the question before purchasing.
  8. Exactly. Imagine if you put that money into buying a house back then. Around $30k in total, $5k deposit?? Buy in chadstone, sell now, buy 2 xa gt’s and still have cash left over[emoji6]
  9. I wouldn’t go any more than 6psi on a standard motor unless you step up to an lpg AU motor that has stronger rods. EitherT3 or T4 . Go grab a secondhand on off a ba onwards from a wrecker
  10. Most likely it’s out of an ef falcon so it should have a coil pack and crank trigger and sensor above the balancer. If it has a distributor it’s an early el falcon. When looking at the front of the engine, the intake will be on the right side and below that around cylinder no3 there should be your oil pressure switch. Just run a t piece out of that to feed the turbo. For the drain you can run it straight into the side of the sump.
  11. Are you referring to the gauze filter that goes on the pick up?
  12. There will be 2 numbers before it. 88, 91, 94, 96 etc. sohc? What intake manifold is on it? Log or bbm? Photos would help
  13. What model did your motor come out of ?
  14. Awesome! Does it fit with a ba sump? I’ve heard of guys switching to an fg sump as the reservoir is at the back like a cortina.
  15. I remember glen Everett covering the story, didn’t he buy it from a friend who needed money and the plan was he was going to buy it back but it never happened. The current owner isn’t a car guy