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  1. hi everyone. thinking of converting a ef fairmont to a v8 but will need to swap some wiring harnesses for other reasons too wether it happens or not. oneday plan to finally wire up the door ajar sensors and was thinking of using fairlane floor harness and wondered if the nl fairlane floor harness will plug into a ef dashboard, inside behind dash firewall and engine bay harnesses, 2nd option is will a el ghia floor harness plug in ef dash and engine bay harnesses if you graft the door ajar sensor wiring. with this behind dash harness on firewall on inside can you remove the 6 cyl one and fit the v8 one and will the plugs plug back in the way the old one did with the tcm plug just sitting there until the conversion day. and when grabbing the v8 one does it have to be out of a high series model or are they all same. and are they same between ef/el model. will a nl fairlane or el ghia floor harness and el dashboard (part that plugs into speedo and bcm and dashboard bits) harness work with a ef engine bay harness and ef behind dash harness. and is the v8 engine bay harness same between ef and el model. if the v8 conversion goes ahead want to do as much preperation as possible while still having things work. have a el fairmont dash harness in the shed in a box out of a v8 fairmont and only got the dashboard part that plugs into the bcm and speedo and think that part might be same as the 6cyl one. didnt get the other part wich turns out that is the peice that has the tcm plug and was going to get a el ghia floor harness and graft the door ajar sensor wiring in or nl fairlane floor harness and wondered if that combo would work with the ef behind dash and engine bay harnesses. will the ef climate control panel and trip computer work in the el model because like the black buttons and the el has grey will a el v8 ecu work with ef ecu wiring and same other way if anyone is able to help with any answers thatd really help alot thanks
  2. hi just need to ask some questions 1. with the behind dash harness on the firewall thats behind the dashboard secured to the firewall is it possible to swap the 6 cyl to the v8 one. and then will every plug plug into the 6 cyl harnesses (engine bay and ecu) the same as the 6 cyl one did. and will the v8 behind dash harness work like the 6 cyl one did once all plugged in if you decided to swap the 6 cyl behind the dash harness to save swapping it on the big day. 2. is the behind dash harness thats fixed to the firewall on inside exactly the same apart from the addition of the transmission controller plug, 3. if converting a ef or a el fairmont to a v8 does the behind dash harness on the firewall have to be from a fairmont or is that part the same between the gli/xr/fairmont.fairlane. and is it same between ef and el 4. is the v8 engine bay harnesses the same between fairmont/fairlane/xr/any with cruise control and is the v8 engine bay harness same between ef and el 5. will the el engine bay harness and the behind dash harness and dashboard harness plug into a ef body harness wether a 6 or v8 6. will a el body harness plug into the ef engine bay harness, and dash harness and behind dash harness until you swap them to el models 7. will the nl fairlane body harness plug into ef dash board, engine bay and behind dash harness with the extra wires for extra lights and door sensors just not being used until you connect them. if anyone can help out with answers thatd be really good, might want to convert the ef fairmont to v8 if possible and want to do as much preperation work with the wiring harnesses as possible while still having everything working wether put the v8 behind dash harness in and just have the tcm plug sitting there or redo the body wiring, just little things like that that add time thanks
  3. hi just a quick question is there another harness secured to firewall on inside or is there only a dash harness secured to dashboard if theres another harness behind dashboard secured to firewall on inside is the transmission control module plug on the dash harness or on that harness secured to firewall think the tcm plug is on the dash harness but cant remember. may be doing a v8 conversion. what would yous do out of put all harnesses in and run e series v8 ecu and tcu or wire in a au v8 ecu thanks
  4. Also got a xr6 ecu with std fuel reg but been good till now but been using gas most time would that have anything to do with it, using petrol at moment
  5. Hi got a ef fairmont and it surges on acceleration when you first start it usually first thing then sometimes after you restart it after stopping somewhere. it usually only does it once, sometimes it’ll do it twice then it’s usually good after that and doesn’t really do it again till you restart. It starts first go and idles good no worries following has been done replaced fuel pump with a goss one which is a good brand. also replaced the carrier as old one rusted but used a eb one as it has the push on hose and clamp. (to connect the pump to the carrier used gates submerged type fuel hose for intank setups which is meant to go inside fuel tanks, is that gates submersible 100psi fuel hose ok to use in the fuel tanks to connect the intank pump to the carrier as that’s what it’s meant to do. will the hose go soft and blow after a short time like a normal efi hose would with not being meant to go in tank) bought a au fuel rail as it has push on hose and clamp like older model and also bought injectors as the injectors could also be blocked after picking up the old stale fuel that was in tank but haven’t yet replaced injectors and rail havent yet replaced fuel reg which you’ll need because of the rail. also had the water pump leak before and leaked coolant near the cas also could a au or late el tank be bolted into a ea-el1 and if you use those fuel pump modules how would you convert the quick disconnect into a hose and clamp like older models thanks
  6. Hi just a question Will a 97 series one el v8 fairmont dash harness plug into a series 2 el xr8 engine bay harness and body harness and work or will it only plug into and work with a series one el v8/xr8 will the el v8 dash and engine bay harness plug into ef body wiring and work and is the el v8/xr8 series 1/2 harnesses all same will the ef climate control and trip computer with black buttons work on a el v8 fairmont dash harness have a dash harness for a el series 1 fairmont and wanted to know if itd plug into either a el2 xr8 engine bay harness or any el v8/xr8 and work and plug into a ef floor wiring and work. is the floor harness same between the ef/el 6/v8 thanks for any help
  7. Hi was just wondering if anyone’s got pictures of a set of fuel lines and under body photos of a eb-el 302 windsor sedan just want to see how the fuel lines run in a eb-el 302 sedan and can’t find one to get under to see how they run, need new lines in the ef fairmont and if possible may as well get v8 ones as they got to cone out. And what about transmission steel lines for 302 sedan is there any pictures just put pictures on this post thanks
  8. if it helps the fairmont doesnt really run hot but had a head gasket problem and while its been patched up until a proper fix can be done and seems to go ok fingers crossed oneday it will have to have a proper fix, also the suspension needs new rack and front struts and power steering pump as well, so whats chance of it then being ok for a short distance (maybe 5-10km) on a cool day to tow a 1t car trailer empty. just want to get towing practice in soon as possible. only uncle that might have a van close enough lives 3 hours away plus their cars a manual and dont drive manuals and the only other auto car doesnt have a brake controller and the other uncles here have vans that are too big for the fairmont which may not currently be upto towing alot until all the repars are done that it needs plus most of their cars are manual. what could be done while the fairmont is in need of repairs, everytime a repair gets done it gets better and better just cant afford it all at once like you lot probably can.
  9. could you fit a ed block to the ef if you use the ef manifold and change timing cover to a ef one and convert to single belt as to do all seals the ef while it is far better than before itll still be a very long time before its good enough to plan for a trip to murray bridge from yorke peninsula would the engine have to come all way out to do sump gasket and the engine or gearbox would have to come out to do the rear main seal with this stuff or be ok to put in to try keep it going little longer as the stuff doesnt have fireglass stuff or copper fibres to block anything up if you follow instructions or is there chance of blocking still. how long would this stuff keep it going for if it still runs with blown hg
  10. so if the gearbox hadnt had a service for a couple years or more and you just got the gearbox serviced would it damage it. if you just bought a good e series engine best you can find and just threw new seals and head gasket and listers it should be good? if the ef has a head gasket problem and also needs new sump gasket and front and back main seals and timing cover gasket would it be worth saving the block if its got over 300,000 and just lift it out a little to do seals or would you be better to get another whole engine and do seals and head gasket over time so car can still be driven, the ef other than a few things just keeps on going theyre great cars and could you fit a ed block to the ef if you use the ef manifold and change timing cover to a ef one and convert to single belt as to do all seals timing cover would have to come off anyway
  11. and if you cant find a e series engine would you just get a au engine and use a au auto bellhousing to bolt the gearbox if you use a e series one with a dipstick
  12. so if the engines got right on 200,000 and is otherwise good and you put a new head gasket and seals on would you still get a number of years and would it be worth fitting a lower mileage auto if the old ones got over 300,000 even if the old one currently works
  13. so if engines got 199,000km itd be ok and should give some years use? people have put engines in from a au model would it be a good idea as usually youd have better luck, and would it be worth replacing auto too if over 300,000 even if its decent enough
  14. and if the ef fairmont had a head gasket problem that was patched up would it be worth taking a chance on a cool day for a short distance with a car trailer thats empty just to get the idea to tow
  15. would there be a mileage limit or just go by condition and would probably get a new head gasket for piece of mind and new seals too before it goes in