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  1. hi was wondering if the xh ute non xr engine bay harness will plug into a el fairmont dash harness and body harness and will the xh non xr6 engine harness have facilities for climate comtrol. or are you better of getting the engine bay harness out a el fairmont or fairmont ghia. and will the el fairmont engine harness work on a xh engine with the plugs for bbm left sitting there taped up. does it have to be out a fairmont for climate control to work or can it just be off a el or xh also as the xh non xr is the ef/el vintage can you put the engine and log inlet manifold into a normal ef or el and no emissions problems as long as its all from a xh non xr ute, just wondered as the engine has to be same year as car or newer. could the xh engine with the xh log manifold go in without engineers as the xh model is a ef/el vintage which is a 1994 ef or newer and the xh engine is a ef/el engine with log manifold. heard in sa that fitting log manifold needs a im240 test and stuff but would think xh engine and manifold together would be ok as its ef vintage otherwise could you get a el fairmont/ghia engine bay harness and dash harness, remove the ef engine bay and dash harness and put the el engine bay and dash harness in and connect it all to the ef engine for now if you use a distributor and coil or even put the el engine in with the harneses at same time. thanks
  2. So you’s think some switch that turns on and off at around the temp of the 82 deg thermostat to keep it at around that temp and then 90-85 for high speed when it just gets a little hotter also how much of the ed stuff can be made to fit the ef with little work could the console be made to fit the ef (only way is cut the bit off a ef console that goes under dashboard and fibreglass or plastic weld it to the ed console). Will it be able to be made to fit the ef floorpan. have a ed and a ef console spare to look at. also can the ed seat bases and back part be taken off the bases and be made to fit the ef bases and not be obvious could the ed seats be taken off bases and be bolted to electric seat bases of that vintage. Do panels at rear have spot welds to drill and spot weld eb/ed rear panels to bolt the tail lights, will the boot fit, and will it be a problem for road use
  3. When you have 90-85 for high speed is operating temp or temp of 82deg thermostat ok
  4. What about low speed would you have that on all time wether or not it’s wires to a relay connected to fuel pump or on and off at lower temps
  5. Hi wqs wondering for a 82 deg thermostat would 90 deg on and 85 deg off for cooling fans be good for high speed. was thinking of that but for low speed would you wire it straight to earth but maybe put a relay in and use fuel pump to turn it on so it only works with engine running. or would you get another temp switch and have low speed on at 85 deg and 80 deg off
  6. Is that the only car you got as a daily may oneday get a decent eb fairmont and get thermo fans and the single belt conversion done using a xh tensioner and then hopefully will be good for ages you should be able to still get decent eb/ed fairmonts shouldn’t you? whats better out of a half decent eb and a ef that’s run down
  7. Do you daily drive your old car
  8. Will loosing the drivers airbag be a problem if you sell the ef and go back to ed and get a really good one and some upgrades done
  9. hi another thing if you don't want to let car go even though most would at a certain point, how would you deal with it if its your daily and somethings always needing fixing and you don't have the room your uncles got to be able to get a newer daily and still be able to keep your old one. which would mean you wouldn't have to sell the old car to make room for it or that, it wouldn't matter if you didnt get to the repairs straight away which currently has to happen as its a daily. thanks
  10. Hi whats the best and cheapest way to have as much room as one of your uncles has to be able to have more than one car and have another car that runs and just to have the room he has. whats cheapest way to get the space
  11. Is the wiring in lamps thenselfs ok if you don’t increase watts in the globes
  12. If your only making a harness to bypass the factory wiring so it is only used for activation and keep same wattage globes will the wiring inside the lamps be ok
  13. Would you use a whole new connector when upgrading wires or just join onto the wires on the socket they normally have?
  14. So you’s would use thick wire straight to globes and use even wiring inside headlamp for activation and drill a hole through the cover and run new wire through that and use a grommet to keep it sealed?
  15. Would the little bit of thinner wire in headlamp themselfs be a big problem if you used original style plugs for lamps when using thicker wire or you better off going straight to globes