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  1. hi, looking to buy a newly released aerpro facia for the ba to upgrade the system and headunit and wondered, will the kenwood DMX8520DABS or kenwood DDX9020DABS or kenwood DMX9720XDS headunits fit in the ba/bf/territory using this new aerpro trim https://aerpro.com/.../ford/ford-falcon-2002-2008-ba-bf... without mods, what has to be done if anything to get either those headunits to fit as theyre the standard double din depth looking to upgrade at some point to this new trim and want a headunit with following features and like those model kenwood units 1. dab with dab memory as some just have the dab without the memory to program 2. wireless carplay 3. dual usb 4. dual bluetooth also does the alpine ilx702d and ilx-f309 have dual bluetooth for phone connection as yous might see the alpine ilx-f309 is same as the sony floating screen stereo and like the alpine floating one the listed kenwood models are still the full double din chassis even though 2 of the listed models arent cd/dvd buying a remote cd/dvd player wont be a problem just want one thatll fit in the ba with the new trim with the listed features also if you end up getting one that is only wired carplay can you get the usb wireless box that has usb pass through, would prefer one with every single listed feature listed wanting to hear from anyone thats got answers thanks
  2. hi was just wondering with these kits recently released for the ba/bf that allows you to put your own touch screen stereo in where the factory screen was, do you have to have shallow depth stereos because it the kit says its reccomended. have searched on aerpro in the ba/bf for a few stereos that have got in mind that are full depth and aerpro didnt say that they wouldnt fit if unplugging the bcm to get the icc out and moving the same bcm to the new trim along with same locking module will there be a security problem with car not starting or will it start with nothing to be reprogrammed after plugging bcm back in when installing new stereo, will anything need to be programmed again if using the same bcm does anyone know about the kit
  3. car10001

    Front Suspension squeak

    Put camera on right side to film suspension can’t sit it on left side but it gives a idea may not be exact though https://www.dropbox.com/s/itvb4ctig82qisn/trim.3ED4DB2A-ABEA-40D7-8451-E9EE4E1B15A1.MOV?dl=0
  4. Hi a while ago have asked about the squeak and creak in the ba ghia front suspension it only happens at very low speed while braking and was wondering what it likely will be that’s causing it. ball joints seem ok and sway bar like seem tight but might get them done anyway oneday as they look original or it’s been a while since last done. can’t seem to move sway bar but thinking of getting the d bushes done too. have had quick look sway bar links and d bushes seem very common in the ba bf have attached video so you’s can try work out https://www.dropbox.com/s/xygtfwp246cxek7/IMG_1565.mp4?dl=0 Doesn’t seem to do it when turning right thanks
  5. car10001

    creek in front suspension on ba

    Thanks might try d bushes and work from there maybe even the links if easy to do and don’t need much to take off
  6. car10001

    creek in front suspension on ba

    Hi everyone Tried grabbing the front sway bar with all wheels on ground and it did move a little so any chance it would be that would it be worth replacing the d bushes and work from there When trying to move the sway bar it made similar sound to what it’s doing Thanks
  7. car10001

    creek in front suspension on ba

    The ball joints came from sprints so should be ok
  8. car10001

    creek in front suspension on ba

    Ok got to get some bushes done at some point so may get those done too
  9. car10001

    creek in front suspension on ba

    would the ball joints be ok if theyve been done in last couple years and will it be a problem leaving it for a bit then fix it as many bas are worse and people still drive them, just needto save up to fix it and want to try savea bit extra to get all bushes done
  10. car10001

    creek in front suspension on ba

    What do you recon it’d be in service report they found rear upper and lower control arm bushes needed doing at some point only does it when slowing down and/or braking and is that occasional knock a problem until it’s fixed
  11. car10001

    creek in front suspension on ba

    So you don’t think it’s ball joints, it can’t be as they’ve been done would it more likely be control arm bushes or sway bar links or the sway bar bushes is it possible to be shockers as when you do the bounce front doesn’t sink down and it goes back up straight away its only there when slowing down and/or braking otherwise it drives well always starts first go in morning
  12. hi just a question what causes a creek or minor knock from front suspension on a ba at low speed going straight and turning corners if the ball joints were done in last couple years and were ok when last serviced about a month ago have a ba that has minor creek/knock at front suspension and jacked one side just to get a idea and the front wheel on that side had no play when holding it at the 12:00 and 6:00 positon and the 3:00 and 9:00 position the creek seems to come from the middle and is there when going straight at low speed and slowing down and goes away at higher speed. it cant be the ball joints as they were replaced in last couple years and from research into common front suspension faults it seems the next common fault is sway bar link pin
  13. car10001

    Adding a ac fan relay

    Hi everyone Was just wondering you know how years back in the ef/el possibly au most of you did the thermo fan relay mod as in add another relay and connected to aircon pump so the fans cycle all time as the clutch cuts in and out, would that relay mod also work on the ba to fg Below diagram pin out may help you work out answer Pin 30 to high speed wire on factory relay block Pin 87 to ground Pin 86 to aircon pump Pin 85 to ground also in a ba is it ok to hot wire the fan relays on low speed all time as in ground the blue wire for low speed with it being left connected to the ecu pin and leave rest as is and leave low speed connected to ecu or will it damage it usually the ecu earths the relays when it senses temp and turns on fans Thanks
  14. car10001

    towing a van with the ba

    would the 1600kg towbar be ok to tow a 20ft crusader van around the local town if not fully loaded, its about 1500kg tare plus gear or should you upgrade to the 2300kg one if you can and if you cant what options do you have, also have a tekonsha p3 brake controller and as said its not connected but its in and wires are just sitting there ready, would it be a good idea to finish connecting that so youre prepared for anything what kind of large hire trailer would be close enough to a van and give the same experience as a van
  15. car10001

    towing a van with the ba

    hi guys as yous know already do plan to tow a van with the ba its just a matter of when, just a few things to ask 1. just to drive around town to get used to it will there be a rush to finish wiring up the electric brake controller and hope that you can find a van that still has override brakes to use or would you be better off finishing it so you have the option to tow vans with both electric or override brakes and are a bit easier on options meaning be prepared and more flexible with whats avaliable. most newer vans have electric brakes and it seems only ones from 70s or early to mid 80s have old override brakes and most from late 80s on seem to all have electric brakes the brake controller is in and the wires are there ready just hasent been finished wiring yet 2. would the ba be able to tow a aunts crussader van just quietly around wallaroo north beach area on a 1600kg tow bar if the vans not fully loaded and the brake controllers been wired, the vans about 18-20 feet long and tare is about 1400-1500kg. 3. would the radiator in it be upto towing or should you replace it with a bigger one even the water pump especially of theyre still original or you dont know when they were last changed if neither is currently leaking, do plan to get hoses done soon as possible or next service, have got a transmission cooler with a bypass setup though, just need to finish wiring up the electric brake controller and go through connections and test for power at blue wire in trailer harness