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  1. Probably 15,000-20,000 year
  2. And itd only be enough time to collect bits and save for the labour to fix it so that’s why am wondering if what people did in the links will allow that time
  3. Last service just gone they said it needs new bushes at rear. tyres aren’t wearing uneven that and noticing just annoying little clunk and while they said to do them at some point am wondering how long you could go
  4. Hi Just found out all rear bushes in the ba need doing at some point they’re just starting to wear. have seen on youtube some people in usa spraying transmission stop leak on the bushes to rejuvenate them and wondering wether that might work for now. They do have to be done at some point but thinking if it’ll give a year it might be worth spraying as many as you can get to how long would you give it before they need doing if they only started as need time to save and collect bits Thanks
  5. car10001

    getting a better sound from a 6 cyl

    how would you get that deep engine and exhaust sound like most e series and that ltd and the oldmans barra fg sounding close. would the xr6 turbo exhaust with dual pipes going through single mufflers give that sound and will the xr6 turbo exhaust fit the na xr6/standard na barra, ifso how would you connect it to the standard non turbo cat converter and manifold
  6. car10001

    getting a better sound from a 6 cyl

    Would the standard turbo exhaust and extractors and new standard or high flow cat converter get that deep sound like the ltd did, most aus have close to that sound and the oldmans fg had that sound
  7. car10001

    getting a better sound from a 6 cyl

    Will the standard turbo exhaust fit the standard ba and what’s is diameter of pipes
  8. car10001

    getting a better sound from a 6 cyl

    a lot of e series and au sound great with a 2.5 even with the back muffler as well. how would you get your ba to sound like the fe ltd did taking off about 35 seconds into the video in the link (drove the oldmans fg and the engine in that is pretty much same as a ba both being barra and his fg sounded close to the ltd in the video)
  9. car10001

    getting a better sound from a 6 cyl

    dont want it loud just sound nice, what systems is there and how many mufflers would you need would twin mufflers (means middle and back) give a nice sound but not too loud
  10. hi everyone most of you lot know that have got a ba ghia 6 cyl and love it, however was wondering if there is a way to get it to sound closer to a v8 if not exact. when the exhaust thats on it is worn out or when moneys there am planning to get a sports exhaust for it which may help a bit (hopefully will have the money before it wears out). also thinking of extractors and a new cat converter given the age of car and the cat converter on it what else would be needed to make it sound closer to a v8. what type of sports exhaust and what type of cat converter and what type of extractors would give that but be roadworthy and are there any bolt on kits. what are good brands. seen the father with his vt holden v8 and its made me think about it thanks
  11. hi everyone was wondering if the front seats from a ba/bf fairlane will plug straight into the existing wiring harness, will the fairlane front passenger seat plug into the ba ghia harness under existing seat. with the passenger seat being manual is there plugs under the existing seat in the ba ghia for the motors and switch trim just sitting there or is there only a airbag plug and pre tensioner plug and you have to run the wires for the motors. is there wires already in the plugs under the manual seat for the electric seat harness and motors with the extra pins not being used or do you have to add them. with the drivers seat being part electric will the full electric seat plug into the existing floor harness. will the existing memory module be able to be transfered over and will it plug into the full electric seat plugs and the existing body harness. will you need a new memory module and ifso will the one that comes with the electric seat work with the existing pedal and mirrors and will it plug into old floor harness. how have yous gone about upgrading the electric seat to full electric from a fairlane for drivers side and replacing the manual passenger seat with a electric one from a fairlane. will the rear seat from a fairlane fit the fairmont ghia in the ba. not sure if bolsters are same as sedan but think the fairlanes being lwb might be wider. does the bf fairmont ghia have a electric passenger seat or is it same as ba where it only has a drivers side part electric. also will fg front seats fit the ba runners and rails and what about back seat. front drivers seat has a tear and the top of the rear seat in top section is a bit hard and looking to tidy things up and just throwing ideas as am keeping car long term. if anyone can please help with answers that would be great. thanks
  12. Is replacing pipes on a barra easier than a ohc engine or about same difficulty
  13. If you got a pipe delete adaptor and used rubber hose all way like in the xf are the custom welded adaptors readily available will the fg pipes fit the ba barra as engines look same apart from sump and rocker covers is the coolant tank delete kit with a overflow bottle a problem or is it best to stick to std setup and keep tank if the custom kit leaked on a trip are replacement available like the standard parts In a b series where coolant tank has minimum a cold max and a max where should level be hot and cold. after a month or so the level cold seems to sit just below cold max when cold but over minimum and just over cold max when at temp. haven’t let it get lower than what’s said but topped it up but can’t see any leaks but did a couple weeks ago smell a little something in cabin but when stopping the tank was still about normal and never got totally empty
  14. hi With the steel heater pipes will fg ones fit the ba engine both being barra under the ba cast manifold. It seems only difference is it just has the 3/4 inch hose that goes through heater core and looses the 3/8 hose that bypasses heater core but you could use a t piece. The fg does have that smaller separate pipe that is attached to the thermostat housing pipe that goes back to left of engine and seems removable as it looks to have brackets that attach to the bracket on other one. theres some pictures of a ba engine as well to give a idea stocking up parts for the ba and want to be open to the option of using fg pipes. also seen fittings that delete the metal heater pipes and wondered if theres other places you can get them and if theyre readily available from sprint repco or auto one if one leaks while on holidays or wether youll be stuck at destination while waiting for that custom part to come in. also is the coolant tank delete kit a problem on the ba-fg and if not and you go to get one are they also readily available from the normal car shops if that too leaks while on holidays or will you be stuck while waiting for replacement to arrive, seen those kits and noticed people are fitting them, guessing you would need a overflow bottle. also with the lower intake snorkel where could you get a ba/bf one from, theyre no longer made new, would option of a small bit of pvc pipe and a slip on fitting attached to bottom of airbox work after cutting hole. thanks
  15. hi, looking to buy a newly released aerpro facia for the ba to upgrade the system and headunit and wondered, will the kenwood DMX8520DABS or kenwood DDX9020DABS or kenwood DMX9720XDS headunits fit in the ba/bf/territory using this new aerpro trim https://aerpro.com/.../ford/ford-falcon-2002-2008-ba-bf... without mods, what has to be done if anything to get either those headunits to fit as theyre the standard double din depth looking to upgrade at some point to this new trim and want a headunit with following features and like those model kenwood units 1. dab with dab memory as some just have the dab without the memory to program 2. wireless carplay 3. dual usb 4. dual bluetooth also does the alpine ilx702d and ilx-f309 have dual bluetooth for phone connection as yous might see the alpine ilx-f309 is same as the sony floating screen stereo and like the alpine floating one the listed kenwood models are still the full double din chassis even though 2 of the listed models arent cd/dvd buying a remote cd/dvd player wont be a problem just want one thatll fit in the ba with the new trim with the listed features also if you end up getting one that is only wired carplay can you get the usb wireless box that has usb pass through, would prefer one with every single listed feature listed wanting to hear from anyone thats got answers thanks