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  1. car10001

    Boot harness very urgent

    They appear to be same there’s a au boot harness on ebay and the black part appears to be same as the ba
  2. car10001

    Boot harness very urgent

    Hi Just wondered 1. Does the au sedan boot harness fit the ba sedan and is those black bits that goes between the boot and below back window same between the au and ba model both being sedan. 2. Is the sedan boot harness same between the base model sedan and ghia sedan in the ba sedan model Thanks
  3. car10001

    ed ford wiring harness

    hi everyone getting a ed which is only a base model but plan to bring it to fairmont level and put a v8 in and instead of putting eb/ed abs with seperate ecu in plan to put in ef/el abs with all in one pump/ecu. also instead of using eb/ed vacuum cruise control plan to use ef/el electronic cruise control and el thermo fans instead of the belt fan and want to keep the original ed dash setup. out of the below options which would you go with. 1. use all el wiring harness and change tail light connectors and also interior connectors where needed to allow the original ed dash to work. 2. use el floor harness and change tail light connectors and the right kick panel connectors for it to go into ed drivers side engine bay harness and use the ed drivers side engine bay harness and solder a ef/el fusible link block, ed dash harness, el v8 ecu harness and splice it into the ed wiring with diagrams. 3. use all ed 6 cyl fairmont wiring and pull out the wires for cruise control as ef/el cruise control will be getting used and solder ef/el fusible link block into the ed drivers side engine bay harness and use a el v8 ecu and tcu harness and strip down a el drivers side harness to get the thermo fan block and wires out and make a independant thermo fan harness that has power wires to run around and connect to battery and has plug with the trigger wires to go to the ecu and run the trigger wires from the ecu out through the passenger ecu harness with plugs so the fan harness will plug in. also will then solder the ef/el pillar wiring connectors onto the ed wiring do the ef/el door harnesses plug in. (this option will mostly be ed wiring with some changes to the body harness with removing cruise control wires and passenger ecu wiring with the independant thermo fan harness plugging into the ecu harness and running power wires to battery) is the ed fairmont bcm really hard to find in south australia or would you solder the el fairmont bcm plugs into the eb/ed smartlock and bcm wires if using mostly ed wires except el v8 ecu harness. any help would be great thanks
  4. car10001

    Au ecu conversion

    Hi everyone was wondering what’s best way to get a tx valve ac system working off a au v8 ecu. what wire on ecu harness is for clutch engage also can you get the fittings for au pressure sensor and fittings welded onto e series lines so all just plugs straight in thanks
  5. hi are the transmission cooler lines in the territory and sedan both in the ba vintage same thread at front end. found a transmission cooler for a territory that fits upto a 2005 model and has fittings to screw onto metal lines and was going to get that if the fittings will go on the ba sedan lines and if both are same thread at radiator end. thanks
  6. car10001

    Polish car

    Is following steps ok all stuff is same brand 1. clay bar 2. polish 3. wax 4. paint sealant bottle for water beads look
  7. car10001

    Polish car

    Hi just a quick question how many bottles of polish would you need to polish a ba/bf sedan body thabks
  8. hihave a ba ghia and was wondering the best way to install a aftermarket amp and sub ready for a aftermarket android dash icc/aftermarket head unit replacement.where the factory amp is can you unplug the connector and is there a sub output that goes from icc to amp you can use to connect to aftermarket amp and ifso do you need a line to rca converter and ifso which one.at the factory amp connector there would be input wires from icc, could you use them with a rca converter for aftermarket amp.or can you just get the line converter that goes on the rear speakers and run rca cable to amp from that.obviously you'll have to remove factory amp to install aftermarket amp and if you bypass the icc then youll just be able to run twin rca cable.the android units have one rca for factory amp and sub and rca front and rca rear out but no rca aftermarket amp, could you use the rear or front out to go to aftermarket amp.what would yous do out of getting the complete replacement aftermarket icc and leaving the factory one and hope the icc doesnt go, and getting the double din touch screen that has a single din mounting like the sony https://www.universalfuze.com.au/son...-and-dab-radio headunit.if you go something like https://www.universalfuze.com.au/son...-and-dab-radio what steering wheel control module would you need. does it have gps built in and how would you go about a spot to put things as that would take up whole area and you loose the tissue box.also if you go the complete aftermarket deck will cutting the speaker cables blow up the icc and how would you stop that chance of it happening.if you put bullet terminals on dont spose itd take much to put back to factory wires so aftermarket icc works.with these aftermarket icc whats the sound output quality like and are you better going that way and just have a single din cd player and connect that through aux so you can play occasional cds.thanks for any help/answers/for reading this
  9. what about information for the questions asked for the cameras
  10. hijust a question. how do you remove rearvision mirror from a ba/bf to attach the camera mirror monitor replacement that part of it changes to a screen when power is put to it.are the ebay dual screen replacenent ones any good in quality? what about the parkmate ones or the ford ones for a ranger or something, will they fit where the ba/bf one was.can you get dual screen mirror monitors that fit a ba so you can have front camera on one half when parking and when you got trailer or van on the other side comes on?with the ones that clip onto the existing mirror is the quality good? are the ebay ones good? and do all the clip on mirror monitors have the auto dim?thanks for any information
  11. Hi just a couple questions 1. Could you make a ed climate control panel work on el ghia v8 wiring and what’s best way to make it work. Swapping plugs would be easy if you follow diagram. Was thinking go through a ed and el diagram and work out what needs changing. 2. When using a el v8 ecu on a ed trip computer are you able to cut the pwm wire at trip computer plug and run new wire then splice into pwm injector pulse on the v8 ecu like you can with the 6 cyl. thanks
  12. car10001

    Whistle noise

    Doesn’t seem to be major drove for about 15-20 mins yesterday and parked it then it started this morning so can’t be charging system then?
  13. car10001

    Whistle noise

    Hi just a quick question what causes a ba to whistle on acceleration, alternator or belt doesn’t seem to squeal when using headlamps or loading electrical system, engines pretty quiet someone just wondered thanks
  14. car10001

    Install aftermarket head unit into ba/bf

    And where’s antenna plug and what type is it
  15. Hi just wondered how you would be able to install aftermarket stereo in ba/bf and how you could make original steering wheel buttons work. what parts would you need and where would you wire your speakers and power to and where would you connect to steering wheel buttons thanks