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  1. Hi just wondering wether the nl 1997 fairlane ghia has a distributor/single coil or a coil pack and is the thermo fans a 3 relay or a 4 relay setup thanks
  2. Hi Was just wondering if the 1997 nl fairlane concorde front seats are electric or is it only the nl fairlane ghia concorde that has electric front seats. Seen fairlane concorde but not sure if it’s only the ghia concorde that has the electric seats or wether both std concorde and ghia concorde have them Do know the concorde has the xr6 engine Thanks
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    Hi wondering how you’d get the room and be guaranteed to have the room without the uncertainty of having to shift cars to do what your aunt and uncle did with their daily driver which means get better car for a daily and not have to sell your old ones to make room that’s not going to cost heaps for space
  4. hiwill a au 1/2/3 brake master cylinder fit a ef/el brake booster and will the ef/el brake lines fit and connect to the au 1/2/3 master cylinder with no mods.also will a au 1/2/3 brake booster/master cylinder fit a ea-el as a whole unitwill a ef2/el abs module/pump fit a ef1 and also will a au abs module/pump fit a ef/el where the old one was and will the lines go in also just wondered would a el steering rack bolt into a ef k frame and connect to the ef upright/stub axles and would it work in a ef if you used a el intermediate shaftwould a ef high pressure hose fit the el steering rack and would you need a el steering column or will the ef one be okthanks
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    No just a work shed frame is just to screw cupboards and shelves to so they’re stable
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    Another thought if you can’t afford to completely finish your shed what would be minimum to do to get it usable until framework is up stuff can’t go up and be screwed to so until then can’t reallt do anything
  7. hi

    HiJust a question how and what are ways you can catch up with old friends you haven’t seen for who knows how long.Asking because seen one of them yesterday only very quickly and circumstances didn’t allow to catch up and she lives in adelaide which is 2 hours away and yesterday came to wallaroo. Because she lives in adelaide it’s hard to catch up.If you had a real old van with no electrical sticker for the 240v wiring would you have to get a new sticker and what is chance of getting caught without one if you should have one if you will only tow it for 15-20km.Thanks
  8. also have some lines out a ed to fit in a ef, they have in a section a small amount of surface rust but isnt much and hasent gone through and will probably sand off and clean up ok. would the ed lines fit a ef where the ef ones were which they should or would you have to run them seperately to rest of lines
  9. what else would make another ef or el with same km as your ef or more drive better, and also what else would make a excel with 68,000 original km or a terracan with 140,000 original km drive better than your ef, would have thought that cars age in time as well even though the ef still drives ok. if your going to look for a good ed with what needs fixing on the ef how long yous recon before the ed has to be found, if some work on the ef buys you as long as you need then its worth it, but how long before you have to take the first decent ed you see
  10. hi just a question, what is the hard line for a e series ford made out of. is it steel tube or aluminium tube or stainless steel tube. if you need new tube to make new lines for a e series where would you buy the tube from. also have some lines out a ed to fit in a ef, they have in a section a small amount of surface rust but isnt much and hasent gone through and will probably sand off and clean up ok. would the ed lines fit a ef where the ef ones were which they should or would you have to run them seperately to rest of lines thanks
  11. what would make the excel with 68,000 original km or a 01 terracan with 140,000km or a el or ed or another ef with more km drive so much better than your ef with less km. the uncles ed engine sounded alot smoother and sisters excel is so smooth and quiet and other ef/els are better would the other e series with more km likely have had atleast a headgasket and some suspension work
  12. hi everyone asking here because this is about more than one area on this site wondered how a 99 hyundai excel with 68,000 original km can drive so much smoother than a ef with nearly 320,000 km. would have thought a car ages in time and stuff perishes after so many years. the running gear in the e series dont usually die theyre great cars its usually other stuff that goes, there are ef/els that have 400,000-500,000km that drive better than the ef with nearly 320,000km. would there be a possibillity that those efs/els with 500,000km driving better than your ef with nearly 320,000km had suspension work and head gasket and other stuff at some point or would the suspension parts and stuff in those 500,000km efs/els are still original. decided to look for a good ed fairmont as theyre great cars, a uncles got a ed probably with 500,000km and its a great car has scratches and the usual but runs so well, and had a ed fairmont but took that off road years back and hope to get another good one. why would some ef/el with more km than yours drive better than your ef with less km, the eb/ed with more km drive better for some reason. for example the ef on has quick disconnect fittings for fuel and coolant pipes and the ed just has a hose and clamp which is so much better. what would make your sisters 99 hyundai excel with 68,000 original km drive better than your 94 ef with 320,000km even though the excel is nearly as old. the efs are otherwise great cars as with all the e series this ef just needs some attention, you could buy a ed with 270,000-300,000km and itd probably drive better. what would be the minimum to do in the ef, needs new fuel lines (took the lines off a wrecked ed that has the hose clamp setup), will need a proper head gasket fix (might be able to patch it up but may just swap engine), now needs a exhaust (might be able to weld it for now), and needs suspension work. if its likely to take another 6 months to find a ed it might be worth doing atleast some of the work to buy you as long as you need to find a good ed fairmont would your ef being a 94 be the first of that shape and ford were still sorting some bugs out before the series 2 ef and then el came out, because usually in the first of the series theres some bugs and as that series has been out a while ford sorted the bugs out thanks
  13. Is there other ways to make a friend with a v8 e series, how would you do it, it isn’t happening fast enough if you had your own workplace or your mate lived closer you wouldn’t be in as big a hurry as you’d have somewhere to leave another car
  14. It means when you’re not in a position to buy land how would you find a friend with one
  15. How would you get a friend with a big yard