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  1. Doesn’t seem to be major drove for about 15-20 mins yesterday and parked it then it started this morning so can’t be charging system then?
  2. Hi just a quick question what causes a ba to whistle on acceleration, alternator or belt doesn’t seem to squeal when using headlamps or loading electrical system, engines pretty quiet someone just wondered thanks
  3. hi just to keep in mind where would you find girls without travelling 2 hrs to adelaide to look even friends of friends that like the area youre in.
  4. would the ba for example be ok to tow a volkswagon beetle or a kia cerato on a car trailer if you checked the water and oil and watched the temp gauge, notice alot of ba/bf tow 20ft vans
  5. where else would you go thatll allow you to work on them, a bit of money will be ok if it gives you 5 years to buy a block of your own, just not spend as much as it would be to cover costs of owning your own. where would you find girls without travelling 2 hrs to adelaide even friends of friends that like the area youre in. would the ef and murray bridge be why many people other than us dont wait till the engine or transmission goes before moving cars on and sell them when they start needing one thing after another even though its always cheaper to keep fixing what you got or another cheap car, even spend more than its worth to swap engine when you divide cost by 12. all cars occasionally will need a few things done, but whats difference between occasionally needing a few things and needing one thing after another
  6. also where do you go without travelling adelaide to find pretty single girls. have cousins that live 3 hours away where you might have been able to get to know a friend of theirs and atleast get idea how to go about things and haven’t been able to go up unless a ride could be had because the ef was needing some repairs and it wasn’t really good enough to go to murray bridge even though it was a great car till engine gave up, and now they have moved on having other commitments now so it’s a lot harder, and now got to have a way to have other friends over to be able to keep them and sometimes go their way for sleep overs like at the cousins or have catchups where theres a possibility. would that be a reason why many don’t wait till their old cars run down or engine gives up before they change over because they just want to have something they can get in and go with little more than checking water and oil and not have to have surprise repairs costs though there are some like us that really like our cars and will do what it takes to keep them going. the ef was a fantastic car just caused alot of inconveniences because it wasnt able to get to murray bridge or make plans because it needed alot done. where could you store a van and the ed that will allow them to be worked on without paying alot thatll give you as long as you need thatll give you atleast 5 years to buy a block as depending on storage costs you may as well have a loan and pay for something you actually own and get something out of it
  7. What other experiences have you’s had or what clues did your laptop provide to tell you it’s time for a new one before it gets to point you want to smash it. how come most of us don’t keep going till it gets to that point, though some do as they can’t afford a new one. When laptops provide clues how long would you give it before it’s at point that you want to break it. and how much longer with the current laptop before you should buy a new one, also current one has had only a wifi g card the newer one with broken screen has a wifi n card, think new new ones have wifi ac
  8. was originally going to try find a good ed fairmont and hopefully in a few years wed have the room for a weekend car and be able to keep the ed as well as get a younger one but couldnt find one in the time we had so had to come up with a backup plan and get the newer one and then later on get the ed for the weekend car, and will be sticking in a v8 probably
  9. hi going to ask here because the questions cover different areas was wondering how you would be able to get the experience of pulling a van? what larger trailer would be closer to the size and weight of a van as theres car trailers and furniture trailers. which of the 2 would be closer to the size and weight of a van. thinking if $70-$100 hire every few months or so gives you a few years to get your own van however you do it then its money well spent. wondered on the above because friends bought a van other day and its reminded you how long you waited to pull one, the ef was a great car just needed engine repairs to be able to tow again, now got a ba ghia and plan to get a ed fairmont and do up for weekend and show car eventually. also bought a tekonsha p3 brake controller for the ba and have to run twin 5-6mm to battery and blue to pin 5 and red to probably back near tail lights and connect to brake wire on trailer harness which will go to pin 6, mainly wondered wether a really good crimp with heatshrink is ok or wether solder instead and heatshrink. got a 12 pin trailer plug as it has reverse sensors and have to have a flat plug, people say there good so are the flat 12 pin and 7 pin flat any good, are pins good in connection. wondered as nearly every newish van now has a 12 pin as fridge can go through pins 9-10 but apparently a second andersons better so will run the ign wire for fridge and charger through the extra pins on the 12 pin then main power through the andersons, probably at this point wont bother about fitting esc wire to the ba as may not be able to tow a big enough van to really have to have esc, think its mainly the 22+ft ones that have it
  10. probably going to fix the screen on the other one as it was better before the screen broke
  11. How long would you have to buy a new one have a bit newer one that has a broken screen so plan to fix that for now
  12. Done that think laptop is to old
  13. Is there anything you can do to give you a bit more time as money won’t allow at moment
  14. Hi was wondering what are clues that a laptop usually provides to tell you it’s time to get a new one before it gets to point you want to smash it. its doing following its just slow and takes forever to load up and also load a page the battery doesn’t work the usb is a bit worn as you bump the external hdd plug it disconnect itself so you got to unplug and plug back in the laptop memory is maxed out you can’t put anymore strips in it it’s 2 gig now which is max it can take and it’s about 10 years old as it had vista now win7 what other experiences have you’s had with yours that tell you it’s time for a new one before it gets too bad you want to break it.
  15. with these overnight free or cheap camp spots where it says vehicles and vans must be fully self contained what exactly does that mean, think it means toilet or sink sink waste must go in a container not on ground and can you have generator or only solar with a efficient battery bank to last a couple days.