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  1. 2redrovers

    Custom bodywork and design ideas

    I showed the Mrs and I get... ".. Your obsession with utes leads to some fugly cars..." Sooooooo you don't like it then?? ... If anyone wants me, I'll be in the refrigerator........
  2. 2redrovers

    Custom bodywork and design ideas

    Yep that would be fun, give me a street version with a normal front bar
  3. 2redrovers

    Custom bodywork and design ideas

    See, not so crazy after all. The blue one isn't right though, too short and just looks like a cut wagon. Silver one looks pretty much the way I drew it. They didn't make the tray taller but looks like they grafted on a ute tail. Ford should have made that concept. That's almost exactly what I had in mind when I thought "if I had money, I would replace the wagon with...." (long blank pause coming up with nothing newer that I'd actually own) Edit: I had a closer look at the cars in the links, they're all good options but I had problems with the aesthetic of each in one way or another. The blue is closest to the mark because it has the details of a normal car, just needs a slightly longer tray. The silver one is probably the right size but the ute graft LOOKS like a graft despite what the article suggested. I would keep the lines, bumpers and details of the original wagon I think. I don't like the way they did the rear window/ute join up. The bit that is up above the wagon roof, nope. The concept has the desired dual cab silhouette. I like the suicide rear doors idea, don't like the front bumper treatment or particularly the raised clearance look. Or the colour [emoji13]
  4. 2redrovers

    Custom bodywork and design ideas

    I had a half thought again... Dangerous I know.. Came from the notion that a four door ute like the commodore thing would be useful at times but I just couldn't buy a crapadoor if my life depended on it. So, photochop to the distraction, I mean rescue... Lengthened the tray area by about 8-10 inches and raised the sides by I don't know, maybe 6 inches or so. It's sloped a bit so it's deeper near the front and down to the tail light. You can see it's a reverse light higher there. ... Dunno, I think I'd drive it, not sure exactly how useful the back would be but if I could carry a welding gas bottle without a trailer it would be worth it lol
  5. 2redrovers


    Maybe they won't show and you'll get a second chance
  6. 2redrovers

    transit vans

    The forum doesn't doesn't support direct uploads so you will have to upload your pics to a host like imgur.com or Flickr and then link them to your posts. If you use your phone you can try an app called Tapatalk which will let you upload directly from your phone. (personally I use an old version of Tapatalk which works better for me than the current version. v6.5.4)
  7. 2redrovers


    Is that you in the white coat?
  8. 2redrovers


    Do it son... For the good of the nation!!
  9. 2redrovers


    https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-23kg-portable-sandblaster_p6290557 I bought one of these and it's pretty good for what it is. Better than some of the other cheap sets. This is the one that needed a bit more air flow otherwise it did the job and the nozzles seem to last a while too. Would help with setting up a diy booth. My pallet sized one can easily fit boots and bonnets even.
  10. 2redrovers


    Soda probably uses a smaller syphon pipe than the garnet with it being smaller/lighter particles. That's usually easy to accommodate with the breather hole in the tube.
  11. 2redrovers


    Yeah mate, should be fine. Might need a change of nozzle for the grit but they are basically the same thing. I haven't used walnut but I know that soda won't take rust off much. It does leave a coating on the metal which inhibits further corrosion for a while but has to be cleaned off before paint sticks
  12. 2redrovers


    I'd recommend buying or building a small booth type, like what I made for my shop. For small bits, something like a converted filing cabinet, plastic tub, kitchen cupboard, or like mine, an enclosed pallet would work with an old window for viewing. A bathroom extraction fan or modify a vacuum for nuisance dust removal. The pot gun your looking at isn't bad but they clog fairly easily. That and without an enclosure, it's a last resort for me out in the shop. A set up that recycles the media is the best way because you can just keep going as long as the compressor will keep up. Keep your air clean and dry to help stop clogging. I've just got a couple of syphon guns but my better result is from a modified air gun that pushes more air through the ceramic nozzles. Syphon hose needs a breather hole to make it feed properly too.
  13. 2redrovers

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    I was going to put it in the funnies but....
  14. 2redrovers

    Panel Van Interior Builds

    And the shag pile.... Oh yeah, and fluffy dice for that period perfect touch [emoji108]
  15. 2redrovers

    Panel Van Interior Builds

    Is it Darkside garage?