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  1. Aww shucks [emoji4] [emoji16]cheers mate. I had a quick trip down memory lane since you asked, almost 2 years ago now, first repair I kinda showed was Wayne's race car but yes the first big job I posted was the Capri. Apparently I take more photos now than I did at the start, or maybe I just post everything I take now. 2 years is a lot of grinding and hammering [emoji44] no wonder I'm stuffed lol. You guys make me try harder and that's a good thing. One day I might just be at the level I want to be... And it'll be all your fault [emoji23]
  2. Dunno.. Little use on it and it's a real hella brand
  3. Fan is brilliant and even more so because I got it for zilch from hard rubbish last year
  4. My favourite elf has been putting a lot of effort into making clean and shiny so I could cover it up again Mmmmmm fresh primer[emoji39]
  5. Was finally time to get rid of the piss poor attempt to patch up the old power socket hole Welded from inside again. Below, from outside before tidy up After a bit of tappy tappy, close enough to skim and the inside ground down enough to be neat but leaving some meat on it still. Then the last little corner patch Shiny[emoji41]
  6. Anybody else had a mysterious call from a mobile number starting with "05.." I didn't answer because I wasn't near my phone when it rang. A google search suggested it's an Asian number but the id didn't have a country code, just the bare number.
  7. About as good as this one...
  8. Haha probably [emoji14] but that came up on pinterest so I'll blame their search engine thingamajig
  9. No need to root the device with that one?
  10. Yeah have but I want it gone properly not just sitting there pretending it's doing nothing.
  11. To me, this is proof that even the pro's get it wrong George barris custom, had a price tag of 25k apparently
  12. Yup^^^^ And to top it off, I can't delete the app completely because it's a "system app" these days on Android, meaning I've got to root my phone (hehe[emoji23]) to be able to get rid of it. But the kicker is, it's disabled but somehow managing to get in the way of iheart app!
  13. Pretty good effort that[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Football sucks, meat pies are overrated (unless she made it) and kangaroo tastes pretty good in my opinion but it's gotten a bit overpriced lately [emoji39]