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  1. 2redrovers

    BF Headlight Globe Replacement

    Is it the same as BA? If so, squeeze the sides of the wiring plug to release it from the terminals as you pull it back, take the rubber seal off the back of the housing, globe is held in by a spring clamp just look/feel for the light grey wire thing and gently push it in a little then sort of upwards to unhook it from the housing, globe should practically fall out. Reverse to install. I just changed my au one with one I harvested from the ba donor. Don't know if bf is different.
  2. 2redrovers

    Transporting engine

    One of those what if moments.. Generic car ramp.. It looks like it will sit under the sump lip but can't be 100% sure because my engine has a trans attached. It looks good though and makes a cradle easy, just chock up the back end for transport and weld legs on it later.
  3. 2redrovers

    Transporting engine

    That's what you meant to say isn't it?
  4. 2redrovers

    Transporting engine

    Got a couple star pickets laying around and a welder?
  5. 2redrovers

    Transporting engine

    If it had trans you could have borrowed my trolley gizmo, currently has the xf motor on it. Have you got something to work with or want help to knock one up?
  6. 2redrovers

    Transporting engine

    Is it just the engine/block or trans as well?
  7. 2redrovers

    Transporting engine

    The other way is a frame made from a few bits of angle iron or probably timber could do it too. I had the XB engine on a frame like that.
  8. 2redrovers

    Transporting engine

    If you don't have a tyre I've got one at the shop you can use, nice wide one I got from envyxf with his old motor.
  9. 2redrovers

    Transporting engine

    Got an old tyre to sit it on? Off the rim, tie it down to each corner of the trailer and check it after going around the first block for movement. I brought an xf motor back from Wonthaggi like that with no problems.
  10. 2redrovers

    LPG horsepower gaining mods

    Unless it's changed recently, Victoria was the only state using straight propane no matter where you bought from.
  11. Where the regulations state "refer to vsb 14" this is where to look.. https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/vehicle_regulation/bulletin/vsb_ncop.aspx The VASS links.. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registration/vehicle-modifications-and-defects/vehicle-modifications/vass-approval-certificate You can download the VSI8 pdf from that page which covers Vic regulations that may differ from national. Basically, follow that to build a car with additional information from vsb14/ncop. There's only slight differences allowed for club plates as pointed to above, I think it was vsi33, which vary depending on year of the vehicle being built.
  12. The only things I can find which talk about modifying the fuel system are as follows.. From the club permit guidelines for vehicles The relevant section from vsi8 The section on fuel system in vsb14 was written in 2011 and hasn't been revised yet that I can find. It makes no mention of efi at all. There is a mention of "optional oem" equipment not needing certification.... Which tacitly says that anything not made in the era of a vehicle, installed by that manufacturer at any point in the correct period, or creates a power increase deemed "significant" must be signed off to pass and has always been the case.
  13. 2redrovers

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    This.... Although I'm light years away from needing any sort of drive line.
  14. 2redrovers

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    I've always been green but depends on the colour, I'm very picky and even though green is probably my favourite colour I don't like a lot of them. I do like that steely look, it's modded but not in your face. Surprisingly the white rim works with the dark green.
  15. 2redrovers

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    No updates other than its surprisingly not even full of random crap yet, you may have seen it in the background of the workshop thread guarding the door lol.. But I just came across this photo of a mk1 sedan that I liked the look of. That's the kind of green I like and it looks good with the wide steels and caps.