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  1. I only joined up to fbook a little while back, mostly because it seemed like every time I clicked on a picture in Google it went to an fb post that I couldn't see without an account [emoji53] . I wouldn't say I use it for social reasons other than most people who want to contact me have it already. I don't really post anything, just read and drool over cars and rust buckets I can't afford. This forum has been the most involved I've probably ever been anywhere. Great group of like minded people who love a good laugh and happy to have their brains picked. Best part...no keyboard warriors fighting for the sake of it. [emoji106]
  2. If you cut the offending section from the crossmember, and reverse it so it became a stepped in section... if welded up right, this would make the crossmember stronger rather than weaker. Its more work but you only ever have to do it once, then as he said, stock parts fit from then on.
  3. Eh? I'm not a Socialist [emoji6]
  4. You made me look...I joined up on 9/12/15 ...its been a wild and rusty ride and id do it all over again....if I had energy lol
  5. Only remembered to take photos at the end today. Was a LOT of fitting and checking and hit this and tweak that and fit it again and check and tweak and fit anddddddd eventually spot welded in the inner beaver Got to spot the left inner quarter and a bit of clean up then start tying the floor pans down for good. I put a call out to a mate for some measurements of the gap where the tank fits. I didn't trust the rare spares shaping to be correct and that the tank would just fit. I was right because the RH floor is a little off. Will have to juggle a couple of lines but it'll be OK when I'm done.
  6. [emoji14] give me a good fork over chopsticks any day
  7. If I used sticks I wouldn't get to taste anything [emoji3]
  8. Easiest way I know for video is film it, chuck it on YouTube and link it in your post.
  9. ..a few hours at least .......well had stirfry last night and I don't go for them stick things....