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  1. Progress update With the help of sparky Dave and thorne, we broke last moves record with 6 cars finding their new home. And for the record Dave, the red rover made it off the trailer so easily she said it felt like cheating [emoji39] So what's left for tomorrow? Not a great deal but some heavy stuff. 3 engines, couple of pallets, some panels.... And a forklift. The kombi is booked for blasting about 930 Monday. Don't think it will take too long to clear out the rest of the crap, so if there's time (and energy) there might be some sorting done at the new shop after the old one is all done. I'll probably be over there again about 10:30-11, at a guess. I didn't take any pics yet but I know the guys took some at different times.
  2. I've got the wags for towing and the trailer I borrowed is fairly light so that's ok. Welcome to come over and lend a hand. [emoji4] will either be at the old shop loading or at the new one unloading. New address is 2/42 Bardia Ave, Seaford.
  3. Did it have a mirror on the left? I'm not 100 % but I think mine only had one driver's side...unless I'm thinking of the Hz ute...
  4. @XTREME KARTS XF @thorne @BGDAV or anyone else Just checking if you guys were coming round tomorrow (sat)? I'll be starting about 10-10:30ish. You don't have to if you have plans already, just so I know how many bodies to keep an eye out for Old shop is at 19-21 Moresby Ave, seaford.
  5. A zip tie could be a simple oversight... Distracted, I'll get that in a sec, oops I forgot to go back and fit that kind of thing. BUT with that simple oversight, could have come drastic damage. A rock or debris kicked up as you corner and binds in the rack.... Could have locked the steering unexpectedly or stuffed the teeth[emoji19] Side note, speaker position in the door...why did you pick there? Pretty sure I mounted mine down bottom front corner of the door trim but I don't remember what the doorshell looks like and what holes were where.
  6. But that would have more flavour....... .............not saying it's a flavour I wanna taste though 🤢
  7. I don't remember them being sold with worn-out driver's seat?? Saw it on fb and laughed out loud at the "rust free"... If it's never been apart you wouldn't have a clue. But 10k for an original van would be about right wouldn't it Dean?
  8. The loop now actually is a loop instead of a wavy line going nowhere [emoji39] and to keep you all in it.... I've finally organised a trailer, pick it up tomorrow for use over the weekend. Soooooo, who and how many interns are coming? We'll do it Saturday which gives me Sunday too if I want or need it.
  9. Introducing the all new, lightweight composite fibre Go-vaj wagon mk2......
  10. As blu said, unfortunately it could be any number of things that caused it. Best judge would be the guy staring at it in person. Hard to see what's going on in photos. If he's good, he'll get it sorted. I've seen delamination happen from simply sitting too long before priming. As you said too, you've got to be careful what you use on those touch up spots, single pack products don't always play nice with 2k stuff. You can also cause problems if you use the wrong method of cleaning with wax and grease remover.
  11. Can't "like" that [emoji19] I've had it happen before and there's usually only one word for it.....repeated a lot.... Fk fk fk fk fk....
  12. And the ass fell out of it Minor hiccup when the brake lines I thought were going to come out with the gearbox, didn't. Couldn't see they were on brackets attached to the body not the box. May I present my cover version of "Magic Bus" by The Who
  13. I thought I already did[emoji57] Yeah but as I proved today, them interns are never around when you don't want to do something [emoji39]
  14. [emoji19]piece of crap Technically, I cheated. I pried the swing arm plate out enough for the inner end of the shaft to catch on something, then belted the daylights out of the arm to push it back towards the car, which effectively pushed the shaft out and free of the arm.......second one took two minutes [emoji34]