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  1. Hey Bear... galaxy goodness..
  2. I made the same mistaken discovery on the last trolley I made, very handy for both mig torch and spray gun. Had to keep the same functions for the new one too.
  3. The clamps etc could hang off the pipework on the side there. Thats added a lot of stiffness to it all too actually.
  4. It's not over engineered enough for them and no C.A.D templates used. Not yet on the power board but I thought about it. Might limit work though as the grinder has a shortish cord. Weight isn't too bad but the cart is fairly thin steel, just needs a bit of bracing. Won't be vice on it but does have room for clamp storage like the grinder rack.
  5. Re-re-reworked welding trolley Have set up on my older supercheap cart with caster wheels all round for easy maneuvers around the shop. Took the top layer off my other cart I made to carry 15kg wire reels. Made a better deck on top for the mig to sit on which also gives another shelf for hammers etc. I turned what used to be a scrap movers trolley, into a gas bottle carrier for the other trolley and now made that into a handle frame for the new cart. I incorporated a grinder rack and tubes at the top to hold the mig torch one one side, spray gun/air gun or whatever on the other. Bit of reused pipe work went between the handle and the cart to tie it together for strength and stability, plus it gives somewhere to stow bits of filler wire in the upright tube. So far it works as well as I'd hoped but I do plan to go around the cart frame with the mig to make it more solid than bolts. As it stands it has a tendency to flex a little with the weight up so high. I might also widen the footprint of the original front castors to match the new back ones.
  6. Even the salads were laughing at the cat
  7. Back in 99 I think it was, I was offered one of these from a mate... It wasn't that shiny, had a few bubbles coming out but it was a 302 4spd. When I was offered it had no motor in it (mate pulled it out for some reason) but he was going to put another in for me... all for $500. I said nah I couldn't afford to run a v8. Fuel was about 35-40c then but I was on my first apprenticeship and getting next to squat. Auto would have been preferred too, clutch pedals and me don't usually get along [emoji14] Also about the same time I remember test driving a gold one of these.. At least I think thats what it was, one of the variants, can't remember for sure if it had twin light front or the big square lights. Had dragway five spokes and ran on 7 cylinders if it was lucky.
  8. "Does it run? " "Have you got more photos? " "Sold, pending..."
  9. Told you not to vacuum it
  10. That's why buckets were invented.... for the hole in the shed[emoji14]
  11. Fixed[emoji14] Ha-ha, did ya miss me[emoji6] [emoji106]
  12. Overacting you say... well have I got the movie for you! I give you the glory that is MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS https://youtu.be/Q2q7RkLaIFU ...wait ... did I say glory? I may have oversold that just a tad.... "watched" this last night (yes the inverted commas are valid in that statement) , if you like your B grade movies like we do..... this is about an F or maybe H grade (still made it all the way through it though)
  13. True.. it's got a lancia vibe goin on