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  1. ^^^what the fudge?? [emoji85]
  2. Ahhh the good ol days when you could set fire to things as part of normal work day
  3. Fire is always a good option in my opinion
  4. "Hello, police... Yes I'd like to report some hooligan doing burnouts.. Umm, hard to say what it is through all the smoke but the car must be stuffed, sounds like a lawnmower.. "
  5. Well done. You'll be remaking whole cars next [emoji6][emoji106]
  6. It's more annoying that I didn't notice in time enough to do something about it.
  7. Dimensions between the folds are wrong because he did two at same time. Makes the second one out by mm at every step. The curve is also too long which is why I had to force it up from underneath when I did the rh side.
  8. He's been doing it for a long time so must be worthwhile. He does it from home in batches and most are simple folded shapes. I've bought his stuff, most was good.. He stuffed the xb sills up though.
  9. Or redo it until it's perfect then sign it over... Which is why I'm currently cutting into one of the new sills on the torana to get a door gap
  10. Ha I just want stuff to happen when I click my fingers [emoji6]🤣 it would take a lot less effort that way. Significant? Nothing I've ever done has been significant.. In fact, I'd say it's probably the little, almost invisible things that make the biggest difference and almost no one will notice them, unless you don't do them.... then the whole bloody world seems to know about it
  11. I love idiot chickens (granddad used to have one as a pet).. They're even funnier when they're drunk as fk and doing wonky donuts in the middle of an intersection at 11pm
  12. August this year marks my 10Th year in the trade. Prior to that I was a qualified joiner/cabinet maker and there was only dreams of custom metal as the inner magician slumbered..... Ten years on I think he's asleep again, I've been clicking my fingers for a while now but nothing has magically happened
  13. Not in my shop. Everyone gets the same deal as best as i can manage.
  14. Yes it costs what it costs BUT you have to allow for X amount per month to keep a build progressing. It doesn't have to be a huge commitment just consistent so both you and the builder can plan appropriately.