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  1. 2redrovers

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Unless I'm mistaken its a wire with a specific resistance for X length.. Where normal wire has nominal or next to nothing resistance, resistor wire has a value in the 100's of ohms range. Basically it provides the load that the ballast resistor does
  2. 2redrovers

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Repco had a sale on... A pair of cheapskin seat covers, job done [emoji106]
  3. 2redrovers

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Just needs a little duct tape for that "period correct" repair [emoji6]
  4. 2redrovers

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    Something like this diy jack helper might have been useful to hold the trans Made it to help hold the uneven disco axles. Just scraps with a tube to slip into the trolley jack pad
  5. 2redrovers

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    Oh that was sooooooo much fun
  6. 2redrovers

    XH Longreach Ute 1999,Snart Lok,etc

    Was that because they limited the fun or was it a faulty switch? [emoji28]
  7. 2redrovers

    XH Longreach Ute 1999,Snart Lok,etc

    Yep, start super simple and check out the battery cables. I don't know how long it was like that but thankfully it decided to not work at home instead of randomly at the shops or even in traffic. Came loose with the action of jump starting the disco that morning and didn't start when I got back home that night. Turned the key and everything was normal except the starter just clunked the solenoid, dash normal, fuel pump primed, same effect in park/neutral, just a slower click or clunk of the solenoid operating and holding position but no cranking at all. Changed the starter for a spare and got the same thing. Only found the wires when Dean helped me diagnose the problem and bumped the terminal cover to find that photo above. Cleaned everything up and fitted the cables back properly. Fired straight up and quieter with the different starter motor
  8. 2redrovers

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Yeah I wouldn't be in a hurry to undo that tank connection either, like you said it's probably brittle and asking for trouble. I'd suck it through the fuel line with an electric pump like Dean mentioned. I've done that with one of my rovers in the past. Pull at least a couple of litres out that way into a clear container of some kind so you can see what condition the fuel is in and if it's picking up any crud along with it.
  9. That pic isn't terrible exactly, just really unattractive. Lose the top brackets and I'd maybe close in the bottom one to almost be a solid box so it looks like a block. Paint it all black and it would disappear pretty much. But if you've got the perches I'd go with those too.
  10. Don't know, but I'm watching in case I have to do the same thing for my truck.
  11. 2redrovers

    Battery Low voltage BF MK11

    If your battery isn't a maintenance free type, check the fluid level isn't low. I had to replace my battery just last week because I had no charge, turned out to be down way too far. You said only 6 months old but never hurts to check the basics before looking deeper.
  12. 2redrovers

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    If brakes are available locally then skip those. Gearbox should be fine as far as I know but the clutch is probably iffy so skip it if possible. Engine I'd strip it of gaskets (ie take the head off, remove fluids, should be fine). I'd possibly even go a step further and get the shell stripped (dip or blasted) before importing, partly because I think it would be cheaper to do over there. It's probably not a priority any more but it was a bit of a cash cow to pick on classic cars with asbestos quarantine checks.
  13. 2redrovers

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    It's probably just the angle of the photo but there's something about that rear end that just looks... odd? Think I'd have to modify it slightly but I'd have to see it in the flesh first to decide what to do with it. And yeah a van would be easiest to convert but I was thinking they were fewer in numbers in Oz than 2dr sedan. I think you can bring in cars from the UK now can't you? Talk with someone who deals in British car parts, get a shell brought in, put local stuff into it. I suggest it in that method because it means no worries about asbestos checks.
  14. 2redrovers

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    Yay you didn't forget me [emoji16][emoji322] It's surprisingly empty actually. It's got my N gauge coffee table layout hibernating /keeping safe in the back and a few things sitting on the bonnet but otherwise I think it's empty. There's a bunch of stuff under it though. The wheel alignment ramps being the biggest thing, had nowhere else to stack them. It might be coming off there soon so the torana can go back up in the air. I'd like to do something about it soon but I'm dying for a rest break. We'll see what happens when I get money (soon?)
  15. 2redrovers

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Yeah I wouldn't even consider cutting it up. I'd be looking for a rust bucket just in case things didn't go to plan with the conversion. You're cutting half the car apart anyway.