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  1. Pfft! Pixar can steal their own ideas [emoji14] although that birds is funny.... and Wall-e. Your nuts? Oh yeah, that's right...you're nuts. Yup definitely.
  2. Gas is cheap
  3. I still have one of those drills.. even bought it on purpose
  4. Much more important things happened after that ...not even car related either. Had a very important project to complete in a day because it's almost her birthday and I hadn't had a chance to surprise her with anything ... so break out the hammers and a section of old Toyota roof skin I've had for ages... bama bammity bam bam... we have a bunny I think I out did myself on the cute factor on this one.. even if I do say so myself [emoji7] [emoji39]
  5. Welcome aboard. If the XL needs rear wheel arch repairs just yell out, I've still got a pair of panels I made for an xp sedan that may be of help.
  6. Ok, boring photos first lol.. by which I mean more kombi. This time the shrinker disc on the front door The weld area along the bottom of the door caused a lot of movement that I couldn't sort last time round without the disc. Don't know what you can see in those but its almost sorted apart from some canning below the handle area. There's a frame bar that goes right there once I'm done so that will reinforce things if I can't fix it fully.
  7. Lolz at thesaurus million v billion depends on your definition of billion .... we say a thousand million but the English definition used to be a million million (bi million) and a trillion was million million million (tri million) ... I know, I know.. not funnies but I know which way I'd rather win lotto
  8. So that's how he got started eh? [emoji6]
  9. "NickVujicic" named after the sound he made that time when he almost didn't make it back to the shallow end (And I'm just being a smartass because ..well I'm tired and I feel like it)
  10. Is his name Bob?
  11. It's a sickness ...can't help myself [emoji6] just as well it's owned by the Doc ...although I'm probably a terminal case and there's nothing else to do but keep cutting and welding. With all the filings floating around, I'm probably magnetic too... and here was I thinking it was my personality that attracted people (and large metallic objects) [emoji1]
  12. If he had more time and hadn't already removed it, maybe there would be some benefits to arguing the point with the rwc tester. There's more in tint than wheels but I went through that with 18" rims on the xh I was trying to fix up. The tester knocked me back because of the "2 inch bigger than standard " rule that isn't actually a rule. In the end it cost me money getting standard wheels and tyres for a car I sold before finally getting a rwc because I couldn't be bothered going through it twice. (Took too long to fix the rusted sills and tidy up other things on the list so they insisted on starting from scratch for another $120 inspection)
  13. For stereo
  14. That one is just orsome... its shite orsomefin