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  1. 2redrovers

    Panel Van Interior Builds

    And the shag pile.... Oh yeah, and fluffy dice for that period perfect touch [emoji108]
  2. 2redrovers

    Panel Van Interior Builds

    Is it Darkside garage?
  3. If they release it, the gm electric crate engine looks good for bigger cars. They unveiled it at sema this year.
  4. I got through most of the article, I'll catch the rest later, but if I did the stock market I'd be on that company so fast [emoji28] As for converting I'd be looking at buying his "kit" if at all possible. From what I've read there his solutions are properly tested and thought out so why try to reinvent them in a diy fashion. There's too much science involved to get it right first go and theoretically if you get it wrong... Well there goes the neighbourhood. I like it. A LOT!! He's got his head screwed on right in that zero- emissions and zero carbon pipe dreams won't happen in the real world without an in between step. He's not keen on having combustion engines in the long term but even I get that his view point is about the most effective way to use the tech. He's not against the ICE and the second tier of the plan makes it easy to have your cake and eat it too. Just think about it.... A zero carbon, green emissions, Cleveland. He'll help me stay in business by the sound of it and I'd run my truck on it if I could.
  5. 2redrovers

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    Nope, just needed to host the pics somewhere
  6. 2redrovers

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    When an update isn't an update... Just posting a couple pics so I can link them elsewhere and make my life easier. Carry on all...
  7. 2redrovers

    WARNING - Ultra King shock absorbers = DANGER!

    Looked like a handful of tack welds holding the top in, caused uneven stresses and the tube fatigued.. Failure.
  8. 2redrovers

    Looking for help AU engine in BA

    A rusty or damaged donor would be the way to go just in case ford was an ass about the model changes. Series 2 or early 3 I'm guessing. Series one probably isn't worth looking at unless it's the only one without vct. Do the rules let you cut and weld stuff if needed?
  9. 2redrovers

    Looking for help AU engine in BA

    Not being a smart ass, I figured there must have been a reason and "like it better" is good enough for me too. If it's an early BA then it should be straight swap (fingers crossed). If it was a wagon then you could swap the front sheet metal and have a hybrid. I've thought about it with my daily if the donor ba was the same colour. Assume that you're not allowed to lock the cams or that sort of thing and have to run the single cam engine? Can an AU single head be fitted to a barra block? That stuff is outside my area of expertise although I thought I remembered conversation among the guys about that kind of thing in dirt circles.
  10. 2redrovers

    Looking for help AU engine in BA

    The silly "captain obvious" question....... Why run a B series car if you can't use the engine? Why not run an AU car from the start? I know, the answer is probably.. I've already got the car so I'm doing it backwards because the BA is already a racecar... correct?
  11. 2redrovers

    Quarter windows.

    Definitely don't smash a quarter window if you can help it. They are the most expensive bit of glass on a car [emoji14] I can't remember specifically, but as Dean said it's probably a case of cutting out the silicone adhesive from the inside with a sharp blade. I don't think these have nuts/bolts as well like a commodore but if they do there will be three. If it's a rubber bound type, they undo from the inside by lifting the edge of the rubber as you gently push the window outwards. Have someone around to help catch it if so.
  12. 2redrovers

    460BB in ZA Fairlane

    I second that^^^ And I don't care what brand it is.... All I see is rust anyway [emoji16]
  13. 2redrovers

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    Was keen [emoji16]
  14. 2redrovers

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    What can I say.. He was sold after the first 30 seconds [emoji39]
  15. 2redrovers

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    I don't remember that but yeah probably. Big red grinder with a scotch drum