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  1. Either way its probably worth it, not a car that's going to get any cheaper really. Ad suggested its been in storage for ages so could be as honest as it looks in pics.
  2. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/caboolture-south/collectables/datsun-260z-2-2/1190121591 Yeah id grab the 2+2. Nice example with very good interior. Reasonable asking price given what datto can go for.
  3. The other option if your aiming to just clean up the looks, grind off the mounting point for the tow hitch leaving the reo bar in place.
  4. Yeah, could be worse ..oh wait, it was[emoji6]
  5. Yeah I couldn't remember the exact make up of those bars. Couldn't remember if there was a light weight core behind plastic as well as the towbar. I'd go wrecker diving with a tape measure and note pad to compare other model cars for a lightweight reo to fit behind the xf cover. Honda accord, vt com, Volvo maybe? Ones I can think of with alloy reo's behind plastic of similar dimensions. Look at front bars too but they may be too curved.
  6. I don't think there's any legal issue. With the bar reinstalled, any sharp edges are covered for pedestrian safety etc. Just consider the fact that it carries a lot of the impact if you get hit from behind. There would be bars without towbar section, correct? Not all cars had towbars after all. Maybe see if you can find one that you could put your good parts onto?
  7. It is.. he got a side gig delivering for Monster Pizza [emoji14]
  8. Said in the description its sold pending cash
  9. I mentioned the cringe worthy view as I worked on the quarter .... There's supposed to be some kind of wheel tub there
  10. Yeah its either back panel or lower reo that has been changed at some point. Hard to tell at the moment because that's the only clue so far. Those holes had a strip of aluminium screwed to the outside and "sealed" over the inside. Area over the axle hump isn't too bad but I'm going to have to dig in the corners of the tank recess. The left side in particular as its holey under the sealer.
  11. Doesn't quite look right there.... There's a line of mig weld all the way across the bottom of the back panel.. ? Still can't figure out why yet
  12. Umm ...the brakes didn't brake and now its broken?? ...please tell me I'm wrong ..
  13. I sometimes have a pile-robe, may or may not be on the floor... hers is more of a ward-floor-wardrobe (everything comes out onto the floor to find outfit, then gets jammed back in)
  14. https://imgur.com/gallery/wEGgr2k
  15. Personally think they'd restrict movement (can't get out of the way if you're on your knees like that) ...but a chair is a chair if its the right height for what you're doing.