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  1. thats awesome. Id love one. I have my bubbled arched RC Mk1, which cost me a fortune, and a lot of time to put together, id love one with standard arches as well.
  2. @Crazy2287 mate one day id love to have a lengthy chat with you about running aftermarket ECU with my XF. I have bookmarked the links you posted above so i can do some reading etc. they seem a cheaper option than the way i was going to go. I was going go with a Stinger Performance Plug and Play ECU (for US EECIV Fords), which was going to set me back over $1000AUD by the time i got it here. but only 2 pins would have to be changed, and internally its a Megasquirt. the beauty was it would literally plug in and work.
  3. THE knock sensor wont affect idle. The idle speed screw on the front of the throttle body, and the air/fuel ratio screw on the vane meter is how its tuned. Very fiddly at times.
  4. so they know where the knock sensor is right? on the front left corner of the head (exhaust side) those wires should go back to the ECU.
  5. The first one yes, but it has the step in the lip. The second link is wrong PCD and yeah have a step dpwn in the dish. Nobody sells or makes 13" bands anymore, especially step downs to 12". Many of us have tried from the RSOCV, nobody does them
  6. So i wasnt happy with the finish on the wheels, so i purchased a cheap wool polishing wheel set from Supercheap Auto that mount in a drill. Wheel on the left is hand polished, but on the right is the wheel polished with the wheels in a power drill. I then found out today, that a mob in the UK JBW make reproductions 13" wide steelies i want 13x6s, they make them wider too. If i decide i dont like the RS wheels, ill be selling them and buying a set of 13x6 steelies
  7. Dual cams, variable intake runners and variable cam position it's pretty on song from about 3800rpm yeah the mazda is much the same. comes on song a bit before 4k (used to be 4k, but advancing the timing means it comes on early) and a 7500rpm rev cut. I just realised, the Mazda keeps up with my brother's Peugeot 405 Mi16, and thats 1040kg, worked twin cam 1.9L, 130+kw. so maybe the mazda would have a better chance against the swift that i first thought @SPArKy_Dave can contest to how quick the Peugeot is, and how awesome it sounds
  8. Don't forget 7k redline Ah thats why i like a good crossflow. As tired as it is, now it has correct manual gearing it gets its all done before 4500rpm 😂 . The new engine (if/when i ever build it) ill be looking to run out to 5000-5500rpm, with a snail strapped to the side of it
  9. Well jee i wonder who would win that. Swift with probably at least same power as my ghia, less torque, and half a tonne lighter 😒 Turbo Ghia wagon, well that might have a better chance. But we were comparing to your 5L wagon dave
  10. 900kg and 115kw it's reasonably peppy and I get 5.5l per 100ks out of it ok shit. you got more of a weight advantage than i thought lol. the fat mazda comes in at 1400+kg and 122kw standard (mines been tickled to about 130kw) 115kw standard? or is yours a Sport?
  11. True. The sad thing is your swift is probably not far off the pace of my mazda6, until i get it moving lol. The swift has a good 200-300kg weight advantage lol
  12. bit late. its going to take a couple of days at least, and its not going anywhere any time soon.
  13. Oh here we go, rag on it for any reason because its not a Ford huh? Thats fine, still faster than your EF, probably your 5L EL as well the airbag has been sorted yonks ago FYI. Not too difficult ey? The process consists of: Car on stands, RHF wheel off, guard liners out, sump guard off, drive belt off, power steering pump off, washer bottle removed. Thats where i got to today. But theres more: i have to re-fit the a/c clutch that come off a few weeke back, and it needs a new idler pulley. So no, its not a simple job dave lol. 330,000km on the clock and never had any of that stuff done.
  14. yeah i watched it when it came out
  15. its got less to do wiht the engine, than it does its orientation. being fwd means all the PS and AC etc etc have been engineered to suit being east/west format. that basic engine (Duratec) when its mounted the other way in RWD cars its much easier to work on. the thing is, if that engine was stuck in the escort, I wouldnt be running the a/c, or the ps...hmmm ideas