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  1. Panko

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    yeah Im running slightly thicker than standard in it, 20w60. someone needs to make like a 20w80 haha. my good mate with his old Mini, used to run 40w70 AKA "bottom end in a bottle" ive heard banana skins work well in the diff haha. the sad part about this car is, its the mechanical stuff that lets it down It looks good and body is in great condition, interior is really tidy. But the engine, and diff at least, are definitely in need of love. The diff is the least of my worries. I did throw this in as an unknown diff that had been sitting for a long time after the old one shit itself. but, this diff does now have a axle seal leak on the LH axle tube. and bearings are a little noisy, but nothing like the old one. Gearbox is ok, seems smooth enough, shifts nicely, no crunchy. needs a short shifter kit fitted though, apparently makes a massive difference to the way they shift. And my rack and pinion is leaking oil again. Far from impressed, I rebuilt the steering rack, new arms, new bushes, seals, and boots. and they have split, and leaking oil all over the underside of the car. Given that I still need to fit a toe correction kit because of the suspension geometry im now running, which replaces the tie rod ends with adjustable height rose joints so the toe doesn't change under corner load, im now thinking im going to replace the rack entirely with a new 2.4 ratio quick rack. yes it will make the steering a little heavier, but meh. the standard 2.9 ratio does get a bit much when driving more sportively in the twisties
  2. Panko

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    I had a bit of win today. My spare mirrors that came with the car when I bought it, turned out to have the correct spacers for a Mk1 Escort. Although it appears my mirrors have never been off the car, so maybe they were the wrong ones from factory. basically my mirrors have always had a downward slope to them, rather than flat and level with the car. Can see in this pic of me holding the spare gold mirror, the green one on the car in the background is sloping away. there difference in the spacers is not the outside (bottom) edge, but the inner top side edge... this is what was fitted to the car... this is what the spares had on them Before After removing the mirrors also showed how faded the duco is Ive always polished it myself, but perhaps its time i paid someone to do it, and ceramic coat it. The ceramic coating made a huge difference to the XF, on a flat white colour, so surely it would make a difference on metallic acrylic paint.
  3. Panko

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    that is plausible yes. ive run it completely out of fuel once before not long after i bought the car. but it took a full 41L to fill back up. ill keep that in mind.
  4. Panko

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Nothing much happening with the Escort. I tried to fire it up and take for a short drive last week, and the shitty misfire was back. last time i diagnosed it as the vacuum advance on the dizzy. so have been running with that disconnected and blanked off. this time, i spent about 2 hours, checking plugs, dizzy cap, pulling the top of the carby off and making sure there was no shit in the fuel bowl. It was getting low on fuel, so i figured if i could limp it to the servo id put a tank of fresh fuel in it. so i did. it had about 5L left in the tank. put a fresh tank in, left the servo and got a few minutes down the road, and it was good and happy to go. for some reason it seems very sensitive to either stale fuel, or there is something in the bottom of the tank that is contaminating the fuel when it gets too low. Anyway, on the weekend I went to my girlfriend's place for the weekend, which we are allowed to do under the Melbourne Metro lockdowns, so I took the opportunity to drive the Escort for a decent run rather than just around local streets. I know i keep saying it, but boy this old 1300 is getting tired How long before it goes bye bye? Who knows. This was the oil pressure at idle after getting home again on Monday. about 5psi. Interestingly i havent seen the factory warning light come on yet, on the dash, and it does work. Id imagine just must come on at 0psi. even under load, at 100km/h and at running temp, it doesn't quite get to 30psi oil pressure at least it looks pretty after its wash before going back under its car cover
  5. Panko

    EL ecu upgrade to EA-ED or XG.

    Thats ok. I was back and forth with Jason in emails for months before buying the chip. Im not taking sides here, but once i understood how it worked and i was confident going down that track. I get you didn't have any information to tell them, but i think the assumption is that if you buy the chip reader/programmer, you are going to do your own custom tune. If you can start the car and drive it around ok, then it has a base tune on there. if it had nothing the car wouldn't run very well id imagine. I only ordered the chip alone. With a basic map or tune loaded onto it, off the information I gave him. Jason has a set of base templates for 4L OHC engines to work off, then you provide what information you have, and they roughly alter AFRs in the tune to suit the information you have provided, from a dead stock 4L map. He doesn't have templates for a crossflow, so works off the volumetric figures of a 4L. currently mine runs a bit rich, however I also don't have a functioning ISC valve. which is my own fault. Like i said, im not taking sides here. It just seems there might have been a miscommunication or something. Unfortunately for me, because I don't have the brains to tune the J3, nor do I own a PC (Mac user here. only way in my line of work) I can't tune the car myself. I also cant data log anyway, as i have no way of doing it without a wideband o2. So ill have to pay someone to dyno tune it when the new engine goes in, or take the car back to Jason and get him to do it himself. I live not far from him in Melbourne.
  6. Panko

    EL ecu upgrade to EA-ED or XG.

    The way I interpreted it is that you need the J3 to remove feature the EL computer runs that you don’t need on earlier cars. But hey, I don’t own an E series, so I clearly interpreted that wrong. Yes I read the information correctly. @revhead I believe if you buy the chip and tuner as a package they send you a blank chip to write your own tune. Mine came with the tune loaded to suit the engine specs I had given. Obviously they can’t get it 100% without having it on a dyno or a way to log the AFRs.
  7. Panko

    EL ecu upgrade to EA-ED or XG.

    Follow this link below. it will give you all the details you need. You will need a J3 chip, and they supply them. When you order the J3, they will ask for what cam specs you are running. The can delete the BBM control so it wont matter that you are running a log manifold. all of that. they will custom write you a tune onto the chip. I have just done EL injection conversion on my XF with the crossflow. and for a tired old 335000km crossflow, it made a world of difference. https://www.tiperformance.com.au/knowledge-base/fitting-an-el-ecu-to-an-ea-ed-falcon/
  8. Panko

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    yeah but hate inherent vibrating/echoey noise you get without it. Ill probably use the Car Builders stuff, which looks pretty neat.
  9. Panko

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    yep. thankfully hasn't gone through to the upper side. so ill take the bonnet off, and go nuts on the underside cleaning it up, and spraying the inside, then install new matting.
  10. Panko

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    I have created a small job ahead on the Escort.... exploding batteries
  11. Does anyone know where to source some fancy ignition lead holders/separators? Main thing is that they can take 6 leads in one unit. Im looking for something along the lines of the ones in the pic below. All i can find are 4 cable ones for V8s, and none are really surface mount like what I want.
  12. Panko

    EFI Xflow with EL ecu

    thanks for that. Ill also get in touch with Ti Performance to see what they say, but they dont really support crossflows. they have been great thus far helping me with this conversion
  13. Panko

    EFI Xflow with EL ecu

    OK I'm digging this one up again lol I have just finished converting my XF Ghia to EL injection today, and it runs great. Im just after some advice though from any of you who have done this conversion to an existing EFi XF.. the install instructions for the J3 mention you need to set the base idle speed down to 500-550rpm with the ISC valve unplugged. I tried this, but the idle screw on the front of the throttle body did basically nothing to affect the idle, even when it was wound in almost all the way. Is this normal with this conversion? Or am i likely to have done something stupid like adjusted the throttle cable up and its holding my throttle open?
  14. Panko

    86 xf falcon ute 250 crossflow ticking noise

    hi marcus, there are way too many variables. The most common thing that would cause this is a dead hydraulic lifter. The tappets, or rockers if you will, they generally don't need replacing, but what drives them does. That being lifters, and pushrods. are you able to post up a video of the issue? If it has been sitting that long, it may take some time to get things running as they should. My bet will be a sticky lifter, that may eventually come good again.
  15. Panko

    Oxygen Sensor fuse (HEGO)

    thank you again. on the EL ECU pinout, it has an earth listed for the HEGO, but i figured it can go anywhere on the body, which you confirmed.