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  1. I normally wouldve. its rare that i wouldnt. so i didnt but, check this album out: 968 photos to flick through.
  2. i didnt bother taking the camera out at all this time oh well. thanks again guys who made the effort to enter and come along, big effort by Chris and Jeremy for coming up from Tasmania. One day i want to return the favour and bring the wagon or escort down. Also big effort from Jaymie for coming from SA for the event. Puts the vic boys who didnt enter to shame *cough* @SPArKy_Dave *cough* I say it every year, but lets hope next year we can make it bigger and better. im looking forward to having 2 cars there next year
  3. i usually right "Private use". or its a car show, ill put "car show" or "club event" if im going to an RSOCV event, or ozfalcon for that matter
  4. Urgent: if anyone wants to or is able to judge on the day, please PM me your name, email addy and mobile number? I completely forgot, and the vent organisers have just emailed me asking for a couple of volunteers to be judges
  5. Meet point details: Time: 830am Where: Bunnings Waurn Ponds a few of us are doing a delivery in the morning of AFD in Geelong, so we will NOT be stopping on the highway at Lara like we usually do. So can we please meet at the Bunnings in Waurn Ponds, which is directly across the road from where we have to go into AFD? *see maps below* So you will follow the Geelong bypass road and peel off at the Colac/Deakin University turn off. Hang a right, from the left lane, and then turn left into bunnings and find us in there. I believe we have about 8 cars entered. once we have met up, we will just need to go straight across the main road at the lights and into Deakin. just an idea of travel times from the CBD.
  6. started first go, without issue with new plugs. more reliable than the escort lol
  7. I did the passenger side front brakes today. In case you hadnt seen the wheels off this thing, this is what the centres look like from the backside. passenger side all back together. I then changed the spark plugs, and put the second hand NGK iR Iridium spark plugs out of my mazda 6. overkill, but they were laying around, and remember im trying not to spend money on this. well I had forgotten the outlet that was welded up by dad had started leaking again. its the old outlet for when it was originally fitted to an EH Holden. my lecky tape attempt to temporarily seal it so i could run the engine. well it failed haha. and what a mess it made... the photos dont do it justice as to how far that shit sprayed out of the radiator haha The spark plugs made a huge difference to how it starts and how it revs up and down now (videos coming soon)
  8. haha nah im not lugging 5 wheels all the way to adelaide and beyond. they dont fit in the boot, so yeah. its a cost thing that is going to stop me going on the tour now
  9. ok some good and bad news. I had to go drop the tow bar and rear wiper motor over to the panel shop repairing the wagon, so used that as an excuse to take the Escort for a drive. Coming home i decided to take the scenic route home. up through the Dandenong Ranges this leads me to the good news Since having the front end properly aligned last week, the car drives real nice. It feels more stable in the corners, less like its going to understeer, and just generally feels nice in the corners. can really feel it biting into the corners now and holding on spot my co-driver *hint* look at back seat Now for the bad news To fix my alloys, im looking at $170 per wheel, or $680 in total. that is to remove and refit tyres, re-roll the wheels, and machine the back side of the mounting face to make it flat. i love them, and they are a fantastic wheel, but i dont think they are worth it The guys also warned me about continuing to drive the car with the wheels like they are. they will begin to fatigue crack, and eventually go far enough to let the air out. generally happens at higher speeds, he used 100km/h for example. He also agreed with my theory, that the wheels are designed for autobarns, not australian roads, so the risk of them cracking is pretty high. so sadly, i think thats it for these wheels time for a new set of wheels. those 13" wheels i posted last week i was interested in, to buy, then add tyres comes to $450. the difference between them and getting my 15s repaired, is what i paid for the 15s in the first place if i purchase new wheels, thats me 100% out of the tour with the RSOCV this year.
  10. the only place we have close to us is my dad's vacant land, but its only 3000sqm, with lots of trees, so barely get a chance to get out of 2nd gear lol. if we want to go bush, which is illegal, we'd would probably head for near the Murray River, or down around the dairy farming area of the Otway ranges on the coast. less chance of being pinned around those areas. but they are 3-4 hour drive either way. so probably be a weekend camping trip.
  11. bugger all but yes power to weight ratio makes it fun. so factory spec for the 1100cc engine is 47hp @ 4600rpm. this engine is far from fresh, but it is very light. at a guess it would weigh no more than 300kg, 350kg something like that. and still being a 4 speed manual, it will do well over 100km/h, but im not sure if id have the balls to, or not for a while yet so light in fact, that when we are moving it around here, its easier to get someone to start on the back and lift it onto its rear wheels and spin it on the spot, than it is to get in and drive it
  12. all good. that is a very valid question. i havent heard from him in a while, but I know Dean keeps in touch.
  13. at this stage i only need 2 front brake hoses made up. that i have a local guy that does them. but anything else that comes up i might get in touch.
  14. I thought I would start a thread on another little project ive got going on. ive kind of had it forever, but never finished it haha. so what is it? Its a home built rally buggy, built by my father when he was in his 20s. he's now in his 60s. Dad used to run Renaults back in the day. He had Dauphine, Dauphine Gordini, R10 S (which is the carby now fitted to my Escort), and his last and most prized possession was his 17 Gordini. A 2 door coupe, running a 1600cc i4, EFi, 5 speed gearbox, and was very advanced and had some serious power for its time, being a Gordini. Anyway, "The Bomb" as we call it, is built from Renault parts. It runs a Dauphine independent front end, with drum brakes, and an R10 rear end, which consists of an 1100cc i4 engine mounted north/south, going to a transaxle, and is fully independent coil spring rear suspension. The rear has disc brakes. the wheelbase is the same length as its track width (yep, its square and tiny) the chassis is built out of the transport crates from when VW beetles where brought here as "flat pack" cars and built here. It has a directional fiddler hand brake which locks only 1 rear wheel at a time, depending which way you push the lever. this makes the thing insane for doing fast, tight turns. The radiator is an EH Holden radiator, reversed with the top outlet re-welded to the opposite side of radiator to make it work. Rack and pinion steering from a Dauphine, pedal box from a Dauphine. The Bomb has been sitting stagnant for about 10 years the last time i drove it I was on my leaners permit. Im now 27. it was taken out of action due to the front brakes seizing, and as a quick fix my late grandfather had decided to crush the brake lines to the front to stop fluid going to them and locking on. so we used to run around with just the rear brakes, which was fine. but when my brother and i started to learn to drive it properly, and we got our licenses, we wanted to take it out bush and really have some fun with it, my dad said NO WAY. not until we fix the front brakes. well that turned into, a broken throttle cable, then broken clutch cable. and now needing new wheel cylinders, disc brake pads, new brake hoses, seal kit for rear brakes etc etc. so it sat there. well its now at home, and decided to actually get it going. dad and i managed to get it to start very easily, for the first time in about 10 years. it sounds a little average, and a bit rough, but it could do with an oil change, and the water choke hadnt kicked in until the very end of the video (listen for the idle up) Today i started on the front brakes. if anyone is familiar with these early Renault front ends, the wheel centres are also the drum brakes, which means having to remove the bearings and everything to get the whole wheel off to do the brakes. here it is loaded in the trailer. the trailer is custom made (again by dad whilst studying at Swimburne many years ago) for the bomb. with an special changeable tailgate that goes on to clear the sump. once the tailgates are up it just sits there. driver's front wheel off new wheel cylinder. because it is just a buggy (bomb) its being done on the cheap. so reusing the old shoes, springs etc etc. buy as little new parts as possible. all back together. testing the old brake hoses (which need replacing) *notice the front end in these dont have lower ball joints, rather king pins. the passenger side one is stuffed too * a cheeky shot of the workshop, which is a working progress. its more than big enough to fit the bomb in there but we have just finished building it, so not enough space yet. its 9x6m internally. with 3m walls, 3.6m at its peak. plus it has a 5x6 carport (garaport) out the front which is where im working on the bomb.