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  1. Well guys finally im getting the photos up haha. on the way home at last look, the tail gate locks!!! Today I fitted up the tail lights to see how the alignment and fit was. Look, the car will never be perfect, but its pretty good. nice to see the tail lights back in. i tracked down, and pulled out the wires needed for the high mount brake light, and the boot popper. just need to do some soldering and join a few wires back together, and the tail gate will be good to go I have a few holes to still drill in the tailgate. - wiper motor mounting holes - boot popper button - mounting holes for the actual boot popper - a small hole at the top of the tail gate for the power supply wire for the high mount brake light to pass through - and a small hole up top for an earth wire for the high mount brake light
  2. Hows it going guys? Lets get around this asap
  3. haha my bad.... work got in the way, then i went on a bit of a bender (not really) with 2 christmas parties yesterday... photos will happen today, because I am home working on cars today
  4. well the car is home again - rear windscreen trims fitted better - glass removed and re-fitted nicer - rear crash panel pulled out straight - tail gate was resprayed entirely - more thread inserts fitted to the roof for the roof racks it wasnt all good. they did muck something up, but ive managed to sort it out. somehow they managed to strip the threads on the backing plate for the latch for the tail gate. i went to adjust it when i got the car home, and couldnt work out why the bolts were just turning. pulled the rubber cover off the inspection hole on the inside of the spare wheel well, to find nut and bolt right through. so that is very annoying but its ok. the tail gate sits a little high on one side, but tomorrow i might fit the tail lights up to see if they hide the difference a bit. photos to come tomorrow
  5. I had thought about that, but then figured again if they do it and bugger it up, its covered under warranty. If i bugger it up its my own fault. In reality there isnt much to do no. But its all fidly stuff. - LHF door wiring, still have a broken wire - LHR door weather strip and chrome trim fitted - rear quarter glass and rear windscreen trims need painting (rattle can) - all the interior from B pillar back needs installing - lower half of dash needs installing - front left guard fitted - bumpers fitted - headlights fitted - tail lights fitted - number plate garnish restored and installed - fuel breather line replaced (got melted when they were welding) - rear washer line replaced (same as above) - wet vac the carpets before putting the interior in - spare wheel cover/boot floor needs re-making - visor fitted - bonnet emblem fitted thats about it, but its a lot of fidly annoying stuff, and a lot of brittle plastic interior parts
  6. Oh god i hope so. Ive towed this thing countless times for both mechanical breakages and for this. I plan to have it at All Ford Day in Feb. so ill have my work cut out for me to get it back together by then
  7. bit of progress over the past few days. I painted the rest of the roof rails, and got them fitted, but forgot to take photos of them fitted. they have a nice shiny finish to them now I didnt fit the chrome roof rack frame to the roof, because from factory, on each of the corner feet only 1 of the pair of bolts had a thread inserted into the roof. I went to fit them, and decided that no amount windscreen sealer (which im using to prevent leaks into the roof around all the bolt and screw holes) was going to do anything other than make the second bolt look fancy. So I am getting another 4 nut inserts pressed into the holes in the roof by the panel shop... Yep, it went back to the panel shop today, hopefully for the last time
  8. yep thats always been my plan. to run helpers in the XF, with a small compressor inside the boot. because you dont need an engineers to run helpers...then I can run the wagon as low as i want (a tad lower than it currently is) and obviously raise it to tow, or when i have weight in the back etc.
  9. haha yeah i know. ive considered putting them in the XF, but then i think id prefer bags, because bags dont change the stiffness of the suspension as much as shocks do.
  10. screw it, why dont i just put air bags in the back
  11. nah dont want to raise the escort
  12. haha I have adjustable rear shocks. which takes 5 seconds to crawl under and stiffen them up... ive never actually driven it with them on full hard setting, because the one time i wound them up to try, i couldnt push the car down at all haha i run the shocks only 3 turns on (out of 21 turns of adjustment) so i can turn them on a lot if i need to carry people, i just didnt bother
  13. Haha it was still enjoyable even with passengers. Just concerning until i figured out what was causing the noise. There isnt much room for big exhausts and lowered ride height in the back of an esky
  14. thanks man I discovered the Escort doesnt have much clearance when carrying passengers. Im surprised Cal and the 3 others in the car on saturday at the wedding didnt hear it...maybe they were all talking and drained it out. BUT, with too much weight in the boot, the hand brake bar running across the back of the diff rubs on the exhaust. sounds like a ball bearing in a tin can haha. We swapped cars back on saturday night in the Melbourne CBD. a few of us went out for drinks, so swapped the cars over then. anyway going home I had my girlfriend and one of her friends in the car, plus some stuff in the boot, and i could hear this annoying rattle every so often...yep. there is a nice shiny bit on the exhaust and the hand brake bar lol.
  15. While I was at work, Cal was sending me photos of the car doing its duties thankfully the broken headlight doesnt show up.