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  1. thanks guys. It is actually due for an oil change, now, so I will do that in the coming days. (and definitely got enough oil. I am probably over conscious with keeping an eye on it) It just struck me odd that its now decided to rattle. the car has been driven about 1000km since being back on the road, and has only now started to rattle. either way, i do not have the spare $$$ to build an engine right now, so it needs to survive the rest of the year, if i start (slowly) building an engine soon.
  2. Its definitely not cam, because it goes away after about 5, maybe 10 minutes. So to me sounds like a lifter has collapsed, and its slowly pumping up again until it comes good. If the original engine can hold out for the rest of the year, ill start prepping the spare engine and building that. Modified sump with fitting and bung (for now) to fit oil feed lines up for when i go turbo. Balanced crank, warmed up cam, bit of head work, and eventually i think ill end up running an EA - EB computer in it, with a J3 for tuning purposes. I am enjoying it yes, but i need to stop enjoying it, and actually “finish” the rebuild on it. I need to fix the cruise control, fit the black trims down the side, POLISH it. Still hasnt been polished since it was painted. Get the premium sound system repaired so it works again. Its great to have it on the road, but it isnt finished yet.
  3. I did some quick testing this morning before work (yep i worked good friday) and I can confirm the fuel pressure regulator has shit itself. the moment i clamped the return line, the fuel pressure jumped to where it should be, about 32psi, and stayed dead consistent. as soon as i removed the clamp, it dropped to 20psi, then to 0psi for a split second then started fluctuating all over the place. so that will be the next job on the list. some bad news, after the big drive the other day, it has since got a god awful lifter rattle for a good 5 minutes after start up. rev it up, and it sounds like something is about to exit the block. i dare say its killed a lifter, but the poor engine is rather rattly, it could be anything. So, i will be starting to make enquiries with engine builders again to get my spare block and crank machined up, to start the process of building the new engine.
  4. oil wise i run Penrite 20w60 in it. but still rattly lol. it is due for an oil change now though. Dave it was rebuilt by Performance Ignition in Mitcham. Today, I drove the car down to Haunted Hills hill climb circuit in Moe, for the Terry Baker Motorsport weekend with RSOCV and Toyota Australia Car Club. Round trip was about 280km, but, fuck the fuel pressure thing was causing a few problems today. Getting along at 100km/h, or any speed really, id have it randomly lose power, cough splutter etc, for a few seconds. when it loses power it definitely feels like the ignition has been cut, but when it coughs, it feels like its starving for fuel. on the fuel pressure gauge it has been running lower than normal at times, and drops off at idle sometimes. im suspecting regulator, it is the only thing that has not been replaced in the fuel system. I was talking to one of the guys from RSOCV who is a mechanic, and he said to test if the regulator is playing up, lightly crimp the return line off the fuel rail, and it should raise the fuel pressure, and potentially stop the fluctuating. if it does, it means the regulator has carked it. So i will try it tomorrow and see what happens.
  5. Well yeah im thinking i mght try a new fuel pressure regulator to see if that helps. Dizzy, yeah dunno lol timing chain, along with valvetrain, id imagine is why the engine is so rattly lol 340,000km on the engine, about 150,000km on the chain, which i replaced i reckon back in 2008
  6. yeah its generally not too bad down the beach house because we are protected by trees. but in the cold morning dews, it carries salt in the moisture. well today was...interesting driving the wagon as a daily lol traffic was ruined this morning due to a big accident. the freeway was closed down to 1 lane. The wagon hates traffic. i have this awful feeling the hall effects sensor in the dizzy is on its way out again, because I have similar symptoms i had a few years back, which is at a certain point as its warming up, it starts miss firing, or coughing randomly, then it randomly shut off on me like someone turned the key off. but always starts immediately without fail. I did also notice tonight my fuel pressure is fluctuating again, but instead of the pump buzzing this time, im now wondering if the regulator is dying. Oil pressure... once it was up to temp, sitting at idle, my oil pressure was dropping off to about 20psi, or a tad under. on my VDO gauge, the warning kicks in at around 18psi. at 100km/h it sits in about 40psi oil pressure. I know the engine is getting tired, maybe i really need to start doing something about the new engine.
  7. I could take the xf. Going down the beach house. Being right near the back coast line, the salt spray is what turns me off taking the wagon down. A day or so isnt so bad. But 3 days and it leaves a residue on the cars, especially this time of year when we are starting to get cold mornings with condensation sitting on the cars.
  8. Well, reluctantly, the wagon is on daily driver duties for at least tomorrow. I broke my daily driver I blew a (wait for it) LHR axle seal on the Discovery, and has soaked the brakes in diff oil, and causing the ABS to crack the shits. I seem to have a thing for blowing axle seals at the moment Hopefully it will only be for tomorrow, and I can fix the daily on the weekend. I have next week off, so wont need to worry about driving the wagon to work next week, but my girlfriend and I were meant to be going away for a few days on sunday, but with a broken car, we arent so sure...whoops.
  9. Panko

    Hello [emoji4]

    Haha yeah the car (and my Mk1 Escort) are relatively well known cars. and thank you. its come up ok after its rebuild.
  10. Panko

    Hello [emoji4]

    Hi and welcome. Not sure how i missed you before now great looking S pack, and even better its a wagon. Heres my XF Ghia wagon, thats just had an extensive rebuild. Would be great to get the wagons together on a cruise. @SPArKy_Dave would you hurry up and get your S pack wagon on the road, come on man.
  11. Hi Guys, This has been brought to my attention. Looks like a great event in a great location. If we get some numbers together we can organise to have a club display setup on the day. If anyone is planning to go, please answer the poll at the top of this thread.
  12. Panko

    RACV Aussie classic car show! Sunday 25th Aug 19

    Hey thats me! This looks like a great event. lets see if we can get some numbers together and make an appearance :)
  13. Panko

    XF cruise control

    Ill double check my brake pedal switches. I dont have a neutral switch. I never bothered wiring that up when i converted to manual, and neither do i have a clutch switch. Ive always just remembered to cancel it before i go to change gears. Trip is all working perfectly. Brake lights work
  14. Panko

    XF cruise control

    Hi guys, since putting my XF Ghia wagon back together, I have no cruise control Can anyone offer some advice on how to test or where to test components to find the issue? The things I have checked is the vacuum line to the unit, that seems ok. (i did have a vacuum leak but fixed that) All the connectors are intact and plugged in So I am at a loss as to where the issue might be. Any advice would be handy, I miss having the cruise
  15. Panko

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    CA18. In a Mk2 Cortina (orange sedan with black GT stripes in arial photo) It wasnt a dark grey Focus that was super low and had a good exhaust note to it, was it? Was his name Les? well in this case, because the cop was in a modified car, and was not a ticket writer, he was being a bit naughty as well lol. so i guess if he was mucking about, we all could? not a good excuse but meh. actually one of our guys did get pinned. 111km/h in a 100 zone, catching up to the lead group. they got him coming over a crest, and he told us later he had been travelling a lot faster than that only moments before. they got him under brakes