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  1. yeah ok my venturis both just lifted out without force. they do however only back in one way. i tried just for science purposes, and they wont go in any other way. however that video you linked above, same deal the guy just lifted his out without force. I do know there is a special took that youre supposed to use, like a pulling tool to get them out. My accelerator pump jet definitely does have 2 nozzles. so squirts down both barrels, the other carby only has the one.
  2. if i get this carby to work. i still have to work out the return for the choke. this is the carby i converted from automatic (water) to manual cable choke. the automatic choke doesnt need a return spring, but the manual does. and that thing that looks like a return spring on the inside of the choke lever/shaft (to the left of the carby body) is not a spring apparently
  3. so this is what i found in the fuel bowl. lots of dirt may explain why i couldnt get the car to run nicely with the 32/36. these jets, in the circle were only finger tight, not even. i literally unwound it hand. possibly explains why there was fuel going in all random directions yesterday, because it wasnt sealing where it was supposed to be.
  4. already ahead of you on that one i thought, fuck it have nothing to lose, so ive pulled the 32/36 apart while its on the car haha. bought a can of carby cleaner, and pulled all the jets out, and cleaned them. ive got a rebuild kit sitting there for the 32/36, so im doing a very rushed, impromptu rebuild of the 32/36 to make it run. if no luck, THEN ill revert back to the old carby. ill chuckthe pics up when i get to the office.
  5. I believe ill get it done. The issue is, those 3 days of time is split between what time i can spend before leaving for work at 1230 each day, then what i can get done after work at night. The diff change im not too concerned about. Ive been planning it out in my head for days now lol. Everything to do with brakes ill probably swap straight over, its all not too old. The reason i think the second barrel is getting no fuel, is because when turned the carby to WOT, there was a nice stream of fuel from the primary, and nothing from the secondary at all. Closer inspection made me realised how filthy and how much carbon was built up on the secondary butterfly, vs the spotlessly clean primary butterfly.
  6. Well ive heard these standard diffs are pretty weak, and i dont drive it hard, but ive been told the 1300s will break them. As for the wheels, they maybe look a bit poxy, but cant go passed them for how light they are. Just as i thought i couldnt have any more issues, i was wrong. I now have carbie issues. I swapped the carbies today, and fitted the 32/36. Well, its got problems. The weber i had on the car, turns out the fuel jet for the secondary wasnt pumping fuel into the barrel at all. May explain why its been leaning out up in the rpm under load. So my options are, revert back to the smaller weber and try get the second fuel jet working. Try get the 32/36 running properly, or, borrow Michael's 32/36 (rebuilt) for the short term to get the car running again...Michael's is a 2.5hr return trip and im being told if at all possible i need to have the car in geelong in a week. So i have essentially 3 days (taking into account work hours) to get the diff changed, and the engine running again.
  7. 100% it would fit in the boot of the mazda. But im going to be doing this on my own. with a bad back, getting it out of the mazda at my house, on my own would be impossible pretty much. i figured in the trailer, i can lift 1 end down at a time onto stands, bolt a couple wheels onto it, and roll it around on its wheels.
  8. ok diff sorted. picking up a 3.89 diff on monday night. catch is, i currently dont have a tow vehicle, so im leaving my car at my brother's place, and borrowing his LR Discovery 2, so i can tow my trailer to pick up the diff haha.
  9. Ok so i put the car back on its wheels last night, washed it, and took it just around the block after drying it. it drives horribly. it feels like its got a locker in the diff. can hear it clunk and knock then all of a sudden like it unlocks. so im suspecting ive stripped some teeth, or broken something inside the diff and its floating about in the housing. doing some reading and talking with a couple guys from the RSOCV last night, it seems my car SHOULD be a 3.89:1 diff ratio. Manual sedans (and coupes) should all be 3.89:1, other than twin cam which were 3.77:1. Autos, and panelvans were all 4.11:1. BUT, it is known that they could be optioned with the 4.11:1 diff with the manual box. So i am definitely on the hunt for a 3.89 diff now.
  10. and you cant spare just 1 day to drive a car down to a car show to support a club you help run...
  11. Bump...who else is coming along? We have an admin from Tasmania coming up again, come on vic members lets get our shit together @SPArKy_Dave get your butt together, would be great to see you bring one of your cars for once. maybe 1 very low km S pack wagon would be sweet
  12. before i left for work i had another really quick play with the diff. the issue is definitely in the diff centre, not the axles. I locked 1 rear wheel at a time and spun the opposite wheel, and sure enough on both side there was the same noise and feeling. so Im guessing the gears in the centre are stuffed. as i said above, i cant pull the diff apart now, because i need to put the car back on its wheels, and even if i did, i dont have the parts to put it back together, nor can I get the replacement parts now because I am working the rest of the today, and most of tomorrow. I do have some good news though My throttle cable for the new carby setup is ready to be picked up. I dropped it off this morning at the place in Croydon to be shortened, and they called me on the way to work to say it was ready. unfortunately I cant pick that up until monday now either
  13. I havent got the time lol. And I do need to be able to put it back its wheels yet. because if i pull it apart now, I cant get the trailer out to go collect another diff. Nor can I get the wagon out, which is going off to the panel shop next weekend.
  14. Yeah but im not convinced its the bearings. Considing when i was spinning the lhr hub, im pretty sure nothing else was turning. To me i think something is broken. And it wouldnt turn when i was spun the other hub, or when i had the engine running and it in gear idling