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  1. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    The new location was better in the sense yeah there was less chance of getting stuck on gutters, or trying to drive up wet grassy hills. so that was a win. the organisers lacked on the promised dust suppression a little, with only a small tow along tanker going around once in the time I was there. great to see everyone, and hopefully again soon.
  2. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    Thanks guys for the turn out. Apart from the dust, it was generally a pretty dam good day. Hopefully from here on there will be some more structured events. I personally was wrapped to have my car there, but the dust has just royally pissed me off, because I feel guilty for putting a car I just finished building, out there to be covered in dust, but shit happens. The trip yesterday has also brought up a few issues that I now have to go back and fix on the wagon. mostly RHF door electrical stuff, but serves me right for rushing to finish it.
  3. @Seamus Thanks mate. its been a labour of love. im pretty happy with the results, however from yesterday (All Ford Day) I have a list of things that I need to go back and fix, mostly in the driver's door. But, thats what I get for rushing to finish it. so the door card is coming off again today to work on it. you need to get yourself one of these kits. in the picture on the link, i was using the far right tool, and the middle tool, the flat pointy end to carefully take the door trims off. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-door-trim-remover-set---5-piece/282096.html and this is the tool you need to get the window trims off. https://www.autotools.com.au/catalogue/product.php/1/AT1113
  4. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    Judging Volunteer wanted! Does anyone want to Judge on the weekend? Because I did not allocate anyone, the organisers have volunteered me to do it without asking. Id rather not, because I have 2 cars on different displays to worry about, plus I feel a little like I’m doing everything, organising the club display, then also representing the club as a judge. So any volunteers would be appreciated.
  5. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    Otherwise do what I have done. Had an alternator made up. Internals are Bosch VT Commodore, into my housing. Output is approximately 85A. With everyone on, it still producing nearly 14v
  6. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    Ok Dave, can you please bring it to my place either tonight (friday) or tomorrow. Ill be here all tomorrow working on the car(s)
  7. I drove the car today!!!! Yep, I took the car for its first drive today. only around the block, because i still dont have seat belts bolted in properly, and no rear bumper, but i drove it. it feels so strange after not driving it for so long. Ok well I am really pushing my luck haha. I finally have all the exterior stuff done and ready to go on. all the badges are ready to be stuck back on the car, the 2 hoses under the car i had to fix are done (fuel filler breather and rear squirter) Im still waiting on the door strips, but hopefully tomorrow ill get them back. however, the interior still has a long way to go. I still have all the interior plastics to go back in, the centre console, and the door cards. so have a fair bit to go yet, so but im still confident ill get it done.
  8. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    well about time you do something about that. get one of the x series going you will need to drop the marquee at my place at some stage Dave, I dont have the time to come pick it up, if i want my car finished for sunday
  9. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    Pre-meet details below: Location: BP Service centre Little River, Geelong bound Time: 7:00am for a 7:30am departure time. Show cars can enter from 8:00am. it gets busy very quickly so lets get there early and get setup easy. See maps below to see where we are meeting. you cant miss the place, its a big service centre. I will be parked in the truck parking area. Look for a green Mk1 Escort, and white XF wagon (pics in my signature of cars)
  10. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    So Dave which car are you bringing? You can still enter on the day to display only.
  11. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    Yep. BP on the freeway, Little River. 7:00 - 7:30am to get to the venue asap.
  12. Panko

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    ok guys, Again we need to find a judge for this weekend from the club. Because i didnt ask anyone or give AFD anyone's details earlier, the organisers have volunteered me because they have direct contact with me. would anyone else like to take this position off me? Id rather not do it if I can help it, especially when I have 2 cars entered on 2 different display sites.
  13. I might have to It looks wrong without them though. Ill be giving him a call tomorrow morning to see if he has done them. he's had them for 3 weeks now.
  14. And im still worried i wont get it finished. I dont have my door bash trims back from Campo yet.
  15. Only had the second half of today to work on the car. finished off all the painting on the car.... Wiper/plenum grille done the other trim bit is the piece that goes under the rear bumper... fitted, and the bottom windscreen trim fitted also number plate garnish, mine that i repaired. painted and fitted. number plate fitted. all the lights are working, so technically i could drive it tomorrow which i might do just around the block the plan for tomorrow is to finish the exterior. so badges on, is really the last thing of the exterior i can do for now. im leaving the rear bar off until i have finished putting the inside together.