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  1. well, i feel like an idiot, at the same time absolutely furious. I found the issue causing the steering wobble in the Escort. After owning the car for 14 months, and chasing this issue since december last year, i finally found it. And its the most simple thing, and it pisses me off that i swore it was not this, and i was wrong after telling so many people it couldnt be. so what was it? Well obvious, its my fucking wheels. The 2 of my wheels i had on the front, are both bent, one moreso than the other, i stuck them both on the back, drove the car and immediately made a difference. I jacked the car up and put the back on stands and watched the wheels turn at idle speed in top gear (about 20km/h) and sure enough both buckled, one moreso than the other. The wheels i now have on the front, one is a tiny little bit out so it still has a tiny tiny amount of wobble, the other front wheel is dead straight. So, i will enquire about getting my wheels fixed, but if they are too far gone or going to cost too much, they might get thrown in the bin and fit something else. Now im not saying that everything else i did up front didnt make a difference, because it did. The car drives mint now with the new steering and suspension, its tighter than a nun's, well you know what i mean, but it did also cost me over $1000 chasing this dam issue 😡 Anyway, these are some good photos (finally) i took this morning with the new ride height and front suspension setup.
  2. Yes we could do that. I personally dont have a BBQ that will fit in the boot of the escort
  3. *UPDATE* Unfortunately it turns out that Sugarloaf Reserve does not have BBQ facilities any longer. I got in touch with Parks Vic and the picnic ground does not have BBQs. So our options are BYO picnic lunch, or head back into Yarra Glen to the pub. Depending on numbers I may need to book the pub. IF you are interested coming along, please comment if you'd rather go the pub in Yarra Glen or BYO lunch to the reserve.
  4. Nice mate. Would be good to see you and the car out again 👍
  5. thats the way it should be. thats what the thread is there for, so we can discuss numbers, and event details thanks dave
  6. TBH it will be hot, if the weather happens to be a proper summers day. but we are heading up into the Dandenong ranges, and Yarra ranges, it tends to cool down a little up around there. and plenty of tree cover on the route, so I would hope it wouldn't be too bad, considering
  7. lol well ill be in the Escort haha. we can suffer together haha
  8. OK Vic members. due to evident issue with events threads at the moment, I have added the Facebook link to the events threads. if you are on Facebook please feel free to jump on there and use that as the discussion for the up coming events.
  9. due to some issues with being able to respond to this thread, please visit Facebook link to events. thanks
  10. Ok Guys, due to some issues with being able to comment on this thread, I have added the link to the Facebook event page as well.
  11. I'll endeavour to investigate
  12. ok thats not right. i just tagged you in the end of year BBQ cruise thread, did you see that? can you respond to that one?
  13. @Campo @deankdx are you guys able to see and reply to this thread?
  14. really? no I'm sure members can comment and reply. look at old events threads.
  15. lol that would be interesting