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  1. nope couldn't be bothered going after i got home from emerald. and the weather turned pretty bloody cold again. or maybe it was just me, i had been in t shirt and shorts all day lol
  2. Well. I got the car aligned today, but it certainly hasnt come back as good as I had hoped. They didnt touch the driver's side top mount, left it as i set it, but rotated the passenger side about ⅕ of a turn forward. As a result, it appears to have less camber, but worst of all, the steering wobble i had months ago has returned really bad, like beflre i fitted the Kmac adjustable front sway bar. It only means 1 thing…not enough caster, id imagine just on the passenger going by how much they rotated the top plate. So i will go have a chat with them next week when i can. I know Peter personally, so he should be happy to work with me to get it right. Other than that, the car feels much nicer. Steering (apart from wobble) feels amazingly smooth, it handles ok (i dont feel like im getting the full benefits of the top plates yet) and the shocks feel good. Doesnt ride too harsh. Definitely harsher than before, but not unbearable. But of course, the story is always the same. Fix one thing, break another. Yep, the gearbox has sprung a decent leak. Not a fast leak, but decent. Obviously been leaking for a little while, there is a damp layer of oil all the way under the car. And it's definitely trans oil 😡
  3. Well im sitting at the tyre shop now waiting for the alignment done. Depending when i finish up at Emerald ill be keen to cruise down.
  4. Anyone from here ever go down to PenLink on a sat night? I think with the temperature of today, PenLink will probably be a good turn out. depending how things are going I might cruise down in the Escort, if anyone is going to head down drop me a line I also think this could be a regular club event. every couple or few weeks, we could get an afternoon cruise down to check the crowds and cars.
  5. regarding the speakers. *putting my audio engineer hat on for a minute* In an ideal world, running 2 way, or split speakers up front, the driver should be mounted down low, i.e. front corner of the door, and the tweeter up high, closer to the ear, hence why in most modern cars with decent factory stereos, the tweeters will be up near the A pillar somewhere, and the low driver down the bottom of the door. A good car audio setup, if running a sub, should be able to have the fade neutral front and back, or even a little forward, and still clearly and comfortably hear the sub, mounted at the back of the cabin. In the Escort, my stereo certainly is none of those above points haha. but that has a lot to do with general road and engine noise inside the cabin. I have a BA Falcon premium sound sub mounted in the parcel shelf, and 4" 2 ways mounted down the front corners of the doors. I have to run the pan about -3 to the rear so i can hear the sub nicely. I could get more out of the sub if i boxed it up. luckily with my front speakers, they are a pretty decent, mid to high range speaker, so i can hear the mid and high frequencies perfectly fine from them being down low. My daily, Mazda6 Luxury Sport, has the factory Bose premium sound. that is near perfect setup for a factory system. speakers low and forward in all 4 doors, tweeters in the A pillar, and a sub under the floor, sitting in the spare wheel in the boot, all amplified and sounds really nice. Anyway, moving on. I can't wait to see this on the road, and finally go for a cruise with it in the Escort, so HURRY UP! I do however know that I won't be able to keep up in a straight line lol. If I wasnt doing the XF up, id have started building up the spare engine for the escort already. One day I want to build a nice warm 1300. considering some nutcase in sydney, who races Anglia, has been able to pull 120rwhp from a 1200cc pre crossflow, and make it perfectly street driven with a single side draught weber, I'm sure with some careful work i could get a nice amount of power from the 1300 crossflow
  6. I can't make it today We are in the process of clearing out dad's late parents property, and dad has managed to injure his shoulder, so Im spending the day emptying the garage up there. ill see how i go tomorrow.
  7. Hehe i think ive sorted the temp thing. But i dont want to open that topic again. I think the neg post should be ok for now. I might end up fitting a larger battery to help with starting. However since tuning the carby, i havent had to jump start it once 👌❤️
  8. haha yeah its just the toe now. because in my case, adjusting the caster using the sway bar, also screws with toe angle. its hard to explain, you'd have to see it in person to see how. aligner is about 1km from my place.
  9. well when i fitted the sway bar a few months back. I asked for the guy doing the alignment to go to +3mm caster. I got it +3mm on one side, and +3.5mm on the other side, using a tape measure haha. this time, nowhere near correct. its that out, that driving back and forth in the driveway, is leaving faint tyre marks lol
  10. i might come for a drive and help out. but not until the afternoon, the escort goes in for an alignment with its new front end saturday. ill be looking for an excuse to drive it and see how it feels with the new bits in it
  11. Front suspension is finished. but not aligned yet. its going for its alignment on saturday morning I can't wait to drive it when its all aligned. should handle much much better. existing strut out and in bits. just need the spring had and rubber cover/bump stops for the new struts. the height difference in the springs. new springs on the right i was beginning to think the car was going to be slammed Complete strut ready to go in...well at least i thought more evidence of how poorly these cars were built yep, the 3 holes in the strut tower were not 100% correct. and the original strut tops didnt line up with the new tops. could even see the holes and removable threads in the original strut tops were not symmetrical, meaning if i tried to fit my stock strut tops to another car, there is a good chance they would not fit lol so after getting the tops to fit to the car, the driver's side was in. once i knew what i was doing and what i was up for, the passenger side, with the help of dad, was done, and car back on its wheels and driving with brakes bled and all, by dinner time tuesday the finished product from the engine bay. look a little tidier than the factory tops in my opinion. Now for the alignment issue. Because I'm already running an adjustable Kmac sway bar before rebuilding the struts, to correct caster, the front wheels were always sitting a long way forward in the wheel arches, and caused clearance issues with the front valance, which i carefully massaged to get it out the way. I have the car booked in on saturday morning to get the front end aligned. At first, Peter, the guy i use, said yep no worries, won't take long. but then i added the fact I have added components to allow the whole front end to be dialled in and adjusted, he asked me to book it in saturday morning instead haha. I know peter owns some classic 50s and 70s Renaults, both stock restored and modified so I know he will do a good job. ANYWAY, because the new tops have both camber and caster adjustment, I wanted to start with the control arms in a neutral position, forward and back, as much as possible. So for now I have wound the arms back as far as they will go on the adjustable sway bar, which looks good now with the wheels sitting in the middle of the arches. so i will see what happens on saturday as to how much Peter needs to drag the arms forward again. Before. After. (Today in fact) Now the car is sitting pretty much exactly the same height as it did before, because the front suspension setup I'm using adds about an inch to the ride height, hence the new springs being an inch lower than what i had. BUT, on paper, and doing some measuring, the car should in actual fact sit about 10mm lower than it previously did up front. keeping in mind the alignment is miles out, and i haven't actually driven it any further than the end of my street, means that by the time the alignment is sorted, and the springs settle/sag a little, it should drop the front ride height a touch.
  12. LOL I'm just seeing the upgrade account image from photo-fuck-it
  13. Its on again guys and girls. So lock the date in and dont miss out. Please see flyer below. More details will be added as its released
  14. except for you signature image haha