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  1. There's a link here for how to modify a 4 Barrel DP Holley for boost : http://www.hangar18fabrication.com/blowthru.html I know you don't really want to hear it, but by the time you've paid for an Aussiespeed manifold, carb, msd etc. You could have bought an E series ecu and J3 chipped it. Bosch Green 42Lb injectors, walbro 255 pump, fuel reg, xflow efi manifold & rail. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  2. XPT

    250 Crossflow build

    Yep with a stock valvetrain, just a decent set of valve springs, decent head gasket & fresh bottom end. Stock CR is perfect for a turbo.
  3. XPT

    250 Crossflow build

    https://www.spoolimports.com/ford-250-xflow-with-200-rod-ross-racing-forged-piston Ross aren't the best forgies available but would most likely do the job for you
  4. XPT

    XE Tidy up

    I looked it up. It's most likely a Borg Warner/KKK K27. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  5. XPT

    XE Tidy up

    Oh yeah I just had a close look at that, I missed it in your earlier post. Almost looks like t3 ports with a T4 bolt pattern, weird. It definitely looks like a truck turbo, it must be a proprietary thing with the odd flange. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  6. XPT

    XE Tidy up

    Whats the go with the offset ports on the turbo flanges? Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  7. XPT

    XE Tidy up

    That's a split pulse T3 flange. Here the 6:1 merge collector I made up for my XP which I will get to one day, this is a T3 open flange.
  8. XPT

    XE Tidy up

    Twin scroll, twin entry same thing really. I think twin scrolls may be completely divided all the way to the turbine wheel and twin entry could be semi divided. Either way the idea is to alleviate pulse interference to maximise exhaust energy propelling the turbine wheel. Don't be too hard on yourself mate your collector looks good, they're quite a time consuming thing to get right. Your 6:1 is just suited to an open entry turbine thats all. There's significant power to be lost by not getting it right. It's a big effort to go making a merge collector only for it to perform the same or worse than a log manifold. You could just make a split pulse 6:2 log manifold and it would perform fine. If you really want to make an equal length merge collector manifold in split pulse, you can take your same principles from your original and just make 2 x 3:1 merges and then merge them into the 2 ports at the flange. When you merge them use the "wall" from one side to create the divider in the middle and cut the wall off the other side, shape it with heat, a hammer & vice then weld them together. Here a split pulse manifold I made for an rb30 Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  9. XPT

    XE Tidy up

    On a side note your sketch has a split pulse turbine flange, but your collector is 6:1 which is only suitable for an open entry turbine housing/flange. Running a 6:1 with the gasses clashing with the divider inthe middle is not great. With a split pulse flange you need split the exhaust 6:2. So the front 3 cylinders merge into one port and the back 3 into the other port on a twin entry turbine housing, sealed off from each other. Running a split pulse turbo manifold into an open entry turbine housing is fine, however running an open entry manifold into a split pulse turbine housing is less than ideal. Disregard everything I wrote if you already know this and it's just a sketch etc. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  10. XPT

    XE Tidy up

    If not, use the mig and crank the gas lol Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  11. XPT

    The Gergwagon Revamp

    There would have been a few finalists for that title (roughest pub) just in Western Sydney. The Carousel Inn would have been up there for sure, the Shark bar in Blacktown, the Marayong Hotel. When I went to the Tollgate at North Parra a few years back years , the sauce bottles were chained to the counter at the bistro. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  12. XPT

    EB 1 KENOBI ? OR 2

    I had an EA S pack in fridge white at the same time as my brother (Gerg). Factory 5 speed MPI. They did go pretty well. I bought it for 1700 bucks in Feb '04. Apart from smelling like a bush fire when you turned the fan on it was a great car. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  13. XPT

    Change ba 6 to v8 351

    I'm not sure if you're serious but anyway. You could most likely fit the biggest fuel guzzling lump of cast iron you can find under the bonnet considering they had the physically massive 5.4 dohc from factory. The real question is why would you? Can you afford to do it? If you can then why would you start with a BA and not an earlier model which can legally run an old school V8 and be way cooler? Is it worth the fine if you get caught? Your car would also be uninsurable. You could just buy a BA XR8 or 5.4 3V, put on an exhaust and CAI, have it flash tuned and probably make more power than the tired boat anchor you put in there. It would go ok, sound good and would be legal. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  14. XPT

    HELP- Upper Control Arms

    There's a performance shop in Cardiff called Backtrack Performance. They've dealt with a lot of drag racing and drifting with Imports etc. They do fab work I believe maybe try them? Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  15. XPT

    300 USA 6CYL

    You can apparently stroke a crossflow with offset grinding and a different combination of pistons and rods. The question is why would you? They're already well undersquare. If you need more torque beyond that, a smallish turbo or even a roots blower would fix that while producing more top end power. People go to extreme measures to counter the inherent problems of such a long stroke with the 250 as it is. Adding stroke would exaggerate these issues. The piston speeds would be huge with such a long stroke. The reason strokers are popular with American V8s us because most of them are well oversquare from factory and have a lot more head room to gain bulk capicity and still keep piston speeds sensible. The 300ci 6 is a different family with a 4" bore and almost 4" stroke