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  1. Yeah atomic do head stud kits for the sohc 4L. At almost $500 for studs though, you're almost reaching a point where you just get an FG Barra or stretch to a Turbo Barra.
  2. http://www.tuffcarparts.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=180_65_81&product_id=1281 That's valve springs. Genuine AU head gasket, call your local Ford dealer. If not go a permaseal MLS gasket from TI Performance https://www.tiperformance.com.au/products/permaseal-au-falcon-mls-head-gasket/
  3. There was a white EA falcon out of Mike's Dyno in Melbourne about 10 years back that ran consistent low 10's and even a high 9 at some stage, with a stock EF bottom end with an XR6 GT3582R on a log manifold. I'd at least get an AU Falcon OEM steel head gasket and some fresh head bolts and some decent valve springs. It should last a while at least with a good tune.
  4. Orient Express hmmm. Perhaps a 1J or 2J under the hood?
  5. A Garrett GT3582R from a BA-BF or GT3576R from an FG XR6T will be perfect. They're internal wastegate so they're more simple for fabrication and compact than for an external gate. Apart from that there's many turbo's that will do the job but they're already sized perfectly for a 4L so you won't go wrong.
  6. Yeah sorry lol. The 240Z is up there as one of my all time favourites
  7. Of all the cars you can rat rod, ugly old Chevs, trucks etc why would you fuck up a Zed? It's totally against the philosophy of the car and not period correct. A 60's/70's sports car with white wall truck tyres from the 40's/50's. Even if it was rusty, if they had the metal working skills to create that abomination surely they could have restored it tastefully. Retarded fuckwit comes to mind.
  8. I agree with the rub back and more coats. It gives you more depth for buffing and future cut & polishes. I reckon you should stick to a strict schedule to keep the wax up to it seeing as it's acrylic and will be outside it's whole life.
  9. Very neat & tidy, it will be quite a weapon.
  10. I think Ben Gatt ran a 302 Clevo back in the olden days in his Capri, I think for a certain class. If I remember right it ran 9's.
  11. Looks great! Looks like you nailed it. Now clear it and do some burnouts.
  12. Nice work mate. I guess you can't be picky these day when it comes to XA-XC hardtop shells. What would have been sent to Simsies 20 years ago is now sometimes the only choice you have to get your hands on one. It's great that you've been able to save it and keep another of the best looking Aussie cars ever made alive.
  13. If it's wired up to the 6al2 correctly and plumbed to the intake manifold, you should be good.
  14. Setting it up is as simple as connecting it to the intake manifold. It gets a 5V supply from the 6al2, plus a ground and will give 0-5V output back to the 6al2 depending on manifold pressure. So close to 0V output at 0 psi absolute (maximum vacuum) and closer to 5V at 14.7 psi absolute (one atmosphere, 0 Hg, 1BAR absolute). Thats all there is to it.
  15. Looks like copper anti-seize