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  1. Lord_fahrquhar

    EFI Xflow with EL ecu

    Actually went and put an nl dash in but it’s wired to accept both the digital and nl
  2. Lord_fahrquhar

    Blown Crossy.

    Another afflicted with the dodge sickness. Mines a at4-129 245 hemi.
  3. Lord_fahrquhar

    The front yard special

    I have a turbo - turbo and intercooler is heading to the panzerwagens crossy will get a rebuild with the parts I have as a decent n/a streeter
  4. Lord_fahrquhar

    The front yard special

    Ah this little project.... i have a pile of bits. but as yet unassembled. ef crank - free xf block - have ground out the relief on the block to allow rollers valves springs and head inlet manifold - done previously. pistons - to be brought rod bolts - need to get cam not yet brought panzerwagens are in the way at the moment.
  5. Lord_fahrquhar

    what is the v8 like on fuel compared to the 6 cyl

    Yeah I bet she has too. And yeah heard ears her read mean tweets on jimmy Kimmel too
  6. Lord_fahrquhar

    what is the v8 like on fuel compared to the 6 cyl

    Is this where toungue punch her fartbox comes from lads.
  7. Lord_fahrquhar

    What head is this ?

    Gonna punt and say e1
  8. Lord_fahrquhar

    Windsor into XF base plates.

    Shouldn't be, most of the xf shit was the lower firewall panel for the new heater box. This put the heater pipes right where head would be on a 351. doesnt matter for the 302w the e-series and au's used the same lower firewall panel too.
  9. Lord_fahrquhar


    This is true too
  10. Lord_fahrquhar


    Okay flow rockers are basically clevo type but in two stud sizes. 5/16 pedestal mount - no machining 7/16 stud mount - needs machining The 5/16 this run the risk of pulling out at high rpm - but this is dependent on your cam size and valve spring pressure. This is something ando gets very passionate about. I’m surprised the mention of double springs hasn’t woken him up. the 7/16ths are more common and easy to get but need the pedestal machines to take the stud mount. They tend to be more stable but n high rpm scenarios, and then if you’re really serious in running a big cam you need pushrods and guide plates. But this is a serious engine something that sacrifices some crossy strengths ( low down torque) and drive ability for those moments when you can hold a throttle fat and go waaa waaa waaa. i have a set of the 5/16 adjustables in my xf. It’s efi, they do not fit under the efi cover without an aussiespeed spacer. It’s also not standard efi - eb inlet el ecu with quarter horse. i could have gone v8 had less hassles but I kinda like how friendly the crossy is. It’s not a fast combo but it’s a great streeter with a Bit of attitude which I’ve learnt a lot from. Other guys like rob and ando will have their own bit to add to this but hopefully this helps in the interim Dave
  11. Lord_fahrquhar


    Sound like said mechanic is a clown.
  12. Lord_fahrquhar

    The tyre clearance v's bump stop thread

    Fuck yeah I love it.
  13. Lord_fahrquhar

    Xf Efi problems

    I’m with Thom... youll be doing a rebuild shortly. Easier to fix it now properly. Saves labor too. and it costs nothing to put something nicer in there but being efi anything bigger than a bees dick and it will drive shit.
  14. Lord_fahrquhar

    Xf Efi problems

    Just use silicon and just a smear
  15. Lord_fahrquhar

    crossflow porting results

    Bucket wheel excavator would go close. But I can loan him a liebherr 996.