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  1. Im a retard and quoted my own post.
  2. Vinyl I hope. Guy down the street from my old man just had an xe just like this. you would never think that something like a Barra hides within. Hatch up on the canopy for extra downforce!
  3. Fuck this is gold. It is a brilliant sleeper. Just need vids of you and rob side by side at heathcoat...
  4. cargo pants are good for this.
  5. Holy SHIT!
  6. what part number are those belts?
  7. could always install it sideways and adapt the clamp to suit.... if the oil feed is still an issue.
  8. mmmmm I got a s363..... They are nice, still yet to decide if I'm going to turbo mine or put it in something older (so the cops can't hassle it)
  9. yeah there is just want to see if anyone on here has a preference.
  10. Chestnut, power steering. you got yo have it but fuck do an Astra ps conversion. It gives you a shittin of more room on the inlet. reminds me to get my arse into gear and get my head finished. anyone know a good head guy in Adelaide ? or Perth I'm there too often enough for work.
  11. Dunno the xf with a fucked clutch hub makes a fair racket
  12. Just on this, there are several pins on the ford ecU, from memory pin 20, 40 and 60. These are required to be the signal earths for the sensors shown above. The case is earthed back to the body. They're easy to spot. They're black. This is important as the 5V reference is taken from the cu, and this is you earth to somewhere else you may get residual current which will play havoc with it. Jacks picture is correct, make sure the 12V starter is just that not constant 12V - your timing won't advance otherwise. This locks the starting timing to base timing (0 degrees for an el ecU and +10 for others) Also the +5v on your black wire, it should be 0v is your earthing against the body.
  13. These wheels are great. Ive got one and its lovely.
  14. it will get close to the el fan shroud if you mount it on a standard flow rad. The thread that holds the fan gets close to the el shroud. I cut a notch out on my fan shroud to make fit, if was doing again would put the water pump in the lathe or mill and cut the end off.