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  1. Sound like said mechanic is a clown.
  2. Another fucking week with not rust cutting time, but did drive my falcon.
  3. Fuck yeah I love it.
  4. More like fail so it closes up shop
  5. Agree saw a red motor today in a hr n lost my shit over it
  6. What grinds my gears ls motors, with apologies to ants the amount of early Commodores I saw with a ls was depressing. What's wrong with the old thong slapper?
  7. Hire strippers next weekend. Spice it up.
  8. Had a girfriend with a diff like that once
  9. Mmm it's like a chicken parmy pizza FUCK YEAH
  10. Fuck yeah they'd look awesome - fucking the turdo diesel championships. next we will have midget tossing by chewbacca, actually that'd be good.
  11. I think they are like the new commodore fucking invisible. was at motor ex today and there was a zb commodore there, all the bogans were ragging on it. id be worried if I was Holden
  12. Hyundai excel replacement mufflers. TBH the Windsor still sounds better than the six, which sounds like its on ventolin in standard form.