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  1. Lord_fahrquhar

    Here we go again .

    True but eb was better and Ed was like a pimple on Jennifer Hawkins nose
  2. Lord_fahrquhar


    Fucking oath. Couldn't get mine (its efi) to idle with anything leaner than 12.8:1.
  3. Lord_fahrquhar

    EB 1 KENOBI ? OR 2

    nah mirror on e series are fucking easier than the shitful xf setup. Same mirror - the mount is 6 billion times better, remove cover on inside of door and you'll find the screws. Also def a series 1 - dark grey interior and non gloss doorhandles. Will also have silver buttons on the climate too.
  4. Lord_fahrquhar

    Grinds My Gears

    Fucking cunts. That and cunts who fuck around under the limit to only light the afterburners and fly through the overtaking lane. Todays effort was a cyclist, who was sitting in the middle of the lane, with no fucks given about pulling left. I know technically allowed as is me overtaking him and drowning him in diesel particulates too.
  5. Lord_fahrquhar

    The completely off topic thread

  6. Lord_fahrquhar

    '90 XF UTE restomod

  7. Lord_fahrquhar

    Slydog's XF ute.

    fuck she hauls ass.
  8. Lord_fahrquhar

    Boingk's XF Ute - Budget Street & Strip w/Nitrous

    Fuck i love this thread go the old school shit
  9. Lord_fahrquhar

    Hendrixhc's Long Term XCGS Project!

    Fuck more spray tan than delta goodrem!
  10. Lord_fahrquhar

    Boingk's XF Ute - Budget Street & Strip w/Nitrous

    had a girlfriend like that once.
  11. Lord_fahrquhar

    the eye candy thread *NSFW*

  12. Lord_fahrquhar

    My cars and whatever's in the shop now etc.

    GM are you surprised?
  13. Lord_fahrquhar


    Great Scott
  14. Lord_fahrquhar

    The completely off topic thread

    Now you you got to drive back amongst all the other fuckwits on the road this time of year. if I’m ever pm it’s very simple road rules 1. Can’t do the signposted limit on good conditions- get the fuck off the road and let other cunt by 2. Think it’s cool to speed up on the overtaking lane when doing #1 - electrocution 3. Tailgating - castration stop trying to prove how big your dick is 4. Road rage - get off the steroids 5. Right lane hogs - snipers are on full alert if you don’t know what keep left means the first one goes on the mirror because you ain’t fuckin looking at it 6. Mobile phones snipers will shoot the phone. merry Christmas and stay safe on the roads from Mongs
  15. Lord_fahrquhar


    Fuck me that will put out a few zaps.