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  1. Marks XG

    bumper repairs

    Hi Demmo, how did you go with this stuff? My XG front bumper needs repairing and saw this post.
  2. Marks XG

    XG ute Borgwarner upgrade

    No dramas cheers, hoping to find someone in Brisbane who has experience with borgys and btr’s if possible. I’ve done the whole 9 inch powerglide thing in my old HK but wanting to do it a bit different, or not so different when it comes to falcon rears.
  3. Marks XG

    XG ute Borgwarner upgrade

    No worries that’s good if they’re already 28 spline, I guess I’m not really sure how much power but I’m seeing that they survive plenty of abuse. I’m wondering how far people have taken these borgwarners before opting for a 9 inch.
  4. Hey guys can anyone point me in the right direction and possibly a parts list to upgrade my existing 6 cylinder gli ute diff to a truetrak type deal with decent 28? spline axles. Hoping not to have to go 9 inch and to do the rebuild once, I’m also keen to find someone in Brisbane area to do the work or just supply the gear.
  5. Marks XG

    Can I Keep my BTR

    At the moment I have the xg auto that is in the ute and I’m picking up a BF barra and auto tomorrow so I’ll have those two to chose from. As long as I can keep my column shift when going barra I’ll be happy. From what I can make out I’ll use the XG btr but use the BF btr bellhousing to bolt to the barra.
  6. Marks XG

    Can I Keep my BTR

    Hey Thom thanks for the response, I’m currently talking to a guy about buying his BF barra with btr attached as well as ecu. It comes with an FG sump and pickup for better clearance I believe. Ive messaged Bill Hooten about a harness, slowly educating myself on these as I’m a newbie to Fords. Thanks again
  7. G’day peeps I’ve tried to glean as much info from here and mr.google but still not 100% clear. Can I keep the 4 speed auto in my 96 XG ute if I end up transplanting a barra? She’s on the column and happy for it to stay like that, also is there a preference for an FG over a BF engine regarding the trans/ecu etc? cheers Mark