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  1. ZJ 'lane

    Xw-xy interior problem

    It's normally painted.
  2. ZJ 'lane

    Installing alarm and remote locking in XF

    Worked out that they're positive switched
  3. ZJ 'lane

    Installing alarm and remote locking in XF

    Trying to install an alarm at the moment and need to know if the door switches are negative or positive switched? On the door switch itself, one wire is green with yellow and one is black with blue. Do I just tap into one of those? If so, which one? Any help/advice appreciated.
  4. ZJ 'lane

    Acceptable Orange peel

    I just repainted my bumpers in the shed, they have orange peel but nowhere near that bad. It could be just the photos but it does look pretty bad compared to what we did in the shed! and Dad and I are no professionals haha It almost looks like a hammer tone finish, I would see if it settles down and if not take it back to the shop
  5. ZJ 'lane

    Crossflow T5 bellhousing value

    I need one too. Just got a T5 the other week and only need a bell housing to fit it up. Let me know if you have one too.
  6. ZJ 'lane

    spac rims

    Does anyone know the colour code for the original silver on the xf s pack rims? is it argent silver?
  7. ZJ 'lane

    Gearbox change

    Nope, no plate - just a mark on the inside where there should be a hole
  8. ZJ 'lane

    Gearbox change

    We're doing this exact thing in my Fairlane. Pedal box needs to be change and can be done with the dash in, taking the drivers seat out makes it a lot easier! Like already said, you need a clutch cable and a clutch cable bracket. We found that there was a mark already on the inside of the firewall for the hole - but still needs to be drilled out. When it is all hooked up the firewall is quite weak and bends a lot when the clutch is engaged, so we made a plate that strengthens this up a bit, well a lot. You also need a manual center console the original console needs to be cut as it doesn't quite fit.
  9. ZJ 'lane

    Professional respray

    Sweet, you should be set for tomorrow then
  10. ZJ 'lane

    Professional respray

    I used plastic modeling paint mixed in with a little bit of thinners, that way its not to thick and heavy to work properly.
  11. ZJ 'lane

    Professional respray

    Thanks! Yeah I hand painted all the needles in the instrument cluster.
  12. ZJ 'lane

    Professional respray

    Yeah it comes in a spray can so its nice and easy to use. I wouldn't say I am any where near a professional but the results are really good! Page 1 of my build thread has the pics and the process - http://www.ozfalcon.com.au/index.php?/topic/206-1981-zj-fairlane/
  13. ZJ 'lane

    Professional respray

    Im pretty certain it is enamel, the can says 1K FILLCLEAN System. The undercoat was K&H Plasti-Prime. I am pretty certain this isn't in stores any more but Im sure there are other brands that doi the same thing
  14. ZJ 'lane

    Professional respray

    I actually did this myself. I got a paint shop to mix up some paint that was colour matched from the door armrest. They didn't get the colour match perfect but they got it close enough, which was good enough for me as I painted all of the interior plastics. It cost around $100 all up from a place called Haymans in Portland Vic. The parts have actually come up really good and it even hardened up the parcel shelf seat belt covers that were turning to dust.
  15. ZJ 'lane

    Sub Box

    Im not too worried that it will break, it's not going to be a ground shaker (I don't listen to that type of music haha). Its only a single 12 inch that probably won't ever get thrashed so it should be all good.