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    It's the original autolite coil that the motor was built with.
  2. My bad... Purple is head lamps.
  3. That would do it! The purple wire is the fused side of the power windows, so wouldn't cause any issues here. However, the black (with green tracer) goes back to the ignition switch and would have provided constant power (as you described).
  4. All that's done is bypassed the fuse for the horn circuit (yellow with pink tracer wire). The plate that the yellow wire plugs unto is the battery side of all the fuses and it runs up the middle of the panel to provide +ve to all of the circuits (yellow provides constant power to all circuits on the left of your picture, black with green tracer provides power to the circuits on the right with ignition on). The plugs to the left of your picture are the fused sides that goes to each circuit. I doubt bridging the horn it would cause your issues. Any chance the washer fell down into that position when you removed the fuse panel? If not, I'd still go looking for incorrect matching plugs.
  5. I'd say check the plugs too, it looks like you have constant power from a non ignition circuit. From memory, the main half moon shaped plugs on the drivers side are either brown or red. Make sure that you've plugged the correct coloured ones together. Also check what you've done on the ECU (passengers) side too. There's a few single wire plugs that feed back to the dash and some that go to the aircon/engine bay. It's easy to get them mixed up.
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    1971 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon

    That is one very stock and unmolested XY Fairmont Wagon with some rare options; Teal Glow in colour, 8 track. It would go for stupid money locally... Y engine in an XY is a 302 2 barrel Windsor (noting that the bottom radiator hose is on the passenger side, which some will say makes it a Cleveland, but it's a Windsor...). So that motor is correct for that car. If it is matching numbers, even better. The engine number on these is the same as the VIN number; JG35LE72036K. It will be stamped on the flat area on the block at the back of the manifold. A pain to get to. All 302 XYs were Windsors. There are rumors that the 1972 xy utes may have had clevelands, but I've never seen one. The 302 Cleveland commenced in the XA. Trans "R" is auto column shift and Trim "B" is black. That's one very stock 302. By the way the heater hoses are running, it looks like it still has the original two port carby heater on it. I'd love to see a picture with the air filter off. I can't make it out in the pictures, but the top radiator tank would have "Fomoco" stamped on it if it was the original one. Regardless, that radiator is an original type one. Train spotters will note that the clamps are no original... Paint code 5 is Teal Glow. Not very common. V8 Fairmont Wagons weren't very common either (they have unique chrome pieces around the rear door widows).