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  1. Missed this, Welcome,. Nice Fairlane but my attention went straight to your dads Louisville. I'm restoring one myself. A 76' LN8000.
  2. Thanks to all, I'll check it out.
  3. I must check this out on mine as I loose power when I flash the high beam when my lights are on. Luckily I don't do much night driving. ketspano, which circuit breaker do you refer to, (under the dash) next to the blinker can ?
  4. Yes, guy reckon most over tighten the carb down, bending the base plate. Full kit was 88 bucks, rebuild 200 including fitting a good SH auto choke. That vacuum advance might be right for yours if you are not using a EST dizzy.
  5. Two more pics. Hope it helps. FYI. Had it rebuilt by Carburettor Services Burwood, Sydney and bought the kit from MLP Carburettors Reservoir, Melbourne.
  6. This thing run so much better now too. here some pics. below....rebuilt below...rebuilt installed Below....EGR side before rebuild Below.. Can't remember where I found this guide.
  7. Deankdx, I just had my 34 adm rebuilt by a place In Sydney, I took some close up pics of it while I had it off and back on the car, I'll get some pics loaded here later today. Usual suspects of bad idling, (vacuum leak, excess fuelled jet) flat spots on acceleration (accel. pump) 6 pumps to start (auto choke replace) also carb overtightening on the manifold causing vacuum leaks at the base.
  8. Yep, I did a bit of digging before buying any passenger vehicles, I run three smaller trucks (Ford Traders) and all are the same cost as the XF due to the 3 seats. The bigger trucks cost some dough mind.
  9. Believe it or not but they do. I live in Victoria too, country is cheaper but also the TAC charge is based on number of passengers the vehicle carries.. More seats, equal more cost of third party insurance to cover any passenger in an accidents.
  10. Yeah me too. Very nice van, mine's bare metal outback too, you must live in the city or own sedans to have $800 rego, all my vehicles are 3 seaters so it keeps the rego down to $525 per unit apart from the trucks.
  11. Thanks Mr Polson, leads not to long, I changed all the old rubbish leads with a standard black Bosch replacement set. I don't think the OEM Ford coils are available anymore Is there a good coil replacement for an electronic dizzy which now doesn't use the EST which I'm about to unplug as I bought the new one listed above off ebay. Not sure where I will plug the vacuum advance to either yet as the old ADM Weber has got so many ports.
  12. That's certainly looks like a nice original XD.
  13. Come to think of it, I ditched all my cassettes 10 years ago, looks like FM radio or nothing.
  14. Looking at it today I reckon I'll move that crap coil from its heat source, not happy with the coil lead running along side the block resting on top of the fuel pump. What do you guys recommend for a standard basic coil replacement something like GT40, HEC716 ??
  15. Finally found a picture of the radio, looks like original, I need that plastic cover side piece. And found these under the seat while I gave the car a clean today scrubbed up ok.