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  1. roKWiz

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    Yep, my Louisville chassis number looks similar only they are on the LHS rails top flange. Kenworth's are the same from that era.
  2. roKWiz

    88 XF heater tap

    No wonder mine runs like crap warming up in the dead of winter. Summers fine. and thanks Mr Polson
  3. roKWiz

    88 XF heater tap

    Just out of curiosity what does this PVS actually do, or is it just part of the choke setup.
  4. roKWiz

    88 XF heater tap

    Yes just bought a replacement tap for mine as its showing signs of decay with the occasional drip.
  5. Come on BGDAV lets see a picture of em.
  6. Won't be rear hanger bushes as they are relatively new, both spring packs are in good nick. Would say more likely tyre quality as there doesn't seem to be much choice these days for 14in wheels. I would like to grab some 14 X 7in S pac wheels for the rear if I can get them made or find some.
  7. Just a little oversteer. (NO REAR SWAY BAR FITTED) A rear bar would be a nice add-on IMO. I've owner/driven Holden panel vans for years in a previous life as a courier driver. Always thought they were better handlers, maybe due to double wishbone front suspension, big sway bars front and back and a full chassis underneath which stiffened them up somewhat. I think what its doing is allowing the weight of the load to push its arse around the curves more. It handles fine for most part but the local roads here are fast, off cambered and potholed. Its not really a big problem, just more of a niggle I have with the Ford PV.
  8. Handle nicely most of the time but sometimes when I have the van loaded up I reckon it could do with a little rear sway correction. I remember I had 2 Holden panel vans with rear sway bars fitted. Both made by Lovells 25mm 1 inch from memory. They also had tramp rods, mind. They handled like slot cars. Most of my driving is two lane blacktop, twisty country roads at 100km/h and freeway.
  9. Been thinking I don't ever recall seeing a rear sway bar for the above model panel vans. Did they make them ? Guess they would be the same as a similar year leaf sprung wagons ? Anyone know.
  10. Don't know about cheap parts but lately I have had a bad run of expensive USA made tools breaking.
  11. Love the big comfy bench seat. The only thing I don't like much is having a slushbox but you don't see many 3 speed column shifts around anymore.
  12. roKWiz

    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    Great read this. Nice work you are doing.
  13. roKWiz

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    Yep, the Supercheap auto's one I pulled out had, supplied by Century on the side of it. I did notice in their PDF catalogue that some of the later AGM and red top ones are made elsewhere.
  14. roKWiz

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    Yep it is a 57 MF and knew It would have the posts on the wrong side but it was the only Century that size with 560 CCA available at the time. The old battery had a really short tight negative lead anyway which I wanted to replace so decided to do it this way. I was more concerned about the inside of the bonnet hitting the Neg battery post but bought some rubber post covers as well. (not shown) I like the Aussie made Century's
  15. roKWiz

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    Yep battery was stuffed. Got the train into Albury on Sunday where Autobarn had a sale on Aussie Century stuff so score $50 off, lunch at the station and train-ed (15kg) it back. Fortunately the alternator is fine and charging within spec. Some wiring terminals replaced as well. Replaced the battery to Alt. earth cable as it was a bit tight. re. the speedo needle, I've learnt something new. Thanks everyone.