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  1. roKWiz

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    Yep, the Supercheap auto's one I pulled out had, supplied by Century on the side of it. I did notice in their PDF catalogue that some of the later AGM and red top ones are made elsewhere.
  2. roKWiz

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    Yep it is a 57 MF and knew It would have the posts on the wrong side but it was the only Century that size with 560 CCA available at the time. The old battery had a really short tight negative lead anyway which I wanted to replace so decided to do it this way. I was more concerned about the inside of the bonnet hitting the Neg battery post but bought some rubber post covers as well. (not shown) I like the Aussie made Century's
  3. roKWiz

    Mad Max Pursuit Special build up (USA)

    One of the reasons I got into trucks, being commercial it was a given that they would change engine, transmissions, rear axles, cabs, sleepers, body styles and being acceptable with govco. Going to be fun when it comes time to register my 2 stroke diesel but it was an option back then.
  4. roKWiz

    Bargain X Series Thread

    been for sale a long time now.
  5. roKWiz

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    Yep battery was stuffed. Got the train into Albury on Sunday where Autobarn had a sale on Aussie Century stuff so score $50 off, lunch at the station and train-ed (15kg) it back. Fortunately the alternator is fine and charging within spec. Some wiring terminals replaced as well. Replaced the battery to Alt. earth cable as it was a bit tight. re. the speedo needle, I've learnt something new. Thanks everyone.
  6. roKWiz

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    Thanks so much everyone with your information. I'll check around those yellow wires from the alternator, (they were a bit frayed looking) before I grab the battery and report back. I'm in one of those towns where the local mechanic / battery seller / Feed lot store is only open Monday to Friday. Battery looked pretty old and might have suffered from overcharging as the water levels were below the plates. My fault for not checking early.
  7. roKWiz

    XF Dud battery no start speedo question

    Yeah thanks deankdx, I did have a check of the wiring around the starter and battery terminals, under the dash, relays and fuses but can not place the charge wire your referring to. Alternator to battery wire ?
  8. roKWiz

    Aussie Fords in NZ

    That Texaco tanker I've only seen pictures of on the net but looks like a first class restoration. There was one similar style one only a Ford Golden Fleece semi tanker up Newcastle NSW way I snapped some pictures of at the Maitland truck show a couple of years ago. Not as streamline though. Must dig out the pics.
  9. Got back where I'm staying, turned engine off. Went to restart and nothing (weak ign lights showing, no real clicking noises from starter or solenoid) Fair enough I'll check the battery. Volts 10.5V must be dead cell or old. So I'm waiting for another battery (battery removed to check, recharged but will not hold charge (back down to 10.5V) ........... but in the meantime I just gave it a little key turn (before I removed the battery) and the speedo needle keeps shooting up to 50km/h when I turn the ignition key to start. Is this normal as I've never seen it happen before. 93' van 4.1 crossy, carby, auto Tried a new starter motor I had so its not that, alternator fine. Appreciate some feedback on the speedo needle jump.
  10. roKWiz

    My Splash V8

    Nice ute you have there, I'm learning here as I've never heard of the Falcon"Splash"
  11. roKWiz

    roKWiz XF 93 panel van

    Hey nice work, It's a lot better than the amateur stuff I've seen around lately by people calling themselves Stonemason's.
  12. roKWiz

    roKWiz XF 93 panel van

    Thought I would post some updated pictures of the XF van. Two birthdays my XF is 25 (Feb) and my little Trader is 30 years (March) but they're staying on full rego. Poor thing has had a few workouts in the quarry when the truck wasn't around. 3/4T granite each time. ROCWIZ little friend. and his stable mates At the races great mountain biking area start of another mt bike ride a fellow stock vanner
  13. roKWiz

    Aussie Fords in NZ

    Great pics, love the Humber bicycle. Sailed past there and missed out on going to the Invercargill truck museum. Maybe next time.
  14. roKWiz

    The completely off topic thread

    Gets me, places like Sydney there are blokes (usually Landscape gardeners) calling themselves Stonemason's and using angle grinders to butcher stone.
  15. roKWiz

    The completely off topic thread

    I'll get it done eventually, I want it to carry stone and be a 5th wheel toy hauler later.