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  1. Well we got the quinella the drivers side inside door handle wont open and now the external handle has broken. Any clever tricks to get it open ? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  2. My Dad has had this since new 226 km now.Head gasket done at 170kms. He has upgraded recently and as a trade in they offered him $800. So we made room in one of the sheds and here it will sit till 2021 and then be brought out for club plates.Still has the working radio/cassette deck with Kenny Rogers greatest hits in it OMG. Whats the sticker SRCC stand for ? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. We got the horsey types out here to.Their like volvo drivers only worried about emselves. Usually daddys little girl is in the back seat tellin the Father to slow down cause the horse is getting anxious.
  4. PM sent
  5. Hey Ando both the the taillights on the red ute were chipped and cracked non genuine Yeah I would prefer to get rid of the ZL as a whole thing. Too busy for stripping bits of it.
  6. (5) Permitted purposes 2 in the course of odtaining any necessary repairs modifications or testing... that leaves it open to all types of interpretations right their !!!!!! "Officer I was only going sideways to test if it could be pulled back into a straight line"
  7. i know it says "only during daylight hours" and "not for social purposes ".Geez most of the lads getting around in these old jallopies know what safe and whats not...nanny state
  8. i,ve got a throbbing red thing here that enjoys a good "wet rub and polish".....couldn't help myself ... lol
  9. Doesn't the wording in Vic include "for the purpose of testing " ?
  10. Spot on Slo ,if it had have been someone higher up the food chain who could make decision its not a invasion of privacy and shows some real customer service commitment,but putting a rookie on the phone is just poor form.After i hung up when he put me on hold for the 3rd time,he called me back ...poor little noob, walked straight into my web. I hope someone higher up was listening in, they might rethink this marketing campaign after i compared them to an Indian call centre .
  11. gunna put the radiator in it and give it a blast around the back paddock
  12. Freakin banks,mine just called me cold canvas out of the blue to see "if everthing is ok with my accounts".Must have something to do with paying the mortage off. Never heard anything form them in the 15 years we were paying it off. .And they get some noob on the other end who has been with them 3 months who cant approve anything.Just using me as a training exercise
  13. On the weekend i'll put a battery in the Zl and confirm the kms and pull the taillight out and check.
  14. Gisborne
  15. Arent you in Kilmore ?Im just out of Gisborne.