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  1. xhadyboy

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Ive got a matching set of 5 x silver snowies.Im taking them to Neway wheels in Heidelberg to get quote on machining the lips.Then painting the centres gold. I want to use black nuts.I have a full set of 20 x "chrome nuts" but they are pretty disgusting.I see all sorts of various chrome ones mentioned, but where do i get black ones. Can i strip the chrome of the existing sets and get them powder coated black or would they have to be anodised ?
  2. xhadyboy

    EB 1 KENOBI ? OR 2

    SVO Wheels here www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/toowoomba/wheels-tyres-rims/ea-svo-falcon-wheels/1208504879
  3. xhadyboy

    Bargain X Series Thread

    Xe Esp less than $20 k. www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-10013169/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/1984-ford-fairmont-ghia-xe-esp-matching-no-zircon-green-manual-sedan-wovr?spr=true
  4. xhadyboy

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    Are you gonna do a meet somewhere along the way ?
  5. xhadyboy

    Hello [emoji4]

    The Ballarat swap meet is on the weekend after next.It is one of the biggest in Australia.It can be a bit daunting; for the first timer but even if you see half its worth it. It would be an eye opener for some one starting down the classsic car journey and give you an idea of what things are worth. Although not as popular as XW /XY ;Gts or Premier you will find a bit of Xf stuff there You may be lucky and find one of the big Xf Ford service books on your wander.
  6. 2 x Only Front Sierra Tan vinyl door cards...... LMFAO www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/shepparton/auto-body-parts/sierra-tan-xe-front-door-trims/1209585243
  7. xhadyboy

    Autumn gold gl

    I put some newer tyres on the rear this arvo ; whiol i was at it i whipped the the rear shoes off to see theres bugger all material left on the shoes so new shoes to be fitted. Highway brake and clutch is where i get my stuff :there was an old guy there for years i think his name was Frank he was a a freakin guru. One day i was talking too him about the rear shoe set up in these things and he said to put "a long shoe set "into them and it stops them from locking up the rears.
  8. xhadyboy

    Bendigo cars auction 24th Feb

    Your right Dave the boxes will be a lucky dip but thats often the way these things roll. If theres no bids on 1 box they will chuck it in with the next box to make 1 lot. From the few ive been to : i reckon its the swap meet crew that bid on the unsorted boxes and they arent that fussy with whats in the box :for them its swings and roundabouts. And given the marketing hes been doing on facebook and its proximity to Melbourne the desired stuff will attract the big coin. The terms stae remove on the day but the last one i went to where there was lots of cars up for auction surprisingly there wasnt a lot of car trailers in the car park.
  9. xhadyboy

    Bendigo cars auction 24th Feb

    Not as such Dave ;would he have kept the rare stuff? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  10. xhadyboy

    Bendigo cars auction 24th Feb

    Yeah the Sierra Tan carpet is a bit of a unicorn ,as no repo mobs make it .
  11. xhadyboy

    Bendigo cars auction 24th Feb

    I contacted Brock asking about Sierra Tan interior bits.There is only a complete trim set in a "Ghia". Whats the difference between a "Ghia " and a "E.S.P " trim ? Obviously the Scheel seats .Im interested in this interior ,but i dont want to have to price compete with E.S.P mock up crew.
  12. xhadyboy

    Autumn gold gl

    Never heard of this being possible before.How would i tackle it ?
  13. xhadyboy

    Autumn gold gl

    I ran a a 180mm rotary buff over the bonnet with Maguirs ultimate compound certainly changed the appeal. The old ladies son "touched up "some stone chips on the bonnet ,as you can epic fail.I was in autobarn the other day and they make pressure packs to the book formula. I heard them say theres a joint in Sunshine that will color match then mix .I thought they said McIntyre Rd? Anyone got a spare bonnet badge for sale? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  14. xhadyboy

    EB 1 KENOBI ? OR 2

    Your car' do your thing ' i say How hard would it be to find some Ghia rims for it ?
  15. xhadyboy

    Autumn gold gl

    Now in side im inside on the P.C and can see better .I reckon that tyre stamp is 1 st week 1987.The stamps are week made then year.I wonder when we stopped using letters in tyres sizes ? No wonder i dont want to drive it with those tyres on it .Its all 100 kmh roads around here . Trying to get some tyres for the Snowies 225/60 R15 is getting limited .I can get some cheap shit ones from Uncle Bills tyres for $110.Then they jump to $150/$1 Im trying to get it Regd for All Ford Day.