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  1. xhadyboy

    eBay radiators

    This radiators not in X series but anyways, I have just gone thru replacing the the copper nipon denso radiator in my 3.5lt v6 Pajero. I took my ND and a triple core core one that i brought from a swap meet to a mob called Pasino Radiators, theyve been around for over 40 years and absoulete legends in the game. They tested both and said the ND was beyond repair and the swap meet one they would clean and replace the top tank $160.00 but no warranty on the repaired one. For a new copper radiator i was quoted $850. So i got an Ebay one,i did some research and found a listing that kinda only did radiators, it was $125.00.Ive bush bashed ,towed caravans and tandem loads of firewood. The needle has never gone over half. Would i buy another one ? for sure.
  2. In regards to the Ph of Cloud juice (Rainwater) i reckon it must be on the alkaline side. Im on acreage and dont have mains water ,just rainwater from tanks(about 140,000 Litres) when full. When i put lots of it into the pool, i always have to put Hydrochloric Acid in the pool to bring the Ph back up.
  3. xhadyboy

    New Acoustic windscreen

    I spoke to the mechanic who was doing the R.W.C about the 2 different screens Standard $220 supply and fit Acoustic $300 He said they are are mainly in the diesel powered cars and utes to keep the noise down. Given the state of the roads around the Macedon ranges his opinion was, its probably not worth spending the extra. We got the service records with this thing. But he was happy to charge the previous owners, to replace the penrite coolant in this thing twice in 10 months/7000 km travelled, at a cost of $140 a pop. 7lt oil change Penrite 5/30w gf5 with filter is $ 164.00
  4. xhadyboy

    New Acoustic windscreen

    Hey Guys I just brought the Mrs a replacement daily wagon to replace her 310 km VZ . The local mechanic has picked the windscreen for replacement. The current owners are pensioners and have chosen the budget option,$220.00 fitted. We will have this thing for 10 years and want to know how many different spec levels of screen there are. The top of the range is a rain sensor version in the Grange and senators ,then would it be an acoustic one down from there? Anyone know what a dart board price for the acoustic one would be for a VE commo ? Yeah i know, i know , but this thing is a unicorn, VE S2 Equipe wagon ,IQ2 1 x 85 yr old female owner, Leather interior, reverse camera,country 70,000kms ,delivering dealer serviced all its life.
  5. I am running K.Y.B short stroke in front been in for 3 years no probs yet.
  6. xhadyboy

    Trans cooler threads

    this is the kind of thing i was thinking of
  7. Im doing a complete flush on my daily.,yes its from that other mob that used to make cars in Aust. I previously did the cooks car and tried to just put some clear tube over it but the old trans fluid still went everywhere. Where can i buy an adaptor to screw onto the male thread on the end of the trans line that will make it a barbed hose fitting ?
  8. xhadyboy

    Aftermarket nos $20 each

    Are the xd blinkers nos? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  9. xhadyboy

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Ive got a matching set of 5 x silver snowies.Im taking them to Neway wheels in Heidelberg to get quote on machining the lips.Then painting the centres gold. I want to use black nuts.I have a full set of 20 x "chrome nuts" but they are pretty disgusting.I see all sorts of various chrome ones mentioned, but where do i get black ones. Can i strip the chrome of the existing sets and get them powder coated black or would they have to be anodised ?
  10. xhadyboy

    Vz no go after tranny flush

    Well the the wags is just like its number plate ALL 000 Circa 1980 green and white (its the cooks car and thats her to T) all or nothing. It didnt like being left all alone idle for a week. It was just flooded . It drained the battery trying to get it to fire. So i pulled it of the shed put a set of jumper leads on it and it went . Thats a win for the good guys.
  11. Last weekend i did a trans flush on the Cooks VZ V6 wagon.I dropped the trans pan changed the filter new gasket reattached the trans pan. Then Checked fluid once it was back on level ground. I added new full syn penrite to the cold full level.I then undid the trans line from the trans cooler and stated to flush 4 lts a a time. It went thru about 10 lts till i got good red fluid flow from the pressure side of the trans. I re attached the trans lines and started the car adding fluid as i went;the wags was in neutral the whole time.It ran like normal no dash lights no codes I turned it off let it cool and 1/2 hr later i came back and the fluid was about 0.5 lts to high. no biggie. Today i went out to flush out the excesss and now the wagon wont fire.I can smell fuel but no spark. It did try to fire on the 2 nd key turn but nothing since. Any suggestions would be handy .
  12. xhadyboy

    Marantz SA250 Graphic eq

    For those about to rock. ..we salute you! Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  13. I am going to put the 1983 pioneer am fm radio casstte into the XE. I picked this 1984 graphic eq up years ago. It has rca line outs; so i should be able to run this to an amp to power some 6 x 9 sony 3 ways for the rear parcel shelf? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  14. xhadyboy

    xf premo sound

    Ive got 2 x xf premo sound units in shed collecting dust. One has the the complete wiring loom . The other one doesn't. I know if they were XE ones we'd sell granny for em. Are they desired yet ?
  15. Well we got the quinella the drivers side inside door handle wont open and now the external handle has broken. Any clever tricks to get it open ? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk