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  1. xhadyboy

    Rodeo 4JB1-T 2.8TD engine removal

    Didnt know they made 4 jb1t in that shape Pete.
  2. xhadyboy

    Rodeo 4JB1-T 2.8TD engine removal

    We have done the removal of the donor engine (TF R7)and the top three bolts werent installed in the bellhousing. And the radiator support panel and all its bagage was gone as well. Now the fun begins on the (TFR9) i now see how fubared the top 3 bolts will be to get at. We are thinking of pulling the motor and box out in one go.As the clutch on the back of the R9 engine is less than 5000 km old. This clutch will go onto the R7 block apparantly my son says. In theory it should be easier to put the clutch on and mount the R9 box to the R7 block out of the car.
  3. xhadyboy

    Bendigo cars auction 24th Feb

    Their only repos but at $120 a set i couldnt resist.Alas i got them home to find one had a crack welded up and no one will touch it. So now i have only 3 and the repos are proving harder to find than O.E.M ones, so if anyone knows where a lonely el gt replica wheel is hiding, let me know.
  4. xhadyboy

    Bendigo cars auction 24th Feb

    I did drag something home from Bendigo. I brought for rehab on a torn rotator cuff. But the surgeon changed his mind and now the op has been cancelled.My shoulder is now kaput and now the Panos has to go. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  5. xhadyboy

    Aftermarket nos $20 each

    Are the xd blinkers nos? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  6. xhadyboy

    Let's find Jack

    Now this Jack that lives down a track In a little ol shack And drives down the road in a Outback Out da back With a crack in the road But its not the smack but meth that causing the frack. Come back Jack
  7. xhadyboy

    Ballarat Swap Meet

    Their the standard cards utes ,panos and s packs get them. The Monty ones are like the Fairlanes seude , vlour and carpet on the bottom.
  8. I had a Xd Black manual hi rise console in the shed for years and it never had the shift boot on it . I took it to the local auto trimmer and he had to make a plate to hold the boot on and stitch up the Leather shift boot. Finally got a call to say its done, $80 i will post up some pics after i pick it up.
  9. xhadyboy

    Ballarat Swap Meet

    Ballarat swap is on again starts today (and im stuck at work no sickies left). Me and my young bloke are going to Tomorrow. Trying to find the elusive Fairmont (not ghia) Sierra tan door cards. They have changed the lay out and given a list of what the sellers have got to offer.So this wil give a bit of a dotted line to follow. Its still a big mother of a set up ,my hat goes of the anyone that can do all of it in one day. I end up like a warrior from the wasteland after it.
  10. xhadyboy

    Snowflake rims - Identification.

    Ive got a matching set of 5 x silver snowies.Im taking them to Neway wheels in Heidelberg to get quote on machining the lips.Then painting the centres gold. I want to use black nuts.I have a full set of 20 x "chrome nuts" but they are pretty disgusting.I see all sorts of various chrome ones mentioned, but where do i get black ones. Can i strip the chrome of the existing sets and get them powder coated black or would they have to be anodised ?
  11. xhadyboy

    EB 1 KENOBI ? OR 2

    SVO Wheels here www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/toowoomba/wheels-tyres-rims/ea-svo-falcon-wheels/1208504879
  12. xhadyboy

    Bargain X Series Thread

    Xe Esp less than $20 k. www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-10013169/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/1984-ford-fairmont-ghia-xe-esp-matching-no-zircon-green-manual-sedan-wovr?spr=true
  13. xhadyboy

    All Ford Day 2019, 17th Feb - NEW LOCATION!!

    Are you gonna do a meet somewhere along the way ?
  14. xhadyboy

    Hello [emoji4]

    The Ballarat swap meet is on the weekend after next.It is one of the biggest in Australia.It can be a bit daunting; for the first timer but even if you see half its worth it. It would be an eye opener for some one starting down the classsic car journey and give you an idea of what things are worth. Although not as popular as XW /XY ;Gts or Premier you will find a bit of Xf stuff there You may be lucky and find one of the big Xf Ford service books on your wander.
  15. 2 x Only Front Sierra Tan vinyl door cards...... LMFAO www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/shepparton/auto-body-parts/sierra-tan-xe-front-door-trims/1209585243