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  1. revhead

    Au ecu conversion

    Castlemaine rod shop $1200 so easy to fit Sent from my MYA-L22 using Tapatalk
  2. revhead

    Acrylic Paint Issues

    I free air spray in my work shop then give it a quick cut n buff Sent from my MYA-L22 using Tapatalk
  3. revhead

    Acrylic Paint Issues

    2pak is much cheaper then acyrilic I if your base is good. I've painted a xf falcon with 2 litres of base an 1.2 litres of clear an 1 litre hardner 2 litres reducer $248 Sent from my MYA-L22 using Tapatalk
  4. revhead

    Acrylic Paint Issues

    Rub the whole car back dust a 2k primer over the top then hit it with 2k. I read what U posted but really using acyilic paint U should have just burnt your money. Sent from my MYA-L22 using Tapatalk
  5. How busy is life

    1. deankdx


      getting busier every year.. not getting more productive to offset it either, so it's starting to be a game of prioritise what's needed over what's wanted

    2. revhead


      Dead right, I find I want to do this job but end up doing another

  6. revhead

    Aftermarket nos $20 each

    Aftermarket .but brand new
  7. revhead

    Aftermarket nos $20 each

    ,no. Lol
  8. revhead

    Aftermarket nos $20 each

    Xe,,el,,EA ed blinkers,EA ed headlight glass,ea wagon taillights xd xe blinkers xd headlight glass,el wagon taillight
  9. Revhead here, I was trying to post a picture of nos for stuff from xf xg ea en ed eg el headlights new aftermarket stock station wagon BLINKERS XFXG MIRRORS taillights, $20 each you pay post dont message me call Trev on 02 65681006 he will send to NZ. TO MUCH TO LIST CHEERS REVHEAD
  10. revhead

    Rust Repair Recommendation

    im doing a combi for my youngest daughters bf im charging him $7k ,ive been on the right hand side for 2 weeks now, havent had a chance to look at the rest,lol
  11. revhead

    Rust Repair Recommendation

    im up near coffs harbour brother ,however i was a liverpool boy many many ,lol a long time ago,hehe
  12. revhead

    Rust Repair Recommendation

    you think ,i own my own restoration business i pride myself on good work at the best price.
  13. revhead

    Rust Repair Recommendation

    try to find a small restorations shop as most panel shops wont do rust unless u pay 10k plus ,
  14. revhead


    Get rid of the efi intake fit a 4bbl manifold il did up my wiring diagram for the dizzy youl need to fit a 3 psi fuel pump but it will run fine however u still need to mods the mounts