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  1. ghia35one

    best machine shops in QLD??

    slydog is right, these guys do nice work
  2. ghia35one

    What gearbox is this?

    they call them a new process 4 speed, used in f trucks. tough as nails but fairly clunky. whats it worth, don't know as everyone usually wants the 5 speeds
  3. ghia35one

    Changing valve springs on a complete engine

    remember your best to run the cam in on the old valve springs, and then change them out
  4. ghia35one

    OTD 250 Kenny's Corty!

    hey Rick, good to catch up today, Rob you are spot on, this thing was seriously quick , nothing came near it all day
  5. ghia35one

    help build my new 351 cleveland

    what happened to your 500hp engine for 8k that your mate was building for you ?
  6. ghia35one

    inlet manifolds

    are you running a stall ? short diff gears ? otherwise the single plane will be a bit flat down low, the performers are a great across the range manifold
  7. ghia35one

    inlet manifolds

    i was told the redline are crap, they have no development, holley do a single plane, dont know how good they are, why dont you like the xcellerator? and the performer will work well, is your car man or auto