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  1. Demmo

    How to find manufacture date of battery

    thankyou to all who responded and thanks Mr Polson for your input this input is what makes this site great now as both batteries are starting to get a bit old bit like me lol I will replace both before I start to wander off. still have to do some mods to the old jap to improve my comfort an self containment yet cheers Demmo
  2. Demmo

    How to find manufacture date of battery

    yes it has a purple recycle sticker with 1806 printed on it so at a guess does that mean manufactured June 2018 ?
  3. Demmo

    How to find manufacture date of battery

    Thanks for all the replies ok the battery case is gloss black the transfers say it is manufactured by century-Yuasa Queensland. Stamped across top of case says. Made in Australia. The sticker on the side says repco. Sealed battery with 36. But it doesn’t have anything stamped or written to indicate the age of it. Why I would like to know the age is it’s fitted to a camper with duel battery’s . The other battery a century is 2 years old it’s a 24 month warranty so towards end of life. I’m told it’s best to match the batteries in age and cca. So looks like it’s best I replace both before I go a wandering cheers Demmo
  4. Hi all just wondering if anyone can tell me how to find a code/date of manufacture of a repco car battery. I am told that these battery’s are manufactured by century batt. But unlike my century battery I cannot find any stamped letters/no’s. any pointers would be appreciated thanks. Demmo
  5. Demmo

    Pissing me off

    what after building it driving it almost flying in it now you want to stop just use a she'll be rite mate haha ps some pics would help too
  6. Demmo

    ford XG panel van

    wow this post was short lived
  7. Demmo

    Pissing me off

    "its fixed n fxxk does it haul arse" after an explanation like that Dave he is probably out running the blue lights somewhere between borders from vic to qld on the covert 2020 run haha hmm maybe I should give him my outback to wake it up a bit
  8. Demmo

    Where is it hidden?

    bump how did you go did you find the location of switch and how did you fix???? cheers demmo
  9. Demmo

    Panel Van Interior Builds

    ok thanks I would love one of the 2 door models but that's a pipe dream anyway thanks for reply cheers demmo
  10. Demmo

    Panel Van Interior Builds

    just checked your pics in December post an noticed in background a red ford which looks about a 64 model which looks in good nic are you the lucky owner ? if so would love to see some more pics of it if you would cheers demmo
  11. Demmo

    Falcon xh ignition switch problems

    cheers for the info
  12. Demmo

    Falcon xh ignition switch problems

    thanks for the suggestion Dean although this problem is spasmodic, I have a feeling that it may be the tumblers in the ignition switch. before I left on my last trip away in it I sprayed an electrical contact spray into the barrel. For the first two days where I was stop starting heaps I only had to knock the steering wheel a couple of times. So I sprayed some more into lock and the remainder of the trip it was back to square one where the steering wheel is the immobiliser. Think I will have to go find a wreck an have a look see an maybe try an ignition swap, or just sell the outback and put the money into the xg that has been neglected over the years. one less car licence may make the war office a little happier
  13. Demmo

    Falcon xh ignition switch problems

    Just to add to that I have same problem in my xh where it won't turn over half the time with key in start position them bump steering wheel an hey presto your away it does have the j3 chip fitted already so you maybe like me have another underlying problem that I am still searching for anyway sorry to put a dampener on this I hope your problem is not same as mine an you get it solved cheers demmo
  14. Demmo

    Darkside Garage Inc. Interior

    nice deck out what material is the bricks cut out from they look great love the idea cheers Demmo