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  1. Demmo

    xg window trim

  2. Demmo

    Ford falcon xg ute

    I had a similar thing happen on the van and the passenger door would open if left unlocked while driving locking the door seemed to stop it from memory the mechanic changed the door mechanism but I don't think he changed the pillar striker plate. that's handy to know that the striker plates are same as rear sedan doors I have only owned utes and vans in the e series so I will have to have a look next time I am at Tipmart cheers demmo
  3. Demmo

    xg window trim

    are you wanting to fit them to an xg as that white ute is an xh with the rounded window trim so they may not fit tight on xg cheers demmo
  4. Demmo

    New headunit

    just a simple idea as I am a old fart with a cbf outlook especially when it comes to pulling a dash apart easy but putting it back together well !!!!!!!!!!!k it as our local station plays cru!p so I installed a fm transmitter hard wired in it has a usb port headphone jack as well as extension speaker jack I mainly use a usb stick with my grampa music on it and play it through the original stereo. the other advantage with this that music can be played on any fm radio while you are within transmitter range.
  5. Demmo

    Fuel Issues

    my au did something similar the other week and then stopped an refused to start. lovely 200+ks from home. local rac attended and after all usual checks decided to change the crank angle sensor and it run. so 5 days on it is still going. maybe same problem, not sure how you check it but I am sure someone hear will enlighten us. cheers demmo
  6. so my claim to fame is I shouldn't play with cars period. I undone the clips that held the wire harness and the two missing screws (not mine the cars)were there behind the wiring harness for the electric trailer brakes. so know I have replaced the dash panel which works and removed the wire and hardware for trailer brakes and some switch gear. now i can get my fat hand up under the dash ya!. thanks 4 your help dean cheers demmo
  7. thanks mate I will have another look just wondering if they are the screws that are holding the small wire harness below the speedo unit even though they don't appear to be near the cover guess I will be brave an remove one to see what happens then cheers demmo
  8. yes you are correct with xf xg but xh I can only find 2 screws on top and 2 midway under light switch an opposite side but across the base is all smooth it feels that its attached directly below and inline with the top screws but I cannot feel or see any attachment points the 9 kg gimpy has crossed my mind to make it unattached I rang the local wrecker an he has no wrecks of that vintage they have all gone to scrap so I guess I will wait for someone to post answer it will be simple and I will be in the dog house lol
  9. hi being a male !!!!!!!!!! I thought it would be simple to remove the dash surround so I can remove the instrument cluster to replace the blown globes. I only found 4 screws the top comes free but across the bottom seems still fixed in place now I have looked but I can not find anymore screws or clips so before I loose it can someone tell me where what to look for I am at the point to let the gremlins have it an ….k it go to the pub cause I am beat and I dreading the answer that a five year old could fix it lol
  10. Demmo

    Wtf ,,!!!

    have to agree with deano if the wires are 1 black and the other is yellow with red trace they are low coolant sensor as on my zl wreck they are connected to radiator if you want a pic of lets know cheers demmo
  11. ok i need some advise from the knowledgeable re auto 4 speeds i may have sourced an auto box from an el 4ltr falcon as a replacement for my xg 4ltr auto can someone tell me if it is a straight swap or is there modification needed sorry for limited details as i haven't laid eyes on the transmission so i am in the dark a bit its typical demmo style need fast decision if i want it the driver can grab it tomorrow arvo as he has room to squeeze it on the backload so any advise would be appreciated cheers demmo
  12. Demmo

    Ford xg auto to manual conversion ?

    o sorry jack just re read all posts and the ute in question is an xg that I use for a run a round the red xh outback is retired to the hayshed maybe I should of posted a few pics of xg when I saved it from tip but its not in same league as all the flash xg s on here and its not red don't want to embarrass anyone cough cough haha cheers demmo
  13. Demmo

    Ford xg auto to manual conversion ?

    thanks guys for reply's yes the van is complete but I would need to be best friends with someone like 2redrovers who can turn pig shit into strawberry jam (for those who don't have a weird sense of humor its rusted) thanks for the offer jack at this stage I still not sure what to do. its a case of having to many toys, the war office complaining about too many spare parts in backyard, the usual empty pocket syndrome, and what spare time? the tranny only seems to go straight to second then third and when at speed you back off pedal and it seems its in neutral a bit like the first old holden hydramatics even when you lock selector in 1 it will rev out to about 75 shift to 2 and you can hit 110 hit 3 and 4 no change reverse works fine so I guess the tranny is destined for scrap cheers demmo
  14. Demmo

    Ford xg auto to manual conversion ?

    Just found this thread as my auto has just died. So am thinking to do same conversion too. So binary_fuel did you go ahead with this swap any problems etc? Q. I have an xh 5 speed manual van that I can acquire would pedal box transfer to the earlier body and would there be any other problems can anyone advise or. am I better off finding another auto box thanks. Demmo
  15. Demmo

    xg fuel pump

    I think it was several failures at around same time being failing fuel pump, possible blockage in the lines an filter, and dizzy cap wearing out causing erratic spark and of course a old impatient buggar with nil mechanical knowledge jumping to the wrong conclusions so hopefully she will give me another few years of daily travel of 200 kls a day thanks for your help along the way cheers demmo