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  1. Demmo

    Injector leak testing

    now that is an idea would tell you which ones are loosing pressure would some fluro colour in balloon's first would show if that air is escaping around outside of injector as well just a thought
  2. Demmo

    outback fuel tank wireing

    thanks jack I did find your uploads of wiring ect but when I downloaded an try to enlarge them they came out blurred an difficult to read. when the daughter visits I will get her to have a go at downloading the pics as she knows her way around computers better than I. I found one of the relays was burnt out and the wire had plastic covering burnt/melted. looking at your photos that you posted of xg setup is identical to xh. cheers Demmo
  3. Demmo

    outback fuel tank wireing

    pumps are not working have ignition lights the immobiliser light flashes when key first turned on then goes out motor turns over but does not fire. have fitted a pressure gauge in the fuel line as it enters injector rail and shows no pressure even when cranking. waiting on an inline spark plug tester at moment postage is slow lol. when switching tanks neither pumps prime but the fuel gauges appear to be working. I believe there should be a signal from the computer that engages the pumps when cranking and shuts pumps down when engine doesn't fire. I think this is correct if so can someone point me where I would find the start point of this wire an where it would feed from an run to if I hotwire one of the pumps to try and start the motor could I do more damage to the electrical system ? any thoughts anyone?
  4. well thought I would get the old ute out of the hay shed an take it for a run. so back it out ,left it idling while I closed up shed. jump in the ute ,motor dies and I can smell burning plastic behind kick panel. !can great so found that mice had got in chewed the wires and sound deadening thus frying wires. long story short pulled the wire harness out .made replacement still wont run. found and replaced the two green relays which switch tank selection, relay under overflow bottle seems to be engaging when ignition on, but I now need some pointers to where I might find more fuses or relays that need to be activated when motor is turning over to fire up pump/s. I am hoping someone might be able to post suggestions guides ect as I would like to get it running so any help would be good thanks
  5. Demmo

    Quarter windows.

    xg is a fixed window expensive mmm so I had better take good care of the ones on my stock piled parts down the back
  6. just a thought maybe you could get the bolts from Mandurah bolt supplies as you know what size ect
  7. Demmo

    AU 4.0 VCT Freshen up.

    that's great mate so when do you want to do mine ??? haha glad to see another au done up
  8. Demmo

    Strange Mercury Silver

    it may have been repainted had had the standard metallic tinter removed and had a harlequin metallic tint added in its place looking at the mint condition of it I guess its a professional job um that's my opinion and I have been known to be more wrong than right oops what does everyone else think
  9. Demmo

    xg window trim

  10. Demmo

    Ford falcon xg ute

    I had a similar thing happen on the van and the passenger door would open if left unlocked while driving locking the door seemed to stop it from memory the mechanic changed the door mechanism but I don't think he changed the pillar striker plate. that's handy to know that the striker plates are same as rear sedan doors I have only owned utes and vans in the e series so I will have to have a look next time I am at Tipmart cheers demmo
  11. Demmo

    xg window trim

    are you wanting to fit them to an xg as that white ute is an xh with the rounded window trim so they may not fit tight on xg cheers demmo
  12. Demmo

    New headunit

    just a simple idea as I am a old fart with a cbf outlook especially when it comes to pulling a dash apart easy but putting it back together well !!!!!!!!!!!k it as our local station plays cru!p so I installed a fm transmitter hard wired in it has a usb port headphone jack as well as extension speaker jack I mainly use a usb stick with my grampa music on it and play it through the original stereo. the other advantage with this that music can be played on any fm radio while you are within transmitter range.
  13. Demmo

    Fuel Issues

    my au did something similar the other week and then stopped an refused to start. lovely 200+ks from home. local rac attended and after all usual checks decided to change the crank angle sensor and it run. so 5 days on it is still going. maybe same problem, not sure how you check it but I am sure someone hear will enlighten us. cheers demmo
  14. so my claim to fame is I shouldn't play with cars period. I undone the clips that held the wire harness and the two missing screws (not mine the cars)were there behind the wiring harness for the electric trailer brakes. so know I have replaced the dash panel which works and removed the wire and hardware for trailer brakes and some switch gear. now i can get my fat hand up under the dash ya!. thanks 4 your help dean cheers demmo
  15. thanks mate I will have another look just wondering if they are the screws that are holding the small wire harness below the speedo unit even though they don't appear to be near the cover guess I will be brave an remove one to see what happens then cheers demmo