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  1. I just top up the fuel tank to full. Rare occasion for xg trailer lol. Started the ute engine fired noticed smart lock light on for 4 or 5 seconds then went out an at same time fuel gauge turned off Did this stop start a few times and each time light out an fuel gauge goes to off So for the bright sparks is there a power connection between the two I should look for to fix Everything else electrical works as it should don’t want the old girl to stop on me especially now rains are here an paddocks wet so slip sliding away action time haha I would be gelded if I did it in the new ute lol so you see the xg is needed Thanks an cheers Demmo
  2. Demmo

    accelerator cable

    just a quick question my mate has fitted a xf falcon carby motor with pedal setup into an old truck and has lost the accelerator cable. can anyone tell me if the cable from a efi motor is the same or not. hoping this info will reduce his time looking for replacement thanks Demmo
  3. Demmo

    Xh roof lining

    Hi all can someone give me some pointers on how to remove the complete roof lining from an Xh van so it can be recovered. What would be a price for a replacement backing only not cloth covering thanks. Demmo
  4. Demmo

    bumper repairs

    thanks for that have just ordered it from fleabay hope postal services have pulled there finger out now vic boarder is open lol cheers Demmo
  5. Demmo

    bumper repairs

  6. Demmo

    bumper repairs

    ok people I would like to know if anyone has repaired splits/cracks in front bumpers successfully using a glue or two pac product. as a local bouncy kick boxer used his head to ram me the other night. the impact folded the bumper upwards causing the plastic corner to split I believe there is plastic welding repair places in the metro area but I am hoping I can repair it at home any thoughts or advice appreciated o and this time the ford won cheers demmo
  7. Not sure if this could create a problem in your ford or not but if the booster draws a lot of power it may be advisable to use the blue feed into a relay first then power out to audio booster so you reduce the overload for whatever the blue wire was designed for. my young son wired up a sound system once and the onboard computer immobilized the vehicle (bmw) thinking it was being hot wired. from memory they ended up direct coupling to battery through a relay which had a low voltage cut out protection. cheers Demmo
  8. Demmo

    Xd aircon

    good to see you guys learnt enough at school to understand all that to get the air con working way over my head and last time i had the au regassed costa lot worked for a month took it back to my friend who is another like "jacks mate" so your not alone outback lol think the c.....t left town years ago but my cheap solution was engel 40 an windows down for cool down on long drives works a treat still works today but have to admit the h2o liquid is a lot clearer now lol hope it all goes well for ya Grimmy cheers demmo
  9. Demmo

    How to find manufacture date of battery

    thankyou to all who responded and thanks Mr Polson for your input this input is what makes this site great now as both batteries are starting to get a bit old bit like me lol I will replace both before I start to wander off. still have to do some mods to the old jap to improve my comfort an self containment yet cheers Demmo
  10. Demmo

    How to find manufacture date of battery

    yes it has a purple recycle sticker with 1806 printed on it so at a guess does that mean manufactured June 2018 ?
  11. Demmo

    How to find manufacture date of battery

    Thanks for all the replies ok the battery case is gloss black the transfers say it is manufactured by century-Yuasa Queensland. Stamped across top of case says. Made in Australia. The sticker on the side says repco. Sealed battery with 36. But it doesn’t have anything stamped or written to indicate the age of it. Why I would like to know the age is it’s fitted to a camper with duel battery’s . The other battery a century is 2 years old it’s a 24 month warranty so towards end of life. I’m told it’s best to match the batteries in age and cca. So looks like it’s best I replace both before I go a wandering cheers Demmo
  12. Hi all just wondering if anyone can tell me how to find a code/date of manufacture of a repco car battery. I am told that these battery’s are manufactured by century batt. But unlike my century battery I cannot find any stamped letters/no’s. any pointers would be appreciated thanks. Demmo
  13. Demmo

    Pissing me off

    what after building it driving it almost flying in it now you want to stop just use a she'll be rite mate haha ps some pics would help too
  14. Demmo

    ford XG panel van

    wow this post was short lived