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  1. Demmo

    The completely off topic thread

    honestly do they think that a car looking derelict parked in there driveway no plates flat tyres covered in gang green is telling people I am home, ffs whos pullin the wool with that one lol
  2. Demmo

    Fuel Issues

    my au did something similar the other week and then stopped an refused to start. lovely 200+ks from home. local rac attended and after all usual checks decided to change the crank angle sensor and it run. so 5 days on it is still going. maybe same problem, not sure how you check it but I am sure someone hear will enlighten us. cheers demmo
  3. Demmo

    The completely off topic thread

    " that statement is mind boggling think I will need help for the next 20 as the last 20 I have grown shorter and bloody rounder sheez a beach ball round and flabby think you get the picture so I will leave it at that lol
  4. Demmo

    EB 1 KENOBI ? OR 2

    gee that paintwork came up a treat about that wind deflector tape removal I recall being told to use eucalyptus oil maybe worth a try cheers demmo
  5. Demmo

    94 EF $1k 30000kms

    I think tara may have forgot another zero when typing it
  6. Demmo


    what sought of mags are you after? post a pic of and I will go look in the shed, you never know what is hidden in there lol demmo
  7. so Monday is party hats, balloons, streamers, hundreds and thousands on triangle sliced bread, or is this just tooo much and you will settle for a cartoon an cheque and a friendly wave bye o and don't forget the pics haha after that busy workout typing I off for a refill cause its still bloody hot here cheers demmo
  8. Demmo

    Funny Photos/Pictures

    haha that reminds me when I was a 2nd year apprentice of course a smart arse I rolled up to work in my first car which was a xt Fairmont proud as punch. so at smoko the workshop staff an some office staff started yelling that my car was on fire , they were right smoke was pouring out from the engine bay I grabbed the extinguisher raced across the road lifted the bonnet let reap with it covered everything in white powder, all the staff were cracking up laughing an clapping the buggars had put some apiary smoke bombs in a tin an lit em up needless to say I learnt a lesson shut ya trap an use your ears o and it took f....n ages to clean the bay up too cheers Demmo
  9. Demmo

    THOR 2.0

    love the wood look top job you are doing cheers demmo
  10. Demmo

    Old girl

    that's ok its a well kept ute and I would say its owner would be proud that he isn't the only one that admires it what vehicle/s do you have peter?
  11. Demmo

    Old girl

    is that the xg that's for sale near cairns? if not there is an identical one still on the road over there
  12. so my claim to fame is I shouldn't play with cars period. I undone the clips that held the wire harness and the two missing screws (not mine the cars)were there behind the wiring harness for the electric trailer brakes. so know I have replaced the dash panel which works and removed the wire and hardware for trailer brakes and some switch gear. now i can get my fat hand up under the dash ya!. thanks 4 your help dean cheers demmo
  13. thanks mate I will have another look just wondering if they are the screws that are holding the small wire harness below the speedo unit even though they don't appear to be near the cover guess I will be brave an remove one to see what happens then cheers demmo
  14. yes you are correct with xf xg but xh I can only find 2 screws on top and 2 midway under light switch an opposite side but across the base is all smooth it feels that its attached directly below and inline with the top screws but I cannot feel or see any attachment points the 9 kg gimpy has crossed my mind to make it unattached I rang the local wrecker an he has no wrecks of that vintage they have all gone to scrap so I guess I will wait for someone to post answer it will be simple and I will be in the dog house lol
  15. hi being a male !!!!!!!!!! I thought it would be simple to remove the dash surround so I can remove the instrument cluster to replace the blown globes. I only found 4 screws the top comes free but across the bottom seems still fixed in place now I have looked but I can not find anymore screws or clips so before I loose it can someone tell me where what to look for I am at the point to let the gremlins have it an ….k it go to the pub cause I am beat and I dreading the answer that a five year old could fix it lol