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  1. maybe with the spare time and excess polish go into business polishing other people 's as i am sure there must be other lazy buggers like me around you know "gunna do" o and the ute looks magic top job
  2. congrats on your happy news rod so you are telling us it was the jiggle and the wiggle that done it. ???? cheers demmo
  3. yes they are getting a little thin on the ground have made a couple inquiries about a replacement tranny close to home but asking top dollar. i must admit that the xg is nicer to drive than the xh as the outback suspension is more like the 4x4 hilux. anyhow i may end up converting it to a five speed which is in one of the spares behind the back shed out of mothers view on a brighter note who is gonna create an ozfalcon baby thread as it seems like a baby boom is happening ??????? cheers demmo
  4. congrats to you both on the birth of your daughter
  5. well ark me that many oooooo'sss i thought of selling for 700 on flea bay as it needs a new tranny maybe i had better just leave it parked in the hay shed an keep it and just play dumb and deaf each time the war office arks up "its in the way i have to carry the bales out to the feed trailer which should be parked in there not the ;;;;;;;;; old ute " lol and try find a new trans for it
  6. she looks in good condition and i like the colour it really suits the x series i think cheers demmo
  7. congrats to you both happy days ahead mate hope all goes well for your wife tomorrow cheers demmo
  8. wow 200 kg is a lot think i will re consider fitting the long range tank that has been offered to me for the xg ute and leave the spare wheel there thanks cheers demmo
  9. whats the 4 holes in the tub was there a gas tank fitted to it at some stage
  10. i have a toyota hiace camper that i would like to redo its interior so have been looking for ideas ect. after looking at this pic i went searching for other builds and came across another build if not appropriate could admin delete cheers demmo
  11. found this on facebook page and thought of the Metalcraft Magician as its another vw car an van combination
  12. just googled sandbarra and have found a website if anyone is interested cheers demmo
  13. the other pic has sandbarra painted on tailgate do you have any info about this as i would be interested to find out more cheers demmo
  14. had this pic sent to me by my daughter ford powered holden ute loaded with smart thinking